Egyptian civil service gets the first AI-based chatbot

Adgully Bureau |

The Central Agency for Organization and Administration (CAOA) has launched an Artificial Intelligence-based system named "KMT". KMT was developed to answer questions related to civil service legislation and the services provided by the Central Agency for Organization and Administration (CAOA) and provide accurate and documented information to civil servants and the public in general. CAOA developed "KMT" with the support of the USAID Economic Governance Activity. In support of Egyptian entrepreneurship, they selected an Egyptian startup company specializing in information technology to implement this project.

"KMT" is the first AI-based chatbot that operates within the Egyptian civil service. KMT is available around the clock, seven days a week, to answer more than 50,000 legal and administrative questions related to civil service legislation and executive regulations. KMT analyzes the questions and responds instantly through the official website of the CAOA or the WhatsApp and Facebook applications of the Agency.

The support of the USAID Economic Governance Activity for the KMT Chatbot is part of the project's objectives to enhance the administrative and institutional development of the Egyptian civil service. The support is in line with the objectives of Egypt's Vision 2030, the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2023-2030, and Egypt’s Administrative Reform Vision.

Shawn Jones, the Director of the Mission of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Egypt, commented on this event, saying, "The United States takes pride in its longstanding partnership with Egypt, and the extension of diplomatic relations and friendship for over a century. Today's launch of KMT is a model of what our strong partnership can achieve. KMT showcases some of the greatest promises of digital transformation in Egypt, including increased access to information and communication without barriers, and equipping its dedicated Civil Servants in all government entities with the knowledge they need. KMT was developed by the innovators at “Widebot”, an Egyptian start-up company, which represents an important element within the strong Egyptian-American partnership and the investment of the American people in Egyptian companies."

The USAID Economic Governance Activity supports the efforts of the Egyptian government to improve the quality of public administration by adopting more inclusive and efficient tools that ensure the consideration of the needs and priorities of the citizens. These modern tools, such as KMT, help improve communication and interaction between the government and citizens, increase citizen satisfaction with government services, and enhance transparency and access to information.