DViO leads the launch of Llyod in UAE

DViO, one of India’s largest marketing and growth companies with a strong global presence, continues to champion the expansion of Indian businesses into international markets. Leveraging its extensive experience and expertise, DViO recently played a pivotal role in facilitating Lloyd's entry into the Middle East market, marking a significant milestone for the renowned consumer durable brand owned by Havells India.Launch Strategy and Execution: DViO created a comprehensive 360-degree campaign to ensure Lloyd's successful launch in the UAE. With meticulous attention to local cultural nuances, the campaign was crafted to resonate with the target audience across various media channels including social media, digital advertising, influencer collaborations, and PR initiatives.As part of the launch strategy, DViO strategically partnered with prominent influencers and celebrities such as Nyla Usha, RJ Mithun, RJ Mariyam, RJ Sid, and RJ Maya, renowned personalities with a substantial following in the UAE. These partnerships not only generated significant buzz surrounding the launch event but also enhanced Lloyd's visibility among key stakeholders in the market. Furthermore, DViO utilized cutting-edge AI + CGI technology to create captivating promotional videos, reflecting Lloyd's brand ethos and showcasing its key products in a compelling manner. These visually stunning videos, combined with a targeted media plan, maximized user engagement and awareness across major social platforms.Sowmya Iyer, Founder & CEO, DViO said, "With the rising trend of Indian businesses venturing into global markets, DViO stands as a seasoned leader in international expansion strategies. The successful launch of Lloyd in the UAE serves as a powerful illustration of our expertise in driving global growth and amplifying brand presence across borders. The introduction of an iconic Indian brand like Lloyd into a market as dynamic as the UAE has far-reaching implications. It not only signifies the brand's ambition to reach new horizons but also reflects the growing recognition and acceptance of Indian brands on the global stage. This strategic move not only strengthens Lloyd's market position but also paves the way for other Indian brands aspiring to make their mark internationally.”