With AED6000 prize pool, Homegrown Gaming Platform is hosting many tournaments

GameCentric, a premier homegrown gaming platform, hosts an exciting tournament series from December 3rd to December 23rd. Gamers of all levels can join the ultimate face-off across popular titles like DOTA2, Fortnite, Valorant, COD Mobile, League Of Legends, and more. With over 50 game titles, GameCentric caters to a broad audience, and additional tournaments will be added in the coming months. Entry is free for participants aged 13 and above, offering a chance to compete for a prize pool of AED 6000/USD 1600! Visit the GameCentric website to sign up and track your favorite game. Aligned with the "Dubai Program for Gaming 2033," GameCentric aims to propel Dubai into a global gaming hub, contributing to the program's goal of a $1 billion incremental GDP impact.

Eaton becomes a Platinum sponsor of Gulf Data Centre Association

The Gulf Data Centre Association (GDCA), a trade organisation propelling the growth of the data centre industry across the GCC, today announced that Eaton, an intelligent power management company, has joined the association as a Platinum Sponsor. With Eaton’s commitment to sustainable power management innovations and the GDCA's mission to foster industry growth throughout the GCC, this partnership is a strategic collaboration that brings together two organisations committed to developing the region's digital infrastructure and championing sustainability in the data centre sector.“Eaton is proud to become a Platinum Sponsor of the Gulf Data Centre Association (GDCA), solidifying our dedication to advancing sustainable power management solutions in the GCC. This strategic partnership serves as a dynamic platform for us to not only contribute our expertise but also actively engage with industry leaders, learning and sharing best practices,” said Ammar Al Horani, Data Centre Practice Leader, Eaton Middle East. “As the region experiences exponential growth and an increasing demand for data centers, our collaboration with GDCA becomes instrumental in advancing technology, fostering innovation, and shaping the landscape of the data center industry in the GCC. We look forward to being an integral part of this journey, working together to meet the evolving needs of the digital era while championing sustainability and industry excellence.”"We are delighted to welcome Eaton as a Platinum Sponsor to the GDCA," said Henry Sutton, Founder of GDCA. "Eaton's prominent reputation and forward-thinking approach in sustainable power management systems aligns seamlessly with our vision for industry progress in the region. As the GCC sees a huge push towards sustainability, Eaton’s fresh approach and expert insights will be invaluable to our members." This announcement comes after Eaton was also a Gold Sponsor of the inaugural Touchdown Middle East 2023 on the 21st-22nd November in Bahrain, the first GCC region-wide data centres industry conference, created in partnership with the GDCA and Kickstart Europe. Ammar Al Horani delivered a keynote at the conference, highlighting how data centre owners and operators can maximise the use of their necessary assets, enable renewable energy, and generate additional revenue of their investment.

Union Coop appoints Mr. Mohamed Al Hashemi as CEO

Dubai, UAE: Union Coop, a leading cooperative in the retail sector of Dubai, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mohamed Al Hashemi as its Chief Executive Officer. In this pivotal role, Mr. Al Hashemi will steer the cooperative's strategic vision, overseeing the expansion of its business scope and reinforcing its strategic presence within the local and national retail markets.Upon assuming his responsibilities, Mr. Al Hashemi prioritized communication with stakeholders, conducting remote meetings to reaffirm Union Coop's standing as a key player in the country's cooperative landscape. With a focus on development and growth, he is set to collaborate with various divisions, departments, and the experienced team to lead the cooperative into new avenues of success, marking a significant milestone in its business journey.During his inaugural address, Mr. Al Hashemi expressed his commitment to an open-door policy, welcoming feedback and suggestions to enhance retail operations and maintain Union Coop's position as a frontrunner among consumer cooperatives in the country. He outlined a comprehensive vision for the cooperative, emphasizing the implementation of initiatives and plans that involve continuous diversification, digital advancements, and alignment with local and global developments in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Mr. Al Hashemi stressed the need for strengthened partnerships among entities and stakeholders associated with Union Coop. This collaborative approach aims to provide high-quality services to the cooperative's diverse consumer base, contributing to the overall satisfaction of stakeholders and consumers alike.In line with his strategic vision, Mr. Al Hashemi is keen on investing in the development of employee skills, fostering innovation, and embracing digital technologies. These initiatives are designed to give Union Coop a competitive advantage, attracting premier products and pioneering projects in the vibrant city of Dubai.With an impressive 19-year track record in the retail trade, Mr. Al Hashemi was recognized in 2021 for his outstanding achievements and role in the business sector, earning a coveted spot in the Young Global Leader Forum. His wealth of experience includes successful management of operational processes, contributing to an innovative work environment, and formulating development policies to enhance overall operations.Union Coop looks forward to a new era of growth under the leadership of Mr. Mohamed Al Hashemi, as it continues to uphold its commitment to delivering quality products and services to its valued consumers.

2024: AI's unstoppable surge, hyper-personalized advertising

Authored By Marc Baillavoine, CTO, Video Network, SynamediaIf 2023 was the year that ChatGPT took over the headlines, 2024 will be the year where technologists across all industries, including video streaming, will go beyond the soundbites and start using AI to transform the user experience and business operations.For example, by the 2027 Rugby World Cup (where, as a Frenchman I believe France will fare better…), ads will be less intrusive and super-targeted, benefiting from AI-based dynamic ad insertion. AI will analyse your viewing behaviour to understand your tastes, habits and preferences. It will then insert personalised ads directly into your programming. No longer will you see the French team wearing logos from brands you have no interest in.As a fan, this enhances my viewing experience. As a technologist, this is the tip of the iceberg because the possibilities AI brings can feel endless – a feeling that energizes us to constantly innovate.Energy-inefficiency will start to become extinctThe greening of streaming is a catchy phrase – and those who haven’t caught on will no doubt be left behind in 2024.In our daily lives, we shut off the lights when we leave the room because it saves energy. Why wouldn’t we do the same for video processing? It’s this exact question that led us to the development of Quortex Play just-in-time streaming. You use it when a viewer calls for content, and you turn it off when they do. The concept is simple, but the energy efficiency impact is massive.Across all other industries, energy efficiency is a top business concern. It’s no longer a choice to think about carbon emissions, it’s an absolute must. We’re already seeing more RFPs – especially from public companies and large corporations – that require the ability to demonstrate energy efficiency in their requests, which factors heavily in their rating and decision process. In 2024, we will see the launch of more energy-efficient solutions, while not impacting viewer experience.There was once a time when the “consumerisation of IT” was all the rage in the enterprise. In 2024, we will see “the YouTube-isation of television” dominate demand in a similar fashion. Per-user, hyper-customisation of content across platforms and devices will dominate demand User experience on YouTube and TikTok is all based on previous viewing. If you watch a cat video, your feed will no doubt be filled with cat videos from other sources. Most YouTube viewers don’t care who created and owns the content, as long as it is engaging.In 2024 this level of hyper-customisation will dominate across TV and streaming, beyond the likes of Netflix who are already personalising experiences. There are technologies available to make customisation dynamic. If we look at what “just in time” technologies like Quortex Play and advanced CDNs can do, there’s no doubt that the technology is there. It’s now a matter of getting businesses on board with finding new routes to monetisation that they may have previously disregarded out of fear of losing subscriber mind-share – for example by deeply personalising their ads, providing per-user targeted ads or even adapting the content in real time, based on the individual subscriber’s taste and likes.With streaming service churn rate holding steady at 47% globally according to Parks Associates, the argument for retention centers back on content availability and user experience. Viewers will come to a service if it has content they’re interested in and the experience is seamless. There’s no doubt that linear TV as we know it will slowly fade out and be replaced by Spotify-like TV experiences that cater to each subscriber’s own personal sequence of programmes and ads.Those players – service providers and content owners alike - who recognise this first and invest in user experience and a dynamic content library will be the ones to thrive.Technologies that enable adaptive advertising will be top sellersAds will become more subtle yet more engaging. We will see ads on the football field using technology overlays that are targeted to that exact user or household. You will see your favourite character munching on the latest flavour of your preferred snack while your neighbour will see theirs – all dynamically.Today, when an advertiser purchases an ad spot, they are for a certain time slots either pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll… But in 2024, we expect ad buys to be made based on time + placement on screen. This means there could be a lower ad rate when a snack is positioned on a counter at the back of the scene compared to when the main character is eating it.What’s more, brands will benefit financially from this new data-driven ad placement strategy. Performance marketing is a hot trend in CTV today – where brands pay based on the success of their ads. Insights about click-throughs and even purchases mean brands will pay the appropriate amount based on the exact reach of their advertising. In an upcoming Tour de France, expect to compare notes with your neighbour on what ads you see on the yellow jersey cyclist’s shorts.

The world’s 1st Water Exchange, COP28 sees the Water Sustainability Coalition

COP28 today saw the launch of The International Water Sustainability Coalition, a joint initiative of AquaKraft Group Ventures ( Leo Burnett India ( & UAE-based Quazar Investments ( to address the burgeoning need of water sustainability & water security in the world. The International Water Sustainability Coalition aims to develop a coalition of Water Conscious enterprises, governments & enablers committed to water stewardship & sustainability. The coalition, the first of its kind in the region, will address the unique challenges and characteristics of water resources by getting countries to commit to international collaboration and cooperation to make equitable access and distribution of water for society a reality by 2050. The stakeholders joining the coalition will be incentivised for their sustainability by AquaKredits – Water Credits on AquaKraft’s AqVerium – World’s 1st Digital Water Bank and rated with a Water Sustainability Score (WSS) developed jointly by Leo Burnett India and AqVerium. The coalition will also drive green & sustainable solutions for managing the world’s precious resource, WATER. Speaking on the occasion Rajdeepak Das, Chairman Leo Burnett, South Asia and Chief Creative Officer Publicis Groupe, South Asia “At Burnett we believe that creativity’s true power is to impact a billion. The looming water crisis demands immediate attention by adopting the Water Sustainability Score – a first-of-its-kind report card on how a water-positive brand can bring transparency and accountability in the indiscriminate use of water. The water sustainability score will help corporates to be more responsible and will give the consumers to choose the right product. When initiatives like the Water Sustainability Score are embraced it’s a win-win for both People & Planet. When more corporations and countries engage in these discussions, the greater the impact becomes because sometimes a small act goes a long way.” “Leo Burnett operating in several other countries has joined the coalition with a commitment to influence and drive their customers to subscribe and practice water sustainability. Be Water+ve, a water sustainability influencer program of AquaKraft & IIFA, and Meraki Digital, a planet-positive communications agency dedicated to climate action have joined the coalition. The coalition will drive the “Blue Taxonomy” jointly being developed by AquaKraft and Frost & Sullivan, UK.” said Dr. Sami Souissi, Convenor – The International Water Sustainability Coalition.  Speaking on the occasion Waleed Khalid Al Ali, CEO – of Quazar Investment said “It is a very momentous occasion for UAE to host The International Water Sustainability Coalition and Quazar is very proud to be a part of it. We invite all the stakeholders across the world to join this coalition and aim to sign The International Water Treaty on UN World Water Day 2024 in Dubai. We are also very happy to announce our investment in the joint venture, AquaKraft BlueTech Solutions L.L.C, U.A.E., which will address the water & food security in UAE and the Middle East, and work with all stakeholders in achieving The UAE Water Security Strategy 2036. We are very impressed with Dr. Subramanya’s vision and together we will make the world water-positive.” AquaKraft BlueTech Solutions LLC., U.A.E., will leverage the collective philosophies & strengths of AquaKraft Group Ventures & Quazar Investment and is poised to redefine the “Circular Water Sustainability” with its latest innovation Sustainable AquAgro Circular Economy. “A lot has been spoken about climate action & resilience but Water which is core to sustainability has been clearly missing the narrative. It is a proud moment for us to launch The International Water Sustainability Coalition along with congruent-minded partners, Leo Burnett India and Quazar Investments. We are equally excited about our partnership with Quazar as both our philosophies are congruent towards sustainable impact. Together we will drive the water sustainability narrative across the Middle East which is by far the most water bereft region of the world. Our objective is to treat over 10 billion litres of water in the UAE and extrapolate this model across the Middle East capturing a significant share of USD 50 billion and growing water opportunities in the next 3 years.” Said Dr. Subramanya Kusnur, Founder Chairman & CEO, AquaKraft Group Ventures. AquaKraft BlueTech will implement AquaKraft’s AqVerium ( ) – the World’s 1st Digital Water Bank which will audit, verify & validate water use and efficiency data, incentivise water positivity with AquaKredits – Water Credits and provide and digital marketplace to offset water deficit by buying AquaKredits. It will also provide a platform to sell recycled sewage water for agriculture by water-conscious stakeholders. Sameer Salgar, CFO – Quazar Investments added “Quazar is incubating the joint venture and we are very bullish about the potential and growth of our investment. We are very impressed with the vision and legacy of AquaKraft as they address complex challenges in the highly unstructured water markets across the world. Their understanding of grassroots problems in every geography and curation of simple & customized solutions make them stand differently from all in the space. One of our major focus areas will be creating the world’s 1st WATER EXCHANGE which will revolutionise the global Water Market.”

Peet's Coffee Brews Up a Storm with its Newest Branch in City Walk, Dubai

Peet's Coffee, a renowned name in the world of craft coffee, is delighted to announce the opening of its fourth branch in the heart of Dubai, in City Walk 2. The store is located on the Ground Floor of City Walk 2, Al Wasl – Jumeirah. Peet's Coffee is rapidly expanding its footprint across the GCC region mainly in the UAE and KSA, with the City Walk store being the latest addition, marking a significant milestone in its journey. Since 1966, Peet's Coffee has been synonymous with bold rich flavors, and its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Known as the original craft coffee brand, Peet's has carved its niche as the 'Defender of Coffee Craft.' What sets the new City Walk outlet apart is not only its vast warm interior but also the distinction of being Peet's first outdoor location in Dubai. This establishment, nestled in the vibrant City Walk district, promises a unique and community-centric ambiance. "Peet's Coffee has always been about more than just coffee – it's about delighting our customers, artisan roasting, and excellence. Our newest store in City Walk, Dubai, takes these values to the next level. The warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with our commitment to craftsmanship, sets us apart. And, of course, being our first outdoor location in Dubai, it adds a fresh dimension to the Peet's experience," said Malek El Ghaziri, Director of Operations at Peet's Coffee. Peet’s Coffee has branches in Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall Star Atrium, and Duball Hills Mall. The City Walk store not only boasts a design that exudes warmth and community vibes but also offers a distinctive selection of single-source beans, ensuring a premium and flavorful coffee experience. From meticulously sourced world’s best beans to expertly crafted brewing methods, guests can indulge in a rich variety of coffee options that cater to discerning tastes. Peet’s Coffee has been a pioneer of craft coffee, boasting a legacy of using exclusively high-quality premium coffee beans, sustainably sourced and meticulously hand-roasted and blended at Peet's Master roastery, ensuring that each cup delivers an exceptional taste experience that reflects expertise and passion for coffee, all supported by the best customer service in the business. Complementing the exceptional coffee offerings, the menu showcases a diverse range of sandwiches crafted with the freshest ingredients, such as Grilled Chicken and Spicy Tuna Sandwiches, and irresistible desserts like Saffron Milk Cake, Coconut Carrot Cake, and Tiramisu. Peet's Coffee's City Walk store reflects the brand's dedication to providing premium coffee experiences in diverse settings and promises to be a go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts and those seeking a welcoming environment to unwind. As part of its commitment to social responsibility, Peet's Coffee actively engages in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of the planet and its people. From sourcing sustainable coffee beans to fostering community relationships, Peet's continues to make a positive impact. Join us as we celebrate the grand opening of Peet's Coffee at City Walk, Dubai, and experience the authentic blend of quality, craft, and community that defines Peet's Coffee legacy. For enquiries, please call +971 50 428 1788. Opening Hours: 8AM – 1AM Fridays & Saturdays                         8AM to 12AM – Sunday to Thursday

Sber's retail customer base grew by 10mln with its 2021-2023 strategy

As part of Investor Day, the Sber team reviewed the results of the company's 2021-2023 Strategy and talked about its new Development Strategy to 2026. As a result of the 2021-2023 strategy, Sber's retail customer base grew by 10 million to 108 million, while it picked up 500,000 new corporate clients to reach a total of 3.2 million. The team has provided resilience and innovative development by ensuring technological independence and achieving a breakthrough in AI transformation.The financial goals of Strategy 2026 are return on equity >22% in each year of the Strategy, total capital adequacy ratio ?20.0 >13.3%, and dividend disbursements of 50% of the Sber Group's net profit. Sber will spend the next 3 years preparing for the transition to a human-centric organization. This complex transformation will impact three key spheres technology with the focus on developing a new generation of AI, business model in all areas, and culture.In its new strategy cycle, Sber has a special focus on shaping its long-term vision. Technology, above all artificial intelligence (AI), is becoming the key factor defining today's world and the future. One of the key challenges is to place technology at the service of mankind. Sber's business model is centred around people, their interests and aspirations. AI is becoming mankind's personal assistant – expanding everyone's capabilities and helping people to tap their potential. This represents a step by Sber towards human-centricity.Taking part in the event were Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, Kirill Tsarev, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Andrey Belevtsev, Senior Vice President, ??? – Head of Technology Block, and Taras Skvortsov, Vice President, Head of Finance Block.Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank, said, “The consumer model in which the customer is viewed exclusively as a source of income will become a thing of the past. The task of the new business is to help the customer be flexible and adaptive in an unstable world. We need to create tools that will meet and surpass the customers' expectations. We need to learn to treat each of our customers, every human being, as we would treat ourselves.”“We want to become one of the first human-centric companies, one that will help people to tap their potential and survive amidst today's overabundance of technology and information. Artificial intelligence can become a personal assistant to every human being – an assistant in analyzing and processing huge volumes of information, setting goals, and correctly prioritizing and organizing our lives, an assistant which will help to expand people's capabilities and free them from routine activities," Herman Gref added.Alongside its long-term priorities, Sber will devote particular attention to developing and creating best customer experience, improving performance, providing reliable and safe services, and accelerated deployment of AI in every area of the business.

MENA Fintech Association launches their new Sustainable Fintech Report 2023

The MENA Fintech Association, the premier not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving fintech startups and established players across the Middle East and Africa, is excited to announce launch of their new Sustainable Fintech Report 2023The MENA Fintech Association, founded in 2018, known for its global recognition as one of the top 4 fintech groups, unveils its groundbreaking Sustainable Fintech Report 2023. This report features insights from leading companies at the forefront of innovation, including Paymentology, Paymob, Mastercard, META, Heriot Watt University, The Entertainer, KARM Legal, M2P Fintech, BPC Fintech, Klarna, Mamo, Rival, Codebase Technologies, Communique, Marshal Fintech Partners, Themis, and Green Digital Finance Alliance.Key Highlights:Innovative Approaches: Explore how leading fintech companies are adopting innovative approaches to drive positive change within the financial industry, blending technology with sustainable practices.Collaborative Initiatives: Learn about collaborative initiatives between industry leaders, institutions, and supporting companies, including DIFC, Central Bank of Egypt and ADGM, in promoting responsible innovation and fostering a resilient and environmentally conscious future.Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in sustainable fintech, shaping the discourse around responsible financial practices.Academic Contribution: Heriot Watt University's academic contributions enrich the report, offering a well-rounded perspective on sustainable fintech practices.Nameer Khan, Chairman MENA Fintech Association stated the following, "For the MENA Fintech Association, sustainability is not just a concept; it's a commitment to shaping the future of finance responsibly. The Sustainable Fintech Report 2023 reflects our dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration. As we navigate the intersection of finance and technology, we believe that a sustainable future is not just desirable – it's essential. Through this report, we invite industry stakeholders to join us on this transformative journey towards a resilient and environmentally conscious financial landscape."Read the Report:

Google releases the top trending searches of the year in MENA

Google released today the top trending searches of 2023 for the Middle East and North Africa. The annual lists reveal the most trending search queries which experienced a higher volume of search over a sustained period in 2023 compared to 2022. The lists included the top searched news, platforms, events, movies, TV series, tournaments and personalities. Egypt: In the news list, the war in Palestine ranked first, followed by the devaluation of the Egyptian Pound and the earthquake that happened in the country earlier this year. As for the Personalities list, the Egyptian footballer Emam Ashour was ranked first, followed by Jory Bakr and Bassem Youssef following his interview with Piers Morgan. Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom has been searching for football throughout the year, with many events and tournaments happening on-ground. The match between AlHilal SFC and Real Madrid CF was ranked top in the football tournaments list. As for the personalities list, footballers remain at the top list with Aleksandar Mitrovi? and Karim Benzema amongst others. The war in Palestine was the top searched topic in the news list, which also included the devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee, and Buerger's disease. There has also been interest in local platforms such asd, Absher, Jadarat, Etima amongst others.UAE: In the UAE, there was huge interest in cricket matches. The Cricket World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka was the top searched tournament. Local and regional events made it to the list this year including Gitex 2023, COP28 and UFC 294. People in the UAE also used Google Search to follow the news in Palestine, as well as the devastating events that happened earlier this year including the Earthquake in Turkey, Syria, and Morocco.The full lists of top 2023 trending queries can be found on Google Google Trends website.Egypt: Arabia: Lists in MENAUAESaudi

2023 MEPRA Awards honours Outstanding Achievements in Middle East PR Industry

The 15 th edition of the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA) Awards took centre stage on November 23 rd at the Atlantis, The Palm, marking a historic moment with the largest ever judging panel. The event, attended by over 500 guests and 87 organisations, transformed into a red-carpet spectacle for Middle East-based agencies and professionals across 47 award categories.In celebration of the best public relations strategies and campaigns, the awards ceremony spotlighted outstanding performance in the industry throughout 2023. From impactful communication campaigns to outstanding organisational excellence, finalists demonstrated brilliance in concept, execution and brand building. The MEPRA Awards, now considered the benchmark of high performance in the Middle East public relations industry, has organically grown in popularity since its inception in 2008..The 2023 MEPRA Awards drew 750 entries across diverse categories, recognising the best agencies, individuals, teams, campaigns, techniques, and innovative solutions meeting evolving industry demands. PR professionals seized the opportunity to showcase creativity, receiving accolades for strategies, leadership, and impact. The event featured a special address by Mr Sunil John, President of BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe) for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), highlighting the positive impact that communicatorshave on industries.Among the notable wins, Gambit Communications claimed Medium Agency of the Year, while Memac Ogilvy set an industry precedent for the Best Campaign Demonstrating DE&I Initiatives. Current Global, FP7 and Heinz celebrated team spirit with the Best Collaborative Campaign, and Sticky Ginger secured the Best Food and Beverages Campaign. New categories brought fierce competition, with Hill & Knowlton Strategies named Large Agency of the Year, Current Global MENAT as Small Agency of the Year and BrazenMENA awarded Best Homegrown Agency.In Sector and Services, Hill & Knowlton, TECOM Group and Emirates Red Crescent secured Best Business to Business, while Weber Shandwick MENAT and OnStar by General Motors together won Best Consumer Services Campaign. In Techniques and Services, Dubai Holding earned Best Sustainability StakeholderEngagement campaign and Action Global Communications claimed Best Campaign Demonstrating Environmental Initiatives. The Best in Market category witnessed Memac Ogilvy triumph Best Campaign in the UAE while Havas Red Middle East excelled in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, winning Gold in both.The Chairman’s Award honoured MEPRA Executive Board Member and Communications Consultant, Monther Tayeb and the Young Communicator of the Year Award celebrated industry newcomer Khyati Megchiani of Brazen MENA.Memac Ogilvy took home an impressive total of 20 awards, securing the highest number of titles, closely trailed by Weber Shandwick MENAT with 19 accolades, and Hill & Knowlton in close pursuit with 17 awards.“This year’s awards ceremony was special for more reasons than one. With four new categories and the largest-ever judging panel, it demonstrated stringent processes to select nothing but the best. We are delighted to celebrate the winners as these communication experts are driving the industry forward with innovation and passion. The PR campaigns recognized today are beyond boardroom strategies and the collaborative approach feted speaks volumes of the region’s willingness to explore newer avenues within the industry. MEPRA will continue encouraging growth in industry standards, skills, and creativity and is immensely proud to establish a platform where PR practitioners are recognised for their worthy contributions. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the finalists and winners,” said Kate Midttun, Chairperson of MEPRA.Nominees were evaluated by an expert panel of over 112 regional and international industry experts to select the 2023 finalists and winners. The 2023 MEPRA Awards received support from partners including Weber Shandwick as Diamond sponsor along with Carma, Edelman, Four Agency Worldwide, TrailRunner International, Place Communications, Hill & Knowlton, First and Ten Productions, Matrix Public Relations, and AMEC Measurement and Evaluation.

QNET launches new line of sustainable Swiss watches under Bernhard H. Mayer

Global wellness and lifestyle company QNET just launched its latest innovation in luxury watches under its Swiss brand Bernhard H. Mayer, a name synonymous with precision craftsmanship in the world of timekeeping. The OMNI Collection offers a new line of Swiss watches making a bold statement in the industry, proving that high fashion and luxury can embrace sustainability without compromise.The OMNI Collection is a ground-breaking step forward, embodying the brand's commitment to a greener future while maintaining the elegance and prestige that Bernhard H. Mayer is known for. These timepieces are designed for the discerning individual who believes that true luxury comes with responsibility to our planet.Sustainable Sophistication in Every DetailCrafted with an industry leading a minimum of 85% recycled stainless steel, the OMNI watch is a marvel of eco-friendly engineering. Certified by LEED, the world-renowned symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership, the collection sets a new standard for environmentally conscious luxury products. From the case and dial to the buckles and metal bracelets, every component is selected with the utmost attention to its environmental footprint.The OMNI Collection also introduces straps made from recycled Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), certified by the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS). This material is celebrated for its durability and non-toxic properties, offering a sustainable option that does not sacrifice quality or style.A Timeless Design for the Modern WorldEach piece features a harmonious blend of classic and modern aesthetics, with geometric shapes and a mix of Arabic numbers and Roman numerals that exude a timeless charm. The OMNI watch is versatile enough for both formal events and casual outings, ensuring that eco-conscious fashionistas have a go-to accessory for any occasion.A Commitment to a Better TomorrowThe OMNI Collection is more than just a line of watches; it is a movement towards a more responsible mode of consumption. Bernhard H. Mayer urges us to consider the legacy we leave behind, championing choices that support the well-being of our environment."We believe that luxury should not come at the earth's expense," said Paul McHenry, the Chief Marketing Officer at QNET. "With the OMNI Collection, we are setting a new paradigm, showing that it is possible to wear a piece of art that stands for something greater. This is our pledge to the planet and to the future generations that will inherit it."QNET has committed to planting a tree for every watch sold in the OMNI Collection in line with its commitment to sustainability. For more information about the OMNI Collection by Bernhard H. Mayer, please visit

P2E, charity scams and voice deepfakes: what 2024 holds for consumers

As Kaspersky continues to reveal insights from the Kaspersky Security Bulletin (KSB), company’s team of cybersecurity experts presents a detailed forecast for the year 2024. Building on ongoing analysis of the cybersecurity landscape, this segment of the KSB provides an in-depth look at the threats consumers may face in the coming year. Kaspersky’s predictions point to a diverse array of challenges, where cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging both trending topics and advanced technologies.Increased charity scamsAccording to the UN, 2023 experienced the highest level of global violent conflicts since World War II. This elevated state of conflict, combined with the lasting consequences of the pandemic and ongoing climate disasters, has created a prime environment for charity scams. Looking ahead to 2024, we expect a notable increase in such scams, exploiting the extended impact of these global crises.P2E under the cybercriminal spotlights With substantial financial investments and the appeal of earnings in P2E gaming, cybercriminals are poised to escalate their focus on exploiting this sector. The recent surge in Bitcoin's value and the promise of easy money in gaming make it an attractive target.Voice deepfakes on the rise As image deepfakes become more common, the progression towards voice deepfakes is accelerating. The recent launch of OpenAI's Text-to-Speech (TTS) API, with its advanced capabilities to generate human-like speech, highlights significant progress in artificial voice technology. While these innovations mark a leap forward, they also present opportunities for misuse. Fraudsters could potentially exploit these technologies to create more convincing and accessible deceptive content, escalating the risks associated with deepfake technology.Internet segmentation and the rise of VPN servicesIn addition to bolstering user privacy, VPNs play a crucial role in countering challenges like internet segmentation and website geofencing, which are frequently the byproducts of geopolitical shifts. These practices impose location-based restrictions on information access, but by using certain VPN clients, users can bypass these barriers, thereby enabling access to a broader spectrum of information. Given these capabilities, coupled with increasing concerns over privacy and information accessibility, the global demand for VPN solutions is projected to surge significantly in the upcoming year.Scammers go after premieres As blockbuster movies like Dune: Part 2, Deadpool 3, Joker 2, Gladiator 2, and Avatar 3 approach release, scams are set to surge. The actors' strike may lead to unauthorized transfers of new films, creating an ideal environment for phishing sites offering exclusive access.Not only limited to cinema premiers, should GTA VI make its debut in 2024, it is poised to be the gaming highlight of the year. The online nature of the game introduces in-game currency, attracting scams. Classic schemes involving pre-order keys and enticing prices are expected to resurface as the gaming community eagerly embraces this release.“In our 2024 consumer threat predictions, we provide insights into potential cyber risks. The world of scams is dynamic, with fraudsters continually devising new schemes. Stay vigilant, as new tactics may emerge, and maintaining a proactive stance remains your strongest defense against these evolving threats," comments Anna Larkina, security and privacy expert at Kaspersky.To learn more about consumer threats in 2024, visit stay safe, Kaspersky experts also recommend:Educate Yourself: Stay informed about the latest online threats and scams. Knowledge is a powerful defense against falling victim to cyberattacks.Be wary of phishing scams: Beware of suspicious emails, messages, or websites offering exclusive deals or freebies. Double-check the authenticity of the source before sharing any personal information or making online transactions.Use security solutions: Use a reliable security solution, such as Kaspersky Premium, that identifies malicious attachments and blocks phishing sites.Be mindful of sharing personal information: Be cautious when providing personal information online, especially sensitive details like your address, phone number, or financial information. Only share this information on trusted and secure platforms.Trust reliable sources: Rely on official websites, authorized retailers, and reputable sources for purchasing merchandise, accessing movie content, or obtaining information related to the premiere. Avoid unofficial or suspicious sources that may try to exploit your enthusiasm.

Syrve MENA reports: Over 60% of its Middle East restaurants leverage AI for sale

Syrve MENA, a leading provider of all-in-one POS solutions in the Middle East, today announced that over 60% of its food & beverage industry customers are now using AI for sales forecasting. This cutting-edge technology provides daily insights into the number of orders and the average order amount, with the flexibility to adjust these parameters by hours and order type.Syrve MENA's AI system generates forecasts three weeks in advance, updating them at the beginning of each week. The forecasts can be tailored according to each client's preferences, proving invaluable for calculating quantities needed for meal preparations and distributor orders. Furthermore, Syrve's AI system seamlessly integrates weather forecasts into revenue planning. By simply inputting the restaurant's address, users can access weather forecasts and adjust their sales forecasts accordingly, ensuring preparedness for varying weather conditions.AI offers superior accuracy compared to traditional manual methods, enabling businesses to forecast sales revenue more precisely. Additionally, AI empowers enterprises to develop enhanced product and service offerings by leveraging predictive analytics to identify future customer needs and trends. By adopting an AI-driven sales forecasting system, businesses can achieve many benefits, including improved profit margins, enhanced forecast accuracy, elevated customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices."Our customers are seeing real benefits from using AI for sales forecasting," said Alexander Ponomarev, CEO of Syrve MENA. "One of our clients, a popular fast-food chain, reduced its food waste by 10% and improved its inventory management by 15% after implementing our AI solution."As Syrve MENA continues transforming the Middle East region's restaurant and retail landscape through its innovative AI-powered solutions, the company also reaffirms its commitment to sustainability at the COP28 climate summit. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

Chestertons MENA appoints Ramsha Hamdoon as Head of Marketing

Leading real estate advisory Chestertons MENA has appointed Ramsha Hamdoon as Head of Marketing and Brand Communications. The appointment comes as the company embarks on another key phase in its growth strategy, which includes an expanding regional presence, an aggressive recruitment drive and an intensive brand-building programme in the UAE and wider Middle East. Born in the UAE and educated in the UK, Ramsha brings five years’ of Middle East real estate, retail and hospitality marketing experience to Chestertons. Nick Witty, Chief Executive Officer, Chestertons MENA, said: “Ramsha joins us at a crucial time, when we are building our business and brand through new partnerships, initiatives and content. With extensive experience in the region and in our business sector, she is a wonderful addition to our highly talented team. We are delighted to welcome her to the Chestertons MENA family.”Ramsha Hamdoon added: “I am proud to join Chestertons at such an exciting phase in its expansion. Our brand-building strategy will blend our rich history with our successes in today’s modern world. As one of the oldest, most trusted names in real estate, Chestertons is steeped in tradition, with a great story to tell. We will boost brand awareness by celebrating the old and the new through a personal, interactive approach with content that educates, engages and inspires our customers, partners and the future talent that will join us as we expand our business. “Chestertons MENA, which celebrates 15 years of Middle East success this year, recently doubled its Dubai footprint with the opening of new offices in the city, and is expanding its operations in KSA with new premises, open in January 2024, in Riyadh. The company also recently secured a new partnership with UAE property management software developer GoYzer to enhance customer relationships, service and operations.Chestertons MENA offers the full range of real estate advisory services, including commercial and residential sales and leasing; building consultancy and project management; property management; short term leasing/holiday homes consulting and research and valuation services, with a dedicated, expert team for each function.

Qatar Airways launches flight to NEOM, its ninth gateway in Saudi Arabia

Qatar Airways, the multiple award-winning airline, is pleased to announce the expansion of its operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the launch of its ninth gateway, NEOM. The inaugural flight touched down for the first time at NEOM Bay Airport on Saturday, December 9, 2023.In addition to the recent announcement of the airline’s operations to Tabuk, and the resumption of the Yanbu route, Qatar Airways is advancing its foothold in the Saudi market by enhancing NEOM’s connectivity to the world.With the launch of this new dynamic connection, Qatar Airways brings the total number of destinations it serves within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to nine, operating 125 weekly flights. These cities include AlUla, Dammam, Gassim, Jeddah, Medina, NEOM, Riyadh, Taif, and Yanbu, providing travellers with a comprehensive network to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of this thriving country.Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, said: “We are excited to introduce NEOM as our ninth gateway in Saudi Arabia. We believe that the launch of this flight underlines our commitment to providing a seamless travel experience for our passengers in the Saudi market. NEOM is the land of the future, where technology, sustainability, and innovation converge to create a unique and dynamic region. We are delighted to connect travellers from all over the world to this visionary region.”NEOM Airports Chief Executive Officer, Justin Erbacci, said:"We are delighted to welcome Qatar Airways to NEOM Bay Airport. Twice weekly flights to Hamad International Airport, which is one of the most significant air hubs in the wider region, offer people and businesses exciting access to an extensive onward global network. NEOM Bay’s addition of a fourth airline operator, and third international destination, is a milestone moment in the early phases of our strategic expansion of NEOM’s connectivity, which is so vital to support our ongoing development.”Offering two weekly flights to NEOM, Qatar Airways is extending its wings further in order to create a vital pathway for the city’s workforce to maintain connections with families back home. Similarly, the new operations in NEOM will facilitate business travel, further fostering enriched economic and cultural ties between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.NEOM, often referred to as the land of dreams, is set to revolutionise the way we live and work in harmony with nature. This region embodies visionary development and represents a commitment to a sustainable future.Passengers in Saudi Arabia traveling from NEOM will enjoy seamless connectivity to over 170 destinations worldwide, including destinations in China, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United States. Qatar Airways continues to lead the way in connecting travellers to some of the most sought-after destinations across the globe.Tickets for flights to NEOM are now available for booking through the Qatar Airways website, mobile app, and travel agencies.For more information about Qatar Airways and its new route to NEOM, please visit Schedule to NEOM:ThursdayDoha (DOH) to NEOM (NUM) - Flight No. QR1204: Departure 06:35; Arrival 09:50NEOM (NUM) to Doha (DOH) - Flight No. QR1205: Departure 11:05; Arrival 13:40SaturdayDoha (DOH) to NEOM (NUM) - Flight No. QR1204: Departure 06:55; Arrival 10:10NEOM (NUM) to Doha (DOH) - Flight No. QR1205: Departure 11:25; Arrival 14:00

SupperClub expands premium membership platform across the GCC

 The Dubai-born premium membership platform, SupperClub, is expanding its operations across the GCC, to deliver discounted luxury experiences to clientele in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The new territories will operate on the same model as the UAE platform, which allows members to make limitless reservations and use unlimited offers at five star dining and leisure venues for a single subscription fee.Launched in November 2020 by Mehreen Omar and Muna Mustafa, SupperClub set out to fill a gap in the market for luxury experiences delivered with effortless elegance, at a lower than usual price. As former head of sales for a renowned experience-based online marketplace, Omar saw a demand for the five-star lifestyle and set out to build a platform that would make it more accessible. A self-funded venture by the pair of female entrepreneurs, SupperClub unites two renowned hallmarks of Dubai life – indulging in luxury experiences and receiving exceptional value for money.Explaining the inspiration and concept of the business, Omar said, “We wanted to bring a new dimension to the market and create a solution that could provide members with unlimited access to high-end venues at a reasonable cost and in a seamless way. The platform is unique in that reservations are made through the SupperClub website and members can take as many guests as they like to their chosen venues as often as they wish. With no vouchers or codes, members can settle the bill discreetly while still benefiting from discounts of up to 60%.”Since establishing in 2020, SupperClub has carefully curated an extensive portfolio of affiliations with luxurious eateries, hotels and resorts, spas, beach clubs and more, across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In 2022 the enterprise secured a partnership with Mastercard to serve its Mastercard World Elite clients. The platform offers three tiers of membership: Gold, Diamond, and Platinum, and provides access to more than 300 offers from over 50 five-star hotels in the UAE. Starting out with 1,000 members, SupperClub has experienced fast exponential growth, with 16,000 members signed up and over 40,000 bookings made. Building on its stature in the UAE, SupperClub is entering its fourth year with a move into new markets around the region. Explaining the move, Mustafa said, “We recognize that with the rising cost of living, people are searching for ways they can still enjoy the good life without feeling a heavy financial burden. The flexibility that the SupperClub membership brings provides a solution to this demand and we are excited to extend the model across the region, marking the next chapter in our growth.”

ROSHN partners with Jeddah International Book Fair as community sponsor

 ROSHN, the leading national real estate developer in Saudi Arabia and a giga-project owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), has revealed its sponsorship of the 2023 edition of the Jeddah International Book Fair. Taking place from the 7th to the 16th of December, this annual literary event serves as a cultural hub, uniting professionals in literature, publishing, and translation with avid readers and enthusiasts. Established as part of ROSHN's YUHYEEK Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, this collaboration underscores ROSHN’s steadfast dedication to fostering positive impact within the Kingdom by advancing knowledge, culture, and community involvement.The Jeddah International Book Fair's 5th edition will host 600,000 attendees from 27 countries over 10 days. There will be over 1,000 Saudi, regional, and international publishing houses across 400 pavilions. ROSHN will introduce an indoor activation space featuring workshops on traditional Al Sadu weaving and leather craftsmanship, storytelling sessions, and a performing arts showcase. The aim is to celebrate Jeddah and Saudi Arabia's cultural heritage."With our commitment to nurturing talent, ROSHN takes immense pride in celebrating excellence in the realm of publishing. Our sponsorship of the Jeddah International Book Fair supports, empowers, and elevates the transformative power of education, the arts, and public engagement to cultivate inter-connected ecosystems of knowledge, culture, and creativity within the vibrant tapestry of Saudi Arabia. At ROSHN, we are absolutely dedicated to fostering a rich national cultural dialogue and honouring the many literary traditions that enrich our society. This dedication is deeply rooted in our values of community and social development as we look to celebrate not just literature but also spread knowledge and enlightenment across the Kingdom,” said Ghada AlRumayan, ROSHN's Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.At the ROSHN booth, event attendees can immerse themselves in ROSHN’s new way of living and traditional hospitality, alongside exciting prize opportunities and an opportunity to capture lasting memories at the photo booth. Located near the event’s main stage, the ROSHN Cultural Stage, the booth will bring families together in a community-oriented space with activities for all ages. In the children's corner, cutting--edge technology will transform young attendees’ hand-drawn homes into 3D digital models while the reading area will allow families to explore both traditional books and audiobooks from the ROSHN library. The booth will also offer visitors a glimpse into ROSHN’s new way of living with immersive information on its ALAROUS and MARAFY communities.ROSHN's participation in the Jeddah International Book Fair is part of its ongoing CSR efforts to partner with and support key events, initiatives, and programs that enhance the quality of life across the Kingdom. These include the vital sectors of community development, arts and culture, environment and sustainability, health and welfare, education and innovation. ROSHN’s partnership of the Jeddah International Book Fair is a part of ROSHN’s year-long community engagement programme which includes sponsorships of the ROSHN Saudi League (RSL), Riyadh Season, Riyadh Book Fair, Diriyah Biennale Foundation, Sports For All, LIV Golf, F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, ROSHN Waterfront (RWF), and more.

Al Khoory Automobiles delivers Yutong E-buses

Abu Dhabi: Al Khoory Automobiles, a leading UAE-based distributor of Subaru, Yutong and King Long vehicles, announces its strong commitment and support to the UAE Government’s Green Energy Vision and its strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre.As part of the partnership, Al Khoory Automobiles is delivering Yutong green buses to the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) that aims to deploy the new energy vehicles under its Green Bus Assessment (GBA) programme launched earlier this year. This is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to reduce carbon emission and help the UAE achieve its Net Zero target by 2050.According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), nearly 66,000 electric buses and 60,000 medium- and heavy-duty trucks were sold worldwide in 2022, representing about 4.5 percent of all bus sales and 1.2 percent of truck sales worldwide. China continues to dominate production and sales of electric (and fuel cell) trucks and buses. In 2022, more than 54,000 electric buses and 52,000 electric medium- and heavy-duty trucks were sold in China, representing 18 percent and 4 percent of total sales in China and about 80 percent and 85 percent of global sales, respectively. Yutong, a major supplier of buses and coaches that specialises in electric and hydrogen-fueled buses, sold 30,198 coaches in 2022, including 12,414 green energy buses. It has so far sold 170,000 new energy buses and has become one of the largest global suppliers of electric buses. Established in China in 1993, Yutong Bus Co. is a pioneer in green buses and currently has 15 percent of the global and 28 percent of the Chinese market share. It is the largest bus manufacturer in China.Al Khoory Automobiles, a member of the Al Khoory Group of Companies has been the exclusive distributors of Yutong buses in the UAE for the last 20 years and had earlier received an Outstanding Performance Award from Yutong for 2022.Al Khoory Automobiles has five decades of vast experience in the automotive industry and are committed to provide impeccable after-sales service to all their customers. Offering customised transportation options, Al Khoory Automobiles aims to position itself as an ideal mobility solution provider in the UAE.Mr. Hamed MT Khoory, Director of Al Khoory Group, says, “Our partnership with Abu Dhabi ITC reflects our strong commitment to the UAE’s Green Energy Vision and Sustainability and we are extremely happy to be part of the ITC’s Green Bus Assessment (GBA) programme in this Year of Sustainability.“This partnership and the delivery of the electric buses takes place at a time when the UAE hosts more than 150 countries at the COP28 Summit. Our partnership with ITC and other government and private entities is aimed at reducing carbon emission and help the UAE to achieve its Net Zero target ahead of 2050 – before many other countries – thanks to the pro-active measures undertaken by the authorities.”“Yutong is an ideal choice for this partnership and we are happy to be able to support this vision.”Mr. Tharun Divakaran, Senior Manager- Public Transport Sector, Yutong Middle East stated, “Yutong is proud to launch their electric buses in the UAE, in line with the country’s zero-emission plan and long-term vision. The new Yutong electric buses have several cutting-edge technologies for the improvement of local environment and air quality. They are also equipped with an impressive drive system and the most advanced safety and noise reduction technology that will bring a more comfortable and greener travel experience in the UAE.”The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi had earlier unveiled its Green Buses Capacity Building Programme that were carried out in partnership with leading hydrogen-fueled and electric bus experts from South Korea and China.The programme also provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge with international technical experts. It will qualify UAE employees to lead the planning and operations procedures of hydrogen-fueled and electric buses and their infrastructure. It intends to advance the development and localization of innovative solutions dedicated to enhancing the public transport system in Abu Dhabi.

With AED6000 prize pool, Homegrown Gaming Platform is hosting many tournaments

GameCentric, a premier homegrown gaming platform, hosts an exciting tournament series from December 3rd to December 23rd. Gamers of all levels can join the ultimate face-off across popular titles like DOTA2, Fortnite, Valorant, COD Mobile, League Of Legends, and more. With over 50 game titles, GameCentric caters to a broad audience, and additional tournaments will be added in the coming months. Entry is free for participants aged 13 and above, offering a chance to compete for a prize pool of AED 6000/USD 1600! Visit the GameCentric website to sign up and track your favorite game. Aligned with the "Dubai Program for Gaming 2033," GameCentric aims to propel Dubai into a global gaming hub, contributing to the program's goal of a $1 billion incremental GDP impact.

Brewing brilliance: Ali Al Ebrahim spills the beans on COFE Cloud's impact

In an era where technology intertwines seamlessly with our daily lives, the intersection of innovation and tradition has never been more pronounced than in the world of food and beverage. Adgully Middle East chatted with Ali Al Ebrahim, the Founder & CEO of COFE, to delve into the transformative capabilities of COFE Cloud and its impact on businesses like Barn's. With its unique features and strategic collaborations, COFE Cloud is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for revolutionizing operational efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and reshaping the landscape of F&B operations. Let us explore the journey of COFE Cloud and Barn's as they navigate the realms of technology, customer satisfaction, and global expansion. Excerpts:Can you elaborate on the key features and capabilities of COFE Cloud and how it specifically enhances the operational efficiency of F&B businesses like Barn’s?COFE Cloud offers a state-of-the-art digital drive-through interface and a completely integrated consumer wallet, revolutionizing the way businesses like Barn's interact with their customers. Its unique multi-tier rewards programme, designed to optimize advantages for the company and its clients, is what makes it stand out. In addition to encouraging recurring business, this approach strengthens the bond between the company and its customers.Additionally, a seamless and effective operation is ensured by the interface with point-of-sale (POS) systems, which streamline transactions and reduce delays. The conventional coffee shop paradigm is altered by the combination of a smart rewards programme, computerized drive-through, and client wallets. In the competitive coffee sector, it not only satisfies contemporary consumer demands but also establishes COFE Cloud as a game-changer in improving operational efficiency and fostering customer loyalty.How does COFE Cloud contribute to redefining the landscape of F&B operations and customer experiences, especially in the coffee ecosystem?By fusing back-end efficiency with creative consumer interfaces, COFE Cloud creates a new standard for F&B operations especially coffee houses and represents a significant paradigm change. The platform transforms every step of the customer journey, from order placing to delivery, by orchestrating a better and more friction-less transaction experience. This transformational effect is especially important in high-volume environments where productivity is critical, like busy coffee shops.The consumer interfaces are very intuitive and redefine ease by offering an easy-to-use digital platform for order placement and personalization. Concurrently, the backend efficiencies streamline all operational aspects, including order fulfillment, inventory control, and culinary procedures. Coffee shops operate in a fast-paced atmosphere where customers value time, and COFE Cloud helps to increase both productivity and customer happiness. Through the integration of advanced technology and the distinct requirements of the food and beverage sector, COFE Cloud proves to be a revolutionary solution that enhances customer satisfaction and redefines efficiency standards in high-volume environments.Could you share insights into the collaborative process between COFE Cloud and Barn's, and how this partnership is set to impact Barn’s growth, customer experience, and overall business strategy?Our partnership with Barn's is evidence of how well technology and strategic vision can work together. It involves more than just taking a one-size-fits-all strategy; rather, COFE Cloud must be carefully matched with the unique brand components that make Barn who it is. Through our collaborative relationship, we have gained extensive insight into Barn's principles, beliefs, and clientele.In order to guarantee that every digital touchpoint embodies Barn's, the integration process entails a perfect marriage of the COFE Cloud system with the distinctive brand features of Barn. This captures the essence of the brand's personality, narrative, and total consumer experience, going beyond looks. The end product is a customized digital environment that helps Barn's operational operations run more smoothly while also reflecting the company's personality.By collaborating meticulously, we have developed a strategy plan to improve Barn's market presence in addition to implementing technology solutions. Beyond only software integration, the partnership offers a unified approach that uses technology to accentuate and reaffirm the key principles that set Barn's apart as a unique and cherished brand.In what ways does COFE Cloud empower Barn’s to navigate the challenges of varied markets and support its ambitious international expansion plan?In Barn's ambitious international growth path, COFE Cloud emerges as a crucial facilitator, serving as a dynamic ally in managing the complexities of numerous markets. Because the COFE Cloud platform can easily handle a wide range of regional preferences and strict legal regimes; its inherent adaptability becomes a key to success. This flexibility is a strategic advantage that allows Barn's to confidently enter new markets. It is more than just a feature.COFE Cloud is an asset when expanding internationally, as cultural quirks and legal environments might differ greatly. It makes it possible to tailor the client experience to each market's own preferences and requirements. In addition, the platform's capacity to comply with and connect with different regulatory standards guarantees compliance and seamless operations in a variety of international contexts.The adaptability of COFE Cloud is essential to Barn's ability to develop relationships with local consumers while upholding operational consistency as the company expands into new areas. COFE Cloud crystallizes the connection between technology and international strategy, establishing it as a vital tool for businesses seeking to expand internationally.How do you see COFE Cloud's innovative features, such as loyalty programmes and subscription management, contributing to the evolution of the coffee industry's technological landscape?Beyond the norm, COFE Cloud's cutting-edge approach to customer interaction in the coffee sector introduces revolutionary features like customized reward programmes and sophisticated subscription management. These elements completely change the scene by encouraging both long-lasting and deep connections with customers in addition to providing incentives for return visits.Unlike generic alternatives, the customized loyalty programmes let coffee shops like Barn's design unique rewards that appeal to their particular clientele. This degree of personalization not only makes loyalty programmes more successful, but it also gives them a sense of exclusivity that makes clients feel like real valued individuals. As a result, the programmes evolve from being only a system of rewards to becoming an active instrument for building brand affinity.Furthermore, a paradigm change in consumer ease is represented by the comprehensive subscription management tool. Coffee shops may now provide customized and adaptable subscription programmes to their customers, meeting their wide range of tastes, thanks to COFE Cloud. This guarantees a consistent and predictable revenue stream for businesses in addition to streamlining the ordering procedure.The introduction of these innovative features by COFE Cloud is, in essence, changing the dynamics of consumer involvement in the coffee business, rather than merely creating trends. It's not only about making sales; it's about creating long-lasting relationships where every coffee cup contributes to a greater story of convenience and customized loyalty, creating a community of devoted customers for companies like Barn's.How does COFE Technology enable brands, like Barn's, to transcend traditional boundaries and revolutionize their business models?COFE Cloud is the spark plug that ignites a revolutionary union of contemporary ease and traditional tranquility, enabling companies such as Barn's to craft distinctive and remarkable consumer encounters. Through the seamless integration of technology into the very fabric of coffee culture, COFE Cloud improves the overall consumer experience, broadening the brand's appeal and fostering stronger relationships.Personalized suggestions, simplified order procedures, and digital connections that go beyond physical bounds are examples of how convenient technology can be. Consumers can benefit from the speedy transaction flow, individualized preferences kept in a digital wallet, and the efficiency of mobile ordering. The capacity of COFE Cloud to maintain the spirit of conventional coffee culture inside this digital framework, however, is what makes it unique.For Barn, the platform becomes more than just a means of transaction administration; it becomes a digital continuation of the welcoming atmosphere of the coffee shop. Features like customized welcomes, digital loyalty stamps that resemble paper cards, and a digital setting that mimics the cozy familiarity of a neighborhood coffee shop capture the coziness of conventional coffee culture. As a result, COFE Cloud serves as a link between the ease of contemporary technology and the cozy, nostalgic allure of customary coffee experiences.In what ways does COFE Cloud contribute to understanding and enhancing every touchpoint in the customer journey for brands like Barn's?Beyond only making transactions easier, COFE Cloud is an effective tool for businesses like Barn's that can explore the nuances of consumer preferences by utilizing its advanced data analytics capabilities. The refinement of the whole customer journey is based on this deep information, which influences everything from targeted messages to product offerings. Barn's obtains insights into the unique habits, preferences, and purchase patterns of each consumer through the data analytics on the platform. This fine-grained comprehension enables the company to craft a customized experience for every customer. Every consumer touchpoint offers a chance for customized interaction, from proposing promotions catered to individual interests to recommending favorite coffee blends and pastry combinations.Furthermore, COFE Cloud converts data into useful insight that helps Barn's make strategic decisions. Whether it's introducing new products in line with trending tastes, conducting targeted marketing campaigns, or optimizing inventory based on popular choices, the platform becomes a dynamic tool for keeping ahead in the market.This data-driven strategy strengthens brand loyalty while also improving client satisfaction. When a business acknowledges and incorporates their preferences into its services and messages, customers feel appreciated and noticed. By creating a customized and attentive experience for every consumer, COFE Cloud goes beyond simple transaction processing and strengthens Barn's reputation as a company that knows and respects its customers' individual tastes in addition to providing excellent coffee.Given Barn's aggressive international expansion plan, how does COFE Cloud support the brand's goal of reaching 1,000 stores worldwide by 2030?/COFE Cloud establishes itself as a valuable affiliate in Barn's ambitious international growth route, adapting proactively to the complexities of diverse markets. As the COFE Cloud is able to meet a variety of regional preferences and operate around stringent legislative restrictions, it becomes a crucial component in promoting performance. Because of its strategic adaptability, COFE Cloud is positioned by Barn's as more than simply a feature but as an essential growth catalyst, enabling them to safely enter new markets.Furthermore, it is critical that the platform interfaces with various Point of Sale (POS) systems around the globe. Every area has a different point of sale system and has different restrictions in the complex web of international marketplaces. The capacity of COFE Cloud to adjust to this variability guarantees a uniform and consistent brand experience everywhere. Thanks to COFE Cloud's integration capabilities, Barn's can continue to uphold its dedication to providing exceptional customer service and operational efficiency, regardless of the size of the market.The interplay between worldwide integration and scalability highlights COFE Cloud's strategic enablement of Barn's global development. It's more than just a technological solution; Barn is a dynamic partner in making sure that the core of its brand, the caliber of its offerings, and the smoothness of its operations stay constant and unwavering as Barn expands its global footprint, providing customers with an amazing and cohesive experience.How does COFE Cloud facilitate adaptability to evolving customer preferences and urban surroundings, especially in the context of drive-thru restaurants and compact, adaptable locations? The conceptual design of COFE Cloud symbolizes adaptability, providing a dynamic solution that adapts effortlessly to the various urban settings and the constantly changing lives of its users. This flexibility is a major advantage for Barn's as it moves between various shop layouts, such as the quick efficiency of drive-thrus and the comfortable atmosphere of cafes.By adding a digital layer of convenience, COFE Cloud improves the classic coffee shop experience in the case of private cafés. Through an easy-to-use interface, patrons can make orders, personalize beverages, and interact with loyalty programs while enjoying the cozy ambiance of a Barn's café. The platform makes sure that technology adds to, not takes away from, the cozy atmosphere of the café by enhancing it rather than overshadowing it.Conversely, COFE Cloud becomes the efficiency engine in drive-thru environments. The technology effortlessly interacts with the drive-thru infrastructure, expedites transactions, and simplifies the ordering process. This flexibility guarantees that Barn's can accommodate consumers' busy lifestyles without sacrificing the high standards of quality and customization that are key to the company's identity.The flexibility of COFE Cloud goes beyond simply supporting various shop layouts; it's a tactical instrument that lets Barn's engage consumers wherever they are, whether it's in the fast-paced drive-thru or the relaxed atmosphere of a café. By enabling Barn's adaptation in this way, COFE Cloud guarantees that the brand stays current and resonates in the various metropolitan contexts.

Top 10 family-friendly activities to do in the UAE with the ENTERTAINER

The ENTERTAINER, a popular lifestyle and savings app founded in Dubai, has made a comeback with its new and improved product, ENTERTAINER 2024. The ENTERTAINER 2024 now offers a bigger and better selection of Buy One Get One Free offers across various categories. So now there’s really something for everyone.  Enjoy, save, love and repeat with your family at these top 10 spots in the UAE:  A brunch to remember From a double chocolate fountain to live cooking stations, Crescendo has it all for families looking to go out for a fun-tastic brunch.  Where: Crescendo at Anantara The Palm Dubai ResortOffer: Buy One Get One Free on Saturday Fork & Cork BrunchEstimated savings: AED 635  Soak up the sun and fun at SuqSituated beside a serene beach, Suq Restaurant offers a tranquil outdoor terrace and picturesque pool garden view. With a kids play area, ice cream station and chocolate fountain there’s lots to keep the little ones entertained while parents indulge in delicious dim sums, British roasts and much more.  Where: Suq Restaurant at Four Seasons Resort Dubai, Jumeirah BeachOffer: Buy One Get One Free on Saturday brunchEstimated savings: AED 420 Family thrills at Motiongate Enjoy jaw-dropping shows, adrenaline-pumping rides and endless movie themed fun. Motiongate is a must visit attraction for both children and adults. Where: Motiongate at Dubai Parks and ResortsOffer: Buy One Get One Free on 1-Day General AdmissionEstimated savings: AED 330 Say hello to everyone’s favourite cartoon characters & heroesKids get to meet and greet their all-time faves - from the Powerpuff Girls and his crew to Spider-Man, Thor and even the Powerpuff Girls at IMG Worlds of Adventure. Thrill seeking families can look forward to enjoying heart-racing rides based on popular cartoon network characters, iconic Marvel superheroes and colossal dinosaurs.  Where: IMG Worlds of AdventureOffer: Buy One Get One Free on General AdmissionEstimated savings: AED 345 The formula for funPlan the ultimate day of family fun at Wild Wadi. The lazy river practically beckons you with the promise of a chill and relaxing time while the thrill-seekers have a go in the wave pool. The list of exciting rides goes on… from Tantrum Ally to Master Blaster and many more. Visit now and let the good times roll. Where: Wild Wadi, JumeirahOffer: Buy One Get One Free on All-Day General AdmissionEstimated savings: AED 275 for kids 1.1m & below World’s largest water parkTime to pull out all the stops and visit the world’s largest water park that has over 105 slides, attractions and experiences. If family centric is what you were looking for then this is the perfect option.Where: Atlantis Aquaventure at Atlantis The PalmOffer: Buy One Get One Free on Dolphin Meet & Greet + Waterpark Admission TicketEstimated savings: AED 763 So. Crazy. GoodNo matter which burger you’re craving, Black Tap serves brilliant bites paired with the best and most innovative shakes that are practically edible art. It’s not just food, it’s a nostalgia-packed, Insta-ready experience. Where: Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes at Multiple Locations Offer: Buy One Get One Free on Main Courses Estimated savings: AED 75 Take a breakIf you’re looking for the definition of heavenly then Café Bateel is the place to be. Where: Cafe Bateel at Multiple LocationsOffer: Buy One Get One Free on Main CoursesEstimated savings: AED 60 Italian is the way to goCraving an authentic Italian meal? Pop by Carluccio’s and enjoy Piedmont-style cuisine and fantastic views. The cozy booths present comfortable options for families and large groups. Where: Carluccio's at Multiple LocationsOffer: Buy One Get One Free on Main Menu ItemsEstimated savings: AED 50 Talk about Cloud 9Discover the perfect staycation amid the distinctive Arabian landscapes of deserts, beaches and mountains at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort. Enjoy a memorable stay where 1.5 kilometers of exclusive beachfront offers a vibrant atmosphere filled with excitement and family-friendly activities. Where: Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort at Ras Al KhaimahOffer: Buy One Get One Free on 1 night: AED 1,200 + junior suite beach access villa + breakfastEstimated savings: AED 1,200 Do more of what you love for less with the ENTERTAINER 2024For a limited time, customers purchasing the new ENTERTAINER 2024 product will gain instant access to the 2023 offers. This means a 13-month subscription for the price of 12, with December 2023 included for free. Don’t miss this special offer. Enjoy, save, love and repeat with ENTERTAINER 2024.

AI To Limit Operator Revenue Leakage From 5G Roaming Connections To $11m

Basingstoke, UK – 11th December 2023: A new study from Juniper Research, the foremost experts in telecommunications markets, found the average revenue leakage per 5G roaming connection will decrease from $1.72 to $1.20, as operators leverage AI-based segmentation. Revenue leakage refers to the value of services provided but not monetised.This reduction in revenue leakage will be driven by the implementation of AI-based segmentation solutions to monetise data-centric users. Specifically, this approach allows operators to reduce 5G standalone revenue leakage through the improved allocation of resources and new pricing; reflecting its higher QoS (Quality of Service). The difference is that 5G standalone networks leverage the 5G core, whilst 5G non-standalone relies on 4G infrastructure.Find out more about the new report, Global Roaming Clearing Market: 2023-2028, or download a free sample.AI Crucial to Developing Advanced Segmentation SolutionsAI-based segmentation will enable operators to better monetise emerging roaming services; using machine-learning models to detect and differentiate traffic types and segments in real-time.Research author Alex Webb remarked: “AI-based segmentation will differentiate enterprise traffic by use case; enabling premium billing of mission-critical 5G standalone connections, thus reducing revenue leakage.”Non-standalone and Standalone Networks Must Be Monetised DifferentlyThe report recommends operators implement AI segmentation tools to help reduce revenue leakage from 5G roaming on standalone networks. The higher throughput and lower latency offered by these networks needs to be reflected in operators’ pricing.By separating standalone from non-standalone roaming traffic, operators will be able to apply individual pricing strategies for each of these networks; ensuring pricing reflects QoS. Operators must utilise these tools to identify enterprise traffic suitable for use case-dedicated network slices, as this reduces revenue leakage, by optimising network resource distribution.

Four entrepreneurs win Crescent Enterprises Climate Innovation Prize

UAE – Crescent Enterprises, a leading multinational company with diversified global businesses, announced the winners of its ‘Crescent Enterprises Climate Innovation Prize’ in partnership with MIT Solve, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a mission to drive innovation to solve world challenges. The winners were announced at COP28 Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum, where the entrepreneurs showcased their solutions and received AED 735,000 of non-dilutive funding from Crescent Enterprises.Over 45 startups from within MIT Solve’s climate portfolio applied to Crescent Enterprises Climate Innovation Prize, and following a collaborative review and qualification process, 4 global entrepreneurs were selected as winners of the ‘Crescent Enterprises Climate Innovation Prize’ for their innovative solutions, with 50% of the winners being women.Commenting on the prize, Tushar Singhvi, Deputy CEO and Head of Investments, Crescent Enterprises said: "We are proud to partner with MIT Solve on the Crescent Enterprises Climate Innovation Prize, which recognizes the impactful solutions developed by inspiring entrepreneurs from around the world. As an organization, we have long been committed to sustainable development, women empowerment, and supporting global technological innovation – Crescent Enterprises Climate Innovation Prize is an embodiment of these principles.”Hala Hanna, Executive Director, MIT Solve added: "We are thrilled to be working with Crescent Enterprises for the prestigious Crescent Enterprises Climate Innovation Prize. This collaboration underscores both of our shared commitment to fostering global entrepreneurship and driving impactful solutions towards a sustainable future. By honouring visionary entrepreneurs from the USA, Nepal, Nigeria, and Thailand, the Prize amplifies their innovative contributions in tackling climate challenges, inspiring change, and paving the way for a more resilient, equitable and sustainable world".The 4 recipients of the ‘Crescent Enterprises Climate Innovation Prize’ were:Rumee Singh, Co-Founder of Rumsan: Based in Nepal, Rumsan has developed ‘Rahat’, a blockchain-powered financial access platform for the un- and under-banked to build resilience against the impact of climate shocks.Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, Founder & CEO of ColdHubs, Based in Nigeria, ColdHubs addresses the problem of food spoilage due to lack of cold storage by designing, installing, and operating 100% solar-powered walk-in cold rooms, branded as ‘ColdHubs’, in outdoor food markets, horticultural produce collection centres and farm clusters that extend shelf life of perishable items.Patipat Susumpao, Managing Director, OpenDream: Based in Thailand, OpenDream has a solution named One Health Toolkit (OHTK), which is a software and eLearning series that trains farmers in identifying diseases sooner and allows for a faster response to early outbreaks in backyard farming.Alexia Akbay, CEO & Founder, Symbrosia: Based in USA, Symbrosia has a product named SeaGraze™ which reduces the carbon footprint by reducing methane output by ~85% and improves the productivity of ruminant livestock agriculture.Rumee Singh, Co-founder of Rumsan, shared “We are deeply honoured to receive the Climate Innovation Prize for the work we are driving with Rahat. This recognition not only fuels our commitment to creating impactful change but also highlights the promising impact of blockchain technology on climate-focused interventions. We are grateful to Crescent Enterprises for this acknowledgment, and we remain committed to advancing sustainable and innovative solutions in Nepal and beyond”.Alexia Akbay, CEO & Founder, Symbrosia, commented “This prize is a game changer for climate startups — the combination of catalytic non-dilutive capital and a platform at COP to engage with stakeholders has met us precisely where we need resources the most. Our team is grateful for the opportunities that have already emerged as part of this prize.”COP28 Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum, in collaboration with global partners, including strategic partners, Crescent Enterprises and the Sustainable Markets Initiative, and delivery partners, Africa Finance Corporation, Asian Development Bank, BEEAH Group, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, IDB Invest, International Finance Corporation, the Organisation for Economic and Co-operation and Development, World Economic Forum, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and XPRIZE, convened over 1,300 business and philanthropy leaders, alongside policymakers, to foster co-creation and collaboration and accelerate cross-sectoral progress around net zero and nature positive goals. Underpinned by the COP28 Action Agenda, the Forum addressed key climate priorities which, include fast-tracking a just and orderly energy transition; fixing climate finance; putting nature, lives and livelihoods at the heart of climate action; and underpinning everything with inclusivity.

Mindware strengthens distribution network in the Middle East and Africa

Mindware, a leading value-added distributor (VAD) in the Middle East and Africa, has recently announced the signing of a strategic distribution partnership agreement with GitLab. As an authorized distributor for the Middle East and Africa market, Mindware will facilitate the seamless integration of DevSecOps practices for businesses in the region using the GitLab AI-powered DevSecOps platform.Elaborating on the partnership, Mostafa Kabel, Solutions Director, Mindware Group comments: “Better, faster, and more collaborative software development and application delivery accelerates digital transformation. GitLab offers the most comprehensive AI-powered DevSecOps platform that simplifies the software delivery toolchain. Mindware’s strong presence across the MEA market as a leader in establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with vendors and channel organizations aims to enhance customer experience and value from the adoption of GitLab’s innovative DevSecOps platform.”GitLab is the most comprehensive AI-powered DevSecOps platform in the market. From idea to value, GitLab enables teams to collaborate in a single application to shorten cycle times, reduce development costs, and increase developer productivity. This enables organizations to allocate more time and resources toward differentiating features that set their businesses apart.Mindware's channel partners aiming to expand their market leadership in application modernization can now access and join GitLab's partner program. This collaboration helps enable channel partners to leverage the combined expertise and resources of Mindware and GitLab.

Celebrate new year’s eve on Hudayriyat Island with dazzling fireworks

Start 2024 with a bang under a burst of dazzling colors at Marsana on Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi’s premier leisure and entertainment hub developed by Modon Properties. Bring your loved ones to celebrate New Year’s Eve with delicious food and a wide selection of fun activities, and watch a spectacular fireworks display illuminate the breathtaking waterfront view to ring in the new year. Location:    Marsana, Hudayriyat IslandDate:           Sunday, December 31, 2023 – Monday, January 1, 2024Time:           Midnight – 00:05              Entrance:    Free of charge

Chupa Chups & AI: Wavemaker MENA and Perfetti Van Melle MEAP's collaboration

Wavemaker MENA, part of GroupM, and Perfetti Van Melle MEAP, proudly announce a groundbreaking achievement with their latest campaign for the iconic lollipop brand, Chupa Chups. By seamlessly integrating creativity with AI technology, Chupa Chups has become the pioneer brand in transforming children’s imaginative ideas into vibrant personalized ‘lollipop worlds’. The "AI World of Lollipops" campaign creates a captivating digital playground where children can freely express their creativity through text prompts, unleashing a world of enchantment with the swift touch of AI magic. The response has been nothing short of extraordinary –from both children and parents alike.  This success story not only marks the initial phase of an exciting campaign journey but also serves as an inspiration, sparking novel methods to forge meaningful connections between brands and consumers through AI.  The accompanying photo showcases the unique 'AI World of Lollipops' crafted by Wavemaker MENA's Managing Director, Marc Ghosn, and Perfetti Van Melle MEAP's Managing Director, Milad Rouhana. Give it a go and create your own Lollipop world here. ( Creativity Through AI: A Journey of InnovationPerfetti embarked on a roadmap towards transformation under the leadership of Milad Rouhana, as Managing Director of MEAP in 2022. Since then, this key theme has resonated from brand to agency with the need and desire to be open to new opportunities and exciting ways of approaching media. Milad, together with Wavemaker MENA's Managing Director, Marc Ghosn and their respective teams, positively provoke and challenge one another to reach new heights. This attitude runs between partners and was crucial for realizing the 'AI World of Lollipop's campaign.'The creative process behind "AI World of Lollipops" began with a strategic exploration of emerging market trends, highlighting the potential of AI in brand engagement. This was followed by brainstorming sessions between the media agency and Perfetti, with the objective of bringing joy to children through inspiring them to unleash their limitless imaginations. The result: a conceptualized AI platform where children could express themselves and bring their wildest dreams to life.The Wavemaker MENA team experimented with various AI models before selecting Stable Diffusion as their partner due to its impressive output quality and efficiency. The seamless integration of Stable Diffusion into the bespoke Chupa Chups website enabled users to type their imaginative ideas and the AI engine would translate them into a visual reality. Metrics of Success: Beyond ExpectationsThe success metrics of the campaign surpassed initial expectations, with 265,000 visits to the AI platform and 86,000 personalized AI images generated in a month. In addition, through the live dashboard tracking system built by Wavemaker and Perfetti, an overwhelmingly 99% positive sentiment was achieved across social media.One of the campaign's standout features is its personalized touch. This level of personalization not only resonates deeply with users but has also made the images exceptionally shareable. Users have expressed great excitement in sharing their personalized creations across social media, fostering a sense of community around the campaign.Milad Rouhana, Managing Director of Perfetti Van Melle MEAP, commented, "Together with Wavemaker MENA, we have demonstrated how tech and creativity can collaborate seamlessly to surprise and delight consumers. The success of 'AI World of Lollipops' has left us eager to expand this innovative campaign across other international markets, and to see where the continued excitement around it can take us.”Marc Ghosn, Managing Director of Wavemaker MENA, added, "We take immense pride in our team's accomplishments for "Al World of Lollipops." The results are a true testament to the creativity and ‘next era’ thinking injected into the campaign from start to finish. Our teams lead with 'positive provocation', and this approach has brought true business meaning to this campaign. To make the impossible possible, you need partners ready to take the leap of faith and trial new tech and tools. We thank Perfetti for achieving greatness and look forward to reaching new milestones in our next phase of the Chupa Chups, 'AI World of Lollipops' journey."

Jonathan Wilson appointed as chief executive officer at Aman at Sea

Aman, the pioneering hospitality and lifestyle brand renowned for its collection of ultra-luxury hotels, resorts and branded residences, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jonathan Wilson as Chief Executive Officer of Aman at Sea, which will launch a first of its kind luxury motor yacht, developed through a joint venture between Aman and Cruise Saudi, bringing the spirit of Aman to the world’s oceans in 2027. An executive leader in the luxury hospitality and cruise industry, Jonathan brings over 20 years of experience to the position. Jonathan will lead the development and implementation of Aman’s first luxury superyacht, working closely with Aman’s Chairman and CEO, Vlad Doronin, to deliver the brand’s vision and strategy. Jonathan will also assemble a dynamic and skilled team both on land and aboard, ensuring the vessel and guest experience reflects the level of detail and care revered across Aman’s hotels. Jonathan has a deep understanding of global markets having previously served as Vice President, Customer Experience and Innovation at Hilton Worldwide (2019 – 2021), where he oversaw the product development of 17 hotels. For over 15 years (2000 – 2015), Jonathan also held leadership roles with Princess Cruises and Cunard Line, including Vice President positions in Hotel Operations, Product Development and Food and Beverage. During his tenure, he led the development of new products, including cruise ships, and completed ambitious revitalisation projects to establish an exceptional culinary and entertainment offering, drive brand awareness, optimise growth for the company, and authored the brand’s cookery book, Courses: A Culinary Journey. His international perspective, coupled with his strong experience in product development and the cruise industry, will enable Jonathan to oversee Aman’s continued expansion and develop a luxury yacht experience that is peerless in every way.Jonathan Wilson shares: “Aman has been a pioneer in ultra-luxury hospitality for over 35 years and it is a privilege to be joining the company to lead the development of Aman at Sea – an exciting new endeavor for the visionary brand which will bring the first world-class Aman experience to the world’s oceans, setting a new standard in waterborne voyages.”Aman has enjoyed an ambitious evolution for over three decades, creating tranquil sanctuaries based on privacy, peace and unparalleled service. Developed through a joint venture between Aman and Cruise Saudi, the 183 metre (600ft) vessel designed in partnership with SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design, one of the world’s finest yacht design firms, will feature just 50 spacious luxury suites, with Aman’s eastern heritage and design philosophy integrated seamlessly with the architectural vision, offering a whole new category in on the water exploration.In January 2023, Aman Group announced the signing of ship building contract with T.Mariotti S.p.A for Aman at Sea, a constructor of ultra-luxury yachts and offshore vessels in Italy since 1928.Aman at Sea is expected to launch in 2027 – its official name will be announced in due course.

Donnacha Kinsella appointed Head of Starcom KSA

Starcom Middle East, a leading global media agency under the Publicis Groupe Middle East umbrella, is pleased to announce the appointment of Donnacha Kinsella as its new Head for Saudi Arabia. This marks Donnacha's second tenure with the Groupe and Starcom ME, where he previously served as the lead for strategy, digital, and data on the P&G account.“As a media, data, and technology leader, Donnacha’s work and experience in performance and business outcomes is unparalleled,” says Ramez Zeineddine, CEO, Starcom Middle East. “Equally important, he’s also a champion of people and culture. As Starcom ME continues to drive Growth for our teams, clients, and the industry at large, we're excited to have Donnacha on board as we further accelerate our foundations in Saudi Arabia”. Donnacha's extensive experience in media and advertising spans diverse international markets, including significant roles in the US, Ireland, and over seven years in the Middle East. Specialising in digital marketing and data leadership, he brings a wealth of expertise that encompasses various client verticals such as CPG, Finance, Automotive, and Tech. Donnacha has also led media teams across some of Starcom ME’s largest clients, most notably Stellantis and P&G. In his most recent role, Donnacha served as the Global Client Lead at Mindshare overseeing the Public Investment Fund (PIF) account, Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, where he played a pivotal role in shaping media and advertising strategy and operations."I'm excited to re-join Starcom ME and Publicis Groupe ME. Starcom's ethos and goal to drive human understanding and connection fit well with the ambition and opportunities we see in Saudi Arabia. I'm excited and committed to the growth of both Starcom and the Kingdom. I'm looking forward to working with our team to elevate our existing client relationships and to drive business growth in line with the Saudi 2030 Vision”, said Donnacha Kinsella, Head of Starcom KSA. Starcom ME was recently awarded "Most Effective Media Agency" at the MENA Effies and “Media Agency of the Decade” at Athar Festival in Saudi Arabia.

Emirates Foundation supports F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

UAE, Abu Dhabi: Emirates Foundation – in collaboration with organiser Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management (ADMM) – has once again supported the F1 Grand Prix in the UAE capital with 400 Takatof and SANID volunteers taking part in managing the crowd over the four-day event (23-26 November).The volunteers’ wide-ranging and valuable tasks included welcoming the hundreds of F1 visitors arriving on Yas Island and answering their queries, supporting People of Determination, ensuring health and safety protocols were enforced, among many others.Of the participating volunteers, 13 volunteers spoke three or more languages – offering valuable communications assistance at such a high-profile event attended by visitors from across the world. There were also volunteers capable of speaking the Arabic Sign Language (ArSL) and American Sign Language (ASL) and a team to drive golf carts to assist the elderly.The volunteers were greatly helped by Al Fahim Group, who provided eight luxury vehicles – four Mercedes and four Jeeps – so they could provide the best support possible to F1 VIP guests.Commenting on the efforts of the volunteers, H.E. Ahmed Taleb Al Shamsi, CEO of Emirates Foundation, said: “I would like to thank our dedicated team of volunteers for all their tireless efforts; they played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this globally focused event. Their invaluable contributions not only enhanced the overall experience of the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix but have also underscored the importance of collective action.”Al Shamsi added: “I would also like to extend my warmest appreciation to our partners Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management for their tireless efforts in creating a flawless event, and Al Fahim Group for providing the luxury vehicles so the volunteers could carry out their tasks efficiently, befitting such a high-profile occasion. Success in any major international sports event is a testament to the unwavering commitment and seamless teamwork of all involved. Together, we were able to ensure memorable experiences for all visitors.”.

Priority banking enhances customer experience through nationwide customer forums

Muscat: In line with its constant endeavor to promote positive communication and retain a sustainable relationship with its customers, BankDhofar is pleased to announce the successful completion of a comprehensive customer forum initiative conducted across the Sultanate of Oman for its Al Riadah Priority Banking customers. This strategic initiative underlines the bank's commitment to customer-centricity. In a series of one-to-one meetings, Al Riadah Priority Banking team engaged with their customers, to understand their preferences and requirements. This personalized face-face approach is aimed to get valuable insights, about the customer needs and ensuring a bespoke proposition that aligns with the unique needs of each customer. The meetings were conducted across the Sultanate of Oman, including Al Buraimi, Sohar, Ibra, Ibri and Muscat. The Bank used these meetings to share the benefits of Al Riadah priority banking and received direct feedback on services, products, and the bank's digital platforms from its customers. This interactive exchange facilitated a transparent and constructive dialogue.These dedicated customer interactions reaffirm the bank's dedication to understanding and meeting the evolving expectations of its Priority Banking clientele customers and reinforces the bank’s customer-centric approach.“At BankDhofar, our customers’ satisfaction lays at the heart of everything we do and these direct interactions help us to have a better understanding of their needs and allow us to interact with them along with their dedicated relationship managers. Our products, services and financial solutions are well designed to meet their daily needs and exceed their expectations, and we believe that getting real-time feedback helps us enhance the overall customer experience. We were very pleased with the overall outcome and we are thankful for our customers’ time and sharing their valuable feedback.” said Hind Abdul Malik Al Sabbagh, AGM & Head of Premier Banking at BankDhofar.Al Riadah Priority Banking provides a unique range of banking products and services that are tailored to suit the unique lifestyle of priority customers, ranging from dedicated relationship manager, priority processing of transactions, preferential rates for deposits and loans apart from personalized cheque book, exclusive Visa Infinite Debit and Credit Card, or MasterCard Platinum Credit Card. Customers can enjoy exceptional times at restaurants, shops, as well as procurement protection, extended warranty, access to airport lounges around the world, travel insurance for cardholders and their families, in addition to other exclusive services.

Zain KSA wins ‘Best Diversity and inclusion Program’ Award

Zain KSA, the leading telecommunications and digital services provider in the Kingdom, won 3 awards at the 17th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, held on December 6-7, 2023 in Dubai. Among these accolades, the company secured the “Best Diversity and Inclusion Program’ award, recognizing its commitment to diversity and inclusion.Winning the ‘Best Diversity and Inclusion Program’ is a testament to Zain KSA’s instrumental efforts in fostering a workplace that empowers all employees to excel and is free from prejudices and bias. The award acknowledges Zain KSA’s corporate culture, rooted in empowering talent and achieving diversity and inclusion by eradicating inequalities based on gender and all forms of discrimination in the workplace, whether they be racial, national, physical, or socioeconomic.Commenting on this award, Loluwah Al-Nowaiser, VP of Human Resources at Zain KSA, Stated “ We are thrilled to receive the 'Best Diversity and Inclusion Program' award, as it strongly affirms Zain KSA's commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.” She added “At Zain KSA, we translate our core values through a corporate culture that underpins a healthy and empowering work environment. We celebrate diversity and proudly embrace differences, demonstrating respect and appreciation for everyone. Through our approach that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), we are always committed to creating equal opportunities for everyone to establish a balanced work environment. We also support young talent in the Kingdom by providing employment opportunities, training programs, and more access to specialized education.We launched our strategic initiative WE in 2017, dedicated to empowering our workforce, by increasing the proportion of female leaders in the company and achieving gender diversity in the workplace, including leadership positions. This initiative has yielded a range of programs supporting job opportunities and training, including the Evolve Program, which has empowered over 100 young employees. Additionally, our "Women in Technology" program provides guidance and opportunities for growth to female university students across the Kingdom pursuing STEM fields (Science, technology, engineering and mathetmatics.)”Additonally, Zain KSA won two other awards at the TR Leaders’ Summit 2023: ‘Best Green Technology’ award in recognition of launching the first zero-emission 5G network worldwide, and ‘Global Merit Leader - Women in ICT of the Year’ honoring Digital Executive General Manager, Njoud AlShehri for her impactful journey in the ICT sector, particularly overseeing the launch of Zain KSA’s Yaqoot digital packages.

Doha Festival City Sponsors the 4th Edition of the Qatar Balloon Festival

Doha Festival City, Qatar's ultimate destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, is pleased to announce its retail sponsorship of the 4th edition of the Qatar Balloon Festival, a highly anticipated annual event in Doha. The festival is set to take place in Katara from December 7-18, 2023, promising entertainment and activities for visitors of all ages. This year's Qatar Balloon Festival features a display of over 50 hot air balloons in various shapes and colors. The event also features a family area with inflatable castles, a variety of games for children, and an international street food court. Additionally, a VIP Majlis is available for special guests. Building on the success of the last edition, the festival once again showcases giant kites, offering visitors the chance to launch their own kites adding to the event's momentum. Alongside the display of hot air balloons, the Qatar Balloon Festival presents a diverse array of activities. The event transitions from afternoon balloon activities to the night glow show in the evening, a highlight where balloons are illuminated in sync with music, creating a spectacle. This visual performance is complemented by additional entertainment, including lively parades and roaming acts such as stilt walkers, dancers, and inflatable mascots, all contributing to the vibrant and festive atmosphere of the event. Robert Hall, General Manager of Doha Festival City, commented: "We are thrilled to be the retail sponsor of the 4th edition of the Qatar Balloon Festival. This event not only brings a spectacular visual feast to the skies of Doha but also aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing diverse and family-friendly experiences. The festival's vibrant mix of activities, from the stunning hot air balloon to the lively family areas, reflects our dedication to creating memorable moments for all our visitors. We're proud to support an event that so beautifully captures the spirit of community and celebration in Qatar." The 4th edition of Qatar Hot Air Balloon Festival is intended to attract more visitors than ever before, making Qatar a must-visit global destination for hot air balloon enthusiasts. This year, a variety of performers are set to wow audiences at the 12-day event. An extensive lineup of mascots, jugglers and others has been set up to provide entertainment and enhance the overall festival experience for visitors.

Technology: A Crucial Enabler for Achieving Sustainability Goals in KSA Organiza

Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, in collaboration with Microsoft, released the findings of The Global Sustainability Barometer study. The study, conducted by Ecosystm, finds that while 83% of organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) place a high strategic level of importance on achieving their sustainability goals, only 3% have integrated sustainability into their strategies and data.As the world faces an increase in climate-related events and challenges, there is an urgency among businesses to act now using technology to drive sustainable solutions. While 73% of organizations surveyed in KSA see great significance in technology’s role to achieve their goals, only 22% believe they are making full use of it in their organizations.“Many companies are at different stages of sustainability maturity,” said Faith Taylor, Chief Sustainability and ESG Officer, Kyndryl. “Companies are applying technology to unlock the full potential of sustainability. They are thinking beyond regulatory compliance to pragmatically execute and advance their sustainability goals.” “Technology has emerged as a key enabler to sustainability success, and its role will only continue to grow with the advent of more sophisticated AI tools,” said Shelly Blackburn, Vice President, Cross Solutions Area, Microsoft. “We are eager to help drive meaningful change and contribute to a more sustainable future in collaboration with Kyndryl.”Key highlights of the survey include:While CEOs and boards have made sustainability and digital transformation a priority, they need help with integration and execution of their programs to meet their goals. While 72% of the organizations in KSA use AI to monitor energy use, only 18% use current data to predict future energy consumption.Among stakeholders of organizations in KSA, employees are the most vocal in advocating for sustainability policies and practices, followed by investors, customers and government regulators.Drivers to Building a More Sustainable Organization in KSABelow are sustainability best practices for driving growth and improving business outcomes: Make sustainability a CEO and Boardroom priority aligned with finance and technology. Over 65% of organizations in KSA entrust the CEO and the Board with leadership roles in their sustainability functions.Align sustainability with technology modernization. Technology can help to automate, modernize and prioritize sustainability processes and infrastructures. Of the respondents surveyed in KSA, 58% use technology to reduce the environment footprint of their organization, while 52% use automation to improve efficiencies and build sustainable operations and 48% digitize their workplaces to support a hybrid work strategy.Build an integrated data foundation. Streamline data management for informed decision-making and successful execution of strategies. A mere 15 % of organizations in KSA have the capability to provide their employees with real-time sustainability dashboards.Unleash AI for predictive sustainability. Expand the use of AI beyond reporting to include predictive analytics that assess Scope 3 risks, forecast energy consumption and anticipate potential risks such as natural disasters. Empower employees. The study found that 62% of surveyed organizations in KSA lack dedicated resources or limited internal expertise, which outlines the need for additional workforce development. “Faced with record-breaking temperatures and unparalleled climate-related events, this is a moment that calls for collective action from governments, industries, enterprises and individuals alike,” said Ullrich Loeffler, Co-Founder & CEO, Ecosystm. “Together with Kyndryl and Microsoft, we are honored to make this study available to forward-thinking organizations everywhere to outline steps they can take today to drive measurable sustainability impact.”The Global Sustainability Barometer study, conducted by Ecosystm in collaboration with Kyndryl and Microsoft, was conducted among 1,523 technology and sustainability business leaders across 16 countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Americas. The survey took place between September – October 2023. The survey was conducted across nine industries and included small to medium as well as global companies. Learn more about the study, “From Vision to Impact: The Global Sustainability Barometer.”

Crestbridge Bahrain announces strategic rebrand to Yasira

Crestbridge Bahrain, an agile private equity and real estate administration solutions provider, has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to the accelerated company growth and renewal of its corporate vision. At the heart of this transformation is a change of the company name to Yasira - inline with the firm's unwavering commitment to the region and heritage; the rebranding reflects a strategic initiative to better serve the distinctive needs of their clients in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the broader Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The company's new name 'Yasira' draws inspiration from the mountainous and challenging terrain of the Asir region in Saudi Arabia, and the firm's deep commitment to overcome complexity by providing administrative solutions that maximise operational efficiency and enhance financial performance.Positioned as a 'partner in efficiency', Yasira's expertise spans fund and trust administration, corporate solutions, ESG advisory and advanced data analytics and reporting services for fund and asset managers, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and banking institutions in the Middle East."This milestone rebranding initiative ushers in a new era of bespoke administrative solutions that maximise operational efficiency and enhance financial performance for our clients in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and across the broader GCC. Our new name Yasira, reflects our profound commitment to the region, priming us to proficiently navigate the complexities of financial administration on behalf of our clients," comments Paul Perris, the CEO of Yasira.Headquartered in Bahrain Financial Harbour in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Yasira administers funds and structures totalling more than US$7 billion in assets. Led by a strong management team of seasoned international specialists equipped with extensive regional experience and state-of-the-art fund administration technology, the firm is well positioned to meet the ever-evolving requirements within the region and better serve its long standing clients.

Hislo marks milestone with Saudi ICOMOS

Hislo, the cutting-edge social platform transforming the exploration and sharing of historical locations, has announced its participation in the AlUla International Conference on Heritage Impact Assessment "Athr". By connecting people to the history of heritage sites, Hislo encourages users to engage with the past dynamically and interactively. In 2023, Hislo revealed its refreshed brand identity and mobile app, aligning with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 and its goals to expand heritage tourism in Saudi Arabia.Hislo highlighted its latest app at the conference with new features to offer users an unparalleled experience to explore and interact with heritage and historical landmarks through stories, photos, and videos. With these features, Hislo aims to enrich the tourism experience, making historical sites more accessible and engaging for travelers everywhere.Hislo and Saudi Arabian National Committee of The International Council on Monuments and Sites “Saudi ICOMOS” committed to supporting the Heritage and Historical Sites Conservation by signing a strategic partnership at the AlUla International Conference on Heritage Impact Assessment "Athr" in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. The strategic partnership with Saudi ICOMOS establishes a cooperative partnership to promote heritage conservation by raising awareness and spreading knowledge about historical sites within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.The partnership enables Hislo to categorize and feature these sites within its app as a platform recognized by Saudi ICOMOS. The partnership is also committed to educational initiatives to raise public awareness of tangible and intangible heritage. Additionally, Hislo is endorsed to document this heritage, employing advanced methods like photography and 3D imaging to bring history to life for users worldwide. The partnership represents a significant step in making heritage more accessible and engaging through the power of technology.Dr. Noorah Alkadi, Founder of Hislo, shares her vision: "Our partnership with Saudi ICOMOS, represented by HRH Princess Dr. Nouf Bint Mohammed Bin Fahad Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, is a testament to our dedication to heritage conservation. This collaboration will empower us to feature a curated selection of heritage sites, each with its own story, directly within the Hislo app. It is more than a technological innovation it's a cultural mission to bring the past into the present and future."This storied partnership promises to enrich Hislo's tapestry with authentic narratives and cultural stories, allowing users to witness history and partake in its documentation and celebration. This partnership is a step forward in fulfilling the vision of making history tangible for future generations.As Hislo took center stage at the AlUla International Conference, the team looked forward to engaging with visitors from around the globe through their app, welcoming a growing community of explorers eager to discover the world's historical treasures through Hislo.

Dubai Parks™ and Resorts turns into a ‘World of Wintertainment’

 UAE, Dubai: Dubai Parks™ and Resorts, the Middle East’s largest theme park destination, is set to thrill guests with a wide range of holiday experiences including a new spectacular Festive-themed laser show, festive events and workshops, live shows and parades, along with the park’s exciting rides, rollercoasters and attractions from Friday, 8th December 2023 to Thursday, 7th January 2024.At RIVERLAND™ Dubai, the night sky will come alive with a dazzling new Laser Show, Wednesday to Sunday at 7:30PM, 8:30PM, and 9:30PM, creating a mesmerising spectacle with colourful lights and laser beams choreographed to festive themed music for all to enjoy. Guests can explore Santa's Grotto and meet Santa himself at Viva Ristorante Restaurant and immerse in the festive spirit at the Peninsula Stage with Christmas carols and sing-along performances every Friday through Sunday. Guests can't miss Sandy's Candy World Spectacular, a parade that runs every Wednesday to Sunday at 9:00PM, promising a sweet and vibrant procession to captivate audiences of all ages. To extend the holiday celebrations even further, friends and families of all ages are welcome to enjoy the heavenly tunes of 35 children of Dubai Youth Choir singing festive carols on 16th December.MOTIONGATE™ Dubai invites guests to step into its Hollywood Holidays, promising an unforgettable festive season filled with parades, character meet and greets, mesmerising snowfall, and a magnificent 40-foot Christmas tree. The park transforms into a spectacle of lights and enchanting decorations, setting the perfect festive ambiance. Adding to the holiday cheer is the debut of a new live stage-show, ‘Home for Christmas’ at the Hollywood Theatre. Guests are invited to watch this heartwarming experience, adding an extra layer of joy to the holiday celebrations. Meet Rudolph and his reindeer friends as they dance to popular holiday tunes in the ‘Time to Sleigh!’ street show or catch the elves and toy soldiers dance to popular seasonal hip hop tunes in the ‘Toy Factory Fellas’. For those craving delicious holiday treats, MOTIONGATE™ Dubai's festive night market will offer various delights, including crepes, gingerbread cookies, churros, hot chocolate, and much more. To enhance the holiday experience, guests can explore the 15 themed retail shops, each offering an exclusive selection of souvenirs inspired by fan-favourite films such as Kung Fu Panda, Ghostbusters, Hunger Games, Shrek, and more!Meanwhile at LEGOLAND® Dubai Resort, families are invited to join the Festive Bricktacular from Thursday, 14th December 2023 to Sunday, 7th January 2024. Guests can participate in the LEGOLAND Countdown to Christmas, an advent calendar that will give them the chance to open a door and win a LEGO® box set every day until 24th December 2023. In addition, guests can also explore Santa's Grotto and meet LEGO Santa himself (*Exclusive Paid experience for just an additional AED 125 when visiting LEGOLAND Dubai this December) who has special presents awaiting with a limited edition Festive Bricktacular bag, a photo with LEGO Santa, exclusive Santa’s Grotto LEGO Brick, LEGO box set and a letter from LEGO Santa. Even more daily prizes await guests with the introduction of a new Countdown to New Year advent calendar from 25th December to 31st December.  The fun doesn’t have to end there, families are invited to join Lapita, Dubai Parks™ and Resorts’ third edition of the Lu’WOW Weekender. The UAE’s first and only Polynesian resort will be hosting exclusive festive-themed staycation packages from 24th to 26th December 2023, starting from AED 1,399++ for a King Room and AED 1,799++ for an Upgraded Family Suite. Two children under the age of six are welcome to stay and dine with the hotel’s compliments. Here, families will start Christmas day with a nutritious breakfast, followed by a festive brunch from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, with the resort coming alive with live music and street performances. Outdoor kids’ and activities and attractions will ensure the little ones are entertained, with a festive-themed scavenger hunt featuring prizes as well as a special meet & greet with Santa, spreading joys and gifts to his young fans. On Tuesday, 26th December, guests can start their day with morning yoga sessions, while those seeking to stay active can enjoy Aqua Gym sessions at the family pool and children are invited to participate in Mini Olympic competitions, for some perfect family bonding.Guests looking for the perfect festive gift to their loved ones are invited to explore the different Dubai Parks™ and Resorts Annual Passes, offering 12 months of unlimited access to MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, LEGOLAND® Dubai Theme Park and LEGOLAND® Waterpark the park's incredible attractions, thrilling rides, exciting entertainment, special events and various benefits.

PepsiCo, SABIC and partners launch the Mega Green Accelerator

The Mega Green Accelerator will be open to startups in the MENA region focusing on circular economy solutions, clean energy transition and climate mitigation technologies, including water and agriculture.The Accelerator is a collaboration between PepsiCo, SABIC, AstroLabs and other strategic partners.Dubai, United Arab Emirates: On the heels of the first week of COP28, PepsiCo, SABIC, AstroLabs and their strategic partners have announced the launch of the Mega Green Accelerator, a new initiative to nurture the next generation of innovators in the region as they develop solutions to both regional and global sustainability challenges. The Middle East is warming almost two times faster than the global average, yet the support and investment for the sustainability innovation ecosystem in the region does not match this urgency. Since 2010, less than 50 new climate technology startups have been founded in the MENA region, compared to nearly 5,000 in Europe and the US. The Mega Green Accelerator aims to reduce this gap, foster regional collaboration and cultivate a network of MENA-based innovators addressing the most pressing sustainability challenges in the region.The priority focus areas for the first round of the Accelerator program include circular economy, clean energy transitions, water and agriculture, some of the most pressing issues for the Middle East. In addition to seed funding and mentorship, the partners will provide participating entrepreneurs access to some of the most prominent business leaders in the region.“Innovators in the MENA region have incredible potential for scaling and are making important strides to develop homegrown solutions to address the unique challenges the region is facing. COP28 is already putting a spotlight on climate innovations coming out of the UAE and the region at large, and PepsiCo is excited to support the next generation of climate leaders through the Mega Green Accelerator. By bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and the networks and resources they need, we are committed to supporting breakthrough start-ups as they scale sustainability solutions, grow their businesses and form critical connections,” said Eugene Willemsen, CEO of PepsiCo, Africa, Middle East, South Asia. In addition to PepsiCo, SABIC and AstroLabs, the Accelerator will leverage its strategic partners’ unique capabilities and expertise to best support participating entrepreneurs. Investment partners Dubai Future District Fund, Venture Souq and Shurooq Partners will provide platforms for investment opportunities, mentorship in raising capital, and networking opportunities. They will also inform startup criteria and participate in the selection process to maximize investment success.Ecosystem partners London Business School Entrepreneurship Club, Berytech, American University of Cairo Venture Lab, the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park and the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection will source applicants through their networks, amplify Accelerator information and communicate progress through their channels. Schneider Electric will support the Accelerator as a prize partner, participating in the final selection of participants. “SABIC is proud to join with PepsiCo and other fellow partners to provide our business expertise, mentorship, resources and platform to help the brightest minds in the region reach their full potential through the Mega Green Accelerator. We believe that such cross-sector partnerships are crucial in effectively tackling complex, critical issues such as climate change. In supporting this initiative, we are not just bettering local economies, but people and planet at the same time,” said Dr.Bob Maughon, SABIC Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer."Our partnership with PepsiCo and SABIC comes at an exciting time - it’s a strategic step in accelerating innovation within the GCC, with a strong focus on sustainability. With the influx of international sustainable and climate-conscious companies, the region is rising as a global testbed for innovation - we will double down on creating an environment where these businesses can scale into the local markets. Our aim is to ensure the GCC not only responds to the current demand for green solutions but also pioneers the advancement of sustainable business practices on a global scale,’’ said Roland Daher, CEO, AstroLabs.The priority focus areas of the Mega Green Accelerator align with PepsiCo’s transformation strategy, pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) and the other partners' sustainability agendas, while further driving collaboration with businesses across the region to catalyze positive impact. In the coming months, PepsiCo and partners will share additional details and application information for the Mega Green Accelerator. To stay updated, follow PepsiCo Positive (pep+) Middle East LinkedIn page and @PepsiCo on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Abu Dhabi shopping fiesta launched with ‘Mall Millionaire’ campaign

Abu Dhabi - Line Investments & Property LLC has announced launch of ‘Mall Millionaire’, the most exciting shopping event of the year with AED One Million grand prize and T5 EVO cars with many other exciting prizes.‘Mall Millionaire’ is from December 8th, 2023, to January 6th, 2024, across thirteen participating malls in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. Shoppers can indulge in amazing retail therapy with incredible deals and discounts from big brands, rewards, entertainment shows, and exciting activations across malls. It's a shopping extravaganza where everyone can become a winner.Winning is simple: shoppers can spend AED 200.00 at any outlet in thirteen participating malls and present receipt to customer service desk to win amazing prizes that includes AED 20,000 Laka Gift Cards totalling AED 500,000; daily ‘Free Lulu Trolley’; five cars from Forthing (T5 Evo 2024) during the campaign and grand prize of AED 1 Million, the highlight of 'Mall Millionaire' campaign. Exciting ‘Mall Millionaire’ highlights include launch program at Al Wahda Mall featuring the V.Unbeatable Indian hip-hop urban dance group and ‘Food Fiesta’ at Mushrif Mall. Participating malls will offer up to 90% off during crazy sale from 22nd to the 24th December 2023. Treasure hunt enthusiasts will the golden ticket concept brought to life at Al Wahda Mall. Other activities include Space and Forest themed displays, kids fashion show, carnival games and much more.Wajeb Al Khoury, Director of Line Investments and Property LLC said, “The third edition of 'Mall Millionaire' campaign promises to be an exciting shopping experience across our thirteen malls in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. This shopping fiesta offers shoppers the chance to enjoy incredible deals, rewards, entertainment shows, and discounts and opportunity to win fantastic prizes, making every shopper feel like a winner. We invite everyone to join us for 30 days of shopping excitement and create lasting memories in our participating Line Investments malls." Biju George, General Manager, Line Investments said, "We are thrilled to bring back the 'Mall Millionaire' campaign, which has been a sensational hit in the past. This year, we bring you a complete festive and exhilarating experience. Our campaign is celebration of our shoppers and testament to our commitment to providing them with unparalleled shopping experiences. We’re excited to spread joy and excitement to visitors in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra making this shopping season truly memorable."During campaign period, Al Wahda Mall will have grand opening of newest attraction, the "Grand Arena," an exquisite multipurpose party hall poised to redefine entertainment and event experiences. Transformed to meet the diverse needs of celebratory gatherings, the space features a spectacular stage, LED walls, elegant dining area, VIP areas, green room for performers, convenient parking and valet services.Mall visitors can also enjoy winter-themed decorations in all participating malls for festive atmosphere and there will be ‘Selfie Stations’ for families to participate in Mall Millionaire Raffle Draw. Participating malls will jointly conduct a vox-pop social media campaign hash-tagged #IFIWEREAMILLIONAIRE where audience will express what they would do if they won one million dirhams and most interesting answers will get free tickets to Mall Millionaire. All participating malls will have weekly prize-giving ceremonies and daily prizes for lucky winners with chance to shop and win big. One lucky winner will be chosen at random every day from Lulu Hypermarkets' list of daily shoppers and will receive 1 free trolley. With daily draws of AED 20,000 in Laka Gift Vouchers totalling AED 500,000 and the ultimate mega prize of AED 1 million plus five cars during the campaign, 'Mall Millionaire' is set to thrill shoppers for 30 days at 13 participating malls with chance to win share of the prizes.Participating malls include Al Wahda Mall, Mushrif Mall, Khalidiyah Mall, Al Raha Mall, Mazyad Mall, Forsan Central Mall, Al Falah Central Mall, Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre and Gold Centre, Hameem Mall, and Mafraq Mall in Abu Dhabi as well as Al Foah Mall and Barari Outlet Mall in Al Ain and Al Dhafra Mall in Al Dhafra.

Zoya Akhtar's The Archies Misses the Mark: A Woke Flop

The Archie comics remain a memorable part of my growing up years apart from the Indian ones like Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle. The Archies was fun particularly for its characters (Betty is my personal fave) and its cheerful high school backdrop. Bollywood has borrowed its elements earlier in Mansoor Khan's Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992) and Karan Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) as well as Student of the Year (2012). Zoya Akhtar now makes an entire movie on the comics... Adapted to the Indian milieu, the characters are transported to a fictional hillstation Riverdale, which comprises Anglo-Indian folks only. So far so okay. But Zoya tweaks the main characters unnecessarily. She prefers her Archie (Agastya Nanda) without freckles. Jughead (Mihir Ahuja, impressive) doesn't gobble up hamburgers like in the comics. Reggie Mantle (Vedang Raina) isn't the one we know in the book. He's painfully docile and uncharacteristically friendly here while the all brainy Dilton Doiley (Yuvraj Menda) is a closet gay!!! Moreover, the Archies I read wasn't ever a woke but here, the high school gang initiate the save trees campaign which incidentally, is the crux of Zoya's two hours twenty minutes movie. The humour is bland, the Archie-Betty-Ronnie chemistry is non-existent and worse, those Hinglish songs popping up every now and then, add zero value to the narrative. I have loved Zoya's past directorials right from Luck By Chance (2009) to Gully Boy (2019). There's certain smartness and intelligence in her execution and presentation technique. Her characters are invariably well fleshed out and suit the actors playing them. On that front, The Archies will certainly rank as her weakest film till date. What about the star kids will be the obvious question here. Well, none of them leave any impression. Agastya Nanda is no hero material. Suhana Khan doesn't know A of acting. Khushi Kapoor, the better of this nepo-trio, is somewhat sincere as the lovable Betty Cooper. Having said that, it might not be the end of road for these kiddos as their influential parents may ensure they get hundred chances in future and even that coveted blockbuster hit through corporate bookings. Oh yea!!! Overall, The Archies movie is a bland humourless dish, best left untouched. Go for the comic guys!! Ratings on some key aspects* : 1. Acting : 2/5 2. Direction : 2.5/53. Music : 2/5 4. Story, Screenplay and Dialogue : 1.5/55. Cinematography : 4/56. Editing : 3/5 7. Costume Design : 4/58. Special Effects and VFX : 4/59. Action : NA10. Production Quality : 4/5 #SNRating for #TheArchies : 2 stars out of 5. - Sumeet Nadkarni Liked the review? Click on the link below and like the #SNRatings page to subscribe to honest and unbiased reviews of all latest movies : You can also follow us on Twitter handle : @sumu76in * - The overall film rating is not a simple average of all ratings on key aspects but a weighted average of the ratings where some crucial aspects (like direction, acting, story and screenplay etc) are assigned more weightage than others. #TheArchies #TeenageComedy #HindiMovie #BollywoodFilm #ZoyaAkhtar #AgastyaNanda #SuhanaKhan #KhushiKapoor #BollywoodReview #Filmreview #TheatricalRelease #OTTRelease #Netflix #SNRatings #SNRatings barometer:1 star = Poor1 & 1/2 star = Below average/ Avoidable2 stars = Average2 & 1/2 stars = Above average/ Risk it3 stars = Good enough/ Endurable3 & 1/2 stars = Definitely worth a watch4 stars = Very good5 stars = Masterpiece/ Outstanding. 2023 SNRatings.

Emirates Post Group announces winners of its ‘Logistics Unleashed’ competition

Emirates Post Group Company (EPG), in partnership with the UAE’s Ministry of Education and various renowned technology companies, revealed the winners of its robotics competition ‘Logistics Unleashed’ following a judging session and awarding ceremony. The competition was designed in line with EPG’s objective of bridging the gap between academia and industry and fostering innovation in the logistics and supply chain sector.With the support of technology partners, Bayanat, a leader in AI-powered geo-intelligent solutions, Skygo, a trailblazer in drone technology; and Strata, an advanced manufacturing company, the students participated in immersive educational tours and received profound insights into the latest technology advancements with the opportunity to see innovation in action.The shortlisted finalists pitched their submissions and demonstrated their robotic solutions to a panel of esteemed judges. Following the deliberation process against the competition criteria, Alpha Team, whose members are Saif Dhafer Alameri, Bassem Mohamed Ghorab, Noureldin Mohamed Elhendawi, and Mohammed Walid Tarnini, claimed first place with Team RoboPost winning second and MASH Innovators in third place.The competition provided a platform to nurture innovation and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset with the students. By tasking them with developing robots / technical solutions to streamline postal operations, students actively contributed to EPG’s innovation efforts, showcasing opportunities to enhance operational efficiencies. It also served as a testament to EPG’s commitment to engage and empower the younger generation towards a future characterised by technological advancements.In addition, ‘Logistics Unleashed’ underscored EPG’s steadfast commitment to the UAE Vision 2050. The vision aims to cultivate a competitive knowledge-based economy, with a particular emphasis on identifying the pivotal role of young individuals in realising its objectives. The competition adds to the wide array of initiatives and policies launched by the UAE to propel youth education, enhancement of skills, creation of employment opportunities and ensure maximum civic involvement, thereby contributing to the country’s holistic development goal.

Etihad Airways awarded global design airline of the year 2023

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Etihad Airways has been crowned ‘Design Airline of the Year 2023’, the top honour in the annual DesignAir Awards. The UAE’s national airline also received DesignAir’s ‘Most Improved Airline Brand’. The awards follow in quick succession from the global edition of the World Travel Awards 2023 on Friday 1 December, where Etihad celebrated a hat-trick with Best Customer Experience, Best Economy Class and Best First Class Lounge.The DesignAir judges commented: “Etihad has not just shone in its own region where it was crowned Design Airline of the Year Middle East, 2023 – but also our most prestigious award – Design Airline of the Year, 2023. Etihad has proven itself above all other carriers across the globe as this year’s leading global design airline.”The award recognises Etihad’s continued investment in guest experience, which this year has included the introduction of new menus and the launch of a new design-led and sustainable Economy dining experience. The airline also welcomed a new partnership with Armani/Casa to elevate the soft furnishings and tableware in Etihad’s acclaimed Business class experience.The airport passenger experience has also been improved following the opening of Terminal A, Etihad’s new home at Abu Dhabi International Airport, in November. The new terminal provides Etihad’s guests with a streamlined and biometric check-in experience, dedicated premium check-in services and a three-storey Business and First class lounge facility.Etihad has also received the ‘Most Improved Airline Brand’ in this year’s awards, reflecting its monumental year. This November, the airline celebrated its 20th anniversary and unveiled a roadmap for growth as part of its ‘Journey 2030’ vision, and an expanded network for 2024. Etihad also recently revealed the impressive cabin interiors on its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft which offer enhanced levels of comfort and privacy for guests. Antonoaldo Neves, Etihad Airways’ CEO, said: “This year is a proud and pivotal moment for Etihad. As we continue to invest in creating innovative and memorable experiences for our guests, we are thrilled to be recognised as design leaders in this year’s DesignAir awards."On behalf of the entire Etihad family, I want to express our deepest gratitude to our dedicated team members and our loyal customers. This prestigious recognition as the  ‘Design Airline of the Year 2023’ and ‘Most Improved Airline Brand’ is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our Etihad family. We are proud and honoured by the trust and support of our customers. Thank you for being a part of our journey.”Jonny Clark, Founder of The DesignAir, said: “Etihad has worked tirelessly for a few years now improving its product, image and consistency across its fleet. It’s for these very reasons we’re proud to award Etihad as the most improved airline brand this year. The airline hasn’t stopped in its efforts to elevate the passenger experience in the skies and on the ground.”Since 2012, the DesignAir has been recognising airlines that invest in design, product and brand, with winners selected by a panel of judges including industry experts and frequent fliers.

LEGO Group launches LEGO Fortnite via partnership with Epic group

The popular LEGO Group has launched a new game called LEGO Fortnite. This is the first play experience to come from the partnership between Epic Games and the LEGO Group to develop fun and safe digital spaces for children and families.Within LEGO Fortnite, players can explore vast, open worlds where the magic of LEGO building and Fortnite collide. Players can: • Play as some of your favorite Fortnite characters, like Brite Bomber, Cuddle Team Leader and Raven - but in LEGO Style• Collect food and resources, craft items, and battle enemies solo or with friends• Build shelter for defense and customize your ultimate home base, then recruit villagers to gather materials and help them survive the night• Gear up and drop into deep caves in search of rare resources, hidden areas and enemiesThe game is designed for people of all ages and “aims to encourage creativity, experimentation and collaboration through play. The LEGO Fortnite journey is just beginning, with new world building, gameplay features, and more LEGO Style Outfits arriving in updates starting early 2024. Fortnite is available to play for free on PlayStation®?4, PlayStation®?5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch™?, PC on Epic Games Store and cloud-based gaming streaming services.The LEGO Group is already using Unreal Engine across its broad portfolio of play and content experiences, including LEGO DREAMZzz™? and LEGO NINJAGO™?. The two companies are also using Unreal Engine to build digital twins for thousands of physical LEGO elements, and are working to make these available for creators across the Fortnite Ecosystem in both UEFN and Fortnite's Creative tools in 2024, in order to bridge the worlds of physical and digital play like never before.The LEGO Group and Epic Games will unveil several more LEGO themed games inside Fortnite starting early next year.Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group, said:?“Our partnership with Epic Games is focused on developing digital play experiences that are designed to be fun and safe, and have the potential to bridge the worlds of physical and digital play to inspire kids. Together with Epic Games, we are building digital worlds designed with kids in mind from the outset - we hope other creators and brands are inspired to do the same.”Tim Sweeney, CEO & Founder, Epic Games said: “LEGO Fortnite offers players a new way to express themselves through worldbuilding and is an important step forward in the evolution of the Fortnite ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to partner with The LEGO Group to build immersive digital play spaces that are fun for kids and all types of players.”

MBZUAI and e& join hands to bolster AI talent, innovation and start-ups

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: On the sidelines of COP28 UAE, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the world’s first graduate research AI university, and e&, the global technology group, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU aims to cement the UAE’s position as a hub of AI innovation through exploring collaboration in areas including AI human capacity building, developing industry-specific projects with tangible applications, including sustainability solutions, and venture capital funding for AI startups.Signed by MBZUAI’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Alumni Relations, Sultan Al Hajji, and Harrison Lung, Group Chief Strategy Officer of e&, the MoU will support e&’s advancement in AI talent sourcing and training via MBZUAI’s Executive Program (MEP), upskilling its in-house AI capacity. The two organizations will collaborate on research projects and co-develop use cases and joint go-to-market solutions to accelerate AI adoption for real-world applications.Sultan Al Hajji said: “Our partnership with e& combines a wealth of unique skill sets and strengths to develop cutting-edge AI solutions with the potential to overcome societal challenges and strengthen the UAE’s position as a hub for AI innovation. Together, we will enable e& to enhance its AI skills and capabilities while affording valuable research, employment, and internship opportunities to MBZUAI’s graduates and students, in addition to supporting a new generation of AI startups to build a more robust AI ecosystem in the UAE and wider region.”In addition, MBZUAI will work with e& to foster a startup ecosystem in the UAE by unlocking venture capital investment for AI innovation with a focus on sustainable solutions while providing access to the university’s startups.Harrison Lung commented: “We are thrilled to join forces with MBZUAI, demonstrating our firm commitment beyond just developing AI and sustainable solutions, but also through empowering individuals, promoting knowledge exchange, and raising awareness. This collaboration will elevate institutions at the forefront of this technology both in the UAE and worldwide.”MBZUAI’s stand at COP28 UAE is in the Green Zone at Expo City Dubai, until Dec. 12 – under The Greening Education Hub, organized by the UAE’s Ministry of Education, highlighting its research on how AI can address climate change, health, and education.

VAST Data closes Series E funding round, nearly triples valuation to $9.1bln

VAST Data, the AI data platform company, announced today that it has secured $118 million in Series E funding, led by Fidelity Management & Research Company and accompanied by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), BOND Capital and Drive Capital.The funding will advance VAST Data’s mission to deliver a new category of infrastructure that puts data at the center of how systems think, react, and discover. This breakthrough will empower organizations to effectively address their most pressing data challenges, enabling unprecedented advancements in technology, economics, social dynamics, and scientific research.The VAST Data Platform unifies storage, database, and containerized compute engine services into a single, scalable software platform architected from the ground up to power AI and GPU-accelerated tools in modern data centers and clouds. The platform uniquely enables organizations to understand all data, both structured and unstructured as it exists in the natural world, to generate superior insights and unlock new value.“A new AI data stack is required,” said Renen Hallak, CEO and Co-Founder of VAST Data. “To be truly impactful in this era of AI and deep learning, you not only want to have a lot of data, but also high quality data that is correctly organized and available at the right place, at the right time. The VAST Data Platform delivers AI infrastructure that opens the door to automated discovery that can solve some of humanity’s most complex challenges.”“We believe that VAST Data is a pioneer in the AI GPU space,” said Scott Sandell, Chairman, CEO and CIO at NEA. “With deep learning at the center of the massive AI movement we are experiencing, interest and investment in VAST Data has escalated, and we are thrilled to partner with the VAST Data team as they drive influence and innovation in the global AI technology sector.”The funding follows a pivotal 2023 calendar year, marked by:  Impressive Business Momentum: At the end of FY’Q3, VAST Data surpassed $1 billion in cumulative software bookings. The company achieved 3.3x year-over-year (YoY) growth and maintained positive cash flow for the last 12 quarters with a gross margin of nearly 90%.  Organizations Across All Industries Trust VAST Data: VAST Data has amassed a growing customer roster of global enterprises including Booking Holdings, Inc., U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Energy, Verizon, Boston Children’s Hospital, Pixar, and Zoom, among others, signaling strong market validation.  Reimagining AI Cloud Infrastructure: Through innovative customer partnerships with companies like CoreWeave, Lambda and Core42 (formerly G42 Cloud), VAST Data is delivering the infrastructure that is purpose built for next-generation AI clouds.  Deepened Commitment to Partners: Since its founding, VAST Data has worked closely with partners to break down technology tradeoffs and barriers while improving the overall customer experience. In May 2023, VAST Data furthered this mission with the VAST Data Platform achieving NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD certification, making large scale AI deployments simpler, faster, more reliable and easier to manage. In April 2023, VAST Data entered into a strategic partnership with HPE, helping enterprise customers manage unstructured data with high performance at scale to deliver superior time to data insight.  Global Expansion: Now with more than 700 employees worldwide VAST Data is actively broadening its business footprint, penetrating new regions in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe.Supporting QuotesThe VAST Data Platform's capacity to process large quantities of data at unparalleled scale and speed signifies a transformative shift in industry operations, underscoring the pivotal role of deep learning AI in shaping future advancements. This sentiment was shared by customers and partners across the industry, including:“Data is every company’s most valuable asset,” said Manuvir Das, vice president of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA and Vast Data are collaborating to enable enterprises to harness their data using accelerated computing and cloud-based AI solutions to tackle their biggest challenges.”"Some of the most data-intensive and computationally advanced customers on the planet trust CoreWeave, NVIDIA and VAST to deliver the most secure and scalable solutions on top of the industry’s fastest and most flexible AI infrastructure," said Michael Intrator, CEO and co-founder of CoreWeave. "We’re honored to partner with VAST to provide purpose-built accelerated computing solutions that solve the complex AI and data challenges that enterprises face now and into the future.”"Data is the only competitive advantage in AI and therefore infrastructure that can simplify and scale data access is crucial for any organization training AI models," said Sanjeev Mohan, Principal, SanjMo. "With a modern data platform fine-tuned for the performance and scale AI requires, VAST Data is well-positioned to capture a massive opportunity."

VIP Service launched in Dubai to redefine luxury and exclusive living

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In the heart of Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and extravagance, a new standard in upscale lifestyle management has emerged with the introduction of VIP Service. This premium service, conceived by the visionary entrepreneur Paul Theobald, offers a unique blend of exclusivity and personalized care, setting a new benchmark in the luxury concierge market.Paul Theobald, through his entrepreneurial path, has distinguished himself in fields such as IT, day trading, and cryptocurrencies, showcasing his remarkable business acumen and flexibility. Paul identified an untapped opportunity in the luxury services market and ventured into creating VIP Service, a company that promises to redefine the concept of luxury services. His entrepreneurial spirit and foresight are the driving forces behind this innovative service that caters to the whims and fancies of Dubai's elite.VIP Service is not just a luxury service provider, it stands out with its spectrum of personalized experiences, from arranging exclusive events, luxury cars, securing VIP access, to managing lifestyle and beauty & wellness services. The service excels in its attention to detail, flawless execution, and a deep understanding of the desires of its high-end clientele. The company's extensive array of services guarantees that client expectations are not simply fully met but exceeded beyond imagination.What elevates the VIP Concierge Service above others is its commitment to service excellence, personalized indulgences, and its extensive network. The company maintains the highest standards of trust and discretion, ensuring complete confidentiality for its clients. Available 24/7, the service exemplifies dedication to fulfilling client needs at any given moment, with international top-tier staff. Paul Theobald states, “We are dedicated to giving excellent service and making the impossible happen for our clients. We value trust and security above all, ensuring our clients can rely on us entirely. With Dubai being a city synonymous with luxury, our aim at VIP Concierge Service is to help both tourists and residents discover the best of it with an unprecedented level of treatment.”For those who aspire to experience the ultimate level of luxury and personalized service, VIP Service is the gateway to a world of exquisite indulgence. VIP Service is poised to transform the luxury service landscape in Dubai, offering an unmatched experience to the city's affluent and discerning residents.

LOVE BOATS UAE Reveals “December Campaign”

 LOVE BOATS UAE, the leading tour and speedboat company in Dubai, announces the December and New Year’s Eve offers for all Dubai visitors and adrenaline lovers to enjoy the major landmarks of Dubai’s impressive skyline onboard the latest modern speedboats from the UAE. At LOVE BOATS UAE, we provide a diverse selection of speedboat vessels with capacities of 12 and 20 passengers, all of which are equipped with safety features. Choose from our range of boats and enjoy a memorable tour of Dubai's famous tourist attractions and stunning waterfront projects! To Celebrate the end of 2023 and welcome the new year in style aboard the "LOVE BOATS UAE", our boat provides a unique vantage point to see fireworks from Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa. Ring in 2024 with an exclusive view of the LOVE BOATS UAE Year's Eve Fireworks Show from three different locations. Date: December 31, 2023Time: From 10:30p.m to 1:00a.m (2 hours & 30 mins)Price: 500 AED per person (Below 3 years are not allowed- Pregnant women and people with back problems are not allowed)Inclusive of refreshments: (Water, Soda, Juice) guest can bring their own snacks.Reporting time: 9:30 PM (for check-in procedure) Location: Love Boats UAE (Marina Walk near Spinneys Supermarket) Note: All guests should be at our location 30 minutes before the trip.