Dubai unveils new government logo

Dubai has revitalized its iconic emblem, adopting it as the official logo for the Government of Dubai. This new logo, announced by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, represents the emirate's journey: visionary leadership, transformative development, and evolution into a future-focused city.While the logo embodies these aspirations, His Highness emphasizes that the true identity of the government lies in its dedicated teams. Their commitment to excellence and service is the foundation of Dubai's success as a global leader and a thriving destination for living and working.Sheikh Hamdan has directed a smooth transition, granting government entities six months to implement the new logo alongside their existing ones, preserving their unique identities.A Look at the Logo's Elements:The Dubai Media Office shared the symbolism behind the logo's five key elements:The Falcon: Soaring high, the falcon represents Dubai's distinct character, its unwavering pride, and its sharp focus on a bright future.The Ghaf Leaves: These national symbols embody Dubai's values: flexibility, agility, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence.The Dhow: The "Sambouq," a traditional Arabic dhow, signifies Dubai's rich history as a center of trade and cultural exchange. It also reflects its current status as a global economic hub.The Flag: Presented as a shield, the flag symbolizes the safety and security enjoyed by all residents and visitors in Dubai.The Palm Tree: Deeply rooted in hospitality, the palm tree reflects Dubai's welcoming nature and generosity towards millions of visitors each year.This new logo serves as a visual representation of Dubai's past, present, and aspirations for the future.