Sacheerome to invest $5mln in R&D

Abha Garyali Peer |

Dubai, UAE: India-headquartered Fragrance & Flavour (F&F) company, Sacheerome plans to invest over $5mn to set up a Research & Innovation Center, Application Lab, Evaluation Center, Sales office, and a Warehouse in the UAE over the next 3-5 years.

With an eye on strengthening its business in the burgeoning UAE market, the company aims to drive 10X revenue growth over the next 36-60 months.

“We have been supplying F&Fs in this region for decades. The Middle East is a confluence of cultures from across the world, and the business is remarkably fluid. Earlier London, Rome & Paris were the luxury market trendsetters but today, Dubai is as big a fashion & lifestyle powerhouse. Given our deep understanding of the pulse of consumers here and the backing of the partners we work with, we believe this is the time to expand and grow our business here,” said Manoj Arora, Managing Director of Sacheerome, at BeautyWorld Middle East 2023, where they are exhibiting at Sheikh Saeed Hall 3 | E 12.

Currently, UAE’s FMCG industry generates $50 million worth revenue using Sacheerome’s line of products manufactured in India and the Gulf.

Talking about the changing consumer preferences and buying trends in the Middle East, Mr Arora said: “The region has transformed into a global hub. Today, the consumer choices are more milder and fine fragrances. Oud and Natural Agarwood of Assam have become a big hit here.”

Beginning in the 1900s, the Delhi-based company is a trailblazer in the fragrance & flavour industry, helping leading FMCG brands create sensory experiences for consumers, with over 10,000 products and a presence in 30 countries.

On the new product & technologies Sacheerome is introducing in the UAE market, Mr Arora said: “We have pioneered four new technologies – Sach/Maxicap, Sach Veda, Sach/Natura, Sach/Odocon. These are aimed at providing superior fragrance experience for our consumers, boosting fragrance performance, with Indian naturals at the core of technology innovation.”

Comparing the Middle East and Indian consumer’s choices, Mr Arora said: “While India is a huge price sensitive market, Middle East shoppers, with their strong purchasing power, are willing to spend more on high quality niche products.”

According to an Expert Market Research report, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) flavours and fragrances industry reached a value of about $2.92 billion in 2023 and is further expected to hit approximately $4.16 billion by 2032.