HAVAS RED adds four new beauty brands to its portfolio

Adgully Bureau |

Havas Red Middle East has expanded its beauty and wellness division by signing on four new prestigious brands, which are Laneige, Luxuria Group, Sculpted by Aimee and Swiss Arabian Perfumes to its portfolio .

The agency’s high standards, creativity and innovation have been rewarded with these wins as the dedicated Havas Red team is tasked with handling PR, communications and influencer relations for the brands.

The exciting additions to Havas Red’s diverse portfolio showcase the agency’s versatility and expertise in the industry, solidifying its position as a communications leader in the beauty and wellness sector.

Laneige, from South Korea, is a cosmetics brand with a rich history in skincare innovation. Launched by Amore Pacific in 1994, the brand’s name translates to “the snow” in French, embodying its commitment to skin hydration and radiant, pure beauty. 

Luxuria Group, based in Dubai, has established itself as a key player in the luxury beauty market across the GCC region. As a distributor of international luxury beauty brands, Luxuria Group specializes in niche fragrances, skincare, and haircare. Havas Red’s partnership with Luxuria Group is anchored in a shared vision of enhancing the beauty and wellness landscape.

 Sculpted by Aimee is an award-winning Irish makeup brand founded by makeup artist Aimee Connolly. With a dedication to quality, innovation and inclusivity, the brand speaks to individuals who view makeup as a means of self-expression and empowerment. 

Carrying a legacy rooted in a blend of Western and Oriental craftsmanship, Swiss Arabian Perfumes is a brand that epitomizes the celebration of cultural diversity. Founded on the concept of duality, the brand empowers an emerging audience to embrace their identity by drawing inspiration from the drama and grandeur of the East, as well as the power and dynamism of the West. 

Dana Tahir, Managing Director, Havas Red Middle East, said: “Laneige, Luxuria Group, Sculpted by Aimee and Swiss Arabian Perfumes each represents a unique facet of the industry, from cultural fusion to scientific innovation and artistic expression. With these new partners in our client roster, we continue to reinforce our agency’s unwavering commitment to excellence, and we look forward to creating meaningful and impactful communications with the brands.”