After 40 years, APCO sheds 'Worldwide' in bold brand refresh

Adgully Bureau |

After 40 years, APCO throws off the "Worldwide" label in a bold brand refresh. Get ready for a future-focused APCO, built on deep connections, creative problem-solving, and a legacy of driving progress through "un/common ground." 

"This brand refresh signifies our forward-thinking approach," APCO explains, focusing on guiding clients through intricate issues and fostering "un/common ground" to drive progress. The centerpiece of the new identity is the "Uncommon A," a distinctive element within the logo.

This symbol embodies APCO's journey. One side reflects its traditional roots, while the other, missing a leg, represents its commitment to adaptability and creative problem-solving.

The name change is not just aesthetic. It conveys the agency's belief that its global reach and deep connections speak for themselves. As clients often highlight, APCO has a unique ability to operate as a unified entity with strong international relationships, providing crucial connections for their success.

"Our 40-year track record, diverse expertise, and integrated approach speak volumes," says Founder and Executive Chairman Margery Kraus. "Our special culture and character, fueled by our incredible people, shape our perspectives and work. I'm proud of our achievements and thrilled that our new brand reflects our heritage, embraces the future, and embodies the legacy we're building."

By embracing change and highlighting its core values, APCO positions itself for continued success in navigating the ever-evolving global landscape.