NY VFXWAALA partners with and invests in Goodbye Kansas Studio

NY VFXWAALA, a visual effects (VFX) studio founded by actor Ajay Devgn, has entered into a strategic partnership with Goodbye Kansas Studio (GBK) of Stockholm, Sweden.Key aspects of the partnership:  • Investment and Joint Venture: NY VFXWAALA, through an offshore subsidiary, has acquired a significant stake in GBK, solidifying the collaboration. Additionally, a joint venture studio will be launched in India to leverage combined expertise.  • Combined Expertise: GBK brings a wealth of experience in VFX, animation, and game trailers for major studios like HBO, Netflix, and Ubisoft. NY VFXWAALA boasts an award-winning portfolio of over 300 films.  • Global Reach and Growth: The partnership aims to expand service offerings globally, attracting talent from India and Asia. They will target new markets and capitalize on the growing VFX and gaming content outsourcing trend.  • Enhanced Service Offerings: The combined entity will offer a broader range of services, including 3D scanning, motion capture, and character design. They will also focus on the Indian gaming market and other Asian opportunities.  • Research and Development: A collaborative R&D team will be established to explore new technologies and tools for the VFX industry.Ajay Devgn, Founder and Chairman of NY VFXWAALA, said: "This partnership with GBK allows us to extend our global reach and deliver exceptional services to clients worldwide. We are excited to collaborate with a like-minded partner and contribute to the creative and technological advancements in the industry."Per Anders Wärn, Chairman of the Board, Goodbye Kansas, said: "NY VFXWAALA is a perfect partner, sharing our commitment to talent, technology, and storytelling. This partnership strengthens both our organizations and creates new opportunities for our employees and clients."Stefan Danieli, CEO of Goodbye Kansas: "We welcome NY VFXWAALA as a strategic investor and partner. This collaboration will significantly contribute to our growth and expand our production capabilities, supporting GBK's profitable future."Naveen Paul, Creative Head and Co-founder of NY VFXWAALA, said: "We are thrilled to partner with the GBK team. Together, we aim to raise the bar for quality, expand globally, and offer exceptional service. We invite talented individuals worldwide to join us on this exciting journey."