New Balance x Miu Miu drop 530 SL: A fusion of sport and style

Adgully Bureau |

The collaboration between New Balance and Miu Miu brings forth a fresh interpretation of the iconic New Balance 530 running shoe, now known as the 530 SL. This collaboration blends the performance-driven ethos of New Balance with the avant-garde fashion sensibilities of Miu Miu.

The campaign featuring Peris Adolwi, Julie Hoomans, and Florine Wildeboer captures stolen moments against a backdrop of domesticity, inviting viewers to project their thoughts and dreams onto the serene setting of white walls, blank phone screens, and crumpled white sheets. The mood exudes intimacy, relaxation, and playfulness, echoing through movement, gesture, and attire.

Originally launched in 1992 as a performance shoe, the New Balance 530 gained a cult following among sneaker lovers due to its minimal design and premium materials like suede, leather, and mesh. In line with Miu Miu's disruptive spirit, the 530 SL reimagines this classic silhouette with a deconstructed approach, introducing an ultra-flat sole and reinvented proportions while retaining its essence.

The 530 SL comes in two versions: one featuring distressed suede in a warm, natural color palette, and the other combining unprocessed suede and mesh in classic black and white. Both versions exude a lived-in, aged aesthetic, offering laces in various materials such as leather and sailing cord for wearers to personalize according to their style preferences.

Comfort, character, confidence, and ease are at the forefront of this collaboration, seamlessly blending the heart and history of both brands into a cohesive and stylish offering for sneaker enthusiasts.

Campaign credits: 

Photography: Alessandro Furchino Capria

Videography: Lucca Lutzky

Styling: Lotta Volkova