Izmir Token attracts a TL 10mln investment from

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Dubai: Izmir Token, breathing fresh life into the fan token concept familiar to the crypto community and featuring its debut as the world’s first city token, has secured its initial round of funding from businessman Sedat Ocakc?. Sedat Ocakc?, Chairman of Izmir-based Ocakc? Holding, a trailblazer in the production and R&D of cutting-edge technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics under the Metay?ld?z and TPR Bili?im brands, has invested 10 million TL into the Izmir Token initiative.

Speaking about his investment, Sedat Ocakc? remarked, “The crypto arena has been a hotbed for innovation. It’s truly exhilarating to see the city token concept, a world-first, springing from Izmir, Türkiye’s crown jewel. Our large 10 million TL investment shows our enthusiasm and unwavering faith in the project’s potential.”

Elaborating on his dual role as both entrepreneur and investor, the Turkish magnate added, “I’m confident that my investment in the Izmir Token will yield substantial returns. I foresee its valuation skyrocketing. Hence, I’m keen on continuing to invest and personally championing this project to the network of influential local and international investors I’m connected with.”

The digital pulse of social life in Izmir

Crafted by Batufi Soft on the ERC-20 blockchain network and spearheaded by Izmir’s own entrepreneur and digital communication expert, Bar?? Turgut, the Izmir Token is envisioned as the digital pulse of social life in Izmir, a bustling metropolis on Türkiye’s Aegean coast. Bar?? Turgut commented, “Izmir’s intrinsic beauty and its inherent embrace of innovation drove us to pioneer the world’s first city token right here. Through Izmir’s tokenization, our ambition is to seamlessly weave the city into the fabric of cutting-edge technologies like software, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

The backing of Sedat Ocakc?, Chairman of Ocakc? Holding – a vanguard in championing Türkiye’s technological prowess in areas like drones and augmented reality on the global stage – is both a testament to our vision and a source of motivation. We’re earmarking this initial investment to bolster our marketing and R&D efforts, ensuring the Izmir Token resonates widely and is embraced by the masses.”

To go on sale on the 100th birthday of the Republic of Türkiye

Highlighting the noticeable gap in having fan tokens without a dedicated city cryptocurrency, Bar?? Turgut observed, “We pioneered the world’s first city token, seamlessly integrating the vast potential of the blockchain with urban life to take advantage of this gap in the market. Envisioned as the digital heartbeat of Izmir’s social scene, the Izmir Token stands to benefit both investors and the city itself.

Set for a value-driven pre-sale on Türkiye’s cryptocurrency exchange, Bzetmex, on 29 October – a date that marks the centennial celebration of the Republic of Türkiye – it holds great promise. We’re actively engaging with investors based in Dubai, Germany, and Qatar for subsequent investment rounds, targeting a range of 1 to 5 million dollars. We anticipate the Izmir Token to swiftly gain traction, carving out its distinct value and making waves on the global cryptocurrency stage.”

Five-year vision plan that will transform Izmir into a crypto city

After its pre-sale, the value of Izmir Token will be determined by investors, influenced by the balance of supply and demand in conjunction with the evolving dynamics of the cryptocurrency world. This digital currency promises to extend a slew of unique benefits to its holders, enriching their experiences within Izmir.

Emphasizing the token’s role in fostering a deep sense of belonging among Izmir locals, expatriates, and aficionados of the city, Bar?? Turgut articulated: “Izmir Token is being crafted more as a utility token than a mere investment asset. Our ambitious five-year blueprint encompasses aspirations like catalysing citywide economic collaborations, invigorating Izmir’s social tapestry, bolstering support for the city’s student and alumni communities, and propelling Izmir to the pinnacle of global crypto metropolises. Having demonstrated the project’s effectiveness in Izmir, we’re positioned to replicate this success in iconic tourist hubs like Çe?me and Bodrum, and eventually in global powerhouses like Istanbul and Rome.”