BizAway appoints Shiraz Ahmad Farooqui as Regional Sales Director

BizAway, a leader in the corporate travel and technology sector, has announced the arrival of Shiraz Ahmad Farooqui as the Regional Sales Director for the UAE region. This new hire represents a significant step in BizAway's expansion into the Middle Eastern market and is based on an impressive career and a unique set of skills.Shiraz Ahmad Farooqui brings with him over 20 years of professional experience, particularly in launching and developing new businesses and territories, as well as identifying growth opportunities from scratch. His expertise spans from designing Go-To-Market strategies to establishing local teams and discovering new revenue opportunities. His ability to innovate and implement solutions for sustainable growth across various marketing and sales strategies is an invaluable asset to BizAway.Shiraz has excelled in complex environments, having worked with successful startups like Fetchr and Holidayme in the Middle East region since 2014.Furthermore, Shiraz has a deep wealth of experience in various sectors, including location-based startups, e-commerce companies, and businesses that have achieved success through funding rounds, including his initial company's IPO in 2019. He has demonstrated his ability to manage large teams and has held key roles in revenue generation.His decision to join BizAway was driven by his passion for technology and the corporate travel industry, as well as his belief that BizAway is solving the day-to-day challenges of business travel in an innovative and compelling way. Shiraz sees significant potential in the solutions offered by BizAway and perceives no significant barriers to their adoption in the market."Shiraz Ahmad Farooqui's extensive experience in innovation and startup management, combined with his strong professional commitment, provide a solid foundation for a successful collaboration," says Luca Carlucci, CEO of BizAway. "We are excited to welcome him to our team and are confident that he will make a significant contribution to the future of BizAway in the UAE region."