Yango Delivery launches new rapid consumer-to-consumer delivery service in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Yango Delivery, a global last-mile delivery platform provider, today announced the launch of its new rapid consumer-to-consumer delivery feature that will allow Dubai residents to send and receive goods within the Emirate within just 60 minutes.Yango Delivery targets that, with the new offer, riders will arrive within 15 minutes of a customer request being submitted. These riders will accept any item that has a package size of 40x40x40cm and a maximum weight of 15kg. Pricing presently starts at AED15, and the company intends to run special promotions for consumers that sign up for the service. Moreover, Yango Delivery has designed the service with a fixed and transparent pricing structure so that customers can be assured of the cost before placing their order.“Our post-lockdown culture is defined by a greater reliance on to-your-door service,” said Agam Garg, General Manager, Yango Delivery UAE. “Yango Delivery has built its reputation on the professionalism of our staff, and the cutting-edge technology we use to ensure customers’ pick-ups and drop-offs are managed on time, every time. Today, we take another leap forward in our flexible range of services with this new delivery service, which is designed for the busy consumer, the gift-giver, or individuals who have a sudden and urgent need to have items delivered rapidly. If you need to get something to somewhere fast, without leaving your home or office, then our new delivery option is the perfect choice for you.”The new delivery feature allows one pick-up per order, but multiple packages with multiple drop-offs can be fulfilled. While packages are in transit, the Yango app offers real-time, high-precision map tracking of riders to both sender and recipient.Garg said that later in the year, the delivery offer will include a photo-card feature, which will allow the sender to show the recipient what the parcel looks like, as well as the ability for senders to include digital postcards for recipients.Yango Delivery’s corporate clients will be able to manage deliveries either via the app, or through the dedicated web account, depending on the number of orders. Later in the year, these corporate customers will be able to brand the rider icon with their own logo on the real-time tracking feature.Yango Delivery operates in more than 20 countries across Europe, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The company’s USP is its advanced platform that lets the demand and supply for city delivery meet in the fastest and most effective way. It leverages a host of innovative technologies such as a system of united interfaces for all the parties involved, proprietary maps, traffic data processing, routing and batching algorithms for optimised customer service and fleet utilisation.

Yango Delivery launches in the UAE to empower e-commerce sector

Yango Delivery has launched in the UAE with its platform for delivery-bound businesses to seamlessly outsource logistics at the last mile. With a background in maptech, the company claims to offer traffic-proof and cost-effective deliveries at different speeds from express to next day for any type of goods from food to furniture.The company brings equal quality of last-mile services to both small shops and bigger companies, granting individual customers a streamlined experience and businesses an infrastructure that would support their launches into new territories and scale up their operations.The supported delivery modes range from express (one hour) to same- and next-day deliveries, with direct (to consumer) or reverse (pick-up) ways, the latter applicable to handle returns for example. When planning deliveries on Yango Delivery, partners are offered the selection of motorbikes, sedans, vans or chiller vans depending on the items they seek to deliver.Agam Garg, general manager at Yango Delivery UAE, explains: “In the competitive delivery field, companies need tools to quickly react to the changing context with volatile demands. We are working on digitizing last mile logistics to grant our clients access to various delivery types in one place and possibility to easily switch between them or combine them, experimenting and finding the balance between the needed level of customer service and operational efficiency.We take the hassle out of the delivery process for clients while taking care of optimal routes to deliver more with fewer vehicles. We also pride ourselves on our transparency in tracking, which ensures improved communication, easier analysis, and informed management decisions.”Yango Delivery employs an advanced algorithm that dispatches orders to routes by digesting all required operational parameters (like the time window promised to customers) and traffic forecasts, ensuring an impressive on-time delivery success rate of 98%.The platform is accessible via web interface and can be integrated into clients systems via an API or Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento modules.Yango Delivery can become a partner for both start-ups that do not have an infrastructure for deliveries or are not planning to have one, as well as for big players – with their inhouse, outsourced or hybrid fleet – as a fallback service during peak demand seasons.