Oktopi & ITWorx present Nadwa – The UAE's premier tutoring marketplace

Adgully Bureau |

Dubai, UAE:– oktopi Edutech Ltd, owner of the oktopi workspace solution for education, and ITWorx, a full-service global technology provider, have announced a new partnership to provide an innovative tutoring marketplace aimed at providing much-needed support for students in the UAE.

The new premium private tutoring platform, “Nadwa”, based on the oktopi Marketplace-as-a-Service platform, is integrating more than 25,000 licensed UAE educators who will offer sessions and craft immersive learning experiences. With a clear goal, Nadwa will provide a consolidated platform to connect UAE students and parents with highly skilled licensed teachers to help them with their academic progression.

"Introducing Nadwa is a key milestone for our platform, which is recognised and used by top education providers," said Emilie Thomas, co-founder and co-CEO of oktopi. "With over 50,000 global tutors, our expansion into the UAE signals strategic growth, anticipating vast opportunities in the Gulf and MENA region."

"Our collaboration with oktopi on Nadwa emphasizes our commitment to pushing the boundaries in education” said Ali Jaber AlYafei, CEO of United Technology Holding, parent company of ITWorx. “ITWorx believes in the variety of learning channels, therefore it's crucial to provide students with all the support they need to excel in their academic success. This alliance not only complements our existing offerings but opens doors for our regional network to a vast reservoir of international tutors."

“Nadwa's platform aligns with our commitment to innovating the educational landscape," shared Fadi Abbas, cofounder and co-CEO at oktopi. “In partnership with ITWorx, our vision goes beyond mere expansion, it's about infusing a blend of global insights and expertise into the heart of our educational approach."

Parents and students are encouraged to explore Nadwa’s potential, discovering and booking sessions with expert tutors for top-tier, tailored learning experiences. Through a variety of exclusive offers, it provides the opportunity to experience a tutor's capabilities before committing to longer engagements, ensuring students feel aligned with the individual approach of the tutor to further enrich their learning.

In a testament to their commitment to advancing education, ITWorx and oktopi will spotlight Nadwa at the upcoming GESS Dubai education event, officially backed by the UAE Ministry of Education.