Jahez-Kuwait reveals the end of year draw grand prize winner

Jahez International Company (“Jahez-Kuwait”), a pioneering platform that connects customers with their favorite restaurants through online orders, concluding its end of year campaign, revealing the grand prize winner of the luxurious Lexus LX600 SUV. During the grand prize draw, Jahez-Kuwait announced Wejdan AlMutairi as the winner of the luxury SUV, a prize unparalleled in its magnitude amongst food delivery service campaigns in Kuwait. This achievement highlights the Company's dedication to customer appreciation but also sets a new benchmark for promotional giveaways in the industry.The winner of Jahez-Kuwait’s end of year campaign, Wejdan AlMutairi was selected at random in the draw that was run by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) representative, ensuring a fair and transparent process in awarding the grand prize of a brand-new Lexus LX600 SUV. This meticulous selection procedure was conducted under strict supervision, with every entry being given equal consideration to uphold the integrity of the draw. The electronic system used for the draw was designed to randomly select a winner from the multitude of entries, each representing an order placed through the Jahez-Kuwait app during the campaign period. Displaying the name of the lucky winner marked a momentous moment for both winner and Jahez-Kuwait, demonstrating the Company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and engagement.Throughout the campaign, Jahez-Kuwait reinforced its commitment to enriching the customer experience. Aside from the grand prize draw, Jahez-Kuwait organized a series of draws, which included chances to win a variety of substantial prizes. The draws were met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the Company’s valued customer base who were eager to win one of the valuable prizes. Over the campaign's duration, a total of KD10,000 in credit and KD40,000 in cash were awarded to lucky customers. A cash prize of KD10,000 was also awarded to one lucky winner in the first grand prize draw held towards the end of December.With the conclusion of the campaign, Jahez-Kuwait indicated in a statement that the Company aspires to strengthen its position in the Kuwaiti market by providing customers with a range of experiences that extend beyond its core services. Jahez-Kuwait formed numerous fruitful collaborations throughout 2023 with various restaurants, institutions and companies within the private sector to engage with its growing customer base. The Company has also effectively updated its mobile app to deliver exceptional value-adding services to its customers while introducing a variety of promotions. These initiatives, as well as activities such as the end of year campaign, align with the Company’s ethos, with the optimal goal of creating a comprehensive and enriched user experience. As Jahez-Kuwait continues to evolve, it remains committed to delivering innovative solutions and fostering a strong community connection, thereby solidifying its status as a leader in the food delivery industry in Kuwait.Faisal Alsaei, Marketing Manager at Jahez-Kuwait stated, “We at Jahez-Kuwait would like to thank our customers for the remarkable success of our end of year campaign and are delighted with the positive responses that we have received. Our objective in organizing this end of year campaign was to reward our loyal customers for selecting Jahez-Kuwait as their preferred food delivery service in Kuwait. It provided us with an opportunity to give back to customers by rewarding them with various prizes, along with an advanced app that offers unique features. On behalf of Jahez-Kuwait, I would also like to congratulate Wejdan AlMutairi on winning the grand prize, the luxurious Lexus LX600 SUV.”Alsaei added, “As Jahez-Kuwait moves forward, we remain dedicated to pioneering new standards in the food delivery sector. With our customer-centric approach and innovative solutions, we aim to continue shaping the future of food delivery in Kuwait, offering unparalleled convenience and exceptional experiences. Jahez-Kuwait’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with its ability to adapt and respond to changing market dynamics, positions us uniquely in the industry. In this regard, we will continue to introduce value-adding experiences that will enable us to engage with our customers on various levels.”It is worth mentioning that Jahez-Kuwait entered the competitive food delivery industry with an innovative approach that focuses on enhancing the delivery experience for customers and restaurants. By allowing customers to simply drop a pin for delivery without needing to enter an address, Jahez-Kuwait provides a seamless and intuitive experience that takes convenience to a new level. The platform further empowers its users with flexible payment options, offering the freedom to pay anytime, whether before or after delivery, putting the control squarely in customers' hands. Additionally, in collaboration with select partners, Jahez offers up to 50% off at some restaurants, providing unmatched value and making it a truly compelling choice for food delivery in Kuwait.