McDonald’s UAE shares its best food safety practices this World Food Safety Day

Adgully Bureau |

DUBAI: As part of its participation in World Food Safety Day and its ongoing commitment to integrate food safety into every aspect of its operations, McDonald’s UAE published today its Food Standards Initiative - an open guidebook, detailing McDonald’s meticulous food safety practices across its food preparation process.

Established by the UN in 2018, World Food Safety Day raises attention to the importance of food safety, as well as draws awareness to food standards, inviting organizations, businesses, governments, institutions, and the general public to participate in the annual global event. This year’s theme, “Food standards save lives”, highlights the role of established food safety practices and standards, ensuring food safety and quality, which McDonald’s will be bringing forward through its guidebook in a digestible and implementable format.

Guided by the core tenet that food safety runs far beyond basic kitchen practices, the guidebook sheds light on the food preparation process, putting the onus on every individual involved in the food safety process and empowering all stakeholders to take responsibility across food safety, from suppliers and transportation partners to kitchen crew and consumers. The guidebook touches on topics including food handling, temperature control, traceability, monitored safety checks, freshness and more.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Walid Fakih, CEO at McDonald's UAE said: “Serving safe and delicious food to our customers is our topmost priority and is one of the key factors underpinning our strong relationship with the local community in the UAE. To achieve this, we work with the best partners and suppliers who ensure we deliver on this promise and reward our customers’ trust every step of the way, from farm to fork.”

Across food sourcing and handling, to logistics and preparation, McDonald’s UAE has a long-established foundation in ensuring its food safety practices and hygiene protocols meet the highest uncompromising standards of excellence. The McDonald’s guidebook offers industry players insight into preparation, hygiene, and safety tips, techniques, and requirements across four main food categories: beef, chicken, oil, and vegetables.

McDonald’s UAE invites businesses and consumers to join this global UN day to continue raising awareness about the importance of food safety for all.