Spica Media Intelligence, Huawei Technologies unveil media partnership

Adgully Bureau |

Spica Media Intelligence and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. have unveiled a groundbreaking media partnership at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre during the World Media Congress. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in media technology, with a focus on television broadcasting quality monitoring.

Key highlights of the partnership and featured technology include:

1. Media Cooperation:

The collaboration aims to promote media cooperation at the World Media Congress, concentrating on presenting cutting-edge technology in television broadcasting quality monitoring. This technology, developed by Spica Media Intelligence, is showcased through Huawei's "Broadcast quality control system."

2. Technology Display:

Huawei will showcase Spica's advanced technology, highlighting innovation in television broadcasting quality monitoring. The "Broadcast quality control system" streamlines the monitoring and recording process of signal strength and broadcast quality for television channels transmitted via satellite or OTT platforms.

3. Achievement for Regional Companies:

Spica's CEO, Mr. Bahaa Qasim, sees this partnership as a significant achievement for regional companies, demonstrating their ability to develop advanced technologies recognized by international giants like Huawei.

4. Real-Time Monitoring:

The Spica-developed system enables real-time monitoring and recording of signal strength and broadcast quality, facilitating quick reactions to interruptions. Automatic alert messages are sent during interruptions, making it a crucial tool for media institutions and regulatory agencies.

5. Enhancing Media Quality:

The system is considered an effective tool for improving the quality of services provided by media institutions. It supports regulatory agencies in monitoring the media with ease, professionalism, and high accuracy, helping them achieve their objectives in the media sector.

6. Database and Reports:

The system provides a substantial database for generating diverse, comprehensive, and informative reports. This feature aids in making informed decisions based on variables in the world of television broadcasting and OTT platforms.

7. Weather-Resistant Devices:

Utilizing devices secured against weather conditions, the system ensures service continuity unaffected by prevailing weather conditions. This enhances the reliability and continuity of monitoring services.

8. MediaInsight360:

In addition to the partnership announcement, Spica introduced "MediaInsight360" at the Gulf International Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX). This innovative service in comprehensive media monitoring is showcased on its platform during the World Media Congress.

The collaboration between Spica Media Intelligence and Huawei symbolizes the synergy between regional expertise and global technology giants, contributing to advancements in media monitoring and broadcasting quality control.