Jeep's 'Call of Adventure' claims global top spot in awards

“Call of Adventure” campaign by Jeep has clinched the top spot in the automotive category of AdForum’s Business Creative Report, which ranks the most awarded campaigns across global, regional and specialist creative shows. Crafted by Publicis Middle East and Starcom ME, this unique campaign offers the Jeep community a distinct visual language to communicate with and fuel their love of adventure. The campaign has been globally applauded for its innovative storytelling and for connecting the brand’s thrill and nature-loving community. "This campaign encourages our community to spend more time outdoors, considering that people nowadays spend over 93% of their lives indoors. Our goal was to reduce this indoor time statistic through the language of adventure, uniquely spoken by our brand. The overwhelming response and recognition from global creativity festivals underscore the impact of our message. We are immensely grateful for this honor and for becoming the most awarded campaign in the automotive sector in 2023." —Melhem Najm, Chief Marketing Officer at Stellantis, Middle East & Africa.Inspired by the iconic dots and dashes of the Jeep brand grille, symbolising the brand's adventurous spirit, the "Call of Adventure" campaign introduces the Jeep Call of Adventure Font. This innovative font, meticulously designed to mirror the grille's distinctive pattern, serves as the foundation of a captivating print and outdoor campaign, aptly named 'The Call of Adventure.' Rooted in a profound understanding of the Jeep brand's heritage and values, this campaign goes beyond traditional advertising norms, inviting enthusiasts to decode hidden messages and embark on a journey of self-discovery.“It is a privilege to work with a global brand of this magnitude, and a privilege to be the agency at the helm of the Jeep brand in the region. The success of “Call of Adventure” is the result of all the stars aligning. We have a client who demands creativity. We have a creative team who expects nothing but the best from themselves. And we have the support of Publicis leadership, who believe in spearheading excellence in our field. I would like to thank my team for the efforts they put in every day to surprise our client and our consumers. I would like to thank Stellantis for their support. And lastly, I would like to thank every judging panel that saw the value in our campaign and awarded it. It was a pure idea with the Jeep brand and its consumers at its core. We are humbled and it gives us added motivation”, said Tuki Ghiassi, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Middle East.  AdForum’s Business Creative Report ranks the world’s most awarded campaigns by industry sector, providing advertisers and agencies with a benchmark for creative impact. With over 40 award shows monitored, including the newly integrated Ciclope Festival, the report highlights excellence across nine categories. This recognition not only promotes and motivates talent within agencies but also serves as a testament to creativity and expertise, driving industry standards forward.

Jeep and Publicis Middle East launch 'WE DON’T MAKE JEEP. YOU DO.'

The Jeep and Middle East Publicis’s ad promotion "WE DON’T MAKE JEEP. YOU DO" represents a departure from traditional automotive advertising by embracing the authentic voices and experiences of the Jeep community itself.By utilizing user-generated content (UGC) across various platforms, including social media, posters, and digital displays, this promotion showcases the genuine connection between Jeep owners and their vehicles.The central message, "We Don't Make Jeep, You Do," emphasizes that Jeep is more than just a car; it's an embodiment of the adventurous spirit and individual stories of its drivers. Through the ad, Jeep celebrates the unique personalities of its vehicles, as reflected in the names given to them by their owners.What sets this promotion apart is its focus on authenticity. Rather than relying on polished commercials, Jeep prioritizes real, unscripted moments that resonate with its community. By empowering over 20,000 fans to become micro-influencers, the brand harnesses the genuine enthusiasm of its supporters.Melhem Najm, Chief Marketing Officer at Stellantis MEA, highlights the importance of the Jeep community in embodying the spirit of adventure that defines the brand. He expresses gratitude to the owners who shared their content, enabling the creation of a powerful film that captures the essence of Jeep through their personal stories.Tuki Ghiassi and Anton Marais of Publicis Middle East emphasize the uniqueness of the Jeep community and its passion for the brand. They emphasize that Jeep's appeal goes beyond its products, embodying an ethos that sets it apart from competitors.Overall, this ad campaign successfully communicates Jeep's identity as more than just a manufacturer of vehicles but as a community-driven brand that celebrates the adventures and stories of its owners.