MBZUAI concludes the 4th edition of Executive Program

Forty-two leaders from organisations in the UAE have become the fourth cohort to graduate from Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) Executive Program (MEP). The executives spent 12 weeks with world-leading AI instructors immersed in the potential of AI to transform society, with an emphasis on enhancing sustainability.The programme’s fourth edition consisted of leaders from diverse organisations, including the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, the Supreme Council for National Security, Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM, to name just a few.The culmination of the programme delivered a set of capstone projects where participants applied their learnings to enhance sustainability, supporting the UAE’s Year of Sustainability. These include the development of an AI-powered observatory to help secure the UAE’s food and water security; a system for the prevention of online child exploitation; platforms for the screening, early detection, and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and other chronic diseases; a system to ensure the sustainability and resilience of critical supply chains; and an initiative to boost productivity, efficiency and informed decision-making through certified training in AI.Timothy Baldwin, MBZUAI Acting Provost and Professor of Natural Language Processing, who gave the keynote address at the graduation, said: “The fourth cohort of leaders to graduate from the MEP represents a new generation of pioneers and advocates for the ethical and responsible use of AI, a transformational tool that has the potential to become one of humanity’s greatest achievements.“Your decision to investigate and embrace the opportunities AI offers in the context of sustainability attests to your desire to become leaders in an innovative and ambitious country built on the belief that the future holds even greater opportunity than the past. You are the UAE’s next generation of ambassadors for ethical innovation, and the architects of a future where technology and sustainability work in harmony.”The MEP teams presented their capstone projects at the graduation ceremony. The judging panel chose the winner for proposals aimed at helping the UAE take a proactive approach to tackling food security and supporting the nation’s 2051 Food Security Strategy. The team pitched the idea of a National Food and Water Security Observatory to use AI to provide real-time insights and proactive decision-making around all key aspects of food security, from weather patterns and their impact on harvests through to supply chain issues, population growth and extreme weather events.The judges were similarly impressed with the other five projects, including two health-related solutions: Team GovSync proposed Omniya, an ecosystem that uses AI to check and collate data for the early detection and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. While team Hayaati proposed an AI solution to assist the healthcare sector proactively detect non-communicable diseases by overcoming current inefficiencies and inadequacies in data collection.As part of the AI community engagement and the strengthening of the network of the ambassadors of the MBZUAI Community, participants visited the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA), Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) in addition to engaging in classroom-based learning and developing their capstone projects.More than 166 executives have graduated since the programme’s launch in 2021.

MBZUAI and e& join hands to bolster AI talent, innovation and start-ups

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: On the sidelines of COP28 UAE, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the world’s first graduate research AI university, and e&, the global technology group, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU aims to cement the UAE’s position as a hub of AI innovation through exploring collaboration in areas including AI human capacity building, developing industry-specific projects with tangible applications, including sustainability solutions, and venture capital funding for AI startups.Signed by MBZUAI’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Alumni Relations, Sultan Al Hajji, and Harrison Lung, Group Chief Strategy Officer of e&, the MoU will support e&’s advancement in AI talent sourcing and training via MBZUAI’s Executive Program (MEP), upskilling its in-house AI capacity. The two organizations will collaborate on research projects and co-develop use cases and joint go-to-market solutions to accelerate AI adoption for real-world applications.Sultan Al Hajji said: “Our partnership with e& combines a wealth of unique skill sets and strengths to develop cutting-edge AI solutions with the potential to overcome societal challenges and strengthen the UAE’s position as a hub for AI innovation. Together, we will enable e& to enhance its AI skills and capabilities while affording valuable research, employment, and internship opportunities to MBZUAI’s graduates and students, in addition to supporting a new generation of AI startups to build a more robust AI ecosystem in the UAE and wider region.”In addition, MBZUAI will work with e& to foster a startup ecosystem in the UAE by unlocking venture capital investment for AI innovation with a focus on sustainable solutions while providing access to the university’s startups.Harrison Lung commented: “We are thrilled to join forces with MBZUAI, demonstrating our firm commitment beyond just developing AI and sustainable solutions, but also through empowering individuals, promoting knowledge exchange, and raising awareness. This collaboration will elevate institutions at the forefront of this technology both in the UAE and worldwide.”MBZUAI’s stand at COP28 UAE is in the Green Zone at Expo City Dubai, until Dec. 12 – under The Greening Education Hub, organized by the UAE’s Ministry of Education, highlighting its research on how AI can address climate change, health, and education.

UAE's future leaders analyze AI's impact on key economic sectors

The National Experts Program (NEP) today launched 13 reports written by its 30 participants, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and the importance of embracing its technologies to help address challenges and accelerate growth in the UAE’s key national sectors.The in-depth reports focus on how emerging AI technologies could disrupt and propel sectors that are strategically important to the UAE’s development, with NEP 3.0 participants analyzing ways in which their respective sectors can leverage the technologies effectively. The participants gained an understanding of AI as part of NEP’s ‘AI Journey’ through engaging workshops and sessions.Abu Dhabi’s dedicated AI university, Mohamed bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) helped equip the participants with crucial AI knowledge including organizing a two-day visit to the institution where they saw the applications and innovations of AI.The reports explore topics aligned with key economic sectors that are of strategic importance to the UAE. These are: Economic Development; Health and Well-Being; Policy and Government Services; Community Development and Social Services; Mobility and Logistics; Education; Tourism and Hospitality; Culture; Food and Water Security; and Advanced Sciences and Research.Among the topics examined in the reports are: the applications of AI in wildlife ecology, including marine research and conservation; the role that AI can play in changing the dynamics of the space sector to tackle national and international challenges; and how AI can empower microgrids and reinvent electricity markets.The reports come at a time in which the UAE is accelerating its efforts in adopting advanced technologies with government entities using AI in vital sectors and keeping in line with digital advancements. It is also projected that AI could contribute $320 billion to the Middle East economy in 2030.His Excellency Ahmed Talib Al Shamsi, Director of the National Experts Program, said:  “At a time where AI is already transforming every industry and is developing rapidly, it is imperative to be one step ahead and understand the impact these advanced technologies can have on our future and how they can affect the way we work or live.”“Therefore, the NEP 3.0 curriculum was carefully planned to include AI as part of the learning journey where the country’s future leaders had the opportunity to enhance their understanding and learn from experts throughout the program.“By applying their own learnings to their AI reports, these papers reflect great insight on a wide range of vital areas such as space, transport, and health, exploring the meaningful role that AI can play on these sectors.“As the UAE continues its efforts to build and advance its knowledge-based economy, these AI reports not only give a new perspective from the leaders of tomorrow but their expertise offers a fresh approach of how day-to-day operations can be enhanced in the various sectors.”Since being established in 2019, NEP has helped develop 61 Emirati specialists across 43 sectors enhance their knowledge, enrich their leadership skills, and contribute to strategic projects of national importance.

TBWA\RAAD and Core42 unite to boost creative AI innovation in the Arab world

Dubai: TBWA\RAAD, known as The Disruption® Company, proudly announces an unprecedented collaboration with Core42, a G42 company, marking a milestone in the field of artificial intelligence. This groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishes TBWA\RAAD as the first creative agency to harness the creative potential of Jais, the world's leading Arabic Large Language Model (LLM).Speaking of the partnership, Joe Lahham, Managing Director, TBWA\RAAD, said: "This exciting partnership between TBWA\RAAD and Core42 represents a significant moment where creativity meets advanced AI. We're embarking on a journey to redefine how people express themselves creatively in Arabic-speaking communities. This collaboration reflects our commitment to pushing creative boundaries and driving innovation in the Arab world."Noah Khan, Regional President of Digital & Innovation - CEE, Middle East and Africa at TBWA, expressed his enthusiasm too, saying: "We are very excited to be working with Core42 on exploring the great creative potential held within Jais, and to build future-facing expressions of creativity together."Jais, developed by G42's visionary subsidiary Inception (now Core42), is at the top of the line among Arabic Large Language Models. Trained on a dataset comprising 116 billion Arabic tokens and 279 billion English tokens, Jais is a 13-billion parameter model that promises to revolutionize generative AI applications across the Arabic-speaking world.Andrew Jackson, Executive Vice President and Chief AI Officer of Core42, emphasized the importance of collaboration in innovation, stating: "Through collaborative innovation, we are setting a new standard for AI advancement in the Middle East and ensuring that the Arabic language, with its depth and heritage, finds its voice within the AI landscape. We are excited about the prospect of exploring new applications for generative AI in the media and marketing industries and we look forward to working closely with the TBWA\RAAD team to deliver the next breakthrough in this domain."Named after the UAE's highest peak, Jais is the product of a groundbreaking collaboration between Core42, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), and Cerebras Systems. Its training took place on the Condor Galaxy 1 AI supercomputer, the cutting-edge creation of G42 and Cerebras, marking a significant leap forward in AI advancement within the Middle East.

MBZUAI and OurCrowd Arabia sign MoU to drive funding for AI startups

Dubai: Abu Dhabi’s Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) and OurCrowd Arabia, the Abu Dhabi based subsidiary of Israel’s OurCrowd, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly create and manage several initiatives aiming to accelerate and catalyze the growth of the AI technology ecosystem on the university’s campus in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.The MoU outlines various initiatives including:Creating an AI-focused venture capital investment fund with the aim of attracting both local and global AI technology companies to scale up globally from Abu Dhabi.Developing a strategic collaboration between MBZUAI and Integrated Data Intelligence (IDI) Limited, OurCrowd’s AI subsidiary in Abu Dhabi, on research projects in applied AI technologies across industries.Enhancing Abu Dhabi’s AI innovation ecosystem via strategic partnerships with key government and government-related entities.Providing internship and job opportunities to MBZUAI graduates through OurCrowd’s vast global network of portfolio technology startup companies and industry partners.Sultan Al Hajji, MBZUAI’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Alumni Relations, said, “Part of MBZUAI’s existence is to foster entrepreneurship and this partnership creates a mechanism for incubating startups and creating local opportunities for the university’s pipeline of talent. Through this strategic partnership with OurCrowd Arabia, MBZUAI is forging ahead with its mission to develop a dynamic, vibrant, AI ecosystem that will help to position Abu Dhabi as a global center for AI. Together, we will encourage funding to enable AI start-ups to scale up in the UAE’s capital, help to develop and commercialize AI research, and provide exciting opportunities in the field for young AI talent – including graduates and researchers from MBZUAI. The proposed initiatives are a perfect complement to MBZUAI’s and OurCrowd Arabia’s areas of expertise.”OurCrowd Arabia Executive Chairman Sabah al-Binali added, “We are honored to have signed this MoU with MBZUAI to jointly grow the AI ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. OurCrowd Arabia continues to build on its strategic relationships having started with our partnership with ADIO under its Innovation Program announced in November 2022. We look forward to continuing to leverage OurCrowd’s global experience and relationships to support the Abu Dhabi and UAE startup ecosystems.”OurCrowd Arabia, which opened in the UAE capital in 2021, is also establishing a new VC investment center in Abu Dhabi to manage deals for its existing platform and cater to emerging markets.

MBZUAI brings together global AI experts in Abu Dhabi

Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), will hold its first AI Quorum of 2023 on January 3-6, with more than 200 AI experts confirmed to join. The four-day event is focused on challenges and opportunities related to deep neural networks (DNN), which are key in helping computers have the resources and space they need to answer complex questions and solve larger problems; they are used in various AI applications, such as chatbots.The event will take place at W Abu Dhabi Hotel on Yas Island, and will be streamed online and open for the public to register. It will consist of talks and workshops headed by more than 20 faculty members from top universities around the world, including UC Berkeley, Oxford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Washington, in addition to AI experts from top companies including Google and META.“In our first week of 2023, we are bringing together leaders in the fields of deep neural networks, deep learning, and data science to share ideas and expertise with the aim of overcoming some of the barriers that have held deep learning back from reaching its true potential,” said Professor Eric Xing, MBZUAI President and University Professor. “The high number of world-class speakers and attendees confirmed to attend the AI Quorum underscores the university’s ability to bring experts together to discuss the issues that matter within the field of AI, including the development of new solutions in fraud detection, gene mapping, and fake news.”Experts in fields including machine learning, applied mathematics, signal processing, and optimization will share recent progress and foster collaborations on the mathematical foundations of deep learning. They will also discuss the strength of deep neural networks in processing and learning from low-dimensional data, which is common in fields that deal with large numbers of observations and variables.The discussion will look at how deep learning, which is commonly beset by problems relating to data efficiency, could make better use of low-dimensional data to learn and solve problems. This could help develop vastly superior machine learning solutions capable of tackling challenges in a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, and media.Launched in 2022 by MBZUAI, The AI Quorum is a winter series of gatherings designed to stimulate cutting-edge AI research with leading scientists and share an understanding of the discipline as a force for good. The series is strategic and high-level by design. The AI Quorum is focused on curiosity, collaboration, authenticity, and the pursuit of excellence – it is a coming together of the brightest minds to set the research agenda and to imagine both what AI could accomplish and how it might get there.