Trevor Kuna unveils QNET's path to e-commerce success

Firos BF |
In this exclusive interview with Adgully Middle East, Trevor Kuna, Chief of Transformation and Reputation at QNET, delves into the company's innovative direct-selling business model, its response to the evolving e-commerce landscape, commitment to quality and sustainability, and future plans for enhancing well-being and enriching lifestyles. Trevor Kuna provides valuable insights into the strategies that have helped QNET thrive in the dynamic world of e-commerce and the emerging industry trends that shape its future. Excerpts from the interview:

QNET is known for its unique direct-selling business model. Can you explain how this model benefits both your customers and your independent representatives and how it aligns with your company's mission?

QNET is a prominent lifestyle and wellness company that uses a direct selling business model to offer a wide selection of exclusive products that enable individuals to embrace a healthier, more balanced, more empowered life. Our direct-selling model aligns with the company's mission of empowering individuals, fostering entrepreneurship, and improving lives. It provides a vibrant platform where customers enjoy outstanding service, access exclusive high-quality products, and receive continuous support. Independent representatives can set up their businesses with minimal startup costs, benefiting from flexible schedules and simplified workflows, ultimately achieving financial independence while being part of a supportive community. Over and above that, QNET offers transformational opportunities to IRs (Independent Representatives) through mentoring, thus honing skills in personal development, sales, and leadership, to name a few.

In recent years, the e-commerce landscape has evolved significantly. How has QNET adapted to these changes, and what strategies are you implementing to stay at the forefront of the industry in the region?

In response to the evolving e-commerce landscape, QNET has implemented several strategies to stay ahead in the industry. Among these, our award-winning QNET mobile app takes center stage, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the overall shopping experience for our valued customers and distributors, anytime, anywhere. We understand that in today's digital age, mobile accessibility is paramount, and the app has been designed with that in mind. It has a user-friendly interface, making it easier for individuals to browse and shop for their favorite products. The mobile app not only simplifies the purchasing process but also offers a range of features, such as personalised recommendations, to make the shopping journey more convenient and enjoyable.

Additionally, our transition to a 100% cloud-based computing infrastructure is a transformative step for QNET. The significance of this move lies in the agility and scalability it offers to our operations. Cloud computing allows us to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions, enabling us to scale resources as needed and keep up with the ever-evolving demands of the e-commerce industry. It enhances our efficiency and ensures a more seamless experience for our distributors and customers. With the cloud-based approach, we can also better utilize data and analytics, enabling us to make informed decisions and deliver a more personalized experience to our users. This shift not only streamlines our operations but also future-proofs our IT infrastructure, ensuring that we can continue to innovate and meet the expectations of our target audience in a dynamic digital marketplace.

While focusing on customer experience, we place a strong emphasis on security to safeguard the trust and data of our customers.

In line with the evolving e-commerce landscape, we've also ventured into social commerce, harnessing the power of social media channels for direct sales. QNET has expanded its online presence to international markets, tailoring its websites to accommodate different languages and currencies.

These comprehensive strategies collectively enable QNET to adapt to the changing e-commerce landscape, ensuring adaptability and industry leadership while maintaining the highest standards of security and customer satisfaction.

QNET offers a wide range of products and services across various categories. How does the company ensure the quality and authenticity of these offerings, and what steps do you take to maintain customer trust?

QNET prioritizes the quality and authenticity of its exclusive products and services through a comprehensive approach that encompasses rigorous certification processes and transparent sourcing. At QNET, we are very particular when it comes to vendors and suppliers we work with, ensuring that our choices align with our ethical business practices and advocacies.

Sustainability and ethical business practices are increasingly important to consumers. Can you share how QNET incorporates sustainability into its business operations and product offerings?

Sustainability and ethical business practices are core principles at QNET. The company integrates sustainability into its operations and product offerings through various initiatives.

QNET offers eco-friendly products utilizing sustainable materials, focusing on minimizing waste and using recyclable or biodegradable materials.

For instance, QNET’s luxury brand, Bernhard H. Mayer, QNET’s luxury watch and jewellery brand, released cruelty-free, vegan leather straps in its Lurve collection watches. Very recently, at our V-Convention in Malaysia, we launched the OMNI watch collection, an exclusive line of designer watches made from recycled materials, resulting in unique, eye-catching timepieces that make a bold and sustainable fashion statement. Each stunning watch in the OMNI collection, named for the Latin word meaning “all,” incorporates an industry-leading 85% recycled high-grade stainless steel in its case, dial, buckles, and metal bracelets. Every recycled component is LEED- certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a globally recognised standard of ecologically sound manufacturing and production.

QNET also recognizes that responsible consumption goes beyond the product itself—it encompasses every aspect, including packaging. That's why QNET has embraced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified packaging.

QNET is committed to ethical sourcing, ensuring that raw materials come from suppliers adhering to fair labour practices and environmental regulations. Bernhard H. Mayer's "Timeless Tanzanite Collection" features exceptionally rare gems, and all of them have been ethically and sustainably mined, in addition to supporting employees’ livelihood and the local Tanzanian mining industry.

Additionally, the company actively engages in green initiatives, such as tree-planting campaigns and waste-reduction efforts. Indeed, QNET's commitment to sustainability is further exemplified through the EcoMatcher programme, a groundbreaking initiative launched in the Philippines, Kenya, and the UAE. Through this programme and other NGO partnerships, QNET has planted over 10,000 trees, contributing to reforestation efforts and creating a positive environmental impact.

The company also engages with local communities, supporting initiatives that promote sustainable living and economic growth. Lately, QNET partnered with “VeryNile,” an innovative initiative aiming to clean Egypt's Nile, particularly on Qursaya Island. The project involves removing plastic waste, increasing environmental awareness, and empowering local women. The collected waste is recycled and transformed by the women's island's residents into handmade crafts, offering economic opportunities for them.

What are the major challenges and opportunities you see for QNET in the near future, and how is the company planning to address these challenges while capitalizing on the opportunities?

Staying relevant in today's dynamic market is the foremost challenge for any company with a 25-year history. At our core, we center our efforts on continuous product innovation, the enhancement of our digital interfaces, and the provision of a world-class customer experience, both for our distributors and customers. We passionately believe that the companies that can capture the hearts and minds of today's consumers are the ones that will shape the future.

However, amidst these challenges, we recognize significant opportunities in digital expansion, global market outreach, product diversification, eco-friendly initiatives, and harnessing the power of social media influence. To navigate these challenges and seize these opportunities, QNET is committed to forging strategic partnerships, investing in further development, elevating our customer service standards, ensuring meticulous regulatory compliance through meticulous planning, and prioritizing innovation. This comprehensive approach is designed to fortify our competitive position in the market and pave the way for our continued success.

QNET's mission is to enhance the lives of its customers. Can you provide some insights into the company's future plans for product development and expansion, particularly in areas that promote well-being and an enriching lifestyle?

QNET is proactively engaged in advancing health and wellness solutions, which includes both the development of new products and the improvement of our existing offerings. This initiative encompasses a focus on eco-friendly items and innovative technologies, all designed to enhance individual well-being.

Furthermore, QNET is actively exploring opportunities in the realms of personal development, education, and experiential offerings, all aimed at fostering individual growth and personal fulfillment. Our commitment to these areas reflects our dedication to delivering holistic well-being to our customers.

In our ongoing quest to transform the way we conduct business, we envision a future where our distributors can efficiently manage ten times the number of customers they do today with the help of a mobile app. Our goal is to minimize friction in the sales process, allowing our distributors to dedicate more time to nurturing deeper relationships with their customers. This vision aligns with our commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences.

In addition, QNET is open to strategic collaborations with industry experts, with the aim of creating specialized products and services that further enhance our customers' overall well-being and lifestyle. These collaborations exemplify our dedication to continually expanding and enhancing our offerings.

What are the latest trends in the industry?

A range of exciting developments in the e-commerce landscape is on the horizon, and they are set to transform the industry. Augmented reality (AR) technology, for instance, is emerging as a significant trend. It's expected to become more widespread, revolutionizing the e-commerce experience by enabling virtual product trials and elevating customer interactions.

Simultaneously, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its mark, powering chatbots and personalised recommendations that create tailored shopping journeys. The adoption of both AR and AI holds the potential to not only enhance customer service but also improve operational efficiency, ultimately driving profitability for e-commerce businesses.

In addition to technological advancements, environmental concerns are increasingly influencing consumer choices. E-commerce companies that prioritize sustainability, from eco-friendly packaging to reducing carbon emissions, are likely to attract and retain environmentally conscious customers. The emphasis is on transparency and sustainability in product life cycles, with a growing shift towards regenerative practices, aiming to make a positive impact on the environment rather than merely being sustainable.

Moreover, the preferences of younger consumers are evolving. They seek products that offer personal benefits, affordability, and the opportunity to make a social impact. The intersection of these factors is reshaping the e-commerce landscape.

As industry evolves, trust is emerging as a fundamental currency. This trust extends to how customer data is handled, the integrity of supply chains, and the ability to offer products that genuinely make a difference in customers' lives. E-commerce businesses will need to prioritize and nurture trust as a cornerstone of their operations to succeed in this changing landscape.

To simplify our relationship with distributors and reduce friction in the sales process, we aim to use AI to optimize distributors' time management, enabling them to promote products and build their sales teams more effectively. This commitment to streamlining operations aligns with our broader strategy of embracing technological advancements and addressing evolving consumer expectations.