Yspot champions youth empowerment in strategic partnership with Virtuzone

Adgully Bureau |

Yspot, the unique and forward-thinking platform designed to revolutionize connectivity between youth and organisations, has forged an official partnership with Virtuzone, the UAE’s number one company formation specialists, to champion its youth skills throughout Virtuzone's expansive ecosystem of registered companies.

Yspot is dedicated to empowering and inspiring today's youth, nurturing innovative minds, and fostering internship opportunities between young individuals and organizations. The recently updated Yspot platform serves as a gateway, providing the youth with access to a multitude of AI driven tools and services, showcasing a deep commitment to development of skills. By creating opportunities, Yspot actively encourages professional growth through collaborative partnerships with organizations, aiming to bridge the gap between young talents and their aspirations.

In a strategic move to amplify awareness of Yspots' offerings, the company has forged a dynamic partnership with Virtuzone. The collaboration is geared towards spotlighting the advantages of hiring interns, underscoring the notion that interns represent a valuable and skilled resource for organizations. Leveraging Virtuzone's extensive ecosystem of startups and SMEs, the partnership is designed to bolster youth employment in the region by offering an affordable solution and providing essential intern support. The symbiotic relationship not only benefits the youth, empowering them as drivers of innovation, creativity, and a proactive learning mindset but also enriches organizations by infusing fresh perspectives and dynamic energy into its workforce.

The partnership is an enduring link paving the way for impactful internships and future employment opportunities. Gaining entry to Yspot’s comprehensive database of skilled interns, Virutzone and its ecosystem of clients stands to acquire benefits, such as the accessibility to source specific skill assessments for Yspot applicants. As a testament to its commitment, Yspot extends its support to Virtuzone by providing free workshops on the hiring process for interns, offering guidance on salaries, structuring internship programs and also provides complimentary recruitment support to Virtuzone.

Positioned as the foremost experts in company setup and corporate services, Virtuzone’s expertise includes the entire company formation process, including trade licensing, visa applications, accounting, tax consultancy, legal services, golden visa applications and more.

With solid trust in Yspot's work and mission, Virtuzone has hired its first intern under the guidance of Yspot.