TishTash Communications announces multiple client wins for 2024

TishTash Communications, the Dubai-based, award-winning independent communications agency, has announced that it has added international, regional, and local brands to its portfolio of lifestyle, health, and wellness clients. These latest client wins include:Anthropologie – The internationally beloved concept store brand is known for its curated assortment of clothing, accessories and home decor that reflects the spirit of creativity and individuality. TishTash are working closely with the Middle East team to support Anthropologie's marketing strategies in the GCC with earned PR and media, events as well as content and influencer strategy. Dubz – Offering travelers hassle-free check-in and comfort from home, Dubz (by Dnata) is a luggage pickup, storage and delivery service that also checks you in for your flight and prints your boarding pass at your doorstep. TishTash will be managing the influencer strategy and brand seeding across the UAE.Dr Tanya Skincare – Supporting the launch of Dr Tanya’s Skincare in the UAE, the Australian-made and owned skincare brand features doctor-derived formulas infused with medical-grade ingredients and Ayurvedic inspiration. TishTash will lead the brand launch with earned PR, brand awareness and events.FITCODE – The brand-new wellness destination has appointed TishTash to build brand awareness and support with influencer and brand partnerships. Humble Power – A homegrown, purpose-led, female-founded modest athleisure brand, Humble Power aims to empower women to embrace their unique style. TishTash is responsible for traditional media awareness around the brand as well as influencer strategy and brand collaborations.On the continued growth and client wins in Q1, Managing Director of TishTash Communications, Polly Williams says: “It’s been an excellent start to the year at TishTash and we are thrilled to finish the first quarter by representing such brilliant brands as Anthropologie, Dr. Tanya Skincare, Humble Power, FITCODE and Dubz. Each of these brands represents our commitment to lifestyle, wellbeing and health-based clients as our core agency strategy and we look forward to creating fully integrated, cross-platform campaigns across our PR and digital teams that resonate with consumers and build awareness alike across a successful summer and beyond”.

TishTash Communications named in Fast Company Best Workplaces for Women in 2024

Dubai: TishTash Communications was recognized in the Fast Company Middle East's Best Workplaces for Women 2024 list, named for Empowering Women Through Bold Initiatives. The award-winning agency’s female-centric workplace offers flexible working for all staff including a 4.5-day week, continued hybrid working, a “work from home country” allocation each year and industry-leading women's health policies including paid leave for fertility treatments, menstruation and menopause.  Success can be seen in the numbers,  with a happy and loyal workforce, and award-winning marketing work. The 100% female agency has seen a 50% year-on-year increase for the past 3 years, with a 62% increase in turnover in the last 12 months (2022-2023), significant client wins and international expansion and over 45% of the team have been with the agency for more than five years. Hundreds of companies applied for Fast Company Middle East’s Best Workplaces for Women List, and a team of editors worked relentlessly, sorting and sifting through nominations to make the final decision. The Top 10 list recognized companies that are paving the way for women to succeed in the workplace, including Magrabi Retail Group, Luxury Closet and Balinca to name a few. An inaugural edition of Best Workplaces for Women, Fast Company’s list recognizes companies across the Middle East that are empowering women by creating inclusive environments.“We are proud to be recognized in the list, as we have showcased first-hand how women in the workforce represent improving business results. As a company we intend to continue our commitment to training, inspiring, and empowering the next generation of female communications leaders,” said Natasha Hatherall-Shawe, CEO & Founder of TishTash Communications.“Best Workplaces for Women was an initiative we were really proud to launch, recognizing organizations that are striving towards gender equality and we were thrilled with the number of nominations received. This list reflects the massive strides the Middle East is taking to create more inclusive cultures, and we are happy to spotlight their success,” said Ravi Raman, Publisher of Fast Company Middle East.Today, TishTash Communications stands as a team of 68 women and intends to be a deliberate example of the effects of policy change in the workforce when it comes to women. Creative, supporting workplaces for women benefits society as a whole, and not just the bottom line.

Natasha Hatherall: Empowering women and redefining PR in the heart of Dubai

TishTash Communications, an award-winning specialist communications and public relation agency focusing on beauty, health, and wellness, is a well-established name and a prominent player in the field of public relations in Dubai. Founded in 2012 by Natasha Hatherall and Managing Director & Partner Polly Williams, the brand has gained recognition for its commitment to advocating for women in the workplace and supporting working mothers. TishTash stands out as a workplace that is exclusively tailored to meet the needs of women. The founders believe in showcasing the impact of addressing women's needs and emphasize that when women's requirements are fulfilled, they not only thrive but also stand on equal footing with their male counterparts.Natasha Hatherall, referring to herself as an 'accidental entrepreneur,' serves as the Founder and CEO of TishTash Communications. She sheds light on the brand's journey and its success as a leading independent PR and integrated marketing agency in the region. With a team of over 60 members and offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the UK, TishTash has firmly established itself as a key player in the industry. Excerpts:Can you share your journey, starting as a PR professional, leading to your role as the Founder of TishTash Communications?Born and educated in the UK, I spent the first part of my career in academia, studying firstly for a degree in Psychology, followed by a Masters in Marketing, before combining my love of both into a PhD in Management with a focus on consumer behaviour. Whilst working as a graduate, teaching in the university and after a lot of soul searching, I decided I didn’t wish to pursue an academic career. I made my first turn into the marketing, media and PR world in the UK working at agencies including Havas and McCann Worldwide and client side for major global brands such as L’Oreal, and I never really looked back. The corporate world was definitely for me.I had always wanted to live and work abroad and this is what brought me to Dubai in 2010. I worked in a brilliant marketing and comms role at Abu Dhabi Media Group for 2 years, before leaving to freelance for a while with the aim of having more work/life balance, practicing yoga and seeing more of the world.Life had other plans though and TishTash Communications was born. 12 years on we are going very strong as one of the leading independent PR and integrated marketing agencies in the region with over 60 team members and offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the UK. We’ve won lots of great awards, been recognized formally as a “Great Place to Work” this year and I’m proud of the brilliant work we produce for our clients every day.Not bad for the girl who planned to freelance and go to yoga!What motivated you to establish TishTash Communications? What is your vision for the organisation and where do you see it five years from now?I definitely consider myself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ – someone who literally never intended to start a traditional business, and by traditional I mean with a group of employees, office space and differing streams of income. It’s very different to being a ‘solopreneur’ – which is really what I intended for myself when I left my last full time role.That said, I also believe that everything happens for a reason and clearly this is where I was meant to be and perhaps I am more of an entrepreneur and business leader than I ever gave myself credit for. My business is 12 years old now and it’s far bigger than anything I could have imagined or planned, but I very much feel like I’ve found my purpose and passion in life during this time.Going solo and working for myself, followed by the quick establishment of TishTash, always came from a desire to do quality good work, to provide the best of big brand and agency experience at more affordable rates to those who could not afford big agency prices and ultimately to raise the standards of communications that I saw at that time. That is something that very much remains at the heart of all we do today.Also very accidentally due to the nature of the work we do and the fact we ended up employing women only, myself and my MD and partner Polly Williams became advocates in this area and voices for women at work and working mothers. To support our workforce, we celebrated our differences and designed a workplace catered purely to women’s needs to demonstrate the power in doing this and how when women’s needs are met, that they flourish and stand very equally with their male counterparts.As for the future, I can’t say for sure, but we’re committed to leading the way for women in the workforce as well as for communications and we’re known for being agile, keeping it fresh and doing new and innovative things as an agency, so definitely expect more of that as there is lots I still want to do and achieve.We’re part of an industry that can’t sit still and we’ve had such monumental changes in the past 5 years, that I expect this development to continue in the years ahead, but I hope that we have truly consolidated our learnings and rapid recent expansion into continuing to offer a mature, fully integrated multimedia communications offering to our global clients.Could you provide insights into the brands that have collaborated with TishTash?We have the pleasure of working with some of the most renowned names in beauty, health and wellness from across the globe alongside inspirational homegrown brands and powerful founders and entrepreneurs. We currently work with over 100 companies and brands at TishTash, with some of our key agency clients including: LUSH, ASICS, The Body Shop, Victoria's Secret, Boots The Pharmacy, Eucerin, Kibsons and DrinkDry. Many more work with us on all facets of comms campaigning, from traditional PR through to event design and activation, influencer strategy, exhibitions and own brand events to social media content and execution via our own TishTash Studios. I’m especially proud of the long term relationships we form with clients and we still have clients we started out with 12 years ago and many more who have been with us 8 or 9 years.What are the five major trends you have observed in the PR industry?Digital-first - Over 80% at least of your earned media coverage will be online. It is no longer ‘secondary’ and basing all campaign planning around that is vital.Visual assets - No longer simply an image to accompany an article, a video in itself is a campaign - like digital first, think visual first, as a storytelling strategy and not just a pretty picture.Affiliates and e-commerce–These go hand in hand and many outlets only work with affiliates for product placement now and this will become even more common in the months and years ahead as our market plays catch up in this area.Own media outlets - As traditional ones dwindle, we will see more and more verticals from agencies and other businesses who choose to become their own distributors.Do you think the PR sector tends to attract more women, and if so, what might be the reasons behind this trend?There is a cliche in the old ‘PR Girl’ trope and certainly there are many women in our industry, but there are also a lot of men working in the industry too.PR is accepted as one of the most stressful industries to work in globally, so it certainly should never be seen as an ‘easy’ or glamorous option for anyone.In the Middle East, we certainly see many big agencies led and staffed by men, but equally, it does attract and retain many women at a junior and entry level.Longer working hours and unpredictable or seasonal workloads are not particularly friendly for those who have caring responsibilities, so we do absolutely see a drop off across the industry for women at different life stages and as such we’re lacking women in comms at a senior and board level, as are the majority of industries.Equality and diversification in skill set at leadership level certainly needs to see more women in major roles in the PR sector. Women do tend to hold a higher level of ‘soft skills’ quite naturally, and PR certainly demands a high level of emotional intelligence and social skills that women are naturally adept at.You have been a great supporter of female entrepreneurs. In what ways are you helping in female entrepreneurship in the Middle East? How do you view women's empowerment in the region?There is nowhere like the Middle East for women’s empowerment in my opinion. The federal and governmental support is brilliant, and there are learning, networking and support opportunities available daily. TishTash Communications is powered by women - our entire staff are female and we are now at over 60 employees.As a female entrepreneur myself, I understand intrinsically the opportunities and challenges of starting and running a business in the Middle East. Representation is important, and of course, visibility of others doing the same, especially those in the start up phase, and I will always do my utmost to support and promote them. I am vocal in my support via my own media work and social media, and many of our agency clients are female founders and their brands. This was most necessary for us during the months of the pandemic where businesses needed this support more than ever, and TishTash offered a number of formal initiatives to address their needs.Globally, women essentially receive less opportunities and funding than men, so we owe it to the greater good to help each other. Aside from the facets of business, I strongly believe that we have to address some fundamental basics in the workplace to allow women to fulfill their potential, and we can no longer ignore lifestyle constraints that influence our productivity and wellbeing.What advice would you offer to individuals, both men and women, aspiring to become leaders in the PR sector?Put people first: This works two ways - client services and employee wellbeing. Know them and understand their challenges and strengths as this leads to better engagement and retention all around - and better work.Stay agile: The market is changing almost daily at the moment, staying on top of it will help you navigate both the media and consumer landscape.Put collaboration over competition: Keep a clear vision and mission for your business and stay on that path. Every agency has their own USP’s and there are plenty of clients and specialisms to go ‘round. Keeping friendly and approachable to your peers means that you always have allies who will be keen to support you if you need it.Lead by example not by ego: Never expect anyone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself if the job needed doing.User-generated content: As ‘influencer fatigue’ sets in, genuine customer content is a vital preponement and endorsement for social media campaigns - consumers want and demand authenticity.