Etoile Group to expand in GCC, to open six new stores

Dubai: Etoile Group, the luxury fashion retail group, today marked its 40th anniversary and shared expansion plans, including the launch of six new stores across the GCC in the first quarter of 2024. The Group’s strategic growth focuses on strengthening key partnerships while nurturing the next generation of talent to strengthen its luxury retail presence on a regional scale.This year, Etoile Group will open new stores in key locations across Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait. The group’s growth and expansion plans are underpinned by an ongoing commitment to digitalisation and sustainability with further investment in e-commerce platforms and ongoing collaborations with local and global designers. These efforts represent the Group’s wider plan to double its revenues and workforce within the next five years, leveraging its 60 ongoing and upcoming projects.Founder and President of Etoile Group, Ingie Chalhoub, said: “When I launched Etoile Group 40 years ago, we stepped into unchartered territory for luxury fashion retail. Over the last four decades the market has grown and matured and this region is now well established for luxury. I believe that Etoile Group played a pivotal role in that progress bringing some of the world’s most renowned luxury brands to the Middle East all those years ago and continuing to collaborate with global luxury brands and regional designers. Our success at Etoile Group stems from a history of strong client relationships and partnerships with brands who value innovation, design, and artisanship. That will continue in 2024, when we plan to further leverage key partnerships. This year is not just a celebration of our shared history but marks our commitment to ensuring the continued growth and dynamism of the luxury sector as we expand our regional footprint and provide platforms for creativity and innovation for emerging talent."Etoile Group's commitment extends beyond physical luxury retail environments to digital and e-commerce platforms, with plans to expand its omni-channel presence in 2024 as the group continues to innovate its e-commerce experience to increase interaction and engagement with its clients. Sustainable fashion represents another priority for the Group, evidenced by its partnerships and through its partnerships with an array of designers dedicated to sustainable practices. This year, Etoile Group will continue to prioritise procurement from partners and suppliers that are compliant with the rules of the Fashion Pact, a global initiative that was launched in 2019 and is aimed at reducing the fashion industry’s environment impact.2024 is set to be a landmark in Etoile Group’s history, driven by significant expansion, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to luxury.