Mr Monopoly all set to monopolise Abu Dhabi with his moves

We all remember having fun while playing Monopoly as kids. The fun is back at Abu Dhabi, as Monopoly is launching an official Abu Dhabi edition of the game next month. The move was announced over the weekend with Mr. Monopoly visiting Louvre Abu Dhabi.Winning Moves, the company behind the official Abu Dhabi Monopoly board game under license from Hasbro, also shared that they are thrilled to bring the magic of MONOPOLY to Abu Dhabi. This edition will encapsulate the essence of the Emirate, ensuring a game that resonates with both locals and visitors for generations to come.Now the guessing game begins for what locations will make it onto the board.Given Mr. Monopoly started his tour of the city (you can find him around town by following the hashtag #MonopolyAbuDhabi on Instagram) at Louvre Abu Dhabi, we imagine the iconic dome will make the cut. In order to drive more social media traction, the Monopoly team asked residents and visitors to take pictures of the mascot when they spot him and post them with the hashtags on social media.It has also made a guessing game of which locations will appear on the board, as the mascot visits several destinations across the city, to choose the ones that will appear on the board. Players will get the chance to “Pass Go” when Mr. Monopoly launches and reveals the new Abu Dhabi Exclusive Edition board in December.