Can Generation X marketers thrive in the age of AI?

Adgully Bureau |

Having been a part of the marketing industry for the past 25 years, I've witnessed numerous revolutionary changes. We often joke about the days when we relied on faxes and floppy disks ( to share information.

When I began my career, it was difficult to imagine, and I'm certain none of us could have predicted how much the industry would evolve. And yet, here we are. AI is revolutionizing marketing and advertising practices by leveraging AI-driven analytics, personalization, content automation, and programmatic advertising to enhance the customer experience, ultimately driving business growth.

When I talk with colleagues from my generation (X) who embarked on their careers around the same time as me, I sense a fear and concern about keeping up and adapting to this new era. However, as someone who always maintains a positive outlook and sees the glass as half full, I firmly believe that with the right mindset and a willingness to learn, not only can we keep pace with the evolution, but we can also leverage AI to our advantage, drawing upon our years of experience and expertise.

Understanding the power and workings of AI is crucial if we want to continue navigating the marketing industry effectively.

Embracing a more data-driven approach is essential, enabling us to make informed decisions. Although this is not entirely new—analyzing data and gaining insights has always been a part of our work—now we have more intelligent tools to aid us in these endeavours.

Instead of viewing AI as a threat to our expertise, we should perceive it as a powerful tool that augments our capabilities. Embracing new technologies will enhance productivity and provide us with more time to focus on strategic thinking.

I'm certain you'll agree with me that those of us who have chosen to be a part of this industry are constantly challenged and have always had inquisitive minds. Therefore, acquiring new skills and adapting to changes won't be a daunting task. We understand that continuous learning and upskilling are crucial for staying ahead in the ever-evolving marketing ecosystem.

While AI can support and amplify our efforts in creating meaningful and impactful campaigns, it's important to remember that genuine human connection and emotional intelligence will always remain key in our industry. Throughout the years, we've gained tremendous knowledge by studying and analyzing customer behavior. AI can assist us in magnifying these efforts.

It's worth noting that what works today may not work tomorrow. Hence, embracing a mindset of experimentation and agility is critical. AI equips us with the necessary tools and platforms for constant experimentation, enabling us to make strategic decisions more quickly.

In a way, I believe we are privileged to have started our careers many years ago. We've witnessed groundbreaking changes and now have the opportunity to combine our expertise with the capabilities of AI. Rather than feeling fear and insecurity, let us embrace this new era as valuable contributors.

(Asterios Chalkias is an award-winning marketing communications strategist with over 25 years of experience in top-tier international PR firms, advertising agencies, and research organisations. Based in Qatar, his expertise spans diverse industries, including sports, FMCG, automotive, technology, healthcare, and finance. He is renowned for his significant contributions to global sporting events like the FIFA World Cup in Qatar (2022) and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.)