81% Emirati talents at 2023 Sheraa's Startup Dojo Youth Incubation Program

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa –, has launched the 2023 edition of the Startup Dojo, the summer incubation program designed to empower young entrepreneurs. The eight-week intensive training and mentorship program takes place every summer to enable young talent to develop their entrepreneurial solutions and gain real-world experience of starting and running their own businesses.In 2023, Sharjah was ranked within the Top 5 Emerging MENA Ecosystems in Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER). Last year, Sheraa’s startups saw a 26% increase in funds raised, totalling $161 million and have generated revenue of $247 million. This year, Startup Dojo has seen strong participation from Emirati youth who make up 81% of attendees at this prestigious program. The participation demographic for this edition is reflective of Sharjah’s vibrant ecosystem and its myriad entrepreneurial opportunities in a variety of sectors.Startup Dojo 2023 will benefit a 50-participant cohort from various UAE universities who represent 15 diverse teams, each with a unique idea that has immense entrepreneurial potential. Sheraa has included groups that exhibited excellence in their previously held Sheraa Sustainability Hackathon 2023 and at the Sheraa Entrepreneurship Festival (SEF) 2022 in order to ensure the continuance of their entrepreneurial journeys, which is a key objective for the entity.Najla Al Midfaa, CEO of Sheraa, commented, “Like any formative life skill, entrepreneurship is seen to reap wonderful results when taught early. This incubation program is one of Sheraa’s leading youth-focused platforms, where their creativity, passion and impact-driving attitude are encouraged and honed to a point where they feel confident about entering the competitive world of entrepreneurship”.“Each year, we see students coming up with new ideas, demanding new knowledge and skill sets, and expecting bespoke training reflective of fast-changing global trends and market demands. In this sense, Startup Dojo needs to serve the youth as a dynamic mentoring platform that fulfils their aspirations while also teaching them the core and unchanging fundamentals of entrepreneurship,” she added.Diversity and inclusion at the heart of the programThe incubation program fosters diversity and inclusivity with a balanced participant representation of participants. Among the 15 participating teams, 38 percent are from the American University of Sharjah (AUS), 31 percent hail from the University of Sharjah (UoS), and the remaining 31 percent represent other universities in the UAE.Moreover, the program further upholds gender equality, with a 50:50 male-female participant ratio.After learning how to build and market business ideas with the support of other innovators, industry mentors and successful entrepreneurs, the top three teams will receive benefits including commercial licences and grants that will serve as a stepping stone for venture building activities.Sheraa’s mission is to maximise human potential, empower entrepreneurial talent, and foster a nurturing startup ecosystem that draws the world towards Sharjah.

G42 and Cerebras Unite for World's Largest AI Training Supercomputer Network

Dubai: The UAE-based technology holding group, has partnered with Cerebras Systems, a pioneer in accelerating generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), to launch Condor Galaxy, a network of nine interconnected supercomputers, offering a new approach to AI compute that aims to significantly reduce AI model training time. The launch revolutionises AI and helps to address global concerns, including energy and sustainability, supporting Abu Dhabi’s climate effort and digital transformation initiatives.The first AI supercomputer on this network, Condor Galaxy 1 (CG-1), has 4 exaFLOPs and 54 million cores. Cerebras and G42 are planning to deploy two more such supercomputers, CG-2 and CG-3, in the US in early 2024. With a planned capacity of 36 exaFLOPs in total, this unprecedented supercomputing network will revolutionise the advancement of AI globally.Talal Alkaissi, CEO of G42 Cloud, a subsidiary of G42, said: “Collaborating with Cerebras to rapidly deliver the world’s fastest AI training supercomputer and laying the foundation for interconnecting a constellation of these supercomputers across the world has been enormously exciting. This partnership brings together Cerebras’ extraordinary compute capabilities, together with G42’s multi-industry AI expertise. G42 and Cerebras’ shared vision is that Condor Galaxy will be used to address society’s most pressing challenges across healthcare, energy, climate action and more.”Located in Santa Clara, California, CG-1 links 64 Cerebras CS-2 systems together into a single, easy-to-use AI supercomputer, with an AI training capacity of 4 exaFLOPs. Cerebras and G42 offer CG-1 as a cloud service, allowing customers to enjoy the performance of an AI supercomputer without having to manage or distribute models over physical systems.CG-1 is the first time Cerebras has partnered not only to build a dedicated AI supercomputer but also to manage and operate it. CG-1 is designed to enable G42 and its cloud customers to train large, ground-breaking models quickly and easily, thereby accelerating innovation. The Cerebras-G42 strategic partnership has already advanced state-of-the-art AI models in Arabic bilingual chat, healthcare and climate studies. Andrew Feldman, CEO of Cerebras Systems, said: “Delivering 4 exaFLOPs of AI compute at FP 16, CG-1 dramatically reduces AI training timelines while eliminating the pain of distributed compute. Many cloud companies have announced massive GPU clusters that cost billions of dollars to build, but that are extremely difficult to use. Distributing a single model over thousands of tiny GPUs takes months of time from dozens of people with rare expertise. CG-1 eliminates this challenge. Setting up a generative AI model takes minutes, not months and can be done by a single person. CG-1 is the first of three 4 exaFLOP AI supercomputers to be deployed across the US over the next year, together with G42, we plan to expand this deployment and stand up a staggering 36 exaFLOPs of efficient, purpose-built AI compute.”A leading AI and cloud computing company based in Abu Dhabi, G42 is driving large-scale digital transformation initiatives globally. The UAE was the first nation to appoint a Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, followed by various key investments by the emirate, including the establishment of G42 research partner, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the first post-graduate university in the world focused entirely on AI.Training large models requires vast amounts of compute, datasets, and specialised AI expertise. The partnership between G42 and Cerebras delivers on all three elements. With the Condor Galaxy supercomputing network, the two companies are democratising AI, enabling simple and easy access to the industry’s leading AI compute. G42’s work with diverse datasets across healthcare, energy and climate studies will enable users of the systems to train new cutting-edge foundational models. Cerebras and G42 bring together a team of hardware engineers, data engineers, AI scientists, and industry specialists to deliver a full-service AI offering to solve customers’ problems. This combination will produce ground-breaking results and turbo charge hundreds of AI projects globally.Forrest Norrod, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Data Centre Solutions Business Group of AMD, said: “AMD is committed to accelerating AI with cutting edge high-performance computing processors and adaptive computing products as well as through collaborations with innovative companies like Cerebras that share our vision of pervasive AI. Driven by more than 70,000 AMD EPYC processor cores, Cerebras’ Condor Galaxy 1 will make accessible vast computational resources for researchers and enterprises as they push AI forward.”CG-1 offers native support for training with long sequence lengths, up to 50,000 tokens out of the box, without any special software libraries. Programing CG-1 is done entirely without complex distributed programming languages, meaning even the largest models can be run without weeks or months spent distributing work over thousands of GPUs.Located at Colovore, a high-performance colocation facility in Santa Clara, California, CG-1 is operated by Cerebras. Each Cerebras CS-2 system is designed, packaged, manufactured, tested, and integrated in the US; Cerebras is the only AI hardware company to package processors and manufacture AI systems in the US.CG-1 is the first of three 4 exaFLOP AI supercomputers (CG-1, CG-2, and CG-3), built and located in the US by Cerebras and G42. The three AI supercomputers will be interconnected in a 12 exaFLOP, 162 million core distributed AI supercomputer consisting of 192 Cerebras CS-2s and fed by more than 218,000 high performance AMD EPYC CPU cores. G42 and Cerebras plan to bring online six additional Condor Galaxy supercomputers in 2024, bringing the total compute power to 36 exaFLOPs.

Dubai seeks to unlock a new phase of high-powered growth for its family business

Dubai: In Dubai’s awe-inspiring economic growth story, family businesses stand tall as architects of growth, innovation and value creation. Generating over 40% of the emirate’s GDP, the sector represents Dubai's indomitable spirit of enterprise.Now, as the emirate seeks to unlock a new phase of high-powered growth for its economy, the government is introducing a spate of initiatives designed to future-proof family businesses and bolster their competitiveness and growth capabilities in a rapidly evolving global environment. Over the last year, Dubai has introduced new legislative and support measures aimed at helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities brought by a global economy in transition.Backbone of the economyFamily businesses are the mainstay of the UAE’s economy. A staggering 90 per cent of private companies in the country are family-owned, according to a report of the UAE Ministry of Economy.They are also major employers, with more than 70 per cent of the private sector workforce earning their livelihoods from them.Family businesses have also been at the forefront of Dubai’s economic diversification, with a significant presence in a diverse range of vital sectors including real estate and construction, retail and wholesale trade, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, education and technology.A global family business hubDubai’s strategic geographical location and growing status as one of the world’s most hyper-connected cities make it an ideal global base for family businesses seeking to tap high-growth markets.With its business friendly environment and pro-growth infrastructure, Dubai offers one of the most nurturing ecosystems for family businesses. Furthermore, its high levels of safety, world-class healthcare and education, and unbeatable leisure and lifestyle offerings make it an attractive location for family-owned enterprises.With the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, outlining ambitious economic targets over the next decade, the outlook for family businesses in the emirate is exceptionally promising. The swift expansion of financial wealth in the UAE, which is projected to surge at a compound annual rate of 6.7% to reach $1 trillion in 2026, up from $700 billion in 2021, will spur significant growth in the family business sector.However, to achieve new levels of growth and thrive for generations to come, the sector needs to address several issues brought by an evolving economy including digitisation, cultural issues, governance and succession planning. A series of initiatives launched recently by Dubai seek to empower family businesses to lay the groundwork for sustained prosperity.Raising family business capabilitiesEarlier this year, Dubai Chambers announced the launch of the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses to educate family-owned firms on leadership transition, succession planning and growth. Forming part of a comprehensive plan approved by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, at the Dubai Council’s fifth meeting, the new Centre aims to support the growth of family firms through diverse initiatives that include a centre for settling family business-related disputes.In the second week of this month, the Centre introduced a new set of governance guidelines designed to assist family-owned companies in establishing effective governance frameworks that can facilitate a smooth succession process and ensure the continuity of family businesses. Based on the local adaptation of international best practices, the guidelines offer detailed advice on developing a family constitution together with practical tips, tools and insights to support business-owning families in establishing effective governance structures.His Excellency Abdulaziz Abdulla Al Ghurair, Chairman of Dubai Chambers, one of the institutions at the forefront of helping family-owned businesses explore new frontiers of growth, commented: “Dubai’s visionary leaders have established the emirate as a leading global hub for business and investments, and remain committed to creating the ideal conditions for family-owned businesses to thrive. The significant contribution of family businesses to the emirate’s economy underlines their key role as an engine for economic growth. This impact will be further enhanced through legislation designed to develop a favourable business ecosystem, together with specialised training aimed at helping family businesses to overcome challenges, elevate governance standards, and ensure a smooth transition of leadership between generations."He added, "We at Dubai Chambers are committed to supporting the success of family businesses by representing their interests, enhancing their competitiveness, and advancing the capabilities of the next generation of leaders. The Dubai Centre for Family Businesses forms an essential part of our strategy to ensure a business environment that drives the growth and sustainability of family businesses in the emirate."The Centre has also launched a series of programmes to raise the global competitiveness of local family businesses including the Dubai Family Businesses Leadership Programme, developed in partnership with the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Leadership Development; the Next Generation Training Programme; the Governance Series; and the Advisors’ Certification Programme. The programmes are aimed at preparing new leaders, educating family members on vital issues, raising awareness of governance, developing certified advisors, and fostering the growth and success of family businesses.A new international centre for family businessesIn March this year, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the leading global financial hub in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, launched the DIFC Family Wealth Centre, the first in the world to create such a unique offering. The DIFC Family Wealth Centre offer advisory and concierge services, certification, advisor accreditation, and education. Additionally, the Centre supports with outreach and high-end networking, conducting research and issuing publications, as well as offering assistance with dispute resolution.The DIFC Family Wealth Centre brings together global family-owned businesses and ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) to help preserve and grow the sector. By providing a range of support services, the Centre is set to not only accelerate the growth of local family businesses but also attract family businesses and UHNWIs from across the world. At a time when an estimated AED3.67 trillion in assets will be transferred to the next generation in the Middle East over the next decade, the initiative is set to play an instrumental role in delivering Dubai’s commitment to supporting family businesses.DIFC is continuously innovating and advancing its ecosystem to help families manage their wealth including implementation of new legislative and regulatory measures to attract family businesses to Dubai. One such key framework is the DIFC Family Arrangements Regulations, specifically tailored to foster a conducive environment for family businesses anddrive transparency, accountability and stability, and offer the highest levels of protection and support.His Excellency Essa Kazim, Governor of DIFC, said: “By harnessing DIFC's wealth of experience and expertise, family businesses in Dubai can take their growth and succession planning to the next level. We understand the critical role family businesses play in the global economy, and the DIFC Family Wealth Centre’s end-to-end service offering is designed to empower them to thrive, innovate, and preserve their legacies for generations to come.”DIFC’s new initiatives add to the series of legislative reforms that Dubai and the UAE have introduced over the past decade to promote the smooth transfer of wealth and ownership of family-owned assets and businesses, which include the issuance of trust and foundation legislation, and the implementation of clear inheritance procedures for non-Muslims.Over the coming years, many experts believe that Dubai’s increasingly attractive value proposition for global businesses is set to accelerate a significant migration of family businesses from other popular hubs like the US, UK, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Italy, Singapore and Hong Kong to the emirate. With visionary strategies, unmatched infrastructure, and an environment that nourishes growth, Dubai could well emerge as the epicentre of a profound global shift in the family-owned wealth landscape.SHARE NO

DIC strengthens global presence with launch of Vietnam

Dubai: Dubai International Chamber, one of the three chambers operating under Dubai Chambers, has inaugurated a new international representative office in Vietnam. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, the office further strengthens the chamber’s presence in Southeast Asia following recent openings in Indonesia and Singapore and is aimed at boosting bilateral trade and investment between Dubai and Vietnam.The official launch ceremony was held recently with the participation of H.E. Dr. Bader Abdullah Al Matrooshi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the UAE to Vietnam, and Salem Al Shamsi, Vice President of Global Markets, Dubai Chambers.The opening brings the total number of Dubai International Chamber representative offices to 22 across the Middle East, Africa, Eurasia, China, India, and Latin America. The office will support and guide Dubai-based companies seeking to expand into Vietnam throughout every stage of their international expansion, as well as creating new mechanisms to attract FDI from Vietnam to Dubai by promoting the emirate as a preferred business hub and gateway to access emerging markets.Commenting on the launch, Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, said: “The inauguration of our new office in Ho Chi Minh City underlines the importance of Dubai’s well-established relationship with Vietnam. We are pleased to take this strategic step that further strengthens the ties between our vibrant business communities. We look forward to building on our shared commitment to innovation to increase bilateral trade in line with the ambitions of the Dubai Global initiative, which seeks to attract inward investment to Dubai and supports the emirate’s drive to boost non-oil foreign trade to AED 2 trillion by 2026.”H.E. Dr. Bader Abdullah Al Matrooshi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the UAE to Vietnam, said: “The opening of Dubai International Chamber’s new representative office in Vietnam is one of several important steps taken by the UAE to further strengthen the partnership between the two countries. The launch follows recent initiatives including talks on establishing a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) and the holding of an economic forum between the two countries in June this year. Trade figures between the two countries and other key indicators reveal promising opportunities for growth in trade and investments between our countries, and the Dubai International Chamber office will effectively contribute to achieving this goal.”The opening of the new office comes as part of the ‘Dubai Global’ initiative launched by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, which seeks to establish a powerful network of 50 international representative offices for Dubai around the world by 2030. The initiative aims to attract foreign companies, SMEs, investors, and international talent to Dubai by showcasing the emirate’s competitive advantages, sharing investment intelligence, and strengthening engagement with key international stakeholders.According to Dubai Customs statistics, the value of non-oil bilateral trade between Dubai and Vietnam reached an impressive AED 28.3 billion (US$ 7.7 billion) during 2022, reflecting the depth of joint trade ties between the two markets. As of 31 May 2023, a total of 170 Vietnamese companies were registered as members of Dubai Chamber of Commerce, 22 of which joined between January and May this year. The launch of the new Ho Chi Minh City office is set to play a key role in boosting this momentum by attracting more Vietnamese companies to Dubai.Last year, notable exports and re-exports from Dubai to Vietnam included tobacco (US$ 92 million), animal fodder (US$ 38 million), and aluminium (US$ 33 million), as well as perfumes and cosmetics, machinery, plastics, iron and steel, mineral fuels and bitumen, and medical instruments.Dubai’s main imported products from Vietnam included electronics (US$ 5.15 billion), footwear (US$ 564 million), and machinery (US$ 375 million), together with knitted articles, inorganic chemicals, apparel, fruits and nuts, coffee, tea and spices, furniture, and leather articles.The chamber has identified several areas that demonstrate high potential for growth in exports from Vietnam to Dubai, including coffee, tropical fruits, furniture, and cashew nuts. Opportunities also exist to increase imports to Vietnam from Dubai in areas such as meat, beverages, coffee, spices, perfume, and cosmetics.Promising sectors for investment in Vietnam include agribusiness, construction, ecotourism, food processing, and renewable energy.

Astra Tech and JW Group join forces

Dubai:  Astra Tech (Astra), the leading consumer technology holding group in the MENA region, is proud to announce its joint venture with JW Holdings, a bouquet of business lines including home appliances, electronics, automotive, glassware, packaging,  agriculture, retail, e-commerce, sports and foundation, and the parent company of Ruba Digital (RD). The collaboration will innovatively integrate RD within the Botim ultra app’s e-store, allowing users in UAE to purchase a wide range of consumer durables to be delivered in Pakistan through RD’s extensive retail chain network of 150+ outlets, spanning across 130 cities.  In addition to providing a seamless, cross-border electronic shopping experience through the ultra app, Pakistani expats based in the UAE will benefit from Shariah-compliant financing options up to 12 installments, offering added convenience and financial ease.  This strategic partnership is a significant milestone for Astra Tech, reflecting its commitment to harnessing technology and strategic alliances to cater to diverse customer needs. It also brings RD's extensive presence in the Pakistani market to offer reliability and trust for the ultra app users, as they deliver purchased items to friends or family in Pakistan. Speaking on the joint venture, Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Founder of Astra Tech and CEO of Botim, said: “Our partnership with JW Holdings marks another step in our mission to simplify people’s everyday lives through digital sovereignty. The integration of RD into the Botim e-store enables us to make advanced solutions accessible to Pakistani expats in the UAE, making the process of purchasing and delivering items to friends and family based in Pakistan easy. By ensuring a seamless user experience and introducing Shariah-compliant financing options, we remain steadfast in our commitment to enhancing the lives of our users and meeting their diverse needs, while offering a range of inclusive financial services.”Muhammad Javed Afridi, Chief Executive Officer of JW Holdings, commented: “JW Holdings group is glad to announce the breakthrough of its new venture with esteemed International Partner Astra Tech. With unwavering focus on innovation and Customer satisfaction, JW Holdings through its retail channel RD, will revolutionize the way of shopping Consumer Durables for its consumers living in UAE.He added: “Through their Botim app, Pakistani expats could easily connect with their loved ones living far beyond the borders but always nearer to their heart. Shopping through the Botim stores while sitting in UAE, with the deliveries bound in Pakistan for their families, will be a unique and unprecedented experience for users who could easily opt either for Cash settlement or for Shariah-Compliant installment financing plans.”Botim users outside of the UAE can still purchase consumer electronics from RD through the ultra app to have them delivered in Pakistan, however, Shariah-Compliant installment financing plans are currently only available to users in the UAE. Together, Astra Tech and JW Holdings are unveiling new avenues of innovation for Pakistani expats in the UAE, who make up 12.69% of the country’s population according to Global Media Insights, bridging the gap and making cross-border shopping convenient, accessible, and financially feasible, with plans to launch in other countries.

Coca-Cola and Riot Games launch Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar in UAE

Dubai: Coca-Cola® has launched a new limited-edition flavor from Coca-Cola® Creations in collaboration with Riot Games, the publisher and developer of League of Legends. Coca-Cola® Ultimate Zero Sugar will celebrate every player’s journey - whether it's their first time on the Rift or on the Finals stage at Worlds in pursuit of the Summoner's Cup.Coca-Cola® Ultimate Zero Sugar is the first collaboration with a gaming company on a Coca-Cola® flavor, bringing together teams from Riot Games and Coca-Cola® to co-create a flavor that will give players an exhilarating taste as they queue up for a game. Accompanying the product’s release, in-game and digital experiences will bring the excitement of the Coca-Cola® Ultimate Zero Sugar collaboration to players across the globe.  "We are very happy to bring this unique partnership to the UAE. League of Legends has a dedicated following in the UAE and across the region and through this collaboration, we look forward to elevating the gaming experience even further. Plus, we have a cool, new beverage that we’re confident our gamers will enjoy while they discover new in-game experiences and missions,” said Tarun Sabhlok, Marketing Director, Middle East at The Coca-Cola Company.To bring a flavor of this unique gaming experience, Coca-Cola® had planned an exciting activation at Virgin Megastores across the UAE where gamers could come and experience League of Legends first-hand along with the new Coca-Cola® Ultimate Zero Sugar. These immersive gaming activations aimed to bring gaming fans together. The activations took place at Mall of Emirates on 22 June and at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi on 30 June.“We’re excited for players to taste the new flavor, a unique and bespoke collaboration with Coca-Cola, a globally recognized brand loved by millions,” said David Mulhall, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Riot Games. “They share many of the player-focused values we have at Riot, and we are honored to be the first gaming collaboration for Coca-Cola Creations.” League of Legends players can also unlock limited edition Ultimate emotes in-game through a series of missions. Players will be transported to the Coca-Cola® Creations Hub, the home for unique Coca-Cola® Creations digital experiences, by scanning the QR code on a Coca-Cola® Ultimate Zero Sugar bottle or can.Coca-Cola® Ultimate Zero Sugar fuses the two iconic brands with striking packaging design that features black and various shades of gold. The familiar Coca-Cola® Creations logo is also complemented by a bespoke ‘Ultimate’ crest and energized with a magical blue Hextech glow. The design showcases a unique expression of the recognizable Coca-Cola® Spencerian Script font, inspired by the Nexus Crystals in League of Legends.Coca-Cola® Ultimate Zero Sugar is available across key retail outlets in the UAE for a limited period.Join the conversation using #CocaColaUltimate #CocaColaCreations

Admiral expands its global footprint in the Middle East with new partners

UAE: Admiral has recently expanded its Global Footprint across Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, by partnering with few of the strongest distributors in various countries.Admiral Appliances and Electronics FZE, a 100% subsidiary of Admiral Corporation of America based out of Dubai, UAE is a well-known American brand that operates across the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and South Asia with an exhaustive and impressive range in categories like Air-Conditioners, LED TVs, Major Appliances, Built ins and Small Appliances.Admiral recently celebrated its success by hosting a Grand Event with its Regional Partners & UAE Retailers, Dealers, Online & Re – Export Partners and signed New Partnerships with few of the top distributors in the region. Admiral is one of the fastest growing American Appliances and Electronics brands in the region. It demonstrated over 150 consumer appliance products that are currently retailed across all the leading outlets like Extra, Sharaf DG, Amazon, Noon and many more.Admiral intends to enter one of the biggest markets in the world – India, by Q4’23. Admiral products will be available in the Indian market with one of the top online players.Vishal Saxena, Chief Executive Officer, Admiral Appliances and Electronics said, “We are excited to expand in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asian markets after spending considerable time studying and adapting to the specific needs of our customers. We are currently operating in 23 countries of MEA and South Asia and by end of 2023, we will operate in more than 30 countries of MEA and South Asia. We are aggressively expanding to serve our consumers. We see a gap in the market that can be filled by Admiral.”“All our channel partners were extremely impressed with our product portfolio, which is a testimony of Admiral’s commitment to its consumers. Admiral products are being retailed amongst all the top Retailers, Dealers and IR Channel Partners and Online Players. Our consumers are spoilt for choices with Admiral.”Admiral’s range has attractive features like Active Fresh, Smart Technology, Energy Saving, Smart Inverter, Turbo Cooling and Reliability that transforms “Human Experience”. Admiral has recently introduced unique products such as the Laundry Centre and 100 cm Gas cooker from Turkey. At the recently held Grand Event, Admiral unveiled its unique and exclusive product “The Laundry Center” that has no comparison in the market with 2 Drums - 5kg Washer at the top and 10 / 7Kg Washer & Dryer at the bottom.Admiral has one of the biggest Consumer Electronics and Appliances range, with products that fit the requirements of both Domestic and Commercial customers. Admiral Group also operates in verticals like Mobility (Electric Commercial Vehicles) and Energy (Charging solutions of Electric Vehicles).

Havas acquires digital marketing agency Pivotroots

Havas has announced the acquisition of PivotRoots, one of India and UAE’s leading digital marketing and communications agencies. The network’s latest acquisition comes at a time when Havas Media India is experiencing a period of impressive growth and represents Havas’ commitment to positioning the network for expansion in these key markets.  Launched in 2016 by co-founders Shibu Shivanandan, Hetal Khalsa, Dhruvi Joshi, and Yogesh Khanchandani, PivotRoots is one of the fastest-growing marketing and communications agencies, providing cutting-edge solutions to clients across a wide range of industries in India and the UAE. PivotRoots has worked with brands like Amazon Prime Video, Swiggy, Hindustan Unilever, Disney, Bisleri, Medlife, Urban Company, among others.?Being a fully integrated agency, PivotRoots is a leading provider of solutions in brand and performance marketing, UI/UX, digital content creation, and marketing technology through its recently launched division PivotConsult.  The acquisition will allow Havas Media India to tap into PivotRoots’ deep understanding of the Indian and MENA markets and enhance its capabilities in the rapidly growing digital advertising space. By combining PivotRoots' local expertise with the group's global resources, PivotRoots will be able to deliver best-in-class digital marketing solutions at scale.  The addition of PivotRoots strengthens HMGI’s powerful roster of agencies and specialized divisions which includes?media networks Havas Media and Arena Media; specialist brands Havas Market, Havas Programmatic Hub, Havas Analytics, Socialyse, and Havas Media Tribes; and the recently launched global offering, Havas Play. PivotRoots’ state-of-art digital capabilities, supplemented with?Havas Media's meaningful?media experiences (Mx)?approach will allow HMGI to offer a unique?audience-first data-driven solution to the clients. This acquisition not only bolsters Havas' position in the industry but also demonstrates the company's commitment to staying ahead of the competition by investing in cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies.  "We are thrilled to welcome PivotRoots to the Havas family," said?Yannick Bolloré, Chairman of Vivendi, and Chairman & CEO of Havas. “The acquisition is part of our broader strategy to expand our presence in lighthouse markets around the world. With a global network that spans over 100 countries, Havas is well-positioned to help clients reach audiences wherever they are.”  Bolloré?elaborated, "We see tremendous potential in India, and we are committed to investing in actions and efforts that help us actualize and leverage this potential meaningfully. This acquisition will further strengthen not only Havas Media India's and Havas India’s position in the country where PivotRoots primarily operates, which is one of the fastest-growing digital advertising markets in the world, but also add a specialized edge to Havas Media Network, and to Havas as a whole.”  Shibu Shivanandan, Founder and Managing Director, PivotRoots, said, "We are excited to be part of Havas Media India. We share a common vision for the future of advertising, and by combining our expertise and talent we can deliver better solutions, services, and results to our clients. We are proud of what we have achieved at PivotRoots in India and MENA so far, and we look forward to the next chapter in our journey."  "I'm delighted to welcome Shibu and the PivotRoots team to the Havas Family”, said, Rana Barua, CEO, Havas India. He further added, “This acquisition comes at an extremely interesting time for Havas India, which has undergone a complete transformation in recent years and has seen unprecedented growth and success. The addition of PivotRoots and their capabilities, advanced analytics and technology, and a new perspective on creativity and innovation distinguishes Havas Media India in the industry in meeting the evolving needs of its clients and succeeding in an increasingly competitive and extremely dynamic market.”

FIFA Women's World Cup matches stream live on TOD in MENA

Doha: All FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 matches stream live on TOD for the MENA region with users able to access on-the-go viewing, match highlights, and interactive timelines. For more information on streaming the matches please visit www.tod.tvThe FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 is set to make history as Morocco, the first Arab team to compete in the prestigious tournament, takes on formidable Germany in a Group H showdown. The match will kick-off on 24 July at 11:30 Doha time, at Melbourne’s iconic Rectangular Stadium.Germany, the FIFA Women's World Cup champions in 2003 and 2007, are strong favorites in Group H. Despite its heartbreaking loss in the UEFA Euro 2019 final, Germany remains a powerhouse in women's football with an exceptionally talented and experienced squad.The Atlas Lionesses’ remarkable journey to the Women's World Cup has captured the hearts of football enthusiasts in the Arab world marking a historic moment for women's football in the region. The team’s recent achievement of reaching last year’s finals of the Women's AFCON though narrowly missing out on the title against South Africa, highlights its determination and rising international potential.Under the leadership of Captain Ghizlane Chebbak, and the talented Rosella Ayane, Morocco has been meticulously preparing to face the world's best. Ranked 72nd in the FIFA world rankings, the second lowest of any team in the tournament, Morocco is coached by the accomplished Reynald Pedros, a two-time UEFA Women's Champions League winner with Lyon.“With the spotlight firmly fixed on the German and Moroccan national teams, football enthusiasts from the region eagerly look forward to this historic face-off, as it symbolizes the rising prominence of women's football in the Arab world,” said John Paul Mckerlie, VP Marketing and Sales at TOD.

Gemeria enters the Middle East market with a branch in Dubai

Gemeria on the grand opening of its wholesale branch for bulk buyers and salon partners in Dubai. This expansion represents a significant milestone for the company and showcases Gemeria's dedication to delivering premium quality hair extensions globally. Its focus on eco-friendly practices and ethically sourced natural human hair has positioned it as a pioneer in sustainability within the hair extensions industry.With a strong customer base of over 1,00,000 satisfied customers in India, Gemeria now aims to bring its exceptional hair extensions to the international market. The acquisition of a trade license for its Dubai branch demonstrates Gemeria's commitment to expanding globally while maintaining its core values of using 100% natural hair and promoting sustainability. This move solidifies its reputation as a trusted leader in the hair extension industry, catering to a diverse and global customer base.The wholesale branch offers a diverse range of high-quality products, including human hair extensions, clip-in extensions, ponytail extensions, and colored hair extensions for bulk buyers and salon partners. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail, it is poised to revolutionize the hair extension industry in the Middle East.Gemeria recognizes the importance of offering customers a physical space to explore and experience the beauty and versatility of its products firsthand. The decision to open a branch in Dubai was influenced by the growing demand for luxurious and top-notch hair extensions in the region."We are excited to introduce our premium hair extensions in Dubai, catering to the fashion-forward Middle Eastern market. With our exceptional products and commitment to customer satisfaction, It will be the go-to destination for hair extensions in Dubai and beyond," said Mani Tyagi, Co-Founder of Gemeria.Gemeria's innovative hair extensions and wigs, such as the half-head wig engineered by Gemeria, showcase the company's commitment to providing high-quality products that set them apart from competitors. The company has established a wide network of authorities and associations, particularly from South Indian temples, who provide pure, raw, virgin hair. This hair is then carefully classified based on its characteristics and undergoes an extensive and detailed cleaning and conditioning process before being used by clients.

Sheraa unlocks entrepreneurial potential within AI industry

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) recently hosted a highly engaging and informative workshop on entrepreneurship as part of the UAE’s Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office’s ‘AI SUMMER CAMP 5.0’. Titled, ‘Building Blocks of Entrepreneurship: A workshop from ideation to implementation,’ the empowering session covered a range of topics related to entrepreneurship and was held at the Sheraa headquarters within the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park.The workshop, led by Sheraa’s team of experienced entrepreneurs and mentors, gave 25 eager participants an exclusive opportunity to learn about the different stages of the entrepreneurial journey, the skills and resources they need to succeed, and the potential of the emerging AI industry. Open to all aspiring entrepreneurs, the 4-hour jam-packed session demonstrated the various ways Sheraa is committed to helping entrepreneurs capitalise on this opportunity.Empowering entrepreneurs with essential skills and toolsDuring the workshop, participants were introduced to key tools and concepts that are crucial for entrepreneurial success. The ‘Business Blueprint Canvas’ was discussed as a strategic planning tool, enabling those attending to visualise and organise their business ideas and strategies. The workshop additionally focused on crafting an impactful ‘Elevator Pitch’, teaching participants how to effectively communicate their concepts in a concise and compelling manner.To enhance pitching skills further, an interactive session was held titled ‘Pitch This’, which allowed those participating to practise and receive feedback on their ideas. Another important topic covered was ‘Journey Mapping’, with a specific emphasis on identifying pain points rather than jumping to solutions. By understanding the customer journey and these points, participants were equipped with the knowledge to develop solutions that address real world needs. Supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystemCommenting on the positive response to the workshop, Najla Al Midfa, CEO of Sheraa, said, “AI has the potential to transform industries, and we intend to help the ecosystem we have established in Sharjah to lead the way in this field. Our partnership with the UAE AI Camp has equipped participants with a road-map to success, providing the knowledge and skills they need to develop and launch impactful AI-powered businesses.”Expanding on the role that Sheraa plays in the entrepreneurial landscape, Najla Al Midfa stated, “At Sheraa we firmly believe that entrepreneurship is essential for economic growth and innovation, and we are committed to providing support and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs on every step of their journey.”

Kuwait bans cryptocurrency to combat money laundering

Kuwait has declared a ban on cryptocurrency for payments or investments, aimed at thwarting money laundering activities.The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) of the country has introduced a set of regulations that impose an "absolute ban" on the usage of digital currencies in the context of making payments. These regulations go as far as declaring all virtual assets as illegal. Furthermore, the CMA has also disallowed digital asset mining and disavowed crypto as a decentralized form of currency. Businesses are prohibited from offering any services related to cryptocurrencies.However, it is crucial to note that this prohibition does not apply to securities regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait or other securities and financial instruments overseen by the Capital Markets Authority, as explicitly stated in the circular.The Central Bank of Kuwait, together with the Capital Markets Authority, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Insurance Regulatory Unit, have issued circulars pertaining to the supervision of virtual assets used as a means of payment or recognized as decentralized currency in Kuwait. They have emphasized on abstaining from engaging in transactions that involve virtual currency as a payment method within the boundaries of this prohibition, as reported by Al-Jarida daily.These circulars are aligned with the recommendations set forth by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, aiming to enforce the implementation of Recommendation No 15 of the international requirements issued by FATF. As a consequence, dealing with virtual assets as an investment tool is strictly prohibited.Moreover, it is of utmost importance to refrain from providing any services related to virtual assets to customers, issuing licenses to individuals or entities for offering virtual asset services as a business, either for personal gain or on behalf of others. Notably, no such licenses have been granted previously. The circulars also extend the ban to encompass all virtual currency mining activities.The CMA stresses that the ban aligns with the guidelines put forth by the Financial Action Task Force on crypto assets and is a direct result of the study conducted by the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

UAE news organisations slow in AI adoption: Research

While the global news media world is being disrupted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) led by bigtime players, news organisations in the UAE have been slow in the use and adoption of AI in newsrooms, according to a paper authored by three university researchers.The findings suggest that while the UAE as a nation is adopting AI rapidly, news organizations are still experimenting with AI at a slow pace, at a time when the world is transitioning from digital journalism to ‘algorithmic journalism’, driven by AI.Algorithmic journalism refers to news articles generated by computer algorithms – the automated gathering, production, and publishing of news based on programmed algorithms.The paper was authored by Sabir Haque, an Assistant Professor of Mass Communication at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK), Norita Ahmad, a Professor of Information Systems and Analytics at the American University of Sharjah and Mohammed Ibahrine, a Professor of Mass Communication at the American University of Sharjah.Primary data for the paper were collected through in-depth online interviews with 11 participants, including journalists, editors, digital managers and executives, and technologists of news organizations in the UAE.According to the paper, a majority of the interviewees agreed that most news organizations in the UAE were in early stages of AI adoption; they have just started the AI transformation processes by experimenting with this new technology and engaging employees with the needed talents to implement it. However, not all news organizations have a clear and coherent AI strategy.Based on the responses, impeding factors included editors’ traditional approach to transitioning into new technologies, many of whom are content with beginner-level AI systems in the newsrooms. One interviewee admitted that transition to disruptive technology would take longer because the senior leaders are only interested in integrating AI into limited aspects of the workflow, and some leaders lack an AI mind-set.Another participant said while the will to implement new technology is present, most news organizations do not have the resources to adopt something so disruptive. As a result, by the time they encounter the new technologies, new tools have surfaced.Most interviewees involved with B2B publishers, in contrast to those working for legacy news organizations, were, however, enthusiastic about AI adoption. According to the paper, the B2B AI strategies are driven by the younger newsreaders, the new target audiences on digital platforms, social media, and mobile devices.The authors suggest that UAE news organisations need to switch to an AI-driven newsroom, where technologists, journalists, entrepreneurs, and innovators meet to automate and generate quality news content based on an AI strategy. They cite the example of Asharq News, a 24/7 Arabic multiplatform news service, which reaches across the Arab world and beyond through a dedicated television channel and multiple digital platforms, powered by an AI system of content curation and IP technology. This system includes virtualized and on-premises content, utilizing cloud-based applications, and a hybrid architecture for content aggregation, production, and distribution.The authors point out that adoption of AI in newsroom will help news organisation to keep pace with disruptive developments, and also empower journalists by streamlining media workflows, automating mundane tasks, facilitating data crunching, identifying media trends and insights, eliminating fake news, and generating outputs.

Careem app can buy cinema tickets across Dubai

Careem, the region’s leading multi-service app, has introduced a convenient way for cinema lovers in Dubai to browse for and purchase movie tickets, directly through the Careem app.By selecting the ‘Tickets and Passes’ icon on Careem, customers can search for, select, and purchase tickets for movies at all Dubai Reel Cinemas venues, including The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, and The Springs Souk, with plans to extend the feature to other cinema providers across the UAE.Customers can also view trailers and ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings for movies, including the latest blockbusters Oppenheimer, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, within a few taps. Customers that book two movies through the app in July can enter a raffle for a chance to win prizes, including an iPhone 14 and complimentary Starzplay subscriptions.SimplifyingAli Sinai, Senior Director of Partnerships at Careem, commented: “Booking cinema tickets through Careem saves the hassle of navigating multiple websites or apps before deciding on a movie to watch. Our platform offers trailers, reviews, and locations and timings for different venues all in one place, making the whole movie ticket-purchasing process super seamless from start to finish. We’re excited to simplify life for our customers in yet another way.”Careem launched its ‘Tickets and Passes’ service in September 2022 by partnering with online events marketplace, Tikety, to provide customers with easy access to UAE events. Since then, customers have used Careem to search for, purchase, and manage tickets and bookings for different activities across the UAE, including Museum of the Future, Louvre Abu Dhabi, yacht rentals, and live concerts.Tikety is the latest partner to be added to Careem, the everything app, which offers a platform for digital businesses to scale their services and expand their reach by tapping into Careem’s tech, infrastructure, and network. Careem already boasted partnerships with Swapp to offer customers access to car rental services, JustLife for home cleaning, and Washmen for laundry services

Blockchain and AI must work together for credibility, trust

Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) must work together in order to increase the trust and credibility of the data used by the AI, industry experts said on Thursday.While speaking at the Blockchain in Banking Fest organised by Dubai AI & Web 3.0 Campus at DIFC Innovation Hub, Pierre Samaties, partner at Roland Berger, said the two technologies need to work together, firstly, because AI is eating up all of the data, and secondly, people are not 100 per cent sure of what is fake and what is real. While, on the other hand, blockchain is a truth machine that is ensuring that whatever is generated has a digital ID and can be traced back to a valid source.“We are now entering a new phase of the internet – Web 3.0. Web 2.0 was read and write while Web 3.0 would be read, write and own. If you log onto Twitter, you own your tweets in Web 3.0. Also, blockchain will incentivise you for sharing your data if AI wants to access it. Blockchain will make sure that it can be traced back and you get an incentive for that,” he said during a panel discussion on the “Confluence of blockchain and AI and its impact on banking”.Samaties stated that the combination of AI and blockchain will increase credibility and trust.“AI can help human prosperity if we have other counterbalances in check and it is a win-win game because we know that data AI is using is valid. At the same time, AI can produce more high-quality results if they know their personal data wallet,” he added.Olivier Crespin, strategic adviser, Giift, also stressed that the two technologies offer massive opportunities if combined.Dr Farhan Ujager, senior lecturer and programme leader (AI) at De Montford University Dubai, said blockchain provides transparency and traceability but it lacks intelligence parts and synergy with AI can give intelligence as well.“Blockchain offers trust while AI has the potential to make smart decisions but the inherited problem with AI is what if the source data is wrong. And when it comes to banking, there is a need for accuracy and smart decision.”He added that a major bank was using AI for money laundering and the foundation was blockchain, hence substantially improving its anti-money laundering process.In another panel discussion, Paul Dawalibi, CEO, Holodeck Ventures, Vasseh Ahmed, managing director, Enjinstarter and Husain Kayyal, chief revenue officer, FOO, highlighted the challenges of why blockchain is mainstream yet.

GMG Everyday Goods retail opens Monoprix at Nakheel Mall Palm Jumeirah

GMG’s Everyday Goods – Retail division has announced the opening of the second Monoprix in Nakheel Mall at the Palm Jumeirah. This popular high end French franchise brings with it the promise of a wide range of high-quality foods and the latest in home and decor trends. It has already successfully established credentials after its first opening in 2022 at Dubai Hills Gardenia Residence and is certain to capture the imagination of the Nakheel Mall audience who covet quality, convenience, and sustainability.Designed to offer a unique ‘local fresh market’ experience, Monoprix at Nakheel Mall features a complete range of meats and choice cuts, seafood, and cheese selections, each with the signature of reputed French gourmet professionals.Customers can also enjoy baked goods and pastries reminiscent of the best Parisian patisseries.Monoprix at Nakheel Mall will also encourage local produce as an integral part of its allure and support the company’s overall ‘farm to fork’ approach, whilst also housing an extensive range of high-quality private label food and nonfood products.The Monoprix at Nakheel Mall is showcasing for the first time the Monoprix Maison concept - a place of inspiration, which cultivates the art of being at home and offers living environments that re-enchant everyday life and celebrate the passion of the discerning consumer for fine foods and good taste. To ensure a satisfying shopping experience, Monoprix at Nakheel Mall will also have a flower corner and a coffee shop, thereby adding to shopper’s convenience.“We are delighted to open the latest Monoprix and continue our efforts to provide the highest quality of products and services, as well as follow a sustainable approach in our daily operations and in the way we serve our consumers. Monoprix Nakheel Mall at the Palm Jumeirah is part of our plan to build the Monoprix brand in the UAE and grow our physical footprint,” said Marc Laurent, President, Retail – Everyday Goods, GMG.“Monoprix at Nakheel Mall will be ideal for those who have a passion for the good life and good taste in their food selections and their home décor. Our exclusive range of private food and non-food labels promise great value for money and serve as an inspiration towards a more discerning lifestyle. At Monoprix, the customer-oriented culture is paramount, and, through it, we encourage loyalty and work together for the best experience,” he added.

Jing tea launches new sustainability initiatives to support UAE market

Luxury tea brand JING Tea announce two key initiatives to support the hospitality industry within the United Arab Emirates continuing their commitment to deliver ‘A Better Model of Tea - Highest Quality Single Garden Teas, Responsibly Sourced and Perfectly Presented.’JING teas are certified Carbon Neutral and all teas are available in loose leaf formats- delivering an authentic tea service whilst also reducing packaging. Adding to their range of plant based compostable tea bags, JING has also announced the launch of their NEW JING 100% PLASTIC FREE TEABAGS. Available in a range of 6 single origin teas and infusions, this new range contains no plastic or bioplastics.Furthermore, to support their footprint in the region, JING has invested in their first UAE BASED OPERATIONS. This new local warehousing and fulfilment aligns to JING’s commitment to delivering superior customer service, allowing for fast and flexible deliveries via their exclusive distributor Bidfood Middle East in the UAE, and are available on myBidfood, the first e-distribution platform in the Middle East enabling customers the convenience to order anytime, anywhere.‘We are delighted to announce the launch of local supply in the UAE as well as our increased focus and support of the delivery of sustainable serves. Through these initiatives we believe we can deliver the most unforgettable tea experiences for our customers and their guests whilst playing our part in reducing our impact which has always been at the heart of our business’ approach’- Susannah Goldberg, General Manager, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.JING Tea – the highest quality leaves, sustainably sourced, locally supplied.

Gemeria Launches Dubai Branch Offering Ethical Human Hair Extensions Globally

Dubai: Gemeria on the grand opening of its wholesale branch for bulk buyers and salon partners in Dubai. This expansion represents a significant milestone for the company and showcases Gemeria's dedication to delivering premium quality hair extensions globally. Its focus on eco-friendly practices and ethically sourced natural human hair has positioned it as a pioneer in sustainability within the hair extensions industry.With a strong customer base of over 1,00,000 satisfied customers in India, Gemeria now aims to bring its exceptional hair extensions to the international market. The acquisition of a trade license for its Dubai branch demonstrates Gemeria's commitment to expanding globally while maintaining its core values of using 100% natural hair and promoting sustainability. This move solidifies its reputation as a trusted leader in the hair extension industry, catering to a diverse and global customer base.The wholesale branch offers a diverse range of high-quality products, including human hair extensions, clip-in extensions, ponytail extensions, and colored hair extensions for bulk buyers and salon partners. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail, it is poised to revolutionize the hair extension industry in the Middle East.Gemeria recognizes the importance of offering customers a physical space to explore and experience the beauty and versatility of its products firsthand. The decision to open a branch in Dubai was influenced by the growing demand for luxurious and top-notch hair extensions in the region."We are excited to introduce our premium hair extensions in Dubai, catering to the fashion-forward Middle Eastern market. With our exceptional products and commitment to customer satisfaction, It will be the go-to destination for hair extensions in Dubai and beyond," said Mani Tyagi, Co-Founder of Gemeria.Gemeria's innovative hair extensions and wigs, such as the half-head wig engineered by Gemeria, showcase the company's commitment to providing high-quality products that set them apart from competitors. The company has established a wide network of authorities and associations, particularly from South Indian temples, who provide pure, raw, virgin hair. This hair is then carefully classified based on its characteristics and undergoes an extensive and detailed cleaning and conditioning process before being used by clients.

Olyoly.vcom partners with Medialinks to enhance its performance marketing

Medialinks, the UAE-born performance agency renowned for driving online success, proudly announces its strategic partnership with, the dynamic e-commerce platform captivating customers with its exceptional product catalogue. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing the online shopping experience and solidifying's position as an industry, Known for their commitment to quality and cutting-edge vibes, they've got a lineup of products that cater to all the fashion-savvy peeps out there. Whether it's a streetwear collection, a statement necklace, or a globally known brand, offers fashion-forward selections that resonate with the most discerning tastes. Users can check out their impressive lineup featuring big hitters like Goorin Bros, Fingercroxx, Musium Div, Amar de amarante, Jackie Mack, Luv AJ, Melissa, and more.OlyOly product offerings resonate with a diverse audience, catering to streetwear enthusiasts, fashion-forward individuals, jewellery lovers, and those seeking unique products. The platform delivers quality, innovation, and the convenience of online shopping.Through the strategic partnership with Medialinks, aims to amplify its brand visibility and engage with a broader audience. Medialinks' expertise in performance, content creation, and data-driven analytics, positions for remarkable growth and continued success."We are honoured to partner with, an exceptional e-commerce platform which is born and bred in Dubai, exactly like us as Medialinks" said Zeeshan Sajid Amin, Head of Growth at is thrilled about the transformative collaboration with Medialinks. "We are excited to have Medialinks as our digital marketing partner," expressed Rajesh Sajnani, spokesperson of "Their expertise and passion for our brand make them the ideal choice. With this partnership, we are confident in reaching new heights and solidifying our position as an industry leader."

Stream Shreek partners with MENA game streamer GuildMM

Dubai: Stream Shreek, the leading marketplace platform connecting game streamers and brands, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Mohammed Yaseen, renowned as GuildMM, a popular Emirati Twitch-Partnered streamer. This collaboration represents Stream Shreek's commitment to fostering an environment for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) game streamers to thrive and collaborate.Stream Shreek is a pioneering technology platform that empowers brands to seamlessly integrate their gaming campaigns with creativity and scale across thousands of popular game streams in the MENA region. The platform offers trackability and a two-layered AI-powered safety solution for brand campaigns, ensuring a safe and supportive space for both streamers and brands."We are thrilled to have Mo join us as an honorary business partner," said Aasim Shaik, Co-founder of Stream Shreek. "His remarkable journey, resilience, and dedication to gaming and charitable causes perfectly align with our vision. Through this partnership, we aim to provide unique opportunities and exceptional experiences for the gaming community."Mohammed's journey into the world of streaming began in 2020 during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. An avid gamer since childhood, Mo's incredible journey of overcoming a life-threatening heart attack and surgery led him to adopt a symbolic crown, representing the celebration of his second chance at life. Throughout his gaming experience, Mo has explored numerous titles, but it is the Guild Wars franchise that has captivated his attention the most. He has been an avid player since the release of Guild Wars 1 in 2005 and continued his adventures in Guild Wars 2, establishing a substantial community of over 25,000 players dedicated to in-game trading.Nindi Priya Dev Sharma, Head of Growth for Stream Shreek, commented, "The game streamers community in the MENA region is unlike any other, with distinct interests and preferences. Stream Shreek is a platform created by gamers, and we combine our passion for gaming and technology to bring a unique marketplace to brands and companies looking to associate with gaming in the MENA region. Simultaneously, we strive to represent MENA game streamers and maximize their growth potential."The partnership between Stream Shreek and Mo marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry, as both entities align their expertise, resources, and shared values to enhance the gaming experience for Arabic-speaking gamers. Together, they aim to foster a thriving community, support aspiring content creators, and contribute to meaningful charitable initiatives in the region.With the collaboration of Stream Shreek and Mo, the gaming community and brands alike can anticipate a new era of innovation, entertainment, and unforgettable gaming moments.

Connect Ads by Aleph and Digital Turbine forge MENA partnership

Dubai: Announcing an exclusive collaboration between Aleph's Connect Ads, a leading digital media house, and MENA's top-notch advertising solutions provider, along with Digital Turbine, the trailblazer in linking the mobile ecosystem through innovative encounters. Together, they join forces to introduce top-tier mobile advertising solutions to esteemed agencies and brands in the MENA region.Under this partnership, Connect Ads by Aleph will exclusively handle all advertising sales and account management activities in the region, representing Digital Turbine's interests.Having been a pioneer in the MENA region's digital media landscape since 2001, Connect Ads, a subsidiary of Aleph Group, has established itself as a global enabler of digital advertising, facilitating connections between thousands of advertisers in over 130 emerging markets and the world's premier digital platforms.In this collaboration, Connect Ads by Aleph will empower regional clients to tap into the potentials of rewarded video advertising in mobile games, leveraging Digital Turbine's influential position in the global arena.Moreover, advertisers will be able to leverage DT's advanced solutions to enhance engagement, attention, and brand outcomes significantly.Notably, DT's Dynamic End Card offers immersive, mobile-first experiences with interactive full-screen executions, allowing users to explore brand offerings after watching the ad to completion.The interactive in-video experience boasts powerful graphic technologies and interactive video ad encounters, enriching the gaming experience for mobile gamers without being intrusive.The region's biggest players in the digital industry consistently choose Connect Ads when venturing into MENA. Connect Ads has spearheaded and nurtured the digital advertising ventures of major tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Spotify, LinkedIn, Shazam, TikTok, Speakol, Huawei Ads, Criteo, among many others.Currently, Connect Ads by Aleph is the preferred partner for more than 24 digital media, AdTech, and big data giants.Mohamed El-Mehairy, Group CEO of Connect Ads by Aleph, stated, "Our vision and strategy are centered around bringing value to our region, catering to both users and advertisers alike. We are delighted to have gained the trust of yet another world-class platform."He further praised Digital Turbine as an exceptional platform, capable of accelerating mobile growth and consumer engagement, thereby connecting brands with a broader audience across various devices.Connect Ads' advertising activities are meticulously measurable in terms of their effectiveness.Digital Turbine's advertising platform integrates seamlessly with leading measurement partners such as Moat, DV, and IAS, while excelling in attention results, as proven by collaborations with Lumen, Amplified Intelligence, Nielsen, and Kantar.DT's video ads not only seize users' attention but also retain it for an extended duration. A study with attention measurement leader Amplified Intelligence revealed that DT ads outperformed its peers by over 10X in terms of attention.On average, viewers actively engage with DT ads for a combined 22 seconds, a remarkable contrast to the mere 1.6 seconds for mobile web video ads and 2.5 seconds for social video ads.DT's ad experience utilizes a dynamic end-card format, further enhancing its ability to captivate user attention and foster engagement through full-screen video and audio experiences.DT's acclaimed Creative Lab specializes in crafting and optimizing mobile-based creative content that captivates audiences through sight, sound, and motion.

Dubai Culture announces open call for ‘Al Marmoom Short-Film Competition

Dubai: Culture has launched the open call for its Al Marmoom Short-Film Competition that will be held as part of the third edition of the ‘Al Marmoom: Film in the Desert’ festival, inviting aspiring filmmakers to showcase their creativity and storytelling skills. This initiative underscores Dubai's commitment to becoming a global cultural hub and nurturing artistic talent, embodying the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai.Dubai Culture has extended a global invitation to filmmakers and creatives worldwide to participate in this competition that will take place at the scenic Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, bringing together a captivating blend of local, regional, and international talent. For those eager to participate, the application process will commence on 18 July 2023 and conclude on 1 October 2023. A dedicated committee comprised of experienced directors, filmmakers, and experts will thoroughly review and evaluate all submitted applications and films. Their objective is to curate a diverse and enthralling programme for the festival’s highly anticipated third edition, aligned with fostering a vibrant cultural movement that bolsters and fortifies Dubai's creative economy.The competition seeks to promote sustainability and collaboration in the film industry through its rich programme of activities, qualitative shows, interactive workshops, and panel sessions. The goal is to create an inclusive environment where professionals can share experiences, inspire new talent, and provide a cultural experience for the public. Additionally, it aims to support emerging local and regional filmmakers by offering them a valuable platform to showcase their creativity, refine their skills, and achieve professional growth. The festival's competition encompasses documentaries, animation, and live-action films. The winning specimens are selected based on criteria related to quality and content, with the first-place winners receiving a cash prize of AED 30,000 and an honourary shield for each category.Last year’s second festival edition featured a three-day programme that included screening 80 films and 26 talks and panels hosted by industry experts. A specialised workshop was also presented, providing valuable insights and knowledge. In addition, the festival had a variety of exhibitions and artworks that celebrated the history of cinema and emphasised the significance of local cultural and artistic heritage. The films ‘May 27th of This Year’, ‘Osha the Falconer’, and ‘The Wanderer came in the top three in the competition’s first edition, respectively, which received over 270 applications, of which 122 films were chosen based on the jury’s evaluation. NO

Dubai Chambers unveils Dubai Business Forum

Dubai: Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai Chambers has announced the launch of the Dubai Business Forum. The prestigious event will be hosted at the city’s Madinat Jumeirah from 1–2 November 2023 under the theme ‘Shifting Economic Power: Dubai and the Future of Global Trade.’ Powered by Dubai Chambers, the transformational two-day forum will bring together key public and private sector stakeholders from across the globe to forge partnerships, cultivate international networks, and unlock a world of opportunities. Previously known as the Global Business Forum (GBF), the Dubai Business Forum is set to play an instrumental role in achieving the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33). Announced in January 2023 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, D33’s ambitious blueprint features 100 projects aimed at doubling the size of Dubai’s economy over the coming decade and consolidating the emirate’s position among the top three global cities worldwide. With Dubai leading the world across a wide range of industries, and particularly in future-facing sectors, the forum will gather visionary Heads of State, government officials, global business leaders, and major international investors to redefine the rules of success. The event is set to bring together leaders from sectors including technology, retail, finance, travel and hospitality, real estate, and healthcare to participate in insightful discussions on transforming business for the future. Commenting on the launch of the forum, His Excellency Abdul Aziz Abdulla Al Ghurair, Chairman of Dubai Chambers, said: “Shaping the future requires concerted efforts, and we remain fully dedicated to enhancing the competitiveness of Dubai’s economy in line with the vision of the emirate’s wise leadership. The launch of the Dubai Business Forum underlines our commitment to facilitating opportunities for business growth and investment in the emirate and beyond while paving the way for businesses to leverage the opportunities of Dubai's ambitious D33 economic agenda.” His Excellency added: “This prestigious event will serve as a catalyst for change by creating an unrivalled platform for networking and deal-making that will empower business leaders from across the globe and reinforce Dubai's position at the heart of the global economy. We look forward to hosting insightful sessions that will unlock new opportunities for growth in trade and investment and transform the future of business.” Dubai’s strategic location as a global gateway for business and international trade positions it as the ideal venue to host an event of this significance. Recognised as one of the world’s leading centres for innovation and partnerships, the emirate serves as a commercial bridge connecting continents that drives economic growth and global collaboration. The Dubai Business Forum creates a dynamic platform that will boost engagement with key stakeholders and accelerate the growth of trade and investments. The event is aligned with Dubai Chambers' strategic objectives of attracting international business and investments to the emirate, supporting the global expansion of Dubai-based companies in targeted markets, and further enhancing Dubai’s favourable business environment.

83% of UAE businesses ready to harness generative AI for future growth

Dubai:  Coursera, one of the world's largest online learning platforms, partnered with YouGov, an international research, data, and analytics group, to commission a study of over 500 business leaders in the UAE. The study aimed to uncover perceptions of generative AI and its impact on businesses and the workforce.According to the study data, an overwhelming 83% of UAE businesses stated their readiness to integrate generative AI into their operations. Furthermore, 82% have already implemented it for their existing offerings, with 51% stating extensive implementation covering all functions.Additionally, the study revealed that 85% of business leaders believe generative AI will reshape their customer offerings or business operations in the next three years, with 91% considering it crucial for business growth.The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031 reaffirms UAE's position as a global hub for AI. It places emphasis on attracting talent for future jobs, funding research and innovation hubs, developing suitable infrastructure and data ecosystems, and establishing a balanced legislative environment.While UAE business leaders highlighted the potential benefits of generative AI for improving their enterprises, they also expressed concerns. Job displacement (55%), data privacy and security (49%), and lack of transparency in decision-making (43%) were cited as the top risks of implementing AI in operational functions.The study further revealed that 50% of business leaders believe generative AI will change the required skills for the workforce. Notably, 87% of respondents expressed the desire for new employees to possess the necessary AI skills. Moreover, 2 in 3 of surveyed companies plan to use online training to upskill their employees and bridge the AI skills gap."The remarkable implementation of generative AI and UAE companies' commitment to embracing this transformative technology highlight the nation's successful investment in shaping the future. This strategic move aligns with ongoing digital transformation efforts, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and productivity for the workforce,” said Kais Zribi, General Manager for the Middle East and Africa at Coursera. “Data from our study emphasizes the importance of continuous learning for both employees and job seekers, empowering them to proactively adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the modern workplace."The AI market in the Middle East is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. According to PwC, AI is projected to contribute close to 14% of the UAE’s national GDP by 2030, while the Middle East is expected to capture 2% of the total global benefits of AI in 2030, equivalent to USD 320 billion.Currently, Coursera offers over 770 AI and Machine Learning (ML) courses, with 1.7 million enrollments globally between January and April 2023. The company recently announced an array of AI-powered learning tools and features, including Coursera Coach and AI-assisted course building.

VT Markets appoints Eslam Elshafay as Operations Manager for MENA Region

Dubai: VT Markets, a leading global forex broker, is pleased to announce the appointment of Eslam Elshafay as Operations Manager for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. With a wealth of experience in the forex industry, including a successful tenure at Accuindex, Eslam brings valuable expertise to his new role.Eslam Elshafay joins VT Markets with a remarkable track record in the field, having served as the CS & Operations Manager at Accuindex for two and a half years. During his time at Accuindex, Eslam showcased exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of operational efficiency in the forex market. His dedication to providing exceptional customer service and driving operational excellence played a pivotal role in Accuindex's success.With over five years of experience in the forex industry, Eslam possesses a comprehensive understanding of the market's dynamics and a keen eye for identifying emerging trends. His expertise in risk management, compliance, and operational strategies will prove instrumental in further enhancing VT Markets' position as a leading player in the industry.As the Operations Manager for VT Markets in the MENA region, Eslam Elshafay will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, ensuring seamless execution of services, and maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction. His strong leadership abilities and strategic vision will help streamline internal processes, drive organizational growth, and foster a culture of excellence within the MENA region.I am thrilled to be joining VT Markets as their Operations Manager for the MENA region," said Eslam Elshafay. VT Markets is renowned for its commitment to providing clients with innovative trading solutions and exceptional service. I look forward to working closely with the talented team in the region and contributing to the company's continued success in the global forex market.

Amazonico Dubai announces the appointment of Andre Alexy as General Manager

Dubai: Amazónico Dubai, the renowned Latin-American hotspot in DIFC, has appointed seasoned F&B professional Andre Alexy as General Manager.With extensive knowledge in the hospitality and F&B industry across the globe and in the region, Andre brings his expertise, a passion for culinary excellence, and a proven track record of success to Amazónico. Bringing along 15 years of experience and solid operational development and multi-unit management expertise, Andre will oversee the overall operations of the acclaimed venue and lead a dedicated team of world-class chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, and hospitality professionals.Hailing from Germany, Andre’s first foray into the hospitality industry was an apprenticeship in Munich. After, he joined esteemed hotels and restaurants in Munich and Abu Dhabi before joining Beach Rotana as General Manager for three of its venues. He then moved to Doha to open Celebrity Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s first restaurant outside the US at Mondrian Doha before joining TAO Group’s pre-opening team of KOMA in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Prior to his current role, Andre led the pre-opening team of the Atlantis Royal Dubai and oversaw six venues across the expansive resort, including day and nightlife venues, brand partner restaurants, beach and pool clubs, and the resort’s entire outdoor F&B operation.Offering a fresh perspective to Amazónico Dubai, Andre aims to further solidify the venue as the go-to destination for guests seeking a one-of-a-kind sensory experience, complimented by a warm and welcoming hospitality and ambience synonymous with the brand.

beIN Sports to broadcast all 64 matches of FIFA Women’s World Cup

beIN SPORTS, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)’s leading broadcaster, will champion the growing equality and diversity in global football by airing live and exclusive all 64 matches of this summer’s much-anticipated FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 – the first of the tournament’s nine editions to feature 32 teams.Through its beINSPIRED initiative, beIN is committed to elevating the profile of under-represented sports globally and recognizes the value that all sports, and particularly women’s sports, play in advancing equality across the international sports ecosystem.beIN will broadcast the opening and closing ceremonies and matches, semi-finals and final across the MENA region on its free-to-air channel, beIN SPORTS.The remaining matches will air over a non-stop one-month programming schedule on beIN SPORTS 1 PREMIUM in Arabic, and in English on beIN SPORTS 1 ENGLISH, from 20 July to 20 August.Match timings vary between 04:00 MECCA – 15:30 MECCA with most games between 08:00 MECCA – 13:00 MECCA.Arabic coverage on beIN SPORTS 1 PREMIUM will feature in-studio commentary of the tournament’s opening ceremony and match between co-hosts New Zealand and Norway live from the Football Ferns’ national stadium in Auckland’s Eden Park, as well as all the games featuring the Moroccan national team, the semi-finals and the final.The in-studio coverage will be presented by Areej Sleem, the first female Arab presenter to cover a slew of the world’s most prestigious global sporting events.beIN SPORTS will also provide in-depth analysis hosted by two of the Arab world’s most high-profile women footballers in former Jordanian team captain Ala’a Othman, who led her national side to West Asian Championship victories in 2005 and 2007, as well as winning the 2010 First Arab Cup Championship in Bahrain. Othman also steered her Shabab al-Ordon team to four consecutive Women’s League Championship wins.Joining Othman is Fatima Zohra, the former Moroccan player and referee, and the current coach of both the women and men’s teams at Olympique club de Khouribga (OCK) in her home country.Over on beIN SPORTS 1 ENGLISH all 64 matches will be available live and exclusive. There will also be a nightly studio “World Cup Today” on air at 18:00 MECCA, that will show the best of the day’s action.The best analysis will be provided by Jodie Taylor, the current Arsenal FC player and a 51 international cap holder, who was part of the England team that finished third at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Taylor will be joined by Claire Rafferty the former England international and regular UK TV pundit.beIN SPORTS NEWS will also dedicate a 26-minute nightly bulletin to the tournament at 18:00 MECCA to review all the day’s action, preview upcoming games, and air exclusive feature stories and interviews.The bulletins will be presented by a female team of a beIN SPORTS news presenter and guests, and will include reactions from participating nations, including Morocco.“This will be an historic FIFA Women’s World Cup with the tournament’s biggest ever line-up of competing national sides reflecting women’s soccer growing global status,” commented Duncan Walkinshaw, Director of Programs at beIN MENA.“We anticipate strong consumer demand across the region, with Arab fans expected to support the Moroccan side’s fortunes. We will also extend our offering to a ‘free TV channel’ in each MENA territory for the opening ceremony and match, the semi-finals, final and the closing ceremony.“We look forward to providing outstanding coverage of this exceptional tournament and wish all the competing sides the best of luck.”

Du, Alliance form Teaming Agreement for seamless connectivity

Du and Alliance Networks (Alliance) have reached a Teaming Agreement aimed at providing seamless intra-regional high-capacity connectivity to potential third-party customers in the region.Du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (EITC), is a leading provider of telecommunications services in the UAE, with a robust network infrastructure, data centres, and international cables. Alliance, on the other hand, is an established player in the region, with a regional network and commercial partnerships with various operators as part of the Alliance Networks.Under this agreement, the parties have identified significant Service Collaboration Opportunities to work together and leverage their respective strengths to deliver exceptional connectivity solutions to customers in the GCC region and beyond. The collaboration will combine du's extensive network infrastructure and Alliance's regional presence and commercial partnerships, enabling the provision of high-capacity connectivity services to meet the growing demands of customers.Reliable serviceAdel Al Daylami, CEO of Alliance Networks, said: "This strategic alliance combines our regional expertise and network capabilities with du's extensive infrastructure, allowing us to provide comprehensive and reliable services to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the region."Both du and Alliance are committed to delivering exceptional connectivity solutions, and this Teaming Agreement represents a significant step towards that goal. By combining their expertise and resources, they aim to provide seamless intra-regional connectivity to customers in the region, strengthening the telecommunications infrastructure and supporting regional growth and development.-- TradeArabia News Service

Emirates celebrates 30 years in Oman

Dubai: Emirates is celebrating 30 years of operations to Muscat, Oman, during which the airline carried 4.8 million passengers to and from the Sultanate on more than 37,200 flights, connecting travellers to and from 140 global destinations.Emirates first began operations to Oman in 1993 with a Boeing 777-200 aircraft with a four weekly services. In 2019, Emirates launched the world’s shortest scheduled A380 flight, flying a distance of 340 kilometres each way from Dubai to Muscat, offering travelers the chance to experience Emirates’ iconic products and services, defined by comfort, luxury and flexibility.Over the years, Emirates SkyCargo has served as a facilitator for global trade, transporting over 155,000 tonnes of cargo to international markets. Emirates SkyCargo is supporting Omani businesses by exporting key local goods such as threads for garments to Amman, Nairobi and Pakistan as well as fresh produce such as fish, beans and vegetables to various destinations across Europe and US, in addition to the seasonal fresh beans to Japan.Creating further career opportunities within Oman, the Emirates Group employs over 40 Omanis, in multiple roles including cabin crew, pilots and other parts of the business such as Emirates Engineering, Emirates Airport Services and Airport Operations. Half of these employees have been with the Emirates Group for over 10 years, demonstrating the airline’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing a wide range of development prospects enabling employees to gain world-class expertise.Fahad Al Hassawi, Country Manager Oman at Emirates, said: "Oman has been an important market for Emirates since the beginning of operations, providing flexible connections through Dubai to the wider world, for both passengers and air freight. Over the last three decades, we are proud to have brought more choice, comfort and luxury to over 4.8 million travelers to and from the Sultanate, headlined by the deployment of the world’s shortest A380 flight. We are committed to the country and look forward to the next 30 years.”Emirates is renowned for providing a full service offering onboard, including regionally inspired gourmet meals on-board and over 6,500 channels of on-demand entertainment on the airline’s award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice. vCopyright 2022 Al Hilal Publishing and Marketing Group Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. ( The content of this article is syndicated or provided to this website from an external third party provider. We are not responsible for, and do not control, such external websites, entities, applications or media publishers. The body of the text is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and has not been edited in any way. Neither we nor our affiliates guarantee the accuracy of or endorse the views or opinions expressed in this article.

UAE-startup Growdash secures $750,000 pre-seed funding to drive GCC expansion

Dubai: UAE-based restaurant-tech startup Growdash has closed a $750,000 pre-seed round of funding, which will help drive expansion across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Cairo-based seed and early-stage venture capital firm Flat6Labs led the round along with participation from Plus Venture Capital (+VC), Judah VC, TPN Investments and several angel investors, such as former Talabat CEO, Abdulhamid Alomar, and serial entrepreneur Zeid Husban.The new capital will be deployed to hire new talent, further augment its offerings with innovative features and expand its services across the wider region, the company said in a statement.Talabat and Deliveroo alumni Sean Trevaskis and Enver Sorkun founded Growdash in 2022. The startup helps restaurants unlock the power of analytics and business intelligence to build and execute growth strategies that positively impact bottom-line profitability.  Growdash currently operates in the UAE and Kuwait. The company is set to launch its SaaS solution in Qatoar and Saudi Arabia this year, followed by expansion into the wider region in early 2024.“We have grown by over 500% this year, so far, which validates the problem we are solving for restaurants,” said Sean Trevaskis, Co-Founder & CEO of Growdash. “This funding will help us further accelerate our growth and achieve our goal of empowering restaurants everywhere to stand out in the highly competitive online food delivery landscape,” he added.

Content creator platform Fanfix launches in MENA region

Dubai: Fanfix, a leading exclusive clean content platform, has announced its launch in the MENA region. With a successful track record in Los Angeles, USA, and an eight-figure deal with SuperOrdinary, Fanfix is set to revolutionize the way content is created, consumed, and monetized in the region. The platform aims to empower content creators and provide a brand-friendly environment for users to engage with exclusive content.Fanfix prioritizes the safety and security of its creators and users, implementing proactive content moderation and a robust community reporting system. This ensures a welcoming environment suitable for users of all ages and fosters inclusivity. The platform boasts over seven million creators worldwide and is committed to supporting creators in various content fields, including fashion, music, beauty, gaming, and more. It has already become the go-to platform for beauty and lifestyle influencers in the region, with notable influencers such as Model Roz and Summer Bujsaim earning six-figure monthly earnings.Ally Salama, Director of Fanfix MENA, stated, "The creator economy is a $250 billion market, with much of it still untapped. We are on the cusp of witnessing the most significant paradigm shift across the UAE and KSA within the MENA creator economy, as countries adopt innovative ways to harness the power of the internet and community building over the next five years."Fanfix utilizes a web-based application accessible across all browsers and supports various content types following 13+ content guidelines. To join the platform, individuals must be over 18 years old and have a minimum of 10,000 followers across social media platforms. The application process occurs through the official Fanfix website and goes through an internal review. Approved creators are then contacted, verified, and can begin publishing content and promoting their profiles. Creators have the flexibility to set their subscription and Tip-to-DM prices, allowing them to earn based on their unique value proposition. Fanfix retains 20% of earnings to cover operational expenses while creators retain 80%.Fanfix provides creators with subscriber count and daily revenue insights to better understand their audiences. Additionally, the platform offers a dedicated regional success team that works closely with creators to ensure effective launch strategies and engagement with their top fans worldwide.With exciting growth plans for the region, including a live-streaming feature within exclusive communities, Fanfix continues to enhance creator and fan experiences by pioneering new ways for interaction.

Crayon Data to benchmark personalized experiences empowered by Generative AI mod

Dubai: Crayon Data, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data company headquartered in Singapore with a presence in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, is working on bespoke Generative AI solutions for large enterprises. Over 11 years, Crayon Data has emerged as the go-to player in AI. With data and AI at its core, Crayon transforms commerce in banks, fintech companies, and other enterprises throughThe first AI-led lifestyle marketplace for banks Hyper localization to drive growth for fintech companiesRevenue acceleration platform for enterprisesReal-time personalized itineraries for travel concierge The world is now embracing new generation AI and the intelligent use of data. This is no surprise to Crayon. Since its inception, the company has always been ahead of the curve.A case in point is Crayon’s flagship platform,, powered by patented algorithms and Machine Learning (ML). It generates simple, easy-to-understand, and relevant insights based on non-PII consumer data. These AI-led insights help enterprises transform customer engagement via hyper-personalization. is the force behind: digital personal storefronts for leading card issuers in India (~15M customers, ~30B$ portfolio); and a personalized lifestyle marketplace for a leading Islamic bank in UAE (~1M customers, 15B portfolio).Crayon’s R&D investment and product roadmaps come together to deliver:AI-generated personalized content to scale marketing and digital commercePersonalized video commerce to supercharge engagement and salesAI-driven sandbox that accelerates production and testing of data modelsMachine learning models for ensembling to drive better performance of recommendationsAI-assisted chatbot for customer and enterprise usersNatural Language Search in discovery, commerce, bookings and moreCommenting on the innovation, Lakshmi Narasimhan, Chief Product Officer of Crayon Data, said, “The global AI market size is progressing with a CAGR of 39.1% from 2023 to 2032. When we started out, we knew AI was going to take the world by storm. As a leading player in the space, we operate at the highest standards of compliance, data protection, and privacy. By design, Crayon Data adheres to responsible, enterprise-grade AI practices as an organizational imperative. Today, Generative AI is not just a buzzword, but the way forward. This is the moment we’ve been building for, all along.”

Acer expands support for SpatialLabs developers

Dubai: Acer today announced an expansion of developer tools for its industry-leading SpatialLabs™ technology, providing more avenues to develop glasses-free, stereoscopic 3D experiences on Acer SpatialLabs Pro devices. With its new Unity plug-in support, developers from various industries and practices can utilize SpatialLabs Pro devices when creating stereo 3D content and applications. Acer’s OpenXR runtime for SpatialLabs has been certified, enabling developers to use OpenXR protocols when building stereo 3D content and applications on SpatialLabs’ commercial displays. The Acer SteamVR Bridge helps unlock the potential of stereo 3D for VR application developers to deliver enhanced immersive experiences when using SpatialLabs Pro devices.Pro Suite Developer Program: Unity Plug-inAcer has launched its support for the Unity plug-in, extending its reach to more creators across various fields, including education, architecture, construction, medicine, and more, alongside the Unreal plug-in. As a widely used platform for creating stereo 3D content and applications, more professional developers can take advantage of the Unity plug-in’s existing tools and verticals to enhance their experiences and help present their models in their true 3D form on Acer SpatialLabs Pro Devices, without the need for specialized glasses.Acer OpenXR RuntimeAcer has successfully reached conformance for its OpenXR Runtime, making SpatialLabs Pro devices conformant with OpenXR. As a long-standing member and contributor of the Khronos OpenXR working group, Acer embraces open standards and is committed to building an accessible ecosystem for its hardware solutions.Acer’s latest milestone benefits the extended reality (XR) developer community by unlocking additional device choices to showcase their creations with high-resolution, glasses-free stereoscopic 3D. Content and application creators may enjoy the synergy of OpenXR’s cross-platform, high-performance API for faster innovation and Acer’s extensive experience in delivering immersive, stereoscopic 3D visuals through its SpatialLabs solution. The OpenXR runtime is also made available for Acer SpatialLabs Pro device users to utilize OpenXR-compatible applications such as Autodesk VRED, and Blender.Acer SteamVR BridgeWith the availability of Acer’s proprietary SteamVR Bridge driver, developers of VR applications, ranging from virtual tours to art exhibits, and educational content, can convert their creations on Acer’s SpatialLabs Pro devices to deliver captivating imagery and clarity to users without the need for VR headsets. SpatialLabs Pro device users may also leverage the Acer SteamVR Bridge with NVIDIA Omniverse™ to streamline workflows and broaden their viewing options for enhanced stereo 3D projection of complex graphics, visual effects, and simulations.Visit the SpatialLabs Developer site for more information on the latest updates and experience the SpatialLabs Pro devices firsthand as it will be on display at COMPUTEX from May 30 to June 2, 2023 at Booth no. M0820, 4F, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan.

NewEvol and emt Distribution announce strategic partnership

Dubai: NewEvol, a leading provider of dynamic threat defense system, and emt Distribution, a renowned global distributor of cybersecurity and IT Solutions are pleased to announce their strategic partnership aimed at safeguarding organizational assets and delivering exceptional value to IT driven customers and businesses irrespective of its industry.The partnership will also facilitate the knowledge exchange and collaboration between the two companies fostering the development of new products and services that address the evolving needs of customers in cybersecurity. By pooling their resources, NewEvol and emt Distribution will accelerate the pace of innovation, enabling businesses to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive technology landscape.Newevol, a NextGen dynamic threat defense, solutions offer an array of advanced features including data lake, Threat Hunting, Automation, Threat Intelligence, and most important AI/ML based analytics of data to identify “unknown-unknowns”. With their deep understanding of the cybersecurity domain, NewEvol empowers business to proactively defend against cyberthreats and safeguard customer’s critical assets.With its extensive channel network and strong relationships with reseller and system integrators, emt Distribution has a proven track record of successfully introducing and distributing innovative cybersecurity solutions. Their expertise in understanding customer needs and delivering value added services will enable organizations to adopt and implement NewEvol's cutting edge solutions seamlessly."Our partnership with NewEvol marks an exciting milestone in our journey to offer the most comprehensive and advanced technology to respond to and prevent security breaches, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their digital assets. We look forward to driving significant value for our customers in their cybersecurity journey through this collaboration." says M Mobasseri, CEO of emt Distribution.“NewEvol, a dynamic threat defense system, needs experienced and specialized partner who can provide value propositions to their channel partner and customers sing well oiled systems. A niche and committed partner, emt Distribution, is the best choice for us to drive value business for the channel and customers. We are bringing tomorrow today through emt Distribution.” Says Sachhin Gajjaer, Group CEO of NewEvol (Product of Sattrix Software Solutions)

Ajman Bank appoints Mustafa Mohammed Saeed Al Khalfawi as CEO

DUBAI: Ajman Bank has announced the appointment of Mustafa Mohammed Saeed Al Khalfawi as the new Chief Executive Officer, who will start his new post from 1st of September 2023.H.H. Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Ajman Bank, said, “We are delighted to welcome Mr. Al Khalfawi as the CEO of Ajman Bank. He is a highly experienced and accomplished banker with a proven track record of leadership and success. We are confident that with his extensive experience, in-depth market understanding and leadership acumen, he will continue to drive Ajman Bank’s growth while delivering exceptional results for our stakeholders, investors and customers.”Speaking about his new position, Mr. Al Khalfawi expressed his utmost gratitude and excitement, stating, "It is a privilege and honor to assume this role, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. I am sincerely grateful to the Board of Directors for their unwavering trust in me during this crucial time. Ajman Bank has been an integral part of the UAE economy providing exceptional Sharia-compliant financial solutions and services across its institutional businesses. With a solid foundation, a robust business strategy, and a dedicated team of experts, our goal is to further elevate Ajman Bank's achievements and propel it to new heights of growth."With over 20 years of strong experience in corporate and consumer banking, Al Khalfawi is an accomplished, versatile, and results-driven corporate and investment banker. He, with his profound industry knowledge, leadership experience, and emphasis on innovation, customer-centricity, and operational excellence, will be instrumental in driving Ajman Bank towards greater success.

Saudi director Abdulaziz heads to NEOM to shoot his latest feature film ‘Hobal

Dubai: NEOM, Saudi Arabia‘Hobal’, the upcoming Saudi feature film from acclaimed director Abdulaziz Alshlahei (The Tambour of Retribution, Zero Distance) will head to shoot in NEOM in northwest Saudi Arabia this September at Bajdah Studios and its sprawling epic landscapes.‘Hobal’ focuses on a Saudi family living in isolation in the desert in the early 1990s. Following their grandfather's strict instructions, they are not allowed to leave the desert. However, a series of events shakes the family's foundation and pits them against a struggle between life and death. The film stars Mohammed Altoyan and Mishal Almutairi, along with an all-Saudi cast.‘Hobal’ is the third feature from locally acclaimed director Abdulaziz Alshlahei, with his second feature film, Saudi period drama The Tambour of Retribution, securing two awards at the Cairo Film Festival and selected as the Saudi Arabian entry for Best International Feature Film at the 94th Academy Awards in 2022.The film’s scriptwriter, Mufarrej Al-Majfel, was one of the winners and recipient of a fund award at the Saudi Film Commission’s Daw Film Competition, an initiative launched by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture in September 2019 to support Saudi film production and champion the next generation of filmmakers by establishing a sustainable funding program to bring Saudi content to the screen and to wider audiences.The film will benefit from production support provided by NEOM who are assisting with crew, location scouting, logistics, and on-the-ground production expertise. The strategic location of Bajdah Studios offers producers the opportunity to shoot on location in the stunning landscapes of NEOM while being in close proximity to the state-of-the-art sound stages complete with back-of-house facilities comprising of make-up rooms, green rooms and production offices.Director Abdulaziz Alshlahei explained: “Since 2018, we have been thinking about unique locations to shoot our film. We decided on NEOM, and specifically Bajdah, where the captivating landscapes will be an influential and integral part of the narrative. Our director of photography will use anamorphic lenses to do justice to this extraordinary and majestic destination and set a beautiful atmosphere for the film. I’m excited about shooting and would like to take this opportunity to thank the NEOM Media Industries team for welcoming us and supporting the film.”Wayne Borg, Managing Director of Media Industries, Entertainment, and Culture at NEOM, said, “We are thrilled to be the location of choice for Abdulaziz Alshlahei’s latest homegrown feature ‘Hobal’. We are looking forward to supporting him in every step of the way to bring his vision to the screen, in what is a very exciting time for the local industry. There is a huge appetite for compelling authentic stories from the region across a range of genres that are now transcending borders which we are proud to be a part of. Supporting the new generation of trailblazing filmmakers and talent is of strategic significance to our industry and is central to creating a film ecosystem as we cement our position as the regional gateway to the industry.”NEOM has supported and provided the backdrop for over 30 local projects spanning film and television across documentary and fiction in the last 18 months including Rupert Wyatt’s ‘Desert Warrior’, starring Anthony Mackie and Sir Ben Kingsley, ‘Dunki’ directed by Rajkumar Hirani and starring Shahrukh Khan, the first regional reality TV show ‘Million Dollar Island’ and ‘Rise of The Witches’, the region’s biggest-ever budget TV show. In addition, MBC’s ‘Exceptional’, a 200-episode-a-year TV drama series is set to begin shooting in July.

WHYFIVE broadens services with three specialized Partners

Dubai: WHYFIVE, previously known as WHY5Research, is expanding its range of services by partnering with three new specialists who will contribute to its growth.The company, originally established in 2007 by the late Jan Callebaut, Madeleine Janssens, and Tom Meere, has maintained its operations under the guidance of Tom Meere and Bart Vandecruys.Tom Meere, the Managing Partner of WHYFIVE, expressed, "Our expertise lies in providing clients with profound insights into the underlying reasons behind human behavior.""While obtaining relevant insights is vital, the true measure of your business's growth lies in how you utilize those insights."Furthermore, through customized workshops, the company assists its clients in developing marketing, communication, and sales strategies. The three new partners, Helena, Elise, and Koen, will aid in promptly transforming market research into tangible results. Thus, their new motto becomes "Insights Love Impact."The company firmly believes that knowledge is the key to growth, and they adhere to this principle within their own organization as well. "Each client receives comprehensive support from a carefully selected partner with relevant practical experience," stated Bart Vandecruys.To strengthen their team, WHYFIVE has enlisted the expertise of three new partners from the marketing and corporate sectors. Koen De Rijcke, formerly associated with PwC, IBM, Accenture, and serving as SVP at Genpact, will leverage his extensive experience in B2B sales and business development to assist clients in translating insights into effective sales and business strategies.Helena Gheeraert, the founder of Wonky and former Director of Strategy at TBWA\Belgium, will lead the new marketing impact team, enabling clients to translate acquired insights into brand positioning, go-to-market strategies, and communication plans.Elise Matthys, who possesses a wealth of experience in both market research and marketing strategy, having worked at Censydiam, Coca-Cola, and serving as CMO at Play Media, perfectly embodies the promise of "Insights Love Impact."With her multilingual background, Elise will take care of WHYFIVE's French-speaking and international clients from their Brussels offices. "Tom, Bart, and I are thrilled to welcome Koen, Helena, and Elise as partners," expressed Ahmed Sulaye, Executive Director at WHYFIVE MENA

Dubai Prince Sheikh Hamdan unveils cloud project to boost digital infrastruture

Dubai: Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, has launched a Dubai Digital Cloud project aimed at creating an agile and reliable digital infrastructure in the emirate.The project will be implemented by Digital Dubai, Microsoft and Moro Hub – a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC).Under the terms of the partnerships, Moro Digital Data Hub will provide cloud services through its platform, Moro Cloud. The platform helps reduce overall costs of IT infrastructure in Dubai and provides a system of emerging technologies and cloud services to support digital transformation.Sheikh Hamdan said the growing pace of Dubai’s digital transformation has significantly boosted the performance of government operations.The city’s ability to provide citizens, residents and visitors with an exceptional digital experience has reinforced its reputation as the world’s best city to live, work and visit, he added. The Dubai Digital Cloud project consists of multiple digital clouds designed to provide flexibility and operational efficiency, while offering solutions from private to public clouds. It also includes multiple service providers, who will work to enhance services and boost their competitiveness, providing government entities with multiple service provider options.Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of Digital Dubai, said: “The project demonstrates the effective partnership and collaboration between the public and private sectors, which sets the stage for a holistic and integrated digital life for everyone.”“It will also empower Dubai Government entities in their digital transformation, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals, and roll out cloud computing technologies to deliver best-in-class government services,” he added.Microsoft and Digital Dubai will collaborate to support the project by leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform and providing platforms dedicated to government entities, in order to ensure the highest levels of security, governance and compliance with Digital Dubai’s policies and regulations.

W7Worldwide video highlights PR’s wider role in society

Jeddah: W7Worldwide, an award-winning marketing communications consultancy agency, has released a 43-second video, in celebration of World Public Relations Day on July 16. (You can check the video here: relations (PR) and communications professionals observe the day to highlight PR’s role in public life and help people understand its growing importance in the image building of a company or a country and also how it can play an important role in mitigating crises in the fast-changing times of today.By designating July 16 as Public Relations Day, the United Nations has honored Ivy Lee, an American writer and journalist, who developed the science of public relations in 1921 and who was born on July 16.The UN occasionally observes certain designated days, weeks, years, and even decades, themed around specific topics or ideas to send a powerful message for advocacy, awareness, and action, like World Television Day, World Press Freedom Day, and other days of global importance.This timely video discards misplaced opinions about PR that it is merely the publication of news and articles. Rather, it shows that the profession has a wider role to play in society as well as globally, for it is mainly linked to building a positive image of a country or an organization as well as educating the public about any impending crisis like climate change. The ultimate goal of PR for any organization is to create and maintain a favorable public perception of it, the video stresses.The clip also explains the unmistakable role of PR in helping organizations and institutions make policies and programs as it gathers data and information through a comprehensive study of public opinions about issues and their attitudes toward the organizations or institutions they deal with.To drive home the point, the short video refers to the role of PR in enhancing the positive image of the state of Qatar during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. It refers to fans’ participation from all over the world in the tournament, which represented the most prominent global sporting event in recent times.The video concludes by emphasizing that PR is capable of winning hearts and changing minds about an idea, organization, or a country because this is one of its main functions.

Emirates signs as main sponsor of King Salman Club Cup 2023

Jeddah: Emirates has announced that it has officially signed on as the Main Sponsor and Official Airline of the King Salman Club Cup 2023. The new sponsorship is in line with the airline’s efforts to support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 ambitions to become a global centre for professional sport. The deal also underscores the airline’s ongoing commitment to connect with the fanbase of the 16 top-tier regional clubs from across the Arab World competing in the high-profile tournament. The announcement was revealed today at a press conference in Jeddah.Jabr Al-Azeeby, Vice President Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Emirates Airline, said: “Emirates is one of the biggest names in sports and is heavily involved in the sport of football, helping fans get closer to the action, and engaging in ways that go far beyond logo recognition. We’re committed to engaging with fans across new football frontiers by supporting the King Salman Cup 2023. We’re also incredibly proud to play a role in supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision to become a global powerhouse for professional sports. It’s already a driving force on the global stage across a gamut of sports, and the tournament is part of wider efforts to expand sports further in Saudi. Over the next few weeks of the tournament, we hope to build unique opportunities and experiences with a rich mix of top-tier clubs across the Arab World.”His Excellency Abdullah bin Saeed Aldalac, Vice President of the Saudi Sports Ministry, said: “The Vice President of the Arab Federation welcomes the partnership and confirms that it will be a successful addition to the championship."The sponsorship deal gives Emirates extensive in-stadium brand visibility across a number of touchpoints and on-site advertising at the King Salman Cup. The tournament starts on 27 July and will run through 12 August, taking place across stadiums in Abha, Albaha and Ta’if. The airline will also receive on-site promotional opportunities and hospitality rights. Additionally, Emirates will benefit from digital rights on the tournament channels, and will also lead the trophy presentation during the final match.The King Salman Cup 2023, now in its 30th season, is the Arab World’s official club championship organised by the Union of Arab Football Associations (UAFA). As part of the tournament, 16 clubs at the top of their leagues from across the GCC and North Africa will face off in 31 matches for the ultimate title of champions. The final match will be played in Ta’if at The King Fahed Stadium. A total of USD $10 million will be awarded during the tournament. Well-known clubs in KSA including Al Hilal and Al Nasr will compete in addition to Al Zamalek, Al Wihda, Kuwait Club, Al Rajaa (reigning champions), Shabab Bluzad and others from across the region.Football remains one of the most celebrated sports within Emirates’ sponsorship portfolio. This is demonstrated through ongoing partnerships with some of the biggest names in club football, and some of the most significant tournaments. The airline is a shirt sponsor of leading European and international clubs like AC Milan, Real Madrid, Benfica SL, Arsenal FC and Olympique Lyonnaise. The airline is also the Title Sponsor of The Emirates FA Cup. Emirates recently signed a sponsorship deal with Etoile Sportive du Sahel, one of the most decorated football and basketball sports clubs in Tunisia. It also supports the Arabian Pro-League in the UAE and the Asian Football Confederation.Emirates has been flying to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1989, developing its services to Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Dammam and today operates to the four gateways with 67 weekly flights. The airline’s ongoing commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is underscored by catering to growing passenger demand, and building on customer experience enhancements, like introducing the A380, to ensure that customers travelling can enjoy its latest flagship products.The airline is also committed to supporting Saudi Vision 2030 by helping to grow the Kingdom’s aviation sector and stimulating robust traffic growth, increasing connectivity and deepening its global footprint.

ABO Digital commits $10mln to IoT blockchain company Kalima

Dubai, UAE: Kalima, a delegated proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain for IoT and data, has recently entered into a new agreement with ABO Digital, a private alternative funding investment group based in the Bahamas and Dubai. This significant partnership involves a commitment of US$10 million into the French-based blockchain company.Kalima is a rapidly growing ecosystem that allows enterprises, developers, and startups to build the future of Web3 Enterprise and Data Governance applications, particularly with IoT (Internet of Things) data, in order to solve real-world problems.It is a layer 1 third-generation blockchain, which enables users to independently govern, manage, and monetize data, build decentralized applications (dApps), and create tokens for smart-rewarding systems by leveraging Kalima's decentralized network of permissioned blockchains (PrivaChains).‘’This funding commitment from ABO Digital marks a significant milestone for Kalima Blockchain, which plans on using the funds to further innovate and refine our IoT solutions, which have the potential to revolutionize industries and drive digital transformation. This commitment from ABO Digital will enable Kalima to enhance our IoT blockchain solution for industrial companies and developers, which is ready to be deployed at a global scale, and bolster strategic partnerships within the IoT and Blockchain ecosystem,” said Kalima Blockchain Chief Executive Officer, André Legendre."We are delighted to collaborate with the Kalima team going forward," said Amine Nedjai, CEO of ABO Digital. "Kalima's innovative approach and expertise in Web3 Enterprise and Data Governance applications align perfectly with our commitment to driving technological advancements in enterprise blockchain solutions. This partnership enables us to leverage alternative funding avenues and support the growth of Kalima's groundbreaking initiatives."

Dubai Press Club opens registration for Arab Media Forum 2023

The Dubai Press Club (DPC), organiser of the 21st edition of the Arab Media Forum (AMF), announced that registration to attend the Forum is now open. The two-day event, held from 26-27 September, will bring together prominent political figures, writers, thought leaders and opinion-makers, renowned media personalities, and senior executives of leading Arab and international media organisations.The 21st edition of AMF is set take a deep look at new trends, technologies, Artificial Intelligence in media, and global developments that are shaping the future of the industry in the region.The Forum’s Organising Committee announced that pre-registration is mandatory to attend the event, as there will be no on-site registration available this year. The deadline to register for the event will be 1 September. Participants can complete their registration through the Forum’s official website Maitha Buhumaid, Director of DPC, said the Committee's decision regarding the attendance mechanism is aimed at guaranteeing the seamless organisation of the event and providing optimal comfort for participants, especially considering the significant number of attendees expected to join.Dr. Buhumaid added that the Forum, held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, will focus on accelerating the growth of media and enhancing the regional industry’s ability to keep pace with the evolving global environment.“DPC is committed to realising the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to consolidate Dubai’s status as the capital of Arab media. The Club is also dedicated to actively contributing to the development of the Arab media landscape, while keeping pace with the evolution of the global sector,” she noted.The 21st edition of the Forum will also coincide with the honouring ceremony of the winners of the prestigious Arab Media Award in its various categories.Launched over 20 years ago, the Arab Media Forum is one of the major events in the Dubai Press Club’s annual calendar of events. AMF has emerged as the most comprehensive platform for knowledge sharing in the Arab media community. The annual event has steadily evolved in scope and reach to encompass a broad international outlook.

From legislation to innovation: Dubai's path to digital supremacy

When Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council, launched Dubai’s new Digital Strategy last month, he unveiled an ambitious plan for turning Dubai into an international leader in the digital sector. Centred on seven key pillars including the digital city, digital economy, data and statistics, digital talent, digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, and digital competitiveness, the strategy created a clear roadmap for Dubai’s transformation into one of the world’s top digital economies over the next decade.Underpinning all these pillars is an extensive set of legislative frameworks and judicial systems that Dubai has been building for over two decades, which provide the perfect platform for its new strategic push to become the capital of the global digital economy. The emirate has been a pioneer in developing specialised legislations and judicial systems to accelerate digital transformation.How Dubai’s laws support its digital visionAccording to His Excellency Ahmed bin Meshar, Secretary General of Dubai’s Supreme Legislation Committee, “Dubai’s visionary leadership recognised at a very early stage of its growth that robust legislative and regulatory frameworks are vital to delivering good governance, progress and prosperity. The world-class legal institutions and frameworks created by Dubai have played a vital role in its growth into one of the world’s leading destinations for investment, business, innovation, and technology. Decades of dedicated efforts, guided by sagacious leadership, have led to the establishment of a transparent legal framework that nurtures innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation and provides local and international businesses with the safe and stable environment needed to thrive. As Dubai emerges as one of the world's leading digital economies, the city's globally benchmarked laws and judicial systems have made sure investors, consumers and businesses can operate in a secure, supportive and reliable digital ecosystem."Under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, First Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the UAE and Chairman of the Supreme Legislation Committee of Dubai, the Committee continues to advance legislative development in Dubai and spearhead innovative regulatory initiatives, contributing to the city’s development as a thriving global hub for commerce and technology.Here are some of Dubai’s most important laws and judicial initiatives that have helped transform the city into a digital powerhouse:World's only independent and specialist regulator for virtual assetsLast year, Dubai launched the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), the world's only independent and specialist regulator for Virtual Assets to serve as the accelerator for a truly borderless digital economy. Established pursuant to Law No.4 of 2022 Regulating Virtual Assets in the Emirate of Dubai, VARA is in charge of regulating Virtual Assets (VAs) and VA activities across Dubai, excluding DIFC. VARA plays a central role in protecting investors and establishing international standards for VA governance. Virtual assets regulated by VARA include cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). VARA’s regulatory oversight covers seven licensed virtual asset activities, including advisory, broker-dealer, custody, exchange, lending and borrowing, payments and remittance, and virtual assets management and investment services. All Virtual Asset Service Providers operating in Dubai must be licensed by VARA.Virtual asset regulatory frameworkIn February 2023, Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) issued the Virtual Assets and Related Activities Regulations 2023, a comprehensive virtual asset regulatory framework applicable to all Virtual Asset Service Providers in Dubai, excluding DIFC. Built on principles of economic sustainability and cross-border financial security, the Virtual Assets Framework is structurally designed to offer regulatory certainty – allowing the market to have greater clarity on operator responsibility. It also mandates gold-standard risk assurance and Anti-Money Laundering standards to be applied by licensed entities within the emirate. The first-of-its-kind VA framework developed by VARA has been structured to accelerate Dubai’s new economy agenda and advance secure and sustainable market growth in the sector. The framework reflects Dubai’s commitment to delivering a progressive VA ecosystem that nurtures digital economy innovation and entrepreneurship.World’s first international digital economy courtAt the turn of the last year, the DIFC Courts announced the launch of the world’s first International Digital Economy Court, a specialised court dedicated to resolving disputes related to emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain, AI, fintech, cloud services, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), 3D printing and robotics. Designed to meet the specific needs of the digital economy sector, the new court offers a suite of dispute resolution services that go beyond traditional public court services.Operated by eminent specialised judicial experts, the Digital Economy Court aims to enhance the ability of global companies and institutions operating in the digital economy to adapt to future requirements in this fast -growing sector. In 2022, the DIFC Courts issued a judgment related to one of the first cryptocurrency litigation disputes in the region and one of the few reported cases in the world that address issues such as the safe transfer of cryptocurrency between buyer and seller and the obligations of a custodian of cryptocurrency.Dubai’s rise as a global hub for knowledge-based industriesIn 1999, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced Dubai Internet City, a visionary initiative that created the foundation for the city’s rise as one of the world’s leading knowledge-based industry hubs. The ‘Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media Free Zone Law No. (1) of 2000’ created the legal foundation for the development of world-class technology, media and design industry clusters in the emirate. These clusters are today home to some of the world’s and the region’s leading digital economy companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Facebook, Cisco, Dell, Amazon, Careem and Aramex.Legal framework for electronic transactionsIn 2002, Dubai issued the Electronic Transactions and Commerce Law No.2, a landmark law that created the legal framework for electronic transactions in the emirate. The law, which has been regularly amended to keep pace with changes in the digital economy, has played a significant role in accelerating the growth of electronic transactions and commerce and promoting the development of the soft and hard infrastructure needed for the digital economy to flourish.A secure environment for the digital economyThe emirate launched the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) pursuant to Law No. 11 in 2014 with the aim of developing and implementing information security practices and setting good-practice criteria for cyber security across the Emirate. DESC has implemented a comprehensive strategy to combat threats, cyber attacks, and cyber crime and protect Dubai from cyber security risks that pose a threat to its sustainable economic developmentGovernance of data exchangeThe introduction of Law No. (26) of 2015 Regulating Data Dissemination and Exchange in the Emirate of Dubai, enabled the creation of a sound and comprehensive legal framework for Dubai’s development into a world-leading smart city. The law, which established comprehensive governance rules for data dissemination and exchange, has contributed significantly to raising the efficiency of government services, simplifying procedures, and reducing operating costs.Regulation of digital servicesDubai issued another landmark law to regulate the digital economy when it issued Law No. (9) of 2022 ‘Regulating the Provision of Digital Services’ in March. The law was aimed at further enhancing and improving the quality of Dubai’s digital services while continuing to drive Dubai’s digital transformation journey in conjunction with federal digital and data laws. Covering digital services provided by both Dubai government and non-government entities in Dubai, the law outlines the key requirements for effective digital service delivery.Dubai’s ability to put in place a clear, transparent and world-class legislative framework for the growth of the digital economy has played a key role in catalysing investment, entrepreneurship, innovation and new technology adoption in the sector. The emirate’s robust legal environment has created new business and investment opportunities, attracted leading global and regional players and fostered high-value public-private partnerships that have raised its ability to achieve its digital economy transformation agenda.

ArabyAds partners with online store Daleel Store

Dubai/Riyadh: Tech company ArabyAds has partnered, through its retail media advertising platform Ritelo, with online store Daleel Store. The aim is to enable exclusive retail media capabilities for Daleel Store.Ritelo, a leading platform in the MENA region, is revolutionizing consumer experiences by providing highly contextual and relevant recommendations. This innovative retail media technology aims to generate sustainable revenue streams for retailers, while also boosting brand awareness and online conversions for advertisers. For consumers, it enhances their experience by offering meaningful and non-intrusive ad recommendations at moments of high purchase intent. This feature aids in both product discovery and overall shopping experience, making it a valuable long-term asset.Mahmoud Fathy, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of ArabyAds, said: “We sit at a very interesting juncture where our technology-led platforms are leveraging innovation to create long-term and sustainable growth in the region. The retail media technology connects audiences, retailers, and advertisers in a transparent, scalable, secure, and consent-led ecosystem. With this partnership, Ritelo brings highly contextual recommendations for advertisers looking to leverage niche audience cohorts and the large audience base of DaleelStore.”Daleel Store CEO Abdul Rahman Al Suliman said: “We are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Ritelo by ArabyAds. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for our company as we continue to expand our reach and deliver unparalleled value to our customers. By joining forces with ArabyAds’ retail media technology platform Ritelo, we are combining our expertise and resources to create a powerful synergy that will revolutionize the industry. Together, we will unlock new opportunities, amplify our brand presence, and provide innovative solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. This strategic alliance is a testament to our commitment to driving growth, fostering innovation, and empowering our customers to achieve unprecedented success. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with ArabyAds, as we jointly navigate the ever-evolving landscape and shape the future of our industry.”Ritelo CEO Tony Bourached said: “I am excited about our exclusive partnership with DaleelStore. By utilizing DaleelStore’s first-party data targeting, advertisers will get access to niche gaming, e-commerce & online shoppers, while DaleelStore will leverage increased monetization opportunities. Ritelo’s retail media technology creates a new marketing channel with consent-driven, contextual, and fraud-free advertising, and I am confident to create more business opportunities through this innovation. “Daleel Store, a Riyadh-based company established in 2013, operates as an e-commerce platform specializing in the sale of digital gift cards and prepaid top-up cards for various services and products. The store presents a diverse selection of offerings, encompassing:  • Digital gift cards for popular gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.   • Prepaid top-up cards for major mobile operators, including Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Mobily.   • Gift cards for renowned online retailers, such as Noon, Amazon, and eBay.

Saudi Coffee Company’s new brand Jazean signs sponsorship deal with Saudi Al-Ahl

Jeddah : The Saudi Coffee Company, through its brand Jazean, announced the signing of a sponsorship agreement with the Saudi Al-Ahli Football Club, with the aim of improving the football industry within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Founded in 1937, Al Ahli is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in Saudi Arabia. This agreement, which has been signed for three years until 2026, is in line with Saudi Coffee Company's keenness to support the growing sports sector in the country and bolster efforts to highlight the Saudi League.The agreement was signed by Mohammed Zainy, Director of Marketing at the Saudi Coffee Company, and the CEO of Al-Ahli FC Investment Company, Engineer Tariq Khalifa. Through this agreement, the two parties will strive to collaborate and take football in Saudi Arabia to new heights. Moreover, the signing confirms the Saudi Coffee Company's commitment to strengthening and caring for local communities.The Saudi Coffee Company, as one of the sponsors of the team, will provide support to the Saudi Al-Ahli FC through Jazean, which is an SCC brand that celebrates indigenous Coffea Arabica and markets it locally and internationally. Through the agreement, the company also aspires to shed light on how Saudi coffee serves as a window to the rich cultural heritage and values of hospitality and generosity that exist within the Kingdom.Commenting on this occasion, Mohammed Zainy, Director of Marketing at the Saudi Coffee Company, said, “We are proud to sign a sponsorship agreement with the Saudi Al-Ahli FC and to provide support for this national icon. Al-Ahli FC and the Jazean brand share similar values that are steeped in tradition and originality. Both represent our passion, rich culture, and our ambition to continue moving forward. Moreover, as part of our quest to become a global product, this sponsorship provides us with a great platform to highlight our Saudi roots and highlight our ambition to become a symbol of national pride.”The CEO of Al-Ahli FC Investment Company, Engineer Tariq Khalifa, expressed his happiness at the signing with the Saudi Coffee Company, saying: “We welcome our new partner who has joined hands with us."He shared that the Board of Directors is keen to create an environment conducive to investments, and sign agreements with companies that befit the prestige and popularity of Al-Ahli FC, indicating that such sponsorships help expand growth and development at the club level, especially considering preparations for the new season.To learn more about the sponsorship agreement, or to view Al-Ahli Saudi FC merchandise, please visit.For more information about the Saudi Coffee Company, please visit the Saudi Coffee Company website

Emirates NBD revamps digital bank Liv for Gen Now

Emirates NBD, a leading banking group, has revamped its digital bank Liv, with a new value proposition targeting Generation Now (Gen Now) empowering them with a better financial future through innovative offerings.Reflected in its new tagline, ‘Liv Ahead’, Liv’s differentiated value proposition offers customers a host of new innovative and rewarding products and services. It is the first digital bank to introduce The Bonus Multiplier Account, with a gamified structure and rewarding customers for their loyalty, giving them a 3% increment on their salaries every month.It is also the first digital bank to offer the Money Ahead Deposit, a 4-month fixed deposit with a lucrative interest rate of 4% giving users interest upfront on day one instead of waiting for the deposit tenure to receive the interest.Innovative productsLiv’s customers benefit from some of the most innovative products and services in the market, like the only credit card that allows switching the rewards between skywards miles and cash back with one click through the App, giving this flexibility to the users instead of customers having to carry two cards.Customers will also have access to enhanced versions of existing products including the popular Goal Accounts, a feature that allows customers to set-and-forget automated rules to easily save money towards their personalised financial goals (For instance, pay-yourself first, save a percentage of what you spend) all while earning attractive returns on their balances. In another first to market, Liv Young – an App designed for kids and teenagers – continues to attract interest in the market, in addition to specially curated lifestyle deals that only Liv customers can benefit through the mobile App.As customers evolve, become more sophisticated and demand more complex products and personalised services, they can be transitioned to other propositions at the Emirates NBD, allowing them to seamlessly continue their financial journey with the group.Solid track recordMarwan Hadi, Group Head, Retail Banking and Wealth Management at Emirates NBD, said: “Emirates NBD holds a solid track record of pioneering several first-to-market innovations over the last decade, including Liv, the first digital bank in the UAE. We are excited to bring customers a redefined Liv, built carefully considering the needs of Gen Now. With a fresh-new look and feel, the new Liv further builds on our aspiration to serve as a financial companion to our customers, supporting their financial goals though a host of innovative ground-breaking products.”Pedro Sousa Cardoso, Chief Digital Officer, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Emirates NBD, added: “Young professionals in the Gen Now category, comprising mainly Gen Zs and Gen Ys, have distinct lifestyles influenced by technological sophistication, a higher-thhan-average tolerance for risk, openness to managing multiple jobs and being more sustainably conscious - all translating to unique financial needs, that an all-purpose digital banking companion like Liv can fulfil. Liv’s transformed proposition resonates and has been aligned with the values and aspirations of Gen Now, 78% of whom would switch their main bank to a fully digital bank, according to an internal study and external data gathered.