THE LIST partners with authentication platform Stitchain

Editorial | | Reading Time: 3:48 minutes

Dubai: Global online commerce THE LIST has appointed the Middle East's first authentication platform, Stitchain, to solidify authenticity and ownership within the luxury fashion sector. 

Headquartered in New York, and with a presence in Dubai and Lisbon, THE LIST identified the Dubai-based ID authentication platform due to its proprietary protocols to connect physical products and assets to the digital world. This represents a significant milestone for Stitchain as the company aims to further showcase the region's advanced technologies globally for use across all verticals. 

The partnership further demonstrates the continued emergence of blockchain technology in "traditional" sectors. Businesses, consumers, and governments can easily access and verify product and asset data profiles. 

As the first social commerce platform for luxury fashion, THE LIST enables immediate access for consumers to a network of leading global brands and retailers, where they can discover and shop personalized content and access "hard-to-find" items. 

The partnership supports THE LIST's mission to ensure the authenticity of every product listed on the platform. By embedding NFC (Near Field Communication) tags linked to Stitchain's blockchain-based authentication system, customers can also use the platform to verify the provenance and ownership of their purchases, fostering trust and confidence in the platform's offerings.

Each asset registered on the platform is allocated a unique, encrypted digital ID stored on the blockchain. This digital ID is then linked to a physical NFC tag that can be embedded or attached to the asset. As a result, users can easily authenticate and verify ownership by tapping the NFC tag on their smartphone via mobile application.

Samir Al Andari Founder of Stitchain, said, "By partnering with THE LIST we are able to showcase our cutting-edge solution for asset authentication and management that well-align with THE LIST's commitment to quality, authenticity, security and transparency. Not only does this showcase the technology pioneered from the MENA region, but it also aims to set a new standard in the luxury goods industry."

Andreas Skorski Founder of THE LIST, said, "At THE LIST, we are committed to giving our customers the highest level of authenticity and transparency. We are thrilled to work with Stitchain and take advantage of their ground-breaking authentication platform to boost our customers' trust in the legitimacy and ownership of the high-end goods we offer on our platform”