Saudi media ministry embraces digital transformation with Google

Adgully Bureau |

The Ministry of Media and Google have announced a powerful collaboration to accelerate the digital transformation of Saudi Arabia's media landscape. This collaboration aligns with the Kingdom's vision of 2024 being the "Year of Media Transformation," as declared by Minister of Media Salman Al-Dosary.

Key Goals:

Empowering media professionals: Specialized programmes will be launched to upskill local journalists, content creators, and media professionals in crucial digital skills.

Building digital knowledge: The partnership aims to foster a strong foundation in digital knowledge across the media sector, driving progress towards Vision 2030 goals.

Sharing best practices: Google will share its expertise in media-related AI tools and global best practices, enhancing the capabilities of Saudi media organizations.

Supporting young talent: Dedicated training programs will nurture young Saudi journalists and media professionals, boosting their innovative and digital skills.

Promoting online safety: The "Internet Heroes" program will be expanded, educating children aged 7-12 on online safety practices, reaching 50,000 students across the Kingdom.

Enhancing content creation: YouTube will offer training courses on video creation strategies for content creators and news outlets, empowering Saudi content creation.

Optimizing media revenue: Collaborations with Upskill Digital will equip media professionals with skills to increase advertising revenues, analyze audience segments, and improve website ranking on Google Search.

This collaborative effort marks a significant step towards a more innovative and digitally proficient media landscape in Saudi Arabia. By empowering professionals, promoting online safety, and nurturing young talent, the partnership lays the groundwork for a vibrant future of media in the Kingdom.