Emirati media exec wins global award for outstanding UAE campaigns

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Khaled AlShehhi, the UAE's government media officer's executive director of marketing and communication, won this year's World Media Award (WMA) for content leadership and innovation. 

The award is given by the World Media Group, a London-based publisher alliance that includes well-known media organisations such as The Atlantic, BBC Global News, Bloomberg Media, Reuters, and The New York Times. 

AlShehhi will be honoured at this year's World Music Awards in London in September.

Individuals that produce "exemplary content-driven campaigns that demonstrate brand boldness, originality, and innovation" are given the prize. 

"Khaled AlShehhi wowed our judges with the sheer range and complexity of the campaigns he has executed," World Media Group CEO Belinda Barker remarked. 

An Emirati media executive has won a global prize for outstanding UAE advertisements. 

AlShehhi was a driving force behind numerous major UAE efforts, including the conversion of the Burj Khalifa into the world's largest contribution box, which reached over 4.5 billion people and raised over 1.2 million meals for those affected by the epidemic.

Among the media executive's other notable efforts is the "Double Moon" campaign for the UAE's first Mars expedition. The initiative was a "regional first," with the release of a limited-edition passport stamp made of Martian ink for UAE tourists. 

AlShehhi also worked on a tourist film titled "A winder through my eyes," which featured the UAE as seen through the eyes of a blind person. The advertisement was praised for "breaking typical tourism content limits."

The Emirati media executive also assisted in the branding of the UAE media office. 

“My goal has been to transform the way the UAE Government communicates by producing original innovative and creative content that positively impacts the lives of people locally, regionally and globally, so it’s truly an honour for me – and of course my team – to see our work recognised by our peers,” AlShehhi stated.

Fedex's managing director for brand and customer experience design, Kaat Vanderheyde (2021), UBS' chief marketing officer, Johan Jervoe (2020), and Audi AG's worldwide media management, Christine von Hoerde, are previous recipients of the prize (2019).