Saudi Arabian mall operator Cenomi Centers transforms with Salesforce

Cenomi Centers, the largest fully integrated retail and shopping center operator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has transformed its efficiency and ability to serve customers by deploying Salesforce Service Cloud, a powerful CRM solution that gives it a 360-degree view of customers and the ability to deliver seamless omni-channel experiences. Cenomi Centers currently operates 22 malls in cities across Saudi Arabia and welcomes more than 110 million visitors per year.Cenomi Centers, which deployed Salesforce Service Cloud in October, was keen to enhance its ability to understand its customers and serve them across multiple physical and digital touchpoints. The solution has given Cenomi a 360-degree view of its customers, enabling it to engage with them in a more seamless, personalised way, whether they are making an enquiry at a customer service point in a mall, making or phone call, or sending an email.“Service Cloud empowers Cenomi Centers to capture and gain value from our data, improving our understanding of customer behaviour at all stages of their journey, and helping us make more informed decisions that enhance customer service and the overall mall experience,” said Binoo Joseph, Group Chief Technology & Information Officer, Cenomi Group. “We were impressed by the quick time-to-value, seeing immediate gains after deploying the solution in October. We’re excited to build on this momentum as we expand the integration of Salesforce solutions across our operations.”As part of its expansion, Cenomi is set to bring online additional malls over the coming years. Gaurav Bhandari, Group VP- Enterprise & CRM, Cenomi Group said that the scalability afforded by Service Cloud was a key factor in its selection. Cenomi’s management team estimates that the solution will soon deliver overall savings of 44% compared with its previous CRM solution stack.The deployment also positions Cenomi Centers to start implementing AI-based solutions into its business by integrating Salesforce Einstein, which will enable the mall operator to deliver AI-created content across its sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interactions. This will further drive efficiency, enabling Cenomi to allocate human resources where they are needed most.In addition, Myf Bagnold, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Cenomi Group, has stated that Cenomi will, in the coming months, deploy Salesforce Marketing Cloud across Cenomi Centers, which will allow it to personalise offers across any channel with AI, and Data Cloud. The new platform will empower teams to engage customers across all touchpoints, with nuanced insights from data collected across the network.Thierry Nicault, Area Vice president and General Manager, Salesforce Middle East, said: “Cenomi Group is demonstrating how major retailers can digitally transform to improve their business performance in concert with delivering services that delight customers. This is essential in the current time, helping retailers to offset challenges such as rising costs while satisfying the increasingly high expectations of customers.”