Sarah Thomas concludes consulting stint with Abdul Latif Jameel

Adgully Bureau |

In a LinkedIn announcement today, Sarah Thomas bids farewell to her consultancy role with the corporate marketing & communications team at Abdul Latif Jameel. With a sense of gratitude and accomplishment, she expressed her profound enjoyment of every moment spent collaborating with the team.

Thomas commended the team, lauding them as some of the warmest and brightest individuals she's had the privilege to work with. During her tenure, she delved deep into Abdul Latif Jameel's unwavering dedication to decarbonization and the imperative pursuit of achieving net-zero emissions.

As a passionate marketing and communications leader boasting over 16 years of expertise across various sectors including health & wellness, education, fintech, family office, retail, and agency, Thomas emphasized her commitment to crafting unforgettable brand experiences, driving revenue growth, and spearheading dynamic marketing innovations.

In her farewell address, Thomas extended her heartfelt appreciation to key figures including Paul Stokes, Lindsay Johnston, Moones Ben Romdhane, Bashar Al Khatib, and Abir Ben Bechir for their invaluable support and collaboration throughout her journey with Abdul Latif Jameel.