Accenture Song unveils streamlined structure with four key practices

Adgully Bureau |

Accenture Song, a company dedicated to fostering growth through the synergy of industry expertise, analytical precision, and empathetic creativity, has undertaken a restructuring initiative by consolidating its eight global divisions into four primary practices.

Previously, when Accenture Interactive transitioned to Accenture Song in 2022, it operated with four solutions: growth and product innovation, marketing, commerce, and sales and service. Additionally, it featured four specialized expertise groups, focusing on design, build, communications, and intelligence.

The revamped structure introduces four new practices:

• Marketing: This practice encompasses the elements of Song dedicated to building brands, primarily through advertising.

• Design & Digital Products: This practice is responsible for creating products, services, and experiences.

• Commerce: Focused on aiding businesses in scaling and optimizing their sales propositions.

• Service: This practice collaborates with clients to enhance their relationships with customers.

David Droga, Chief Executive of Accenture Song, expressed that this new structure positions the group, which achieved a 14% revenue growth in the last financial year, to operate with increased speed, confidence, and impact. Droga emphasized the shift from eight distinct practices to four, highlighting the simplification of the organizational structure.

The primary objective of this restructuring is not personnel downsizing but rather the elimination of unnecessary complexity. The goal is to establish a streamlined and easily comprehensible organization where roles are clear, fostering more opportunities for collaboration. The emphasis is on avoiding the constant need to explain the company's structure and focus during meetings.