Ipsos appoints Ziad Issa as new Media CEO

Adgully Bureau |

Market research company Ipsos has appointed Ziad Issa as the new Media CEO, succeeding Elie Aoun, who has decided to step down after an exceptional 32-year tenure at Ipsos in MENA.

In his new capacity, Ziad will lead and manage the media research business and the audience measurement at Ipsos across the MENA region. Ziad will play a crucial role in advancing the media business with a primary focus on commercial activation and the introduction of new media services. In his new role, Ziad reports directly to Edouard Monin, the CEO of Ipsos in MENA.

“With his expertise in Media Research, Ziad is well-positioned to accelerate our progress. I am delighted to welcome such a seasoned and respected leader to our executive team. Together, we will foster a collaborative spirit for our clients and a bright future for our talent,” commented Edouard Monin, CEO of Ipsos in MENA.

Ziad, who joined Ipsos in January 2005, has demonstrated unwavering dedication and strategic thinking throughout his tenure. Progressing through various roles, including Media Research Manager, Director, Chief Client Officer, and Chief Media Officer, Ziad is well-equipped to lead the media business and drive further success for Ipsos in MENA.

“As someone who has proudly chosen Ipsos as my second home for the past two decades, prioritizing our clients' needs has always been my priority. I am dedicated to delivering exceptional service by embracing the dynamic changes within the media landscape. Our pursuit of excellence will persist as we strive to offer innovative solutions to our region,” explained Ziad Issa.