Matific's EdTech Platform Embraced by 750+ UAE Schools for New Academic Year

Adgully Bureau |
As the new school year kicks off, Matific, a leading provider of interactive mathematics resources for students and a multiple award-winning global maths platform,  has observed a significant expansion and increasing impact with more than 750 schools across the UAE now integrating the platform into their educational programs. This development aligns seamlessly with the UAE government's digital education initiatives under the ‘We the UAE 2031’ vision, which outlines a 10-year development plan, including the establishment of an agile school system equipped with advanced educational technologies.

The MENA region’s edtech industry has witnessed significant growth and innovation in recent years, with government initiatives focusing on enhancing education by leveraging technology — the industry is projected to be worth $7 billion by 2027. At the onset of the pandemic, the UAE government launched specialised edtech portals to support remote learning, successfully moving 1.2 million students online. Among MENAP countries, the UAE is the only country that has achieved a primary education level of over 60% for children, setting the perfect stage for edtech platforms like Matific.

Key Highlights from Matific’s UAE data reports:

  • Students have exhibited a substantial improvement in maths results during the academic year 2022-2023, especially in higher grades. Grade 6 students showed an impressive 38.7% improvement.
  • Students achieved an average score of 3.6 out of 5 on the Matific platform, which is very close to the global average of 3.72. This highlights the adoption of edtech and a strong emphasis on education in the UAE has prepared its students to excel on the global stage.
  • Of all maths activity tasks undertaken, UAE students had a completion rate of 69% compared to a global average of 64%. This is a positive sign, highlighting that students are diligent, motivated, and more engaged in their maths learning in the platform.
  • A striking 41% of the learning time was immersed in Adventure Island, Matific's cutting-edge AI-driven personalized learning platform, where every student receives a tailored lesson plan. These statistics underscore the profound impact of personalised education, affirming that when educational journeys are uniquely designed for each child, the path to achievement is brilliantly illuminated.
  • Matific's platform is available in 60 countries and supports 40+ languages, ensuring accessibility for a broad range of learners. This includes localisations in Arabic, to serve all curriculum-aligned mathematics activities in the UAE.

Craig Shotland, CEO, Matific, commented: "The UAE's swift adaptation to technological advancements in education, especially in mathematics, is commendable. Matific's growth in the country, both in terms of adoption and the tangible improvement seen in student outcomes, highlights the potential of integrating innovative tools into the learning process. Harnessing gamified edtech platforms provides an engaging and effective pathway to enhance mathematics instruction, building a strong STEM foundation, which is estimated to cover 75% of jobs by 2050. Our primary aim remains to empower both educators and learners, and the positive feedback from the UAE is a significant milestone in that journey.”

Aisling Grogan, Primary Maths Lead, Bateen World Academy - Aldar Education, commented: “We have just begun using Matific in our school, and it has been smooth sailing in the setup. The Matific Team has been extremely helpful in answering all of my questions and queries. The platform offers fun, interactive activities, and the children are eager to log in to complete school work. They love seeing the immediate feedback! As a teacher, it is extremely useful for tracking student engagement and progress. Matific caters to all learners needs, with enough support for lower abilities and challenge for higher abilities. It strengthens parental engagement as students can log in at home to complete homework assignments, and it is mapped to the IB curriculum. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for an inquiry-based programme.”

Consistently evolving its offerings, Matific will soon be launching the powerful Admin Dashboard globally, which equips educators with a comprehensive view of the platform’s usage across the school. The feature provides essential data points, such as the total number of initiated activities, time spent on tasks, and the frequency of student and teacher logins. The tool also offers insights into each class's performance and identifies areas that require immediate attention, thus enabling quick and informed academic interventions.