Dubai to get AI-equipped autonomous vehicles

Adgully Bureau |

Autonomous vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) will soon grace Dubai's roads, conducting facial scans and scrutinizing vehicle license plates. These AI-enabled vehicles are designed to promptly notify authorities about individuals on the police watchlist and unregistered vehicles, contributing to heightened security.

These vehicles are set to traverse community areas, employing advanced facial recognition and license plate scanning technologies linked to comprehensive systems. The primary objective is to identify and report wanted individuals, unregistered cars, and even address issues such as visa overstays and illegal residency within the country.

Unveiled at the Dubai Police stand during the ongoing Dubai Airshow 2023 at the Dubai World Central, the autonomous vehicle, named MO2 and manufactured in collaboration with Micropolis Robotics, boasts features like facial and license plate recognition, a 360-degree camera view, and a motion detector. Operating for up to 16 hours, the AI-driven vehicle is a result of years of development, with a commitment to ensuring its optimal performance.

While the official did not provide a specific timeline for the vehicle's deployment, it was emphasized that the rollout is imminent. The Dubai Police envisions strategic placements for these AI-equipped vehicles, heralding a transformative era in the patrolling system.