SHRM MENA Conference & Expo 2023: Pioneering strategies for the future of work

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The Society for Human Resource Management in Middle East & North Africa (SHRM MENA) is set to orchestrate a gathering of the most influential minds in the HR and Technology industries for its Annual Conference and Expo 2023. Taking place at the luxurious Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, on November 1st and 2nd, 2023, this premier HR Tech event aims to explore cutting-edge strategies to navigate the rapidly changing world of work.

With the theme "Together Towards Tomorrow," the event will unite luminaries, thought leaders, and decision-makers to underscore the importance of forging enduring workplace partnerships, learning from challenges, and collaboratively shaping a brighter future for workplaces.

Disruptions in the workplace, accelerated by factors like the Covid-19 pandemic, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the adoption of remote and hybrid work models, have raised concerns about employee well-being and performance. The SHRM MENA conference will serve as a forum to deliberate on ways to empower workers and organizations to mitigate and ultimately eliminate disruptions.

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President and CEO of SHRM, emphasized, "The changing landscape of work demands our attention, and we must address the disruptions impacting the workplace. SHRM MENA events will decipher regulations, introduce innovative approaches, craft pioneering strategies, and empower individuals and organizations to thrive in disruptive times, equipping them to navigate the evolving dynamics and opportunities of the modern work world."

SHRM conferences are dedicated to harnessing automation and adaptive work frameworks to reshape traditional labor paradigms. The United Arab Emirates, a beacon of innovation and information technology, stands as an international example for collaboration and digital proficiency. It symbolizes the potential for nations seeking to bolster their labor forces. Addressing the complexities of the future of work requires a harmonious effort involving corporations, governments, and educational institutions.

SHRM is committed to contributing significantly to this noble endeavor, leveraging its expertise to ensure that the global workforce is exceptionally prepared to navigate the evolving intricacies and opportunities of the contemporary employment landscape.

The SHRM MENA Annual Conference & Expo 2023 is set to feature 50+ distinguished regional and global speakers, drawing more than 1600 HR and tech leaders, alongside 150+ CXOs representing 50 nationalities. The two-day program will offer immersive learning experiences, featuring insightful sessions, best-in-class case studies, research papers, articles, and much more.