GoDaddy unveils guide to captivate the digital consumer

Cairo – GoDaddy, Inc, the company that helps entrepreneurs thrive, encourages small business owners, as 2023 concludes, to reflect on the how their businesses have performed thus far. Recognizing the importance of quality products, efficient services, and customer satisfaction, businesses are urged to adapt and cater to the preferences of the digital consumer.The GoDaddy MENA Small Business Survey 2023 reveals optimistic trends among small businesses in Egypt, with 21% intending to strengthen online marketing, 19% committed to enhancing their online presence, and notable contributions from social media channels, particularly Facebook (91%) and WhatsApp (67%), which play a significant role in generating revenue for over 20% of small businesses.Selena Bieber, GoDaddy’s Vice President for International Markets, emphasizes the significance of adopting effective marketing strategies, establishing a strong digital identity, and enhancing online visibility: "Small businesses can thrive in the digital landscape by following the best practices outlined our tailored guide, designed to meet the evolving needs of digital consumers. GoDaddy remains committed to empowering entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the online marketplace."In response to these findings, GoDaddy shares expert tips for entrepreneurs aiming to navigate the digital landscape effectively:Create a digital identity: Having a business website that represents your business and your products or services, along with a domain name (the website address) that relates to your business, helps to raise your visibility on the internet where digital consumers are spending time. Short and clear domain names are ideal because they are easy for customers to remember. Today, there are a variety of domain name extensions to choose from that can fit your business such as: .store, .music, .photography, in addition to .com and At GoDaddy you can easily find the ideal domain name and create a website integrated together.Use social networks:The use of social networks and your business website are complementary and can help engage with new and current customers. You can begin by using the network you already have a presence on, however you will want to evaluate the social networks where your customers engage and can be related to your business. For consistency, it can be helpful to have the same name in your business social media profiles that you have chosen as the domain for your website. The GoDaddy YouTube Channel has a series of videos that teach ways of digital marketing, prepared by experts in the field.Sell with your own online store:Even if you sell your products and services through social networks or on online marketplaces, it is important to also consider having your own digital store. With your own online store, attached to your website, you can have control over the shopping experience, gain knowledge about your customers, use integrated digital marketing tools and engage with loyalty strategies for your customers. Creating your own online store may seem like a challenge, yet using an online store creator like the one from GoDaddy, helps to make it possible to build one without much technical expertise, and with the ability to advertise up to 5,000 products with up to 10 images per product, and securely accepting major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google.Produce impactful content:The Internet is visual, and those who communicate more quickly and objectively with professional and impactful images can have an advantage. Displaying quality photos of your products with precise descriptions in social network posts can help a business stand out from the competition. To help you create content as if it had been produced by professionals there are several applications available. One of them is GoDaddy Studio, an online tool that allows you to create and choose professional and beautiful images to help tell your business story. Accompanying the images, you can also include informative and relevant content such as blogs, videos, and specialized guides, that can help consumers make better buying decisions.Build Customer Loyalty:In today’s competitive marketplace, building customer loyalty for your business is important for return business. Entrepreneurs need to continually stay connected with digital customers and surprise them with enchanting ways to stay engaged with your business. These can be limitless based on your imagination and your business and could include such ideas as a small gift when making a purchase, a more personalized experience, a sample of a new product, a discount coupon for a future purchase or first chance to try your latest offering. Using information collected from customers already engaged with your business to create a more personalized shopping experience can help you build customer loyalty.Embracing a digital identity through a user-friendly website with a relevant domain name can significantly enhance online visibility and attract new audiences. Combining impactful images, strategies for creating a loyal customer base, and using social networks in conjunction with an online store can help engage customers and provide a seamless shopping experience. Incorporating integrated digital marketing tools can help you optimize an online presence, reach target audiences more effectively, and analyze customer behavior to make more informed decisions.

Five essential questions for small business owners ahead of White Friday Sales

GoDaddy, Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that helps entrepreneurs thrive, is excited to unveil the essential roadmap for Egyptian small businesses to excel during White Friday. As the White Friday sales event approaches, small business owners in Egypt are gearing up for one of the year's most anticipated shopping events. With the ever-present cost-of-living concerns, these sales have become even more crucial for consumers seeking holiday bargains.The recent GoDaddy’s MENA Small Business Survey revealed intriguing insights into Egypt's business landscape. In Egypt, over 20% of small businesses responded that they make over 60% of their revenue through social media channels (21%). Facebook was the most popular platform in Egypt at 91%, followed by WhatsApp at 67%.If you're a small business owner in Egypt looking to maximize the opportunities of White Friday, it's essential to ensure your online presence and marketing strategies stand out. Here are five vital questions to consider ahead of this year's White Friday in November:Is Your Website Ready for White Friday?Now is the perfect time to evaluate your digital storefront to make a lasting impression on potential customers and re-engage existing ones. Here's a checklist to go through before the sales kick off:Confirm that your logo and web design align with your brand identity.Ensure your contact information is up to date.Integrate your social media channels seamlessly into your website.Review your hosting arrangement for reliability, stability, and speed to handle increased traffic during White Friday.Update your product photos to make them captivating and current.Also, prioritize security. Does your online store have an SSL Certificate to encrypt data shared between your server and customers? Consider GoDaddy's comprehensive SSL Certificate to enhance website security and customer trust, instilling confidence and driving sales.Do You Have an Effective Marketing Plan in Place?Once you've identified the right deals for your business this White Friday, it's time to focus on promoting them. While major brands begin their White Friday marketing well in advance, small businesses can leverage tools like GoDaddy's E-store to reach customers online all around the world, and boost online visibility and engagement.Given budget constraints, rely on your email marketing list and social media channels for promotion. Maximize exposure with a schedule of email and social media marketing, starting with teaser emails leading up to the big special offer reveal. Sending reminders during White Friday or before deal expiration can also prompt purchases.Have You Optimized the Checkout Experience?The checkout process is pivotal in securing sales. Integrating popular payment gateways such as Fawry and a variety of mobile wallets can streamline this experience for your Egyptian customers. Be transparent about shipping prices and policies to avoid any surprise costs for customers at checkout.How Will You Encourage Repeat Business?White Friday is an excellent opportunity to attract new customers. Consider post-purchase strategies to inspire return visits:Encourage customers to join your email marketing list during checkout.Automate thank-you emails, request product or service reviews, and offer discounts or incentives for their next purchase.As White Friday firmly establishes itself in Egypt's retail calendar, now is the ideal time for small businesses to strategize and make the most of this consumer event. With these straightforward steps, ensure your website performs at its peak and your marketing strategy positions you for ongoing sales success.

GoDaddy's Selina Bieber takes center stage in empowering panel discussion at TS

Cairo: GoDaddy, the company that helps entrepreneurs thrive, announces the participation of Selina Bieber, Vice President of International Markets at GoDaddy, in this year's highly anticipated Techne Summit 2023. Selina contributed to a panel discussion titled "Shattering Ceilings, Igniting Success: Women Entrepreneurs Changing the Game."As a panelist at the summit, Selina Bieber delved into the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and their unique journeys in overcoming barriers to achieve success. The panelists shared experiences, strategies, and insightful perspectives, helping to inspire female entrepreneurs working to break down barriers and succeed in the small business world.During this discussion, Bieber underscored GoDaddy's commitment to gender equality, emphasizing that GoDaddy provides tech solutions and practices tailored for all entrepreneurs. She also mentioned that GoDaddy's WAM + Studio are valuable resources for those who are re-entering the workforce or embarking on side-hustles after a break. These initiatives enable entrepreneurs to explore and leverage the digital landscape with ease and affordability. They remove the barriers traditionally associated with entering the online business arena, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of ambitious individuals, regardless of their gender or prior experience.Bieber highlighted how women entrepreneurs can harness GoDaddy's resources, illustrating with successful examples such as collaborative initiatives with organizations like GIZ and Crunchmoms. These partnerships provide valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs to engage with the community, gain insights through annual surveys, and learn from the stories of GoDaddy's customers. These resources provide women with a supportive foundation to begin their entrepreneurial journey, offering guidance on self-branding, partnership building, and sharing customer success stories, all of which contribute to their journey towards success.Selina also touched on recent tech trends for women founders, highlighting the integration of AI in corporate level and its potential to level the playing field for women balancing multiple responsibilities. Notably, she emphasized the significance of GoDaddy’s .AI Domain extension, a gateway to a wealth of opportunities for individuals, developers, startups, and research institutions. ‘.AI domains’ bring numerous advantages to small businesses across various sectors. By associating with AI, these domains become powerful branding tools, projecting innovation and technological expertise to customers and stakeholders alike.In addition to joining the panel discussion, Bieber also conducted an interactive workshop titled "Disruptive Thinking: Redefining Business Norms in the Online World," where she shared GoDaddy's transformation journey from a web hosting provider to a comprehensive technology provider offering essential tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital landscape.Selina went on to say that she appreciated being included in Techne Summit 2023, sharing how digitalization can help to jumpstart women entrepreneurs. “Participating in this event that fosters innovation, diversity and empowerment is line with GoDaddy’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital age.”Techne Summit 2023, held in Alexandria, Egypt, from 7 - 10 October 2023, brought together startups, technology enthusiasts, investors, mentors, and public officials from all over the Mediterranean. This premier event is celebrated for its commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, providing an exceptional platform for networking, learning, and collaboration.

GoDaddy announces collaboration with Ministry of Planning’s Rowad 2030

GoDaddy Inc., the company that helps entrepreneurs thrive, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rowad 2030, a project derived from the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, to support startups and entrepreneurs through Rowad’s Business Clinic program, supporting the country’s ambitious national agenda; Egypt Vision 2030.The MoU was signed by Dr. Ghada Khalil, Director of the Rowad 2030 Project, and Selina Bieber, GoDaddy Commercial Strategy Senior Director, International Markets.The collaboration aims to empower entrepreneurs with increased opportunities for digitization, while bolstering Egypt’s startup ecosystem, by providing specifically designed educational courses, and a 30-day free trial to GoDaddy’s Arabic Website Builder or GoDaddy Estore.Through the Business Clinic program, GoDaddy will be leading a series of workshops and Train the Trainer (TTT) sessions, covering topics such as: how to build a website, building and marketing a brand online, starting an ecommerce website. These topics aim to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, establish roots in new markets, and widen their client reach.Dr. Hala El Said, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, commented, “I am very pleased with this cooperation, which highlights the presence of highly responsible entities that endeavor to support entrepreneurs. We believe that empowering youth, fostering innovation, and bolstering entrepreneurship are major factors in achieving the sustainable development. Therefore, we are working hand in hand with the private sector to provide a supportive ecosystem for young Egyptian people to help them boost their journey in the marketplace.”Bieber expressed that the project has great potential, “We are very pleased with our collaboration with Rowad 2030 in support of start-ups and entrepreneurs through the Business Clinic program. As a champion for small businesses and the everyday entrepreneur, GoDaddy’s mission is to empower a global community of future business leaders to flourish online. Therefore, through this program, we aim to stimulate the innovation culture to empower Egypt’s sizeable youth population in acquiring the effective tools and knowledge to grow and sustain their online businesses.”“Rowad 2030 aims to spread the culture of entrepreneurship among youth by developing their skills. We look forward to working with GoDaddy to help Egypt’s young entrepreneurs innovate and help them reach their target and new audiences through the Business Clinic program. This comes in line with Rowad 2030’s strategy to upskill a million entrepreneurs and establish 5,000 new startups by 2030; leveraging the state’s sustainable development Egypt Vision 2030,” Khalil said.GoDaddy’s partnership with Rowad 2030 is one of the latest in a series of collaborations with local communities in the region. The company has been strategically partnering with relevant entities that help accelerate entrepreneurial development, such as Fawry and Startups Without Borders, in support entrepreneurs and small business owners across the Middle East in starting and growing their businesses online.