Inaugural I-Film Festival showcases Abu Dhabi as a global content hub

Adgully Bureau |

The I-Film Festival (IFF) concluded at the Yas Creative Hub. This inaugural event highlighted Abu Dhabi's role in fostering innovation and collaboration within the film industry, bringing together professionals, emerging talents, and enthusiasts to strengthen the creative industries ecosystem.

The festival showcased Abu Dhabi's evolving status as a global content hub, with significant contributions from the Abu Dhabi Film Commission (ADFC) and Creative Lab (CL).

Mohammed Dobay, Acting Director General of the Creative Media Authority, and Sameer Al Jaberi, Head of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission at ADFC, spotlighted the festival's display of Abu Dhabi's advanced infrastructure and the appealing financial incentives available to filmmakers and content creators worldwide.

Khalid Khouri, Director of Talent Development at the Creative Media Authority, commented on the festival's impact on talent growth: "The level of engagement and enthusiasm we've seen from emerging talents at the IFF has been remarkable. It underscores Abu Dhabi's capability to cultivate creative careers and establish meaningful industry partnerships."

Saravana Prasad, Founder of the Innovative Group, shared his vision for the festival: "The I-Film Festival is more than an event; it's a catalyst for creative innovation and talent development in the region. We are immensely proud of the collaborative spirit and the breakthrough achievements of this inaugural festival. It marks the beginning of a new chapter for the film industry in Abu Dhabi and beyond."

Workshops led by celebrated Cinematographer R. Rathnavelu and Manoj Paramahamsa, along with sound designer Resul Pookutty, emphasised the critical role of storytelling in film, providing attendees with invaluable insights into the cinematic arts.

The success of the I-Film Festival affirms Abu Dhabi's dedication to creating a thriving environment for the creative industries, further establishing the Emirate as a leading global destination for film and media.