Mobmio launches a new platform to accelerate mobile app growth in MENA

Mobile app growth platform Mobmio is preparing to launch a new version of its platform. The key changes will be in the area of tracking and displaying its results. The new platform will rely on raw data, automation and access to data through a "single window".  The company has already invested $500,000 in these innovations in the first quarter of 2024 and plans to increase the number of clients and partners in MENA by 2.5 times in a year. The project continues its rapid growth under the wing of Mitgo X, the R&D department of Mitgo Group, one of the global IT industry leaders in AdTech and MarTech. The boom of the mobile industry in the region has been going on for several years now. Mobmio estimates that in 2023, the share of mobile purchases in total online orders jumped from 32% to more than 40%. In the first months of 2024, the amount spent by customers buying through mobile apps doubled year-over-year. Part of this explosive growth is driven by platforms like Mobmio, which helps brands engage mobile users and increase purchases through mobile traffic channels, while the apps monetize their audiences and generate additional revenue. The platform is now actively working with dozens of apps. These innovations will help it increase the number of customers in MENA and all over the world by 2.5 times this year by redirecting huge staff resources to expansion and development after the automation. A common problem of many affiliate networks is that brands betting on mobile traffic have to study statistics from multiple sources - ad networks and trackers. It is often not complete, making data reconciliation difficult. Affiliate network managers often have to spend more than 50% of their time manually bringing all these disparate pieces of data together so that the brand can get a more complete tracking picture. And even after these efforts, it is often not possible to achieve 100% transparency and accuracy of data, because these services and platforms often provide already processed, secondary data, and may miss some of the indicators. The new platform will automatically collect raw data from the most efficient trackers, which will eliminate any inaccuracies in processing and will double the efficiency of the network team. The first wave will integrate the largest mobile trackers - Adjust and Appsflyer. The second wave will include the rest of the industry leaders - Mytracker, Impact, Branch and Custom. The new platform is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2024. "With this strategic investment, we are not only enhancing our platform's capabilities but also solidifying our commitment to revolutionizing mobile app growth. Our aim is to simplify the complex data landscape and provide actionable insights that drive real value for our clients.", - Aleksandr Kryvosheiev, CEO of Mobmio.

Ogilvy unveils new leadership for Ogilvy One with Next-Gen service

 The global boom in MarTech investment has enabled companies of all types to conduct relationship marketing. Yet, many have struggled to create distinction and customer relevancy, necessitating a better approach to building lasting relationships. It’s with this perspective that Ogilvy today announces new global leadership for Ogilvy One and next-generation services for creating more valuable relationships by design. Led by creativity, powered by data, and supercharged by AI, Ogilvy has a distinct approach to designing relationships that create business, brand, and customer value.Ogilvy One will serve as the global brand for Ogilvy’s current and next-generation customer experience and relationship service offerings to clients. Kent Wertime, a seasoned Ogilvy executive, has been appointed as the Global CEO of Ogilvy One. With nearly 25 years at Ogilvy, Kent previously led Ogilvy One in Asia and has since held various leadership positions. He will continue in his most recent role as Co-CEO for Ogilvy APAC. Ogilvy One’s leadership team includes Roberto Fara, who will take on an expanded role as the Global Creative Experience Lead for Ogilvy One and will retain his role as Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Spain, along with Rajesh Midha (NoAm), Clare Lawson (EMEA & Chief Client Officer), Ab Gaur (APAC & CEO of Verticurl; Global Chief Data & Tech Officer, Ogilvy), Mauro Caggiano (LATAM), Jason Davey (AUNZ), Ravi Pal (CTO), and Nate McNabb (Global Partnerships).Brands that create a positive relationship with a consumer are 3x more impactful than brands that don’t (source: Mesh Experience Research 2023). Ogilvy One offers a range of services to design relationships that are truly reflective of brands: Customer Acquisition, Service Design, Continuous Commerce, and CRM & Loyalty. This offering is underpinned by a unified global technology backbone powered by Verticurl, the leading marketing technology services agency Ogilvy acquired in 2013. Ogilvy One has approximately 3,800 specialists around the world spanning strategy, creative and design, UX/UI, data, media and performance, platform integration, creative technology, innovation, and AI among other areas. Ogilvy One currently works with a broad range of B2C and B2B clients including some world’s most iconic brands such as IBM, Mondel?z, Nestlé, Unilever, The Coca-Cola Company, Verizon, and Enterprise, as well as regional and local clients.Devika Bulchandani, Global CEO of Ogilvy, said: “When David Ogilvy first started talking about direct marketing decades ago, he recognized that some of the most effective marketing isn’t just directed at your target audience, it speaks to them on a personal one-to-one basis. Now we take that to a new level with a fresh leadership team for Ogilvy One and a commitment to designing relationships based on ideas that create enduring value exchanges between consumers and our clients’ brands.”“Over the last decade, companies invested heavily in technology, but that alone is not the solution. In today’s hyper-commoditized world, brands need to design relationships that create differentiation and relevancy with their consumers. That’s where the exponential power of creativity plays a vital role,” Kent Wertime, Global CEO of Ogilvy One, said. “Today's consumers, choose their points of interaction with brands, from discovery to purchase, and dictate more of the relationship. With a deep understanding of brands and full-dimensional view of consumers coupled with award-winning creativity and a strong data and technology backbone, Ogilvy One is uniquely positioned to design valuable relationships for brands that are impactful, relevant, and enduring.”

BTC Fashion partners with MarTech innovator WebEngage

BTC Fashion, the retail arm of the Business Trading Company (BTC) and the promoter of brands such as Matalan, Miniso, Superdry and Balabala in GCC and Levant regions, has partnered with MarTech company WebEngage to engage its vast customer base with personalized and exceptional experiences. The integration with WebEngage’s award-winning, patent-pending marketing technologies, which are powered by a customer data platform (CDP) and AI, will help BTC Fashion to understand its customers better and deeper and strike meaningful, personalized and contextualized conversations with them across offline and online channels. BTC Fashion’s robust omnichannel retail presence, including outlets across the region and its successful e-commerce arm bfab, is an ideal opportunity to deploy AI and automation and advance customer-centric retail outcomes. “As one of the largest investment firms in GCC, we represent some of the most inspirational global brands. Our aim is to provide unique and consistent experiences to each shopper whenever and wherever they engage with any of our brands. Partnering with WebEngage, we will be able to understand our customers better and fulfil their needs in a more personalized manner. WebEngage’s proven experience in transforming retention marketing for leading fashion and retail brands in the region is an added advantage,” said Hasit Kakkad, General Manager, BTC Fashion.BTC Fashion will integrate its back office, loyalty platform, data lake, and e-commerce channel with WebEngage’s Retention Operating System. That will help build unified customer profiles. The resulting “customer 360”, powered by deterministic AI, will help BTC Fashion’s marketing teams and product managers of all brands to optimize customer journeys across SMS, mobile, web, digital, paid media, WhatsApp, email, and offline. Based on shopper behaviours, purchases, psychography, and real-time intent, BTC Fashion will deliver personalized omnichannel experiences.  BTC Fashion’s partnership with WebEngage to deliver tailored experiences draws upon the broader consumer sentiment in the regional fashion retail industry. A recent study by Oliver Wyman revealed that GCC consumers’ expectations for tailored experiences are 30% higher than those of their global counterparts. Additionally, 87% of GCC customers are using both online and offline channels to shop. By driving omnichannel personalization, BTC Fashion is hoping to cater to such customers meaningfully and reinforce its position as a leading retailer in GCC and Levant. “We are so honoured to associate with a family group of BTC’s calibre. Since its inception, the group has played an integral role in the region’s socioeconomic transformation. We will deploy our latest innovations in generative AI, seamlessly integrate with all their systems, and empower their marketing teams to build 1:1 customer engagement. Our regional business managed services team will ensure we maximize the value of their customer data, boost marketing impressions, and improve CLTV,” said Hetarth Patel, Vice President - Middle East & Africa and Managing Director - UAE.

MoEngage’s Revenue Grows by 75% in the Middle East

MoEngage, the insights-led customer engagement platform, further strengthened its presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region growing by 75 % Y-o-Y in 2023. The martech software company is continuing with its upward trajectory by expanding its strong customer base in the United Arab Emirates and gaining new customers in markets like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait.This gigantic momentum reiterates its commitment to growth in the region and closely serves the needs of its local customers.  MoEngage has more than 150 customers in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region including more than 80 in the UAE, 30 in KSA, 15 in Egypt, and 15+ in the Levant region. These span across industries such as retail and E-commerce, banking and finance, telecom, airlines, healthcare, media, entertainment, travel, and hospitality. It added more than 80 customers in 2023.The impressive customer list includes the likes of retail giants Landmark, Apparel Group, Azadea, Alsaif gallery, NASDAQ listed shared mobility player SWVL , Kuwait’s Jazeera Airlines, music company MDLBeast, car rental/service apps like MySyara, CarSwitch and Dubicars as well as leading players in travel like Almosafer, Gathern and QSR master franchise like Alamar foods amongst others. The company now boasts more than 20 personnel in the region across sales, business development, customer success, solutions consulting, and marketing. It is currently looking to increase its headcount in 2024 by augmenting teams in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.. Additionally, MoEngage has also built a robust partner ecosystem that consists of over 75+ resellers, agencies, tech partners, and service integrators, which help to expand its reach and serve a wide array of customers. These include the likes of Mannai Infotech, e-cens, Labrys, Euphoria, and FreshTech Africa. These regional partners are in addition to global partnerships that MoEngage has with the likes of Mixpanel, Appsflyer, VWO, Branch, Amplitude, GupShup, Vonage, and others.From self-learning generative AI to hyper-personalized web experiences, MoEngage makes giant stridesApart from the business side, MoEngage has also made rapid strides in innovation and introduced new capabilities/features to its customer engagement platform. With MoEngage’s Merlin AI, Inform, Web Personalization, Google Ads Integration, and App Marketplace, brands in the Middle East and Africa can power up their Customer Engagement strategies.“2024 will bring a renewed focus on customer engagement and retention. Brands will recalibrate their strategies and will look to make use of a perfect partner which helps their cause. This is where MoEngage fits the bill. With a razor sharp focus in the region, MoEngage will further strengthen the engagement game of the brands by building an on ground team right from sales, business development, partnerships, and customer success. This will enable us to provide highly localized support to our customers and also develop a strong community of marketing, growth, and product professionals to share ideas”, said Raviteja Dodda, CEO and Co-founder of MoEngage.Community buildingIn 2023, MoEngage hosted multiple editions under its flagship #GROWTH brand in the Middle East, starting with Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Jeddah and Riyadh. The #GROWTH events saw more than 1200+ marketers across the region come together for some insightful discussions around themes like retention, omnichannel engagement, holiday marketing, etc.Moving forward in 2024, #GROWTH events will spread their wings even further with events in Egypt and South Africa amongst many others.Additionally, MoEngage plans to launch its community initiative, Women of Martech, to increase recognition of women and their contributions in the martech industry. This initiative aims to provide an inclusive platform for women in the martech domain in the Middle East.“To escape from the global gloom, fly to any leading capital of the Gulf, the only region in the world where economic growth forecasts are rising. With renewed focus on innovation, technology and non-oil revenues, the Middle East is probably the only region that is forecasting a good growth trajectory presently. MoEngage is poised to take advantage of this opportunity with its proven software, sustainable growth plans and a focus on customer delight”, said Kunal Badiani, regional vice-president, Middle East and Africa for MoEngage.Founded in 2014, the San Francisco and Bengaluru headquartered company, which operates on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, plans to help Middle Eastern businesses become customer-centric through personalized communication at every touchpoint across the lifecycle. The firm has on boarded experts in the leadership and mid-level management roles and are planning to expand their base of channel partners in the region.