OEM advertising: The new-age solution for smart marketers during sales

Adgully Bureau
| Reading Time: 7:54 minutes
Since the sales like Thanksgiving Day, White Friday, Cyber Monday, and Year-End Sales are almost here at the corner, marketers wish to have a quality ROAS along with effective user-acquisition, retention and engagement rates. Moreover, in the Ad-tech sector, the market competition is evolving gradually and many different brand owners aim to target the same type of user base. So, if you are also a part of this ad universe then you must rely on the Power of OEM which optimizes the ad spend and enhances the campaign performance with data-driven measurable results. 

In fact, if I talk about the top OEM Partners in the MENA Region, they have a market share of 57.89% since 2022. Hence, If you haven’t incorporated OEM marketing practices in the campaign execution process specifically during sales; then you are still not late to unleash the significance of OEM Advertising and all technological innovations it has in store for smart marketers.  

OEM establishes the brand with its effective recall value via the right medium of brand promotion in a safer environment. Moreover, it streamlines the process of acquiring and retaining the right audience, creating appropriate ads and assuring that the campaign is delivering a prominent message. This has given marketers a smart way of advertising as they can effectively plan the inventory and tap into the wider yet untapped markets. 

OEM devices come equipped with multiple ads placement, app discovery, app recommendations, advanced targeting and brand promotion opportunities at engaging touch points. Its inventories also have in-built app stores that are alternatives to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This provides advertisers with exclusive deals to promote their app to achieve their business goals with incremental ROI. 

When users these days are mobile-first, OEM enables marketers to transform their marketing approach to acquire and engage mobile-friendly netizens with its unique and innovative branding and performance strategies. Well, there is a lot to speak about OEM but I would like to suggest marketers consider OEM as a new-age solution because of the following reasons: 

Campaign Effectiveness: Considering the paradigm shift from the traditional way of marketing to the digital one; OEM has proven to be the winning one. This is because it helps marketers to run a campaign in a transparent environment wherein, there is no involvement of any mediator between them and OEM. As a result, marketers can save a large chunk of their advertising budget with a better device interface and content customization which ultimately drives campaign effectiveness. 

Brand Awareness: OEM Advertising has now established benchmarks in the mobile app economy because it's one of the most prominent ways of creating buzz and brand awareness among users. It helps marketers to reach the audience and highlight their brands’ USPs while tapping into their pivotal moments throughout the device lifecycle without infringing their privacy. This builds a trustworthy relationship between the brand and users, gives them a value-generated experience and they effectively resonate with the showcased advert, driving app download volume results. 

App Fostering Opportunities: OEM lets brand owners make their mark and expand their reach while onboarding users from different geographies via its pool of app fostering opportunities. This gets done through its different ad formats like Splash Ads, Tiles, Banner Ads, Push Ads, Interstitial Ads and its placement options like Pre-Install, App Store Promotion, Hot Downloads, Icon Promotion, Recommended Apps, Browser-Based Promotion etc. Such features enable marketers to efficiently draw the audience’s attention and build an affinity with a brand. 

Precise Targeting: OEM enables marketers to access new markets as it determines the frequently used apps by the users on respective inventories. So, when the demand for smartphones rises, OEMs also pitch their sales into the growth of the app economy with app distribution opportunities. This is because OEMs provide marketers with users’ insights based on their past actions and behaviors onto which they can provide consumers with personalized and recommended content, tailored to their interests. In this way, brands’ offerings effectively reach the audiences and they better respond to the campaign too. 

OEM Advertising is massively revolutionizing the mobile app ecosystem because, alongside the above-mentioned advantages, it also showcases many licensed apps like RMG, Short Video, Social Media etc which encourages marketers to wisely invest in OEM. Its performance-driven results leave no stone unturned to generate quality ROAS which is why; MENA digital economy is projected to hit a staggering $400 billy by 2030 (source: Fast Company Middle East). 

Hence, OEM being a fundamental of digital advertising is a new-age technology which provides users with an elated experience and lets marketers implement digital-first sales strategies. It's setting a pace and is another way around to make the most out of their campaign. 

Written by: Gagan Uppal - Country Head - MENA, Xapads Media