Impact BBDO and Brave Heart Fund launch groundbreaking promotional ad

Adgully Bureau |

The "Birth Days" promotion by Impact BBDO and Brave Heart Fund in Lebanon is a powerful initiative that aims to raise awareness and funds for pediatric heart surgeries. In Lebanon, where over 600 babies are diagnosed with heart disease annually, the campaign sheds light on the urgency of the issue, highlighting that one infant is diagnosed every 12 hours with a life-threatening condition.

The campaign creatively utilizes the concept of birthdays to convey its message. By incorporating 4-digit numbers on birthday cakes, typically associated with celebratory milestones, viewers are prompted to question the significance behind them. Through a touching film showcasing children joyfully blowing out candles on these cakes, the campaign effectively juxtaposes the innocence of childhood celebrations with the harsh reality faced by children battling congenital heart disease.

The QR code system implemented alongside the cakes allows people to easily donate to the cause, encouraging community participation and support. By emphasizing that every day lived by these young warriors is akin to a birthday, the campaign delivers a poignant reminder of the importance of celebrating life and rallying together to ensure that economic constraints do not prevent families from accessing critical surgeries.

Moreover, the campaign extends beyond a mere call for financial assistance, aiming to foster a sense of unity within the community. By urging individuals to recognize and support the ongoing struggle faced by children with congenital heart disease, the initiative not only raises vital funds but also promotes empathy and solidarity in tackling this pressing issue.

Overall, the "Birth Days" campaign is a heartfelt and impactful endeavour that effectively combines creativity with a noble cause, striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families affected by heart disease in Lebanon.