Aramco unveils groundbreaking AI model and innovation network

Adgully Bureau |

Riyadh: Saudi Aramco, the world's leading oil and gas producer, unveiled two transformative initiatives: aramcoMETABRAIN, a cutting-edge large language AI model, and the Saudi Accelerated Innovation Lab (SAIL), an innovative R&D network.

aramcoMETABRAIN marks a breakthrough in generative AI technology. This industrial-grade model harnesses the power of 90 years of accumulated company data to fuel disruptive cognitive applications across Aramco's operations.

"We believe METABRAIN has the potential to significantly enhance productivity and growth, while transforming how we work," stated Amin H. Nasser, Aramco President & CEO, during his keynote speech at LEAP 2024, a global technology conference. "Developing our own AI model allows us to harness the benefits while mitigating potential risks."

SAIL aims to propel the digital economy by fostering challenge-based research and development, product creation, and digital ventures. Established through a collaboration with the Saudi Research, Development and Innovation Authority, SAIL seeks to build a national and global network of partners to bolster its capabilities.

"SAIL is more than just a project; it's a journey," emphasized Nasser. "Together with our partners, we aim to establish a leading digital ecosystem that attracts global leaders, top talent, and breakthrough innovation. We will incubate solutions for present needs while investing in the future."

Nasser highlighted Aramco's three-pronged approach to technology advancement: integration, innovation, and investment. He reiterated the company's commitment to digital transformation, emphasizing its positive impact across all aspects of operations, from project management to logistics and resource evaluation.

"Technology innovation is crucial for creating value," stated Nasser. "It helps reduce emissions, maximize returns for shareholders, optimize resources, and guarantee reliability and security for customers. Ultimately, our technology journey is about creating value for all stakeholders, including employees, society, and future generations."

By embracing AI and fostering a collaborative environment for innovation, Aramco positions itself as a leader in the digital transformation of the energy sector.