VOX Furniture UAE expands to Dubai Festival Plaza, unveils VR experience

Adgully Bureau |

Dubai: VOX Furniture UAE, a member of the global brand VOX Capital Group operating in over 50 countries, has announced the opening of its first phygital store at Dubai Festival Plaza in Jebel Ali, part of Al Futtaim Malls. This expansion marks an exciting milestone for VOX Furniture UAE as it brings its exceptional furnishings and designs to the vibrant heart of Dubai, catering to the evolving needs of residents and visitors alike.

With a rich history dating back to 1989, VOX has established itself as an innovative company in the furniture sector, renowned for its design thinking methodology. The brand's multidisciplinary teams, comprising designers, psychologists, ethnographers, sociologists, and end users, collaborate to create products that meet people's actual needs. VOX recognizes the profound impact of well-organized living spaces on individuals' lives and strives to offer interior designing solutions that evolve with changing times.

"We are thrilled to participate in the grand opening of the newest VOX store at Dubai Festival Plaza, made possible by our invaluable partners in Dubai," said Marcin Bara?ski, CEO of VOX Capital Group. "This momentous occasion fills us with immense joy and pride as we bring our vision of inspiring homes and spaces to the vibrant heart of Dubai. The new store represents a significant milestone in our journey, and we look forward to forging lasting connections with the community as we continue to redefine the art of furnishing."

At the Dubai Festival Plaza store, VOX Furniture UAE introduces an immersive and innovative customer experience through cutting-edge technology. The store boasts the exclusive VOXBOX program, complemented by virtual reality (VR) technology, which empowers customers to embark on a personalized journey of home design like never before. Inspired by gaming technologies such as The Sims and Minecraft, VOXBOX allows customers to design their rooms in 3D and immerse themselves in a virtual environment to visualize their dream spaces.

"VOXBOX is a gamechanger in the furniture industry," said Marcin Bara?ski. "We understand that consumers now seek to actively participate in the creation of their homes. With VOXBOX, customers can comfortably design and configure their spaces from the convenience of their homes, using VR goggles to take a virtual walk through their designs. The platform aims to revolutionize the interior industry by providing a holistic customer experience that simplifies the selection process and promotes collaboration between customers, brands, and designers."

In addition to the VR experience, VOXBOX also offers convenience and accessibility. The user-friendly platform is accessible online without the need for special software downloads, allowing users to quickly create visualizations and generate shopping lists. Customers can email their projects or visit the VOXBOX Studio in Dubai, where an interior designer is available to provide assistance and access to a comprehensive material library.

VOXBOX Studio, previously introduced in Dubai, Mexico, and Madrid, offers limitless design possibilities in a smaller space, combining virtual and physical displays. This unique business model has been extensively tested in Poland and is now available in Dubai, marking another significant stride in making home design a creative and enjoyable experience for VOX Furniture UAE's customers.

Customers visiting the new VOX Furniture UAE store at Dubai Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali can embark on an immersive journey of home design with the innovative VOXBOX platform.