BPG CEO Avi Bhojani on AI impact, customer experience, ME expansion

Abha Garyali Peer |

In today's video Interaction on Adgully Middle East, we welcome Avi Bhojani, the CEO of BPG Group. With over 40 years of experience in the Middle East industry, particularly in marketing services and media, Bhojani brings a wealth of knowledge about the region's dynamics and opportunities. Since assuming the role of CEO in 1991, he has demonstrated strong leadership and strategic vision, guiding the organisation through various transformations and expansions.

During his conversation with Adgully, Bhojani delved into the significant impact of AI on marketing services, recognizing its potential to enhance efficiency and effectiveness while emphasizing the enduring importance of creativity in the industry. He discussed the transition of marketing services to a customer experience-focused function, with technology and digital channels playing a pivotal role in driving growth. Despite the transformative power of AI, Bhojani emphasized the ongoing need for human innovation in the industry.

Bhojani also highlighted BPG's 3.0 initiative, which aims to enhance customer experience strategies across multiple markets by prioritizing innovation and client relationships. His emphasis on the role of culture in organisational success reflects a holistic approach to leadership, recognising the importance of collective efforts and values within BPG.

The expansion plans into Saudi Arabia demonstrate BPG's strategic ambitions and readiness to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the region. Leveraging its expertise and operational capabilities, BPG aims to deliver high-quality customer experiences in Saudi Arabia, tapping into the country's potential for disruption and growth.

For more insights from this industry veteran, watch the video.