New video news agency ‘Viory’ launches at Abu Dhabi Global Media Congress

Abu Dhabi: Viory, the video news agency of the Global South, today formally launches its operations, unveiling its first international hub in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi, UAE. Selecting the Global Media Congress 2023 to unveil its offer, it today showcases the culmination of months of preparatory work undertaken by its team in developing a robust and industry-leading international footprint.From its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Viory will focus on empowering and amplifying perspectives from the geographical, geopolitical, and developmental heartland that is the Global South. It shall provide exclusive breaking news across politics, technology, sports, and entertainment. Sourcing footage from where stories break, Viory acquires and produces global and regional breaking news thanks to an expansive international team that ensures it brings unmissable content from and to the Global South. Viory serves everyone from international media conglomerates to regional news outlets and individual citizen journalists.Alex Kobia, Africa Distribution Lead, Viory, comments: “Viory represents a new era in news reporting, dedicated to empowering and amplifying perspectives from the Global South. Our mission is to provide a platform for stories that need to be heard. We’re incredibly excited to begin our operations here in Abu Dhabi, and the Global Media Congress is the perfect event to showcase Viory to the world."Viory launches with a pre-assembled team of over 150 full-time staff, and an established network of over 3000 video journalists across the world – ensuring they have people on the ground wherever news breaks. They continue to grow their team each day, and are actively pursuing a large-scale recruitment drive across the UAE and beyond.The team has forged a host of content exchanges with providers globally to offer an archive of over 150,000 video packages to clients, immediately. This is combined with active production which has been rolled-out pre-launch to ensure an average of 50 video packages are produced daily, alongside 300 hours of live content per month.Viory’s experienced team is comprised of professionals from across the news and agency landscape covering all aspects of technical and journalistic expertise with over 38 languages spoken, in-house. This diverse provides translations for simultaneous live feeds in 8 languages (Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German and Turkish).Viory has taken a significant presence at this year’s Global Media Congress, seeing the team showcasing its offer on a large purpose-built stand, and engaging in a selection of mainstage, and side events throughout the three day conference.