Studio52 recognized as a top video production company in Dubai by Clutch

Dubai: Studio52, a renowned video production company, is thrilled to announce its inclusion in Clutch's esteemed list of Top Video Production Companies in Dubai. This recognition underscores Studio52's unwavering commitment to excellence and its position as a frontrunner in the field of video production.Clutch, a reputable B2B ratings and reviews platform, has identified Studio52 as a prominent player in Dubai's competitive video production landscape. With a steadfast focus on creativity, innovation, and unparalleled expertise, Studio52 has consistently delivered exceptional video content that resonates across diverse industries.Studio52 offers a comprehensive range of video production services, encompassing corporate videos, animations, safety videos, timelapse videos, and more. The company's track record of crafting videos that effectively convey messages, captivate audiences, and achieve desired outcomes has solidified its reputation as a trusted partner.The success of Studio52 can be attributed to its team of skilled professionals who possess a profound understanding of visual storytelling, cutting-edge technology, and industry trends. Studio52's collaborative approach ensures that each project is an authentic representation of its clients' visions, fostering enduring partnerships founded on trust and exceptional results.As Studio52 continues to thrive in the dynamic realm of video production, this recognition by Clutch reaffirms its status as an industry leader. The company remains committed to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and delivering videos that make a lasting impact

Jawwy TV brings a refreshing menu with new exclusive titles this August

Riyadh: Jawwy TV is captivating audiences with its August lineup, unlocking enjoyable viewing experiences through a wave of TV series and heartwarming family features. Curating an array of top-quality content, Jawwy TV delights viewers across the MENA region with a world-class OTT experience, offering new uploads of hilarious comedies, enchanting tales, and gripping suspense that will ignite the spirit of adventure.Laughter-filled EntertainmentShalaby, a heartwarming family comedy, takes viewers on a journey of friendship and the power of dreams. The talented Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz stars as Saber, who dreams of quitting his mundane 9-5 job and becoming a marionette show creator when his life takes an unexpected turn and brings him face to face with Karma, a nine-year-old girl who tragically lost her voice due to recent trauma. Determined to help her speak again, Saber aims to give her a once-in-a-lifetime show of a lifetime.Batn w Dahir explores the concept of twins from a fresh and funny perspective while highlighting essential social and humanitarian issues.Get lost in The Turkish Trap SeriesFollowing the tale of three brothers seeking revenge for their stolen childhood, viewers will be drawn into a world where distinguishing between good and evil, reality and illusion, becomes a daunting challenge.Time for Family Fun!With Toy Guardians, Mini Tiger and Toothless, two plushies owned by a little girl named Laura, enter into a video game and embark on a perilous adventure to save Laura from the pitfalls of the cyber world.Packed with colorful animation, Two Tails follows the adventures of two furry friends, a feisty cat and a daring fox, on a quest filled with laughter and friendship as they discover the true meaning of courage and loyalty.My Giraffe is a must-watch movie filled with heartwarming moments, combining action, family bonds, and hilarious comedy, following the adventure of a young girl named Elsa and a talking baby giraffe.The Adventure of A.R.I.: My Robot Friend is a family-friendly sci-fi movie about a boy, Noah, who befriends a discarded robot, A.R.I. They embark on an adventure to save ARI from a pursuing corporation. Amidst the excitement, a deep bond forms, highlighting themes of friendship, courage, and empathy towards artificial intelligence.More Exclusive Series from StarzplayOutlander fans will travel through time with Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser in an epic tale of love, adventure, and sacrifice that will keep audiences hooked as they delve deeper into the rich tapestry of the historical past in the show’s seventh season.The power-packed financial drama Billions returns, promising intense rivalry, high-stakes games, and complex characters. The audience will join in the battle of wits between the formidable Chuck Rhoades and the enigmatic Bobby Axelrod as they navigate the cutthroat world of high finance.A Master Aggregator of Curated Content!The Jawwy TV platform provides viewers with a next-level, seamless user experience and hours of entertainment. With its innovative Master Aggregator content strategy, Jawwy TV offers multi-device compatibility, ensuring that viewers can explore and discover their favorites anytime from any place.

Conversational AI to drive worldwide contact center market growth: Gartner

Dubai: Worldwide contact center (CC) and CC conversational AI and virtual assistant end-user spending is projected to total $18.6 billion in 2023, an increase of 16.2% from 2022, according to Gartner, Inc.“Near-term investment growth rates for CC and CC conversational AI and virtual assistants are expected to dip as business volatility creates a lengthening of decision cycles,” said Megan Marek Fernandez, Director Analyst at Gartner. “Longer-term, generative AI and growing maturity of conversational AI will accelerate contact center platform replacement as customer experience (CX) leaders look to simultaneously improve the efficiency of customer service operations and the overall customer experience.”The global conversational AI and virtual assistant market represents the fastest-growing segment in the contact center forecast, helping to spur 24% growth in 2024 (see Table 1). Conversational AI capabilities are receiving greater investment as contact center decision makers look to incorporate conversational AI as part of a long-term strategy to reduce reliance on live agents. While the number of customer service interactions that are touched by AI continues to increase, most of these interactions are augmented with CC AI instead of fully offloaded to a virtual agent. Overall, Gartner estimates around 3% of interactions will be handled via CC AI in 2023, growing to 14% of interactions in 2027.Gartner expects general economic and geopolitical uncertainty to create some budget restrictions in 2023, resulting in a slowdown of premises-based contact center replacements and upgrade projects. However, customer-facing projects may be viewed as an important part of revenue retention and generation strategies.“This means that while many IT investment areas will be weakened as budgets tighten, customer service and support initiatives that have the potential to differentiate the customer experience or streamline customer service operations could receive easier investment ‘buy-in,” said Marek Fernandez. “These factors will help contact center as a service (CCaaS) projects receive funding associated with broader corporate digital transformation budgets.”Gartner expects CCaaS investment growth to accelerate as decision makers implement cloud-based contact center capabilities to modernize their customer service operations. This includes adoption among contact centers with many thousands of agents, which have been slow to adopt CCaaS. As part of modernization projects, CCaaS solutions will be implemented to support a broader mix of communications channels and will feature more significant uptake of advanced dashboards, analytics, routing, workforce optimization (WFO), knowledge and insight, and conversational AI capabilities. Garter clients can learn more in “Forecast Analysis: Contact Center, Worldwide.”

PRCA MENA conference and digital awards to be held in KSA

Riyadh: PRCA MENA has announced that its highly anticipated Conference and Digital Awards 2023, will take place on November 8th at the M?venpick Hotel & Residences Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.This conference is a curated experience catering to the discerning tastes of PR and digital communications aficionados. The agenda boasts a curated selection of enlightening sessions meticulously designed to empower professionals in these domains.Anticipate thought-provoking discourse on pivotal subjects such as "Unveiling the PR Industry's Value in MENA," "Navigating the AI-PR Confluence: Embracing the Paradigm Shift," "Reshaping Saudi Arabia's PR Agencies: Navigating Dynamics and Triumphing over Challenges," and the riveting "Saudi Vision 2030 and PR: The Nexus of Distinction and Innovation."Seizing the essence of the rapidly metamorphosing PR and digital communication landscape, these sessions promise privileged access to bespoke insights and tactical approaches indispensable for triumphing in a fiercely competitive marketplace.As the sun sets on the conference, the spotlight shifts to the grandeur of the PRCA MENA Digital Awards Gala Dinner, set within the lavish confines of the M?venpick Hotel. These accolades are poised to not only commemorate, but also exalt the luminaries and campaigns that illuminate the digital communications sphere.In essence, these accolades resonate as a platform to extol and commemorate the trailblazing endeavors that are propelling the digital frontier forward.Monika Fourneaux, the Head of PRCA EMEA, said: "We are thrilled to invite you for a day filled with knowledge-sharing, networking, and inspiration. The conference and digital awards celebrations will bring together like-minded professionals, industry experts, and visionaries from across the MENA region and beyond. Together, we will shape the future of PR and digital communication, setting new standards of excellence.”

Iris Media launches new website dedicated to Gulf tourism

Abu Dhabi:  The leading press and media services company in UAE, Iris Media, announced the launching of a new website that is dedicated to gulf tourism news; new website is considered to be a hub for daily news regarding tourism, entertainment, education, and other vital sectors in UAE as well as other countries in the MENA region and the world.It was designed in a modern innovative way following the latest trends in website designing, programming, and management. The website seeks to cover daily news regarding the aforementioned domains in the form of press releases supported with images.Commenting on the launch of the new website, Dr. Jamal Al Majaida, Founder and Managing Director of Iris Media, stated, “We seek to attract our target audience through unique ways that stand out from the conventional methods usually followed in media communication”.“We hope for the new website, which possesses an exceptional interface, to fill the gap between media channels and the readers.”Al Majaida concluded his statement by saying, “The new website will help us offer more social contributions while playing a vital role in developing the ever-evolving media seen”.The news website,, comprises various sections including hotels, aviation, economy, education, and world news, in addition to coverage of exhibitions and conferences, as well as health, medical tourism, and writers’ perspectives and articles.Moreover, the website seeks to satisfy readers of various interests by dedicating sections to arts, technology, entertainment, restaurants, fashion, and beauty.

Freshworks unveils AI-powered customer service suite

Dubai: Freshworks Inc., (NASDAQ: FRSH) announced the launch of its AI-powered Customer Service Suite which brings together self-service bots, agent-led conversational messaging, and automated ticketing management in an all-in-one solution. Uniting Freshchat™, Freshdesk™, and the company’s generative artificial intelligence technology, Freddy AI, the Freshworks Customer Service Suite enables a modern customer support experience accessible to any company, with pricing that scales from small business to global enterprise.Ninety four percent of business leaders surveyed in Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise, 5th Edition, agree that AI is critical to success over the next five years. However, many (42%) see implementing AI technologies a barrier to doing that. Freshworks Customer Service Suiteis easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and easy-to-scale solution for companies looking to leverage AI to retain and delight their customers."At Freshworks, we've always been committed to delivering innovative solutions that anticipate the needs of our customers. The new Freshworks Customer Service Suite is firmly rooted in generative AI technology and empowers businesses to automate customer resolutions, supercharge agent productivity and make smart decisions quickly at a price point that every company wants,” said Freshworks’ Chief Product Officer Prakash Ramamurthy.The Freshworks Customer Service Suite follows the June launch of Freddy Self Service, Copilot, and Insights, which brought generative AI enhancements to a wide range of Freshworks products, and builds upon Freshworks’ generative AI enhancements released in March, which are already reducing agent time required on certain tasks by more than 80%.Using Freshworks’ Freddy AI capabilities with the Customer Service Suite, companies of all sizes can:Automate and personalized self-service across channels. Freddy Self Service AI-powered bots work across channels to help customers find answers fast. Ticket deflection happens faster and customers receive an overall better experience with personalized resolutions.Supercharge agent productivity and collaboration. Freddy Copilot equips agents with next-best-action suggestions, streamline workflows and enable them to deliver accurate and personalized service. Integration with an advanced ticketing system promotes seamless teamwork among departments.Leverage actionable Insights to make smarter decisions. Freddy Insights continuously analyzes data to surface key issues and generate reports using conversational prompts.The all-in-one Suite offers value for businesses seeking to elevate their customer support capabilities with more engaging customer experiences and improved agent productivity.Freshdesk customer, David Yabubik, Director of Customer Support at Restaurant 365, said, “We have big aspirations for the future and if we are ever going to hit the kind of revenue, service margins, and scale of support, we're going to need to get more efficient and automate our work. AI promises to do just that, with a potential game changer in the Freshworks Customer Service Suite.”Frank Servidio, Director of Service Operations at Ryan Specialty, said, “Our existing Freshdesk knowledge base automations combined with the new Freddy AI Self-Service capabilities will play very nicely with the Freshchat bots we are implementing. We’re expecting bots and automations will decrease tickets by at least 10 percent, probably more."

Rebecca Gill takes the helm as Social Media Account Director at Q Communications

Gill will be at the helm of supervising and guiding a diverse array of digital media undertakings, spanning from ideation to execution and ultimate delivery. Moreover, she will provide oversight and direction to the digital team of the agency, nurturing its progress.In addition to these responsibilities, Gill will ensure the seamless provision of services to a wide-ranging clientele, while also furnishing strategic counsel on digital marketing maneuvers.Having become a part of the Q Communications in 2022, Gill boasts a half-dozen years of experience with PR firms in the UAE, deftly maneuvering both PR and social media domains. Her expertise has encompassed fruitful collaborations with lifestyle and hospitality brands in the GCC, including names like Rotana Hotels, Splash Fashions, Topgolf Dubai, MMI, among others, for their social media offensives.Elsa Roodt, the Managing Partner at Q Communications, said: "Advancing Rebecca to the role of Account Director is a well-deserved progression.Her unwavering determination, coupled with her innovative approach, and in-depth understanding of the digital landscape, has consistently impressed both our clients and the internal team. Rebecca’s leadership and management skills have been instrumental in driving successful outcomes for numerous projects and accounts. Without a doubt, she will continue to excel in this new position, contributing significantly to the growth and success of Q Communications and our clients.”Gill said: “I am thrilled to embark on this journey and embrace all the challenges that come with it. It’s a tremendous opportunity to lead and collaborate with such a talented and creative team. I’m extremely passionate about driving out-of-the-box digital media projects and delivering excellent services to our clients. I’m grateful to Q Communication’s leadership for their trust and support throughout my journey at the company, and I look forward to contributing to the company’s growth and success.”

Volkswagen appoints Matthias Ziegler as new Managing Director for Middle East

Dubai: Volkswagen has appointed Matthias Ziegler as the new Managing Director for the German Manufacturer’s Middle East operations. Based at the company's regional headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, Matthias will be responsible for overseeing the Volkswagen brand across eight countries in the Middle East.Matthias brings with him a wealth of experience in the automotive industry. He has been with the Volkswagen Group since 2006 and held several senior sales positions in the company. Most recently in Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen, where he was responsible for overseeing the Volkswagen brand across the Asia Pacific markets including Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and Japan. Matthias returns to Dubai and Volkswagen Middle East after completing a three-month project in Dubai in 2006 after the opening of the Audi Volkswagen Middle East opening in 2005.“We are delighted to welcome Matthias Ziegler to the Volkswagen Middle East team,” said Benoit Tiers, CEO of Volkswagen Group Middle East. “Matthias has a proven track record of success, and we are confident that he will be able to continue our growth and fuel demand for the Volkswagen brand in the region as we prepare for a series of pivotal new product launches.”Matthias is passionate about the Volkswagen brand and is committed to building on its global foundation as a “Love Brand.” He believes that the Volkswagen brand has a unique heritage of producing era-defining cars such as the Beetle, Bulli and Golf and is excited about the future of the brand here in the Middle East. In his new role, Matthias will further build on the success of the Volkswagen brand including new launches of new models and enhancing the brands relationship with the Middle Eastern customer. “I am excited to join the Volkswagen Middle East team,” said Matthias Ziegler. “I believe that the Volkswagen brand has a strong future in the region with multiple new product launches on the horizon, and I am committed to working with the team to continue building on their hard work and success.”Matthias will be based in Dubai, UAE, and started his new role on August 1, 2023.

DXB LIVE Marks 20% Business Growth in H1 2023

DXB LIVE, the experiential agency of Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), announced a 20% business growth in the first half of 2023, compared to the corresponding period in 2022. The agency successfully served 100 distinguished events, including 35 exhibitions, three conferences, 21 diverse public and entertainment events, and a range of concerts and graduation ceremonies. The number of events organised outside the UAE reached 15, and the agency designed and constructed 120 exhibition stands, covering a total area of over 250,000 square feet.Overseas ExpansionThe first half of 2023 saw DXB LIVE expanding its operations into international markets, constructing exhibition stands at various international events in cities such as St. Petersburg (Russia), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Marrakech (Morocco), Istanbul (Turkey), Düsseldorf (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), and Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The agency also participated in several international exhibitions to boost its brand awareness, including events in Germany, the United States, and Greece.Building Extensive ExperienceKhalid Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President of DXB LIVE, said: "We aim to increase our operations in foreign markets, including European and American countries, and in the Middle East and Gulf region, particularly Saudi Arabia, which is experiencing promising growth in the commercial, entertainment, sports, and festivals sector.We are also forging alliances with international companies to organise and manage events and construct exhibition stands worldwide. We are steadily moving towards becoming one of the largest integrated event service providers globally, leveraging our three-decade-long experience and innovative services for global exhibitions, conferences, entertainment events, national events, and festivals."GITEX AfricaAmong the most notable events DXB LIVE served outside the UAE was GITEX Africa's inaugural edition in Marrakech, Morocco. Additionally, it designed and constructed five exhibition stands for HPE, Oracle, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Rubrik IT Solutions, and Schneider Electric. The exhibition drew the attention of global technology leaders to Africa's vast potential.World of Coffee Attracts 10,000 VisitorsIn January, the second edition of the World of Coffee exhibition, organised by DXB LIVE, attracted over 10,000 specialised visitors, and showcased 1,500 companies and brands from 44 countries, reinforcing Dubai's status as a regional hub for the coffee industry.Three Prominent Conferences"DXB LIVE organised three important conferences, including the 'ICOPLAST Congress', which attracted about 1,500 doctors specialising in plastic medicine and surgery from 112 countries, with the participation of over 60 international associations. It entered the Guinness World Records by organising a session that included the largest number of plastic surgeons (480) and the greatest number of participating nationalities (89).Main Contractor for 20 Major EventsDXB LIVE served as the main contractor for 20 major events and was responsible for constructing all 100 event areas, spanning a total area of over 200,000 sq. ft. These included major events like Gulfood, GISEC, CABSAT, Dubai International Boat Show, Intersec, Jewellery Show, Middle East Lighting Expo, and many more.Modesh World Attracts 200,000 Visitors AnnuallyModesh World, one of the most remarkable events crafted and managed by DXB LIVE, in association with the Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation, has been consistently drawing around 200,000 visitors each year. The festival spans an impressive area of more than 300,000 square feet and is renowned for its array of offerings. Visitors can experience over 90 exciting games and rides, alongside a diverse set of activities in dedicated areas. The event also features theatres, live performances, and a selection of restaurants, catering to a wide range of tastes.In addition to Modesh World, DXB LIVE organises several long-standing events throughout the year. These include the DWTC’s Ramadan Majlis, and Dubai Sports World.Success at Middle East Events Awards 2023DXB LIVE received the "Best Stand Design & Build" award at the Middle East Events Awards 2023 for Sharjah Digital Office stand at GITEX. This prestigious award further underscores DXB LIVE's leadership in providing integrated event services.50% Growth in the Weddings BusinessThe first half of 2023 saw a 50% increase in revenues from wedding parties held at DWTC. The creative efforts of the weddings team in organising spectacular events have reinforces DWTC’s position as a preferred destination for hosting large wedding parties.

ADNEC partners with Kenes Group for MICE in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: ADNEC Services, a subsidiary of ADNEC Group, has partnered with events management company Kenes Group to launch new specialised conferences and exhibitions in Abu Dhabi across multiple sectors, enhancing the emirate’s position as a leading destination for MICE events.The agreement was signed by Ahmad Shaker, CEO of ADNEC Services, the event agency arm of ADNEC Group and Dan Rivlin, Executive Chair and Chief Vision Officer of Kenes Group, in the presence of senior officials from both sides.ADNEC Services, in cooperation with Kenes Group, will launch a number of specialised events in Abu Dhabi across several vital fields. The two parties will build partnerships with institutions to launch specialised conferences and exhibitions across a range of sectors.Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and Group CEO of ADNEC Group, said: “Signing this agreement forms part of our commitment to enhancing cooperation with global institutions specialised in the business tourism sector. The agreement will launch new specialised international conferences and exhibitions to be held in our venues in the UAE. The partnership will help strengthen ADNEC’s direct and indirect economic contributions to the national business tourism sector. We will also improve the transfer and localisation of knowledge across a number of key sectors to solidify the position of Abu Dhabi as the business tourism capital in the region.”Dan Rivlin, Executive Chair and Chief Vision Officer (EC & CVO) at Kenes Group, said: “At Kenes we are always looking into building strong and meaningful partnerships that enable our mission of empowering knowledge in different fields through Kenes Original Events. Our collaboration with ADNEC Group is a step forward in the consolidation of an international gathering in Abu Dhabi that will bring together professionals working with guests across industries and showcase the latest technology to enhance the guest experience. Here, we as Kenes Group are also bringing expertise from almost 60 years in the events sector and our vision to integrate leading-edge technology into several aspects of our society.“Kenes considers ADNEC Services to be the perfect partner in terms of the value they bring and the support and expertise they can deliver. We are certain that this strategic partnership will be pivotal in helping us achieve our vision of creating the world’s largest guest tech event, which we believe will transform the guest experience across multiple industries.”ADNEC Group plays a crucial role in driving Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification, positively supporting the evolving interests of businesses in the emirate and the UAE, while exploring new and innovative ways to showcase Abu Dhabi as a fast-growing and dynamic business and tourist destination.

STARZPLAY partners with TPAY for mobile payments

Dubai: STARZPLAY, one of the region's top three subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services, has announced a strategic partnership with TPAY, the leading payments provider in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META). With this partnership, customers will be able to make their subscription payments using their mobile phone numbers, to access STARZPLAY’s premium sports and entertainment content.With an initial focus on expanding its presence in the MENA region, TPAY will enable STARZPLAY to accept subscription payments from 9 million viewers via Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). The partnership will commence with Orange Tunisia, followed by Sudatel Sudan and Chinguitel Mauritania, with plans to expand across more countries in the region.Isik Uman, TPAY Group CEO, commented: "Partnering with STARZPLAY strengthens our position as the region's preferred payment processing partner of choice for merchants, especially those in the streaming vertical and beyond. We are proud to have built a platform that can eliminate all the complexity of cross-border settlement. We also provide faster payment cycles, compliance, and risk management, allowing our partners to remain focused on growing their business in the region."Raghida Abou-Fadel, Senior VP of Sales & Business Development at STARZPLAY, said: "We are excited to announce our partnership with TPAY which will enable us to instantly deliver our premium content to all entertainment and sports fans across the MENA region. By teaming up with TPAY, we can ensure a seamless and secure payment experience for our customers while continuing to expand our footprint in the region."The Middle East Media and Entertainment industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.4% during the forecast period, 2023-2028. The market size is predicted to grow from USD 39,05 billion in 2023 to USD 61,2 billion by 2028. The industry has been one of the first business sectors to steer digital disruption, and its transformation is far from over. STARZPLAY will continue to strengthen the industry with a focus on expanding its presence in the region by diversifying its offerings to include premium sports coverage (football, basketball, boxing, and more).

Dubai International Chamber attracts six multinational companies

Dubai International Chamber, one of the three chambers operating under Dubai Chambers, has announced details of several notable achievements during the first six months of 2023 in attracting foreign direct investment and supporting chamber members in their efforts to expand into global markets.The chamber succeeded in attracting a total of 56 businesses to the emirate during H1 2023, including six multinational corporations and 50 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It also supported the expansion of 15 local and national companies into global markets, either by increasing their exports or helping them to establish a presence abroad.During the first half of the year, Dubai International Chamber inaugurated six new international representative offices in Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, South Africa, and Singapore. The openings brought the total number of international offices at the end of H1 2023 to 21, located across Africa, Latin America, Eurasia, India, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.The new offices come as part of the drive to achieve the goals of the Dubai Global initiative, which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai. Led by Dubai International Chamber, the initiative seeks to establish a powerful network of 50 representative offices for Dubai across five continents by 2030.Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman of Dubai International Chamber, commented: “We remain committed to achieving our strategic priorities of attracting foreign direct investment to Dubai and supporting our members' trade and expansion into international markets, in line with the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33). Dubai International Chamber is working to consolidate the emirate’s position as a leading global hub for business and investments in accordance with the vision of the wise leadership.”"Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and offers a diverse business environment that is rich in opportunities across various sectors. We will continue to work to attract international businesses, investors, and global talent to the emirate, as well as supporting the expansion of Dubai businesses around the world,” he added.Dubai International Chamber intensified its efforts to support Dubai-based companies in their plans for global expansion with the launch of the ‘New Horizons’ initiative. Aimed at identifying and capitalising on partnership opportunities, the initiative arranges specialised trade missions that enable Dubai-based companies to visit targeted global markets. Participants in these roadshows can explore investment opportunities and prospects for joint economic partnerships through a series of pre-arranged events and business meetings.The chamber successfully arranged more than 550 bilateral business meetings during H1 2023 as part of the New Horizons initiative, connecting companies and investors from Dubai with their counterparts in Central Asia, London, and South Africa.Dubai International Chamber is focused on boosting Dubai’s status as a major global trading hub. The chamber supports Dubai’s vision of expanding into new global markets, forging economic partnerships, and supporting local companies in achieving global success, while also attracting international talent and investors from around the world. Dubai International Chamber is targeting 30 international markets of strategic importance to Dubai through its growing network of international representative offices.

Majid Al Futtaim brings LiveRamp’s data collaboration platform to MENA

Majid Al Futtaim, the leading shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, today announced a long-term strategic partnership with LiveRamp, a leading data collaboration platform headquartered in San Francisco.The partnership is set to accelerate the Company’s digital offerings, driving value for customers by providing more personalised recommendations based on their shopping preferences and needs. Taking powerful insights gathered through privacy centric data collaboration, the platform seamlessly connects Majid Al Futtaim to its customers, to build a deeper understanding of individual customer journeys. This in turn enables the company to deliver tailored real-time promotions to customers resulting in a more engaging digital experience for consumers.Majid Al Futtaim will leverage LiveRamp’s cutting-edge data collaboration platform across its business and brand portfolio, extending the platform’s benefits to ecosystem partners to enable privacy-centric data collaboration and personalised digital activation.Furthermore, as the exclusive strategic partner of LiveRamp’s data collaboration platform in the Middle East and North Africa, Majid Al Futtaim will be able to offer the innovative data collaboration solution to partners outside its ecosystem, enabling the secure use of first-party data to target, measure, and optimise campaigns, in a privacy-preserving environment.Joe Abi Akl, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Majid Al Futtaim Holding, said: “We are thrilled to introduce LiveRamp, a global leader in data collaboration, to the region. We are confident that this partnership will boost our digital efficiency through precision targeting and A.I. driven campaign optimisation, enabling an improved hyper-personalised experience to our customers.”“We are also pleased to be LiveRamp’s exclusive partner leading the development of the data collaboration ecosystem in the MENA region, and welcome businesses across sectors to explore LiveRamp’s unique capabilities, which ensure compliance with local data privacy laws while enhancing brand equity and value-unlock through retail media.”Alexia Nakad, VP of Global Expansion at LiveRamp, said: “Majid Al Futtaim has long been a pioneer across MENA, setting new benchmarks for innovation and excellence in people-based experiences. We are delighted to be supporting Majid Al Futtaim’s pursuit to deliver advanced and impactful data-driven capabilities for their brands, ecosystem partners, and other businesses across the region.”“The future of consumer interaction and personalised experiences is fuelled by the effective use of data, and with this new partnership, our goal is to ensure that data owners possess the necessary privacy-focused technology, identity and connectivity infrastructure to deliver meaningful business outcomes. Furthermore, it is important to recognise that in a privacy-first era, it is essential that more businesses partner together and collaborate to continue to protect and deliver value for customers. LiveRamp helps to enable the privacy-forward infrastructure that can fuel such collaboration at scale, while also making an important addition to our premier global ecosystem. We are honoured to be partnering with such an innovative and visionary business such as Majid Al Futtaim, and together, we are optimistic that we can unlock value for businesses regionally.”

PayTabs partners with MEPS to enter Palestine’s emerging web commerce market

Palestine: PayTabs Group, MENA’s award-winning payment solutions powerhouse today announced that it had entered into an agreement with Middle East Payment Services (MEPS), Palestine to power digital payments in Palestine.The key objective of the alliance is to enable and empower small and medium merchants, ecommerce entrepreneurs, webpreneurs and creators in Palestine with simple and trusted payment solutions to be able to sell over the internet or social media.PayTabs along with MEPS Palestine, aims to achieve these objectives by facilitating seamless online payments, recurring payments, electronic invoicing, and accepting business payments in US dollars, Jordanian Dinars, and the local currency. The full stack technology deck and capabilities of PayTabs aims at allowing more flexibility in payment acceptance, especially via Visa and MasterCard payment options.Via PayTabs digital payment solutions Palestinian e-tailers and online merchants will also be able to use PayLinks to sell over social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram. Datareportal states there were 2.95 million social media users in Palestine in January 2023 which is 56% of the total population. Further over 80% of the population has mobile connectivity which presents a huge opportunity for social commerce.According to World Economic Forum, numerous Palestinian companies are now using social media platforms to offer delivery services. Importantly, their product delivery range is wide – from groceries to electronic devices and gym equipment. Many Palestinians are now, for the first time, experiencing the convenience of ordering a product online and getting it delivered to their doorstep. This is an exciting development.It is no secret that the pandemic necessitated the acceleration towards adopting digital payments in most cash driven markets around the world, including Palestine. Hence, because of the competitive product pricing and affordable website integration solutions offered by PayTabs, retailers in Palestine stand to benefit by scaling up their businesses, making them financially viable in the online space.Speaking at the media briefing Sami Abu Yousef Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEPS Palestine said “We are pleased to collaborate with PayTabs because of its importance in facilitating and accelerating e-commerce business for owners of small projects, e-commerce sites, and virtual stores through social media sites, as this service contributes to the promotion and expansion of sales operations, as well as the variety of electronic payment mechanisms, including the acceptance of all types of international payments.The development and introduction of the e-commerce market in Palestine is one of the engines of the economy, with a direct impact on supporting entrepreneurs, digital innovations, and openness to the global trade market, and contributes to increasing Palestinian exports and improving the trade balance on the one hand, and an opportunity to display Palestinian products and services on the other.”Eyad Musharbash, PayTabs Regional General Manager for Levant & Southern Gulf added: “PayTabs is honoured to enter the Palestine market. Web commerce in the market is at the cornerstone of development and we are privileged to be part of this journey with SME businesses, inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs. As MEPS global payment solutions partner, we are determined to continue innovating to fill the regional fintech gap by leveraging the massive potential of the Palestinian market, and the Levant region. It gives us a deep sense of purpose to be able to contribute to the growth of the developing economy of Palestine.”

talabat partners with ADCB to offer credit card

Abu Dhabi: Online food ordering app talabat has partnered with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) to provide credit card. The talabat ADCB credit card presents a delectable array of benefits, including talabat credit, free delivery privileges, and a tantalizing selection of foodie card designs.The talabat ADCB Credit Card provides a host of advantages:1. 35% talabat Credit Back on First 10 Orders Monthly: Elevate your dining experience with a remarkable 35% talabat credit back on the initial 10 orders each month. This savory reward ensures you savor both your meal and savings, accumulating up to AED 350 in talabat credit per month, conveniently deposited into your 'talabat pay wallet.'2. Unlimited Free Delivery from talabat-pro Restaurants and Stores: Indulgence knows no bounds with unlimited free delivery from talabat-pro restaurants and stores. For orders surpassing AED 50 for food and AED 100 for non-food establishments, experience the luxury of complimentary delivery, sans subscription fees.3. A Welcome Bonus of AED 500 talabat Credit: Embark on your culinary journey with an exquisite welcome bonus of AED 500 talabat credit. Savor this appetizing reward by spending a minimum of AED 2,500 with the credit card within 45 days of issuance.4. Monthly talabat Credit on Global Transactions: The card bridges borders, granting you up to 1.25% of transactional value as talabat credit. Whether you're exploring international flavors or savoring local delights, indulge in the convenience of talabat credit seamlessly deposited into your talabat pay wallet.The talabat ADCB Credit Card harmonizes taste with design, offering seven distinct, food-themed card designs. From the traditional allure of hummus to the vibrant zest of chili peppers, each design embodies a unique foodie archetype. Discover your culinary spirit: 'The Traditionalist,' 'The Health Fanatic,' 'The Sweet Tooth,' 'The Snacker,' 'The Comfort Eater,' 'The Daredevil,' and 'The Everything Foodie.'Applying for the talabat ADCB Credit Card is a seamless journey. Via the talabat app, the ADCB website (, SMS 'talabat' to 2626, or a visit to an ADCB bank branch, immerse yourself in a world of culinary convenience and financial innovation.To partake in this gastronomic journey, customers should be UAE residents, adults, and earning a minimum of AED 5,000 per month.

39% in UAE using AI without employer or teacher awareness, says Oliver Wyman

Well over a third of the UAE’s workers and students are already benefitting from the enormous potential delivered from generative AI technologies, yet their employers and teachers are not even aware of this growing usage within their organisations, according to global management consultancy, Oliver Wyman.Generative AI is the type of artificial intelligence technology that can produce various types of content for its users, including text, audio, and visual. Examples of generative AI applications that are popular in the GCC include: ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, and Synthesia.At 39%, the UAE’s covert use of generative AI mirrors the global average, while Mexico is the highest at 46%, and Italy the lowest at 34%. By industry, 45% of those in manufacturing in the UAE have used AI without employer awareness, 38% of those in tech, and 33% in financial services.The UAE research into AI behaviours was conducted in July 2023 by the Oliver Wyman Forum, the management consultancy’s think tank dedicated to building leadership communities to act on shared global challenges.“The workforce of the future will be hugely, and in many ways positively, impacted by generative AI technology. That’s no longer up for debate,” says Jad Haddad, Head of Digital at management consultancy Oliver Wyman in India, the Middle East, and Africa. “However, the rate of adoption, and therefore transformation, will vary widely by industry and company, and that will depend greatly on policies, actions, and general openness. Enabling people who can use AI with purpose will be key to growth in the future.It is not surprising that 39% of employees and students in the UAE have used AI covertly, adds Haddad, because it has the potential, when approached correctly, to streamline and speed up processes, including those that are tedious. The risk factors need to be taken seriously, of course, but the more the technology is ignored by organisations, the more covert use will be seen which presents a severe cybersecurity threat.“All GCC organisations need to be thinking seriously and boldly about early generative AI adoption policies now – it’s not something that we can just ignore. The AI technologies are well and truly out there,” concludes Haddad.

Revolutionizing creative industry: Pew.'s innovative branding approach

Dubai:  pew. design bureau, a leading branding studio born in Cairo, spotlights the success it has achieved having recently expanded its creative arena to the USA after spearheading some of the largest projects in the MENA region, continuing to revolutionize the creative industry with its innovative and unorthodox approach.Founded in January 2017, pew. rapidly emerged as a disruptive force driven by unmatched creative brilliance offering rebranding strategy to spatial design experience. The dynamic duo behind the design bureau, Nourhan Wahdan and Al Hassan Elwan, joined forces to challenge traditional design norms, bringing together cemented industry experience backed by their unorthodox ways, to create a design studio unlike any other. The founder’s unique, unconventional design approach echoed back, seeing the bureau in its first year establish profound, long-term partnerships with some of the globe’s biggest household brands including Youtube, Google, and Lipton.Additionally, pew. has been the mastermind behind strategic partnerships for distinguished brands such as Unilever, Lipton, Tabby, Swvl, RiseUp, Dukkantek, UN Women, Sync School, Idealz, and SOKNA, solidifying their position as the go-to design and branding studio in the MENA region. With a prominent portfolio, the pew. design bureau gained interest from US house-hold brands, sparking its expansion to Los Angeles, California in 2022. Establishing the US office was a strategic move to adapt to new opportunities in the US market whilst still offering and retaining Middle Eastern roots.Among its impressive accomplishments, one standout success story is its collaboration with Tabby, a prominent buy-now-pay-later app in the MENA region. Since its inception, pew. has served over 175 clients, and Tabby sought pew.'s assistance in late 2021 to enhance its brand strategy and visual identity, aiming to expand beyond Dubai's market and secure larger investments. pew.'s transformative approach to Tabby's branding was a game-changer, propelling the app to unparalleled levels of success. Working closely with Tabby's marketingteam, pew. crafted a fresh and larger-than-life branding strategy, positioning Tabby as its own currency—a symbol of independence amidst a saturated market. The reimagined brand resonated powerfully with the public, catapulting Tabby's value from a local startup to an astounding $660 million company in less than two years. Today, Tabby reigns as the leading BNPL app in the region, a testament to the innovative and strategic vision brought to life by pew. design expertise solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the field of brand design.The essence of pew’s success lies in the seamless integration of thorough research and daring experimentation. With each project, the studio crafts compelling narratives that resonate deeply with the brand's identity, establishing a strong and meaningful connection with the audience. This skillful balance of creativity and strategic thinking leads to impactful designs that leave a lasting impression on both the brand and its target audience.pew.’s creative process is highly tailored, ensuring that each client receives a personalized and holistic experience. The studio begins with comprehensive Discovery Sessions, collaborating closely with key stakeholders to identify objectives, challenges, and the essence of the brand. Through qualitative and quantitative research, the team crafts a Concept Presentation that aligns the brand's vision with empirical insights, setting the stage for impactful design solutions. pew. utilizes a multifaceted approach to gain a comprehensive understanding of audience behaviors and preferences while simultaneously utilizing research to achieve a sweeping view of the industry’s most relevant and stellar insights."As a creative, I’ve always held originality in very high regard but with such a fast-paced market I’ve come to realize that it’s more about agility and being ready to adapt and accommodate change. When it comes to our work now, especially with branding, we try to worry less about being original and more about being influential." said Nourhan Wahdan, Co-Founder of pew. "One thing we noticed the industry gets hung up on is aesthetics. Whether it’s conversations about taste or form they ultimately don’t matter if clear business goals and audience insights are overlooked or not properly taken into account. I really think we, as designers, should stop prioritizing aesthetics over strategy.” said Al Hassan, Co-Founder of pew.Looking towards the future, pew. welcomes tech and entertainment companies in the GCC and USA with plans to expand operations further into Europe by the end of 2023, as it continues to solidify its position in the global design market by boldly pushing boundaries of design definitions and principles.

FeatureMind launches in the Middle East

DUBAI: FeatureMind, a leading provider of digital solutions within the retail environment, today announced its launch in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With this launch, FeatureMind will bring its expertise in delivering comprehensive end-to-end omnichannel support to businesses across the region, empowering them to elevate customer experiences and drive growth.According to Alpen Capital, the GCC retail industry sales are forecasted to grow at a 5.7% CAGR between 2022 and 2026 to reach US$ 370.0 billion. FeatureMind’s team of experts is perfectly positioned to help clients adopt technology-driven solutions, positions retailers to tap into this potential, offering seamless shopping experiences, expanding market reach, and fostering sustainable business growth. By providing innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate multiple communication channels, FeatureMind empowers businesses to create cohesive and personalised interactions, enhancing brand reputation and fostering long-term customer loyalty.The team, led by Edwin Stonestreet as the Managing Director, brings together experts from Salesforce, Emakina and EPAM Solutions and have over fifteen years of experience in delivering end-to-end digital transformation projects within the retail and travel industries across the Middle East region. FeatureMind have delivered transformative digital experiences for Mamas&Papas, Bloomingdales, Mouwad, Graff and several of the Gulf Marketing Group (GMG) brands across the region.“The retail industry in the Middle East is undergoing a significant transformation due to technological advancements”, said Edwin Stonestreet, Managing Director at FeatureMind. He added, “To achieve regional financial growth, retailers must adopt innovative strategies and overcome cultural differences and infrastructure challenges. FeatureMind has been fortunate to receive support and cooperation from industry leaders and clients, who have played a vital role in shaping the company's journey thus far. We are excited to continue supporting these partnerships and exploring new projects as we embark on this thrilling new chapter.”FeatureMind provides its clients with a complete end-to-end omnichannel support system, a more tailored and cost-effective approach. By integrating various communication channels, such as websites, mobile applications, social media, email, and chat, into a unified ecosystem, the platform enables businesses to offer seamless and consistent experiences across all touchpoints. Leveraging advanced analytics and AI technologies, FeatureMind empowers companies to gain deep insights into customer behaviour, optimise customer journeys, and deliver highly personalised interactions.This expansion follows news of FeatureMind’s latest partnership announcement with Timsoft Group, with further growth expected to continue throughout the year as operations expand into Africa with a planned centre of excellence scheduled to open in Nigeria in Q4 2023..

TimeAI summit unites tech giants and visionaries to shape AI futureTimeAI summit

Dubai: The future of artificial intelligence is here, and it's time to embrace the next era of innovation. The highly anticipated TimeAI Summit is set to revolutionize the AI landscape by bringing together global leaders, pioneering tech companies, and visionary entrepreneurs. This groundbreaking event will take place on October 4-5, 2023, at the prestigious Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center, offering a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and cutting-edge advancements in AI.Why AI Matters:Artificial Intelligence has emerged as the driving force behind the transformative technologies of the 21st century. It's potential to analyze vast datasets, recognize patterns, and make intelligent decisions has revolutionised industries and improved lives globally. From healthcare and finance to transportation and education, AI's impact is undeniable. Embracing AI is no longer an option; it is a necessity for organizations to thrive in the fast-paced, data-driven world.Dubai's Visionary Approach to AI:Dubai, a city synonymous with innovation and futuristic endeavours, has embraced AI wholeheartedly. As a testament to its commitment, Dubai has become an AI hub and a testing ground for cutting-edge technologies. The United Arab Emirates' forward-thinking approach to AI adoption has positioned the nation as a global leader in the AI revolution. Hosting the TimeAI Summit in Dubai underscores the city's dedication to fostering collaboration and driving progress in the AI industry.Inspiring Speakers and Captivating Sessions:The TimeAI Summit is thrilled to welcome a lineup of influential speakers from around the world. These AI experts and thought leaders will share their insights, expertise, and visions for the future of AI across various sectors. Attendees can look forward to engaging keynotes, thought-provoking panel discussions, and interactive workshops that will shed light on the latest AI trends, innovations, and real-world applications.Notable Speakers Include:Dr. Ebrahim Al Alkeem - Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Director at Government of Abu DhabiVladimir Nikolenko - CBDC & Digital Assets Associate Director at AccentureFred Sun - Head of Strategy at Tencent Cloud InternationalLennix Lai - Global Chief Commercial Officer at OKXMartin Hanzl - Head of New Technologies at EY LawSam Blatteis - CEO of The MENA CatalystsAkshay Chopra VP - Head of Innovation & Design at Visa CEMEAMatthew Sigel - Head of Digital Assets Research at VanEckUnmissable Networking Opportunities:The TimeAI Summit provides a platform for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, potential partners, investors, and clients. The extensive networking sessions will foster collaborations, spark new ideas, and propel AI initiatives to new heights.Join the Global AI Movement:As AI continues to revolutionize industries and societies, the TimeAI Summit stands as an unparalleled opportunity to stay at the forefront of this dynamic field. The event's diverse international representation and extensive media coverage make it a pivotal moment for AI enthusiasts, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs alike. Secure your spot at the TimeAI Summit now and be part of shaping the future of AI.

Emirates unveils its stylish Bulgari amenity kits

Dubai: Emirates is unveiling its new collection of stylish Bulgari amenity kits for the Autumn/Winter season in First and Business Class. The range features new colour palettes and new fragrances, along with a keepsake mirror, and a myriad of thoughtful amenities for passenger comfort – onboard select routes and long-haul flights now.In keeping with Emirates commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience onboard, the First and Business Class kit bags feature new trending pantones and designs, along with Bulgari fragrances encapsulated in bottles designed exclusively for Emirates. The new range presents eight different collectible bags across First and Business Class, in a classic tan and black fabric, contemporary silver with lilac, or understated black with lilac highlights.New Business Class Amenity KitsFeaturing one of 2023’s most stylish pantones – silver, the Business Class range offers two bag shapes, a pouch and classic toiletry bag silhouette, both made from vegan leather in a standout metallic silver shade with lilac accents. Each kit features several Bulgari products, including the iconic fragrance BVLGARI OMNIA Amethyste Eau de Toilette. The scent opens with the bright and citrusy facets of pink grapefruit and green sap accords, while the heart reveals rich Damascena Rose Absolute, accompanied by a warm, woody trail where the sweetness of a heliotrope accord melts into the vibrations of solar wood notes. Passengers will also receive a complementary Omnia Amethyste face emulsion and body emulsion to keep their skin hydrated, alongside a rich Bulgari lip balm, and some comfort essentials including a dental kit, double mirror made from a sustainable wheat straw material, deodorant, tissues and a foldaway hairbrush.Two contemporary classic black fabric bags in varying shapes with tan vegan leather accents will appeal to those who prefer a masculine style. The fragrance included in these kits is BVLGARI POUR HOMME Eau de Toilette, a woody and floral musky scent in which notes of Darjeeling tea, water lily, and guaiac wood blend flawlessly to create a soothing effect. Inspired by the same iconic scent, a complementary Bulgari after shave balm and body emulsion are included, alongside a Gillette razor, shaving foam, a dental kit, deodorant, tissues and a foldaway hairbrush made from sustainable wheat straw.New First Class Amenity KitsIn First Class, the luxurious range features 4 individual collectible bags, two in black vegan leather with lilac accents, and two in a high-quality black fabric, some with tan vegan leather accents - both containing an array of personalised luxury products.In the black and lilac kits, encased within a soft Bulgari pouch is the new engraved gold Bulgari mirror – a keepsake piece exclusively crafted for Emirates, alongside a 30ml exclusive bottle of BVLGARI LE GEMME Desiria Eau de Parfum. This rich and sophisticated floral rose scent features violet jade, magnolia and radiant rose petals. The fragrance is complemented by a matching face and body emulsion. The kit also includes a dental kit, refreshing cleansing towel, deodorant, tissues and foldaway hairbrush so that First Class passengers arrive to their destination fully refreshed.In the black and tan kits, passengers will enjoy a 30ml exclusive bottle of BVLGARI LE GEMME Gyan Eau de Parfum -a sophisticated, woody floral fragrance expressed through Patchouli and Jasmine Sambac. The scent profile reveals that ‘patchouli embodies the velvety sapphires of Kashmir, while jasmine sambac is reminiscent of sumptuous Himalayan skies’. The kit also features a hydrating Bulgari Le Gemme Gyan after shave balm and matching body emulsion, cleansing towel, Gillette razor, shaving foam, dental kit, deodorant, tissues and foldaway hairbrush.Onboard A380 aircraft, First Class passengers can also use the Onboard Shower Spa which offers a separate range of luxury products – organic and sustainable Voya, from Ireland. First Class passengers can also find a skincare set from luxury Swedish brand Byredo, in their private suites.Economy and Premium Economy passengers can also look forward to new collectible amenity kits, to be launched towards the end of the year.

Abdallah Bibi to Lead dentsu's Content, Sports, and Gaming Design

Dubai: Dentsu has announced that Abdallah Bibi has been appointed as Commercial Director – Sports, Gaming and Content Partnerships, leading the development and design of dentsu’s offering in this space in the MENA region. Reporting to Tarek Daouk, CEO of dentsu MENA, Abdallah's new role will leverage opportunities in content production, rights distribution, naming and broadcast rights, gaming, anime and sports franchise infrastructure. Concurrently, Jad Noujeim, former Group Trading Director at Carat, assumes the position of Head of Trading for Amplifi, dentsu’s media investment arm. In this newly created role, Abdallah, with over 15 years of regional media experience, will oversee dentsu’s regional content and production efforts, integrating capabilities across the organization to build cohesive brand experiences. Jad, another stalwart of the dentsu team with 16 years’ expertise, having spent the last decade with Carat and most recently leading the media agency’s trading division, will take on Abdallah’s previous responsibilities leading Amplifi MENA. Globally, dentsu has an established Entertainment and Gaming business backed by a worldwide studio footprint, pioneering craft and technology capabilities and a roster of production partners and independent creators, enhanced by seamless integration with dentsu’s product and data offering. Abdallah will lead strategic investments and partnerships to leverage global entertainment opportunities and engage the thriving Middle Eastern gaming community. Working with the newly established Dentsu Anime Solutions Inc. in Japan, dentsu MENA will introduce new opportunities to market with anime licensing and merchandising to broadcasters and streaming platforms, along with peripheral businesses such as games, merchandising and events. Abdallah Bibi, newly appointed Commercial Director – Sports, Gaming and Content Partnerships remarked: “I’m excited to leverage my career experiences and dentsu’s rich heritage in this field to design our regional Content, Sports and Gaming offering. We are uniquely positioned to unlock new revenue opportunities for sports franchises, content producers and our clients. We will also be looking to create, enhance and invest in authentic gaming experiences for our clients in publishing, creator worlds, anime and e-sports. There is huge potential to produce transformative work in this space in our region, and I can’t wait to get started”.Jad Noujeim, now Head of Trading, Amplifi MENA said: “I'm thrilled to be leading our trading division into new horizons within the dynamic MENA media landscape. My focus will remain on cultivating strong partnerships, while leveraging deep industry insights and client-centric strategies to deliver on dentsu’s commitment to excellence and ongoing advancement.” Tarek Daouk, CEO, dentsu MENA added: “Dentsu Japan has an exceptional history in Entertainment and Sports as critical players in major sporting events and properties, as well as having a vast array of film, television, gaming, and anime experience. Dentsu’s content business is one of its true differentiators and as anime, gaming and sports continue to generate enthusiasm in MENA, particularly among Gen Z audiences, I’m excited for us to build a compelling regional offering in this space with Abdallah at the helm. Jad is also extremely well placed to lead Amplifi going forward, bringing together innovations, capabilities, and expertise to unlock new opportunities for our partners and clients. Congratulations to them both, I wish them every success in their new roles.”

Dubai’s BEDU announces ambitious AI vision to fuel the future of the Internet

Dubai:  BEDU, the regional pioneer at the forefront of Web 3.0 and AI, today announced a bold strategy set to change how individuals and enterprises engage with the digital realm. The announcement comes at a time when the company is targeting substantial growth and regional industry leadership through a pre-seed investment round.Over the past 18 months, BEDU has achieved significant milestones in its continued investment in innovation. The company showcased its leadership in emerging technology by launching the Virtual Mars Experience 2117 in partnership with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre. BEDU’s community-building efforts include leveraging blockchain for societal engagement – a reflection of its tradition of identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends, through bringing digital collections such as ‘From Desert to Mars’ and ‘Colonies on Mars’. Leading to BEDU making an impact at Art Dubai 2023, as it showcased the role that technology and Web3.0 are playing in the Art space.The global AI investments projected to reach $110 billion by 2024 and by 2030, the market impact of AI is expected to be even more significant, with estimates indicating that AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy. With that BEDU’s long-term vision, announced today, represents fertile ground for investment. The company will bring AI and blockchain into industries to redefine them, harnessing the farthest outskirts of tech to bring new user experiences that connect, engage, and entertain.“We’re at an exciting juncture," said Amin Al Zarouni, CEO, BEDU. “Our vision, coupled with this investment opportunity, represents a unique chance for investors to be part of a transformative journey. With our portfolio of innovations and a pre-seed round, we're poised to forge a future that will shape the very essence of the digital realm.”The main pillar of the company’s vision and its flagship is the AI Builder Tool, an agnostic platform that can be used by all types of people, organizations and enterprises to build their digital and virtual experiences which will contribute heavily to the future of the internet. In addition to that, the company announced BEDU AI, a portfolio of impactful products and services that include, a market-ready platform that uses AI to streamline media management in recognition of the rapidly growing need for effective asset management in a content-driven world. This includes advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning that redefines document processing across industries from finance to legal, automating tedious tasks that prevent professionals from focusing on higher-value activities. And an advanced AI solution to process voice and visual data and enable real-time insights which are frontier capabilities with use cases in arenas from security to healthcare.“Today, we’re setting the stage for a paradigm shift in the digital landscape,” said Khaled Al Huraimel, Co-Founder and Chairman, BEDU. “Our vision that encompasses the convergence of Web3.0 and AI, is at the helm of reshaping industries and human experiences. As we embark on this transformation, we invite likeminded visionaries to join us in this journey where innovation knows no bounds and technology drives endless possibilities.”BEDU’s pre-seed round is aimed at opening the door to regional growth. The funding will allow BEDU to enhance its delivery speed, extend its reach, and reinforce its position as an industry leader as it turbocharges its prolific R&D function and its flagship platform development.éline-gauthier-darnis-on-ad-tech-future

CTV, retail media, gaming: Equativ's Céline Gauthier-Darnis on Ad Tech future

In the dynamic world of business development, experience and expertise are paramount, especially within the intricate landscape of ad tech. Céline Gauthier-Darnis, the Executive Vice President of MENAT & APAC at Equativ, brings her extensive background in fostering growth and strategic partnerships to the forefront of the ad tech industry. With a deep understanding of market trends and a penchant for innovation, she has successfully navigated the complexities of this realm. In this exclusive interview with Adgully, Céline sheds light on her approach to bridging the gap between advertisers and publishers, her insights into Equativ's programmatic solutions, strategies for navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape, team management in a fast-paced environment, and Equativ's unique communication and marketing strategies. Furthermore, Céline delves into emerging trends and challenges within the MENAT and APAC regions, revealing her plans to tackle these issues head-on. Let us explore the dynamic world of ad tech through the lens of Céline Gauthier-Darnis, an industry trailblazer and a driving force behind Equativ's success.Can you tell us about your experience in business development and how it relates to the ad tech industry?Business development involves creating and implementing growth strategies to expand a company's market presence, increase revenue, and enhance profitability. My business development expertise is grounded in fostering growth, innovation, and strategic partnerships to thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape such as the ad tech industry. It has also helped me understand market trends, form strategic relationships, and continuously adapting to the evolving needs of advertisers, publishers, and consumers.As the EVP MENAT & APAC at Equativ, how do you ensure that the interests of both advertisers and publishers are effectively served?In my role, its key is to act as a bridge between advertisers and publishers, ensuring that their interests are aligned and that the partnership benefits all parties involved. This involves proactive and transparent communication, strategic decision-making, and a commitment to fostering a healthy and sustainable ecosystem within the ad tech industry. Additionally, it’s important to recognize that the needs of advertisers and publishers may differ. I work closely with my team to ensure we create customized solutions to align with our client's specific needs and goals.Could you share some examples of programmatic solutions that Equativ offers to advertisers in the UAE?Thanks to Equativ’s holistic ad monetization platform (Adserver/SSP/Buyer Tools/DSP), brands can achieve greater efficiency through their advertising spend and publishers can act with certainty and have the control they need to provide the right blend of transaction models, channels, format (Display, Audio, Video, CTV, Mobile) and audience data to deliver true value path optimization to brands. On top of that, our programmatic solutions including PMPs, auction packages, and contextual targeting solutions, enable a more streamlined and accurate ad transaction across various platforms and screens and help our clients reach their target audiences with the right message in the right environment.How do you approach the challenge of connecting advertisers with their target audience in the ever-evolving digital landscape?Navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape requires a combination of data-driven insights, technological innovation, creative messaging, and a deep understanding of your audience's behaviors and preferences. Adapting to changing technologies, consumer behaviors, and industry trends are essential. Here are a few strategies we work with our clients to leverage:A holistic approach to tap into multi-channel strategies that span across a variety of formats, devices, and platforms to ensure a consistent brand experienceData-driven insights to gain deeper insights into their target audiencesAudience segmentation to leverage first-party data to create more precise audience segmentsContextual targeting to ensure ads are placed in relevant contextual environments so that ads resonate with their target audiencesMeasurement and optimization solutions to continually establish, track and optimize against KPIsHow do you effectively manage and motivate your teams in a fast-moving environment? Can you provide examples of how you have successfully structured and managed an office to optimize productivity and efficiency?In this fast-paced industry, keeping your teams motivated and engaged is essential. I tailor my management style to each team member's preferences and strengths, and coupled with my enthusiastic and hands-on leadership approach, I always want to ensure my teams are feeling motivated and inspired.Here are a few ways I ensure this:Clear communication (and a lot of it!). Transparency and open discussions are essential to making teams feel inclusive and part of the teamEncouraging autonomy and trustRecognizing and celebrating achievementsFocusing on professional growth and identifying new opportunitiesContinued education in ad tech for my teams (always changing!)And have fun! I want my teams to feel excited to come to work and feel they are part of contributing to the success of the company.Communication and marketing play a crucial role in the ad tech industry. How do you approach these areas to effectively promote Equativ's services and attract clients?At Equativ, developing a comprehensive communication and marketing strategy is vital in the ever-changing ad tech industry in order to promote our services, attract and retain clients, and build trust by clearly explaining our solutions and the value they can expect by working with us. I love working with our central marketing team and my local team of marketing specialists to come up with new and creative ways to not only establish a strong brand presence and showcase our innovative global solutions but also connect the Equativ brand with the local community in the APAC/MENA region by tailoring our data, insights and strategies. Whether it’s through thought leadership, content marketing, social and events, to me, it’s always about ensuring a customized approach!In your opinion, what are some of the emerging trends and challenges in the MENAT and APAC regions when it comes to ad tech, and how do you plan to address them?Connected TVThere is a growing demand from advertisers in the MENAT/APAC region for CTV advertising. Currently, we have successfully executed campaigns for various industries targeting American and European audiences, specifically in sectors like hospitality, tourism, and real estate. While the inventory in the Americas and Europe is robust, publishers in the MENAT/APAC region are still in the process of developing programmatic solutions. However, we maintain an optimistic outlook and anticipate that the market will soon catch up. Once this happens, we will be able to effectively target the local audience through CTV formats.Retail mediaEvery e-commerce player has a gold mine to uncover. With the end of third-party cookies, the market is exploring the power of first-party data to unlock new targeting opportunities. Equativ provides a privacy-first addressable solution for retailers to monetize their data. This technology creates a new revenue stream for advertisers and an alternative to cookies to run highly targeted campaigns. Advertisers are almost ready technically to unlock this opportunity.Gaming advertisingOver the past 18 months, Saudi Arabia has invested $8 billion in global game companies with the objective of positioning itself as the primary global hub for the games and esports industry by 2030. These investments have been made through the public investment fund known as Savvy Games Group, and they mark just the initial phase of their plans. The group aims to allocate a remarkable $38 billion to establish 250 game companies, including developers, publishers, and studios, by 2030. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the gaming industry is projected to generate a revenue of $6 billion by 2027.By 2025, the global esports audience is anticipated to reach 318 million enthusiasts, with the MENA region accounting for 15% of that figure. This substantial gaming audience presents a significant opportunity for advertisers to connect with the market and captivate their customers by offering innovative experiences.Moreover, there is great enthusiasm surrounding the potential achievements in this field. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the View Through Rate and the Click Through Rate tend to be higher, indicating the advantageous timing of engaging with customers while they relax and enjoy their favorite games.

SRJ Sports Investments announces Gold sponsorship of Al-Ittihad Club

Jeddah: Al-Ittihad Club has signed a gold sponsorship agreement with SRJ Sports Investments, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund.As part of the sponsorship agreement, SRJ Sports Investments will have its logo displayed on Al-Ittihad Club’s distinctive kit, as well as a series of other rights including its brand and content being displayed on LED billboards in the stadium and in the backdrop of media interviews conducted by Al-Ittihad players.Abdulwahab Abed, CEO of Al-Ittihad, said: “Today, we signed a sponsorship agreement with a national company that begins its journey to contribute to the development of Saudi sports, contributing to the realization of Vision 2030 which prioritizes the sports sector and meeting the demands of our youth. We are committed to making our capabilities available to our partners and sponsors, to help them achieve their investment goals and utilize the overwhelming popularity and prestigious position of our club which will represent all the Saudi clubs in the upcoming FIFA Club World Cup™.”Bander Bin Mogren, Chairman at SRJ Sports Investments commented: “We are proud to sponsor this year’s reigning Roshn Saudi League champions. Al-Ittihad Club is a winning team, boasting one of the most dedicated football fan bases both internationally and within Saudi. The team maintains a deep heritage within Saudi Arabia’s football scene, and we have seen them demonstrate resilience and ambition. These are all synergies that SRJ Sports Investments continue to draw on as we embark on our mission to develop a world-class sports sector in Saudi Arabia and across the MENA region.”For more information on SRJ Sports Investment visit:

Sandsoft Games strengthens global team with major hire from Meta

RIYADH: Sandsoft Games, the mobile-first game developer, publisher and investor powered by AAA talent, announces the appointment of Ahmed Sharif, formerly Meta’s Head of AR, VR, Metaverse Automation and Platform Engineering, as its new Chief Technology Officer. Ahmed’s appointment is another significant milestone in Sandsoft’s trajectory to becoming a leading global mobile gaming powerhouse. The experienced leader will drive technology and innovation across the business, which has a diverse global team of more than 50 people across its headquarters in Riyadh and offices in Barcelona, Helsinki and Shanghai. Ahmed will focus on enhancing and scaling the Sandsoft Publishing Platform while providing technical direction for Sandsoft’s in-house game development, supporting and guiding the studio and engineering teams in their development journeys. As a senior engineering leader and strategist, Ahmed brings to his role at Sandsoft extensive experience of building software and hardware to power gaming experiences. His career to-date encompasses top gaming brands such as EA, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Criterion Games, and titles such as Need for Speed and Pearl’s Peril. As well as shipping the Meta Quest 2 globally, Ahmed’s portfolio includes the development of PSVR1, PS4 and PS4 Pro, and EA’s Frostbite game engine.  David Fernandez, CEO of Sandsoft Games, commented: "It goes without saying that Ahmed is a significant hire for Sandsoft. He has spearheaded engineering strategy for many of the most recognizable commercial technology products and worked on globally renowned gaming titles. I’m excited to welcome him to the team and convinced that he’ll play a major role in driving the next phase of Sandsoft’s growth.” Ahmed Sharif, Chief Technology Officer at Sandsoft, commented: “Throughout my career I’ve worked on technology and content that delivers unforgettable gaming experiences. Sandsoft’s commitment to creating engaging and diverse games aligns really well with that objective, with a team that brings the best of cross-platform gaming to accessible, mobile-first environments. I believe Sandsoft is primed to become a leader in the global games industry and I’m looking forward to playing my part.” Sandsoft Games recently announced its partnership with Jam City, one of mobile gaming’s most successful publishers, to support the global launch of DC Heroes & Villains and publish the title in the Middle East and North Africa markets.

Savvy Games Group welcomes new General Counsel

RIYADH : Savvy Games Group (“Savvy”), the games and esports company founded to drive the long-term growth and development of esports and the wider games industry worldwide, announced today the appointment of Feras Houhou as General Counsel.Feras brings extensive legal and governance experience to the company and will play a pivotal role in ensuring legal compliance, managing risk, and driving strategic growth initiatives.Feras is a seasoned legal professional with a distinguished career spanning over 16 years in the capital market industry. Prior to joining Savvy, he served as a Legal Advisor and later as the Chief Legal and Governance Officer and Board Secretary at SNB Capital. During his tenure, Feras demonstrated exceptional legal expertise and leadership, overseeing critical legal functions and governance affairs, and providing advice on major cross-border financial transactions.In his role as Savvy’s General Counsel, Feras assumes responsibility for five key control and advisory functions, including legal affairs, risk management, compliance, governance, and board affairs. His expertise in navigating complex financial transactions, particularly demonstrated during his time at SNB Capital, will be instrumental in guiding Savvy through its strategic investments and growth plans both locally and internationally.Brian Ward, CEO of Savvy, expressed his enthusiasm about Feras joining the team, stating, “Feras has an extensive legal background, corporate governance acumen and experience in managing complex transactions. Bringing him onto the Savvy team as General Counsel will provide invaluable guidance and support to our organisation and strengthens our commitment to excellence, legal compliance, and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.”An alumnus of Harvard Business School’s General Management Program, Feras additionally holds an LLM from Georgetown University Law Centre

ThePubverse teams up with Lotame to transform data-driven monetization

ArabyAds' platform for monetizing publishers, ThePubverse, has collaborated with Lotame, a renowned global tech enterprise. ThePubverse will leverage Lotame's cutting-edge data platform, Spherical, to amass firsthand data while obtaining unrestricted access to an extensive reservoir of consented third-party data.Lotame, headquartered in the US, is a technology company specializing in data solutions. Its primary role revolves around collecting and creating customer databases utilized by marketers and media owners to cater to their clientele across the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, North America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region.The collected data will empower ThePubverse in making informed decisions, amplifying advertisement pertinence, and enhancing the efficacy of campaigns. Furthermore, it will harness real-time insights to meticulously tailor messages directed at distinct target audiences.ThePubverse CEO Imad Sarrouf said: “We are thrilled to join hands with Lotame on this exciting journey. This collaboration opens a wealth of opportunities for our clients and us, as we aim to provide unmatched data targeting and activations backed by cutting-edge data analytics. Together, we are poised to set new industry standards and create transformative campaigns that drive meaningful results.”Ross McMillan, VP of Commercial Solutions EMEA at Lotame, said: “Lotame’s mission is to empower publishers to drive growth and derive value from customer data — whether they have it or need it. We’re excited to join forces with ThePubverse to enable their clients to use data in smarter, faster, and easier ways that expand their monetization and yield."Through this collaboration, ThePubverse will also delve into Lotame's specialized audience segment generation, audience augmentation, enrichment of audience profiles for persona creation, and enhanced cookieless targeting opportunities.  Earlier this year, ThePubverse had partnered with the regional Arabic content provider Mawdoo3. ArabyAd's retail-centric media advertising platform, Ritelo, has also collaborated with Daleel Store, a Saudi Arabia-based online retail establishment.

Fawry and Tamatem Plus join forces to enhance e-payment experience for Egyptian

Cairo: Fawry, Egypt's premier e-payment solutions provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Tamatem Plus, a leading online store catering to gamers’ needs worldwide. This collaboration aims to offer Egyptian gamers easy and seamless access to the market through enhanced e-payment solutions without having to rely on banking services or going to unsecure foreign websites.Under this partnership, Tamatem Plus users will have access to two of Fawry Accept flagship services: card payment and Fawry Pay reference code. With a network of over 310,000 Fawry retail outlets and 230 FawryPlus branches, users can conveniently make payments using their preferred method.Fawry Accept payment gateway services, including card payments and Fawry Pay reference code, will enable Tamatem Plus users to make secure and hassle-free transactions. Users can pay with their cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Meeza) directly on the Tamatem Plus platform. Alternatively, they can visit the nearest Fawry retail network and pay in cash using the Fawry Pay reference code.Upon placing an order on the Tamatem Plus platform, users will receive a 48-hour valid reference code through a pop-up message, email, and SMS, which will serve as a unique identifier for the transaction"We are very pleased with our partnership with Tamatem Plus, the online platform that provides a convenient way for users to top up their accounts and enjoy in-app purchases often without having access to a bank account," said Bassem Lotfy, Head of Acceptance - E-Commerce at Fawry.Faisal Bitar, Managing Director of Tamatem Plus, added, "We are excited to collaborate with Fawry and bring their secure and widely accepted payment solutions to our platform. This integration aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing a seamless gaming experience for our users in Egypt."

Dulsco Group appoints Martin Brogan as Director of HSE

DUBAI: UAE-based Dulsco Group, a leader in People Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Talent Solutions and Energy Recruitment Solutions, has appointed Martin Brogan as Director of Health, Safety and Environment as the company calls for unified, nationwide standard to improve HSE practices and culture.Martin brings more than 20 years’ expertise to the company, with extensive HSE experience in the UK and UAE in the oil and gas, aviation, food manufacturing and FMCG sectors. He has a degree in Health and Safety, is a certified ISO 45001 Lead Auditor and a graduate of the UK’s National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH).At Dulsco, Martin is responsible for all HSE operations at a corporate and client level. Internally, he is working closely with all departments within the four portfolios to further enhance Dulsco’s already robust HSE policies and procedures. Martin also acts as the lead HSE advisor to Dulsco’s customers, many of whom want on-the-ground HSE support from the Dulsco team in their day-to-day operations.Martin’s appointment comes as Dulsco calls for unified HSE standards across all seven emirates.David Stockton, Chief Executive Officer, Dulsco Group, said: “Health and safety is the most important division of any business, and Dulsco is proud to have robust policies in place that go above and beyond to ensure our people remain safe. With Martin now on board, we will take HSE to new levels both internally and for our clients in the UAE and, as part of our global expansion strategy. His expertise and experience are of great value to Dulsco, and I am delighted to welcome him to our company.“Government directives and industry initiatives have resulted in great strides in HSE, which is now taken much more seriously at most organisations and is seeing year-on-year improvements in the sector’s skill set. However, enhancements are still needed, starting with consistency in rules, policies and procedures and enforcement, which currently differ in organizations and geographies, as well as more measures to make health and safety an integral part of company culture.”Martin’s role covers all divisions of the Dulsco Group: Dulsco People, Dulsco Environment, Parisima and Advance Global Recruitment businesses. He also plans to expand his expert HSE team in line with the company’s growth.

The Work Crowd reveals solutions to business growth amid war on talent

Dubai: A panel of experts convened by global talent community, The Work Crowd, has revealed how the increasing use of freelancers and advisors is enabling businesses to accelerate their growth in the GCC. Government measures to attract international expertise, coupled with a boom in ‘solopreneurship’ have driven the shift to decentralised workforces, which are critical to plugging specific skill gaps and providing mentorship for local talent, to help overcome barriers to scaling in the region.Moderated by Nivine Afiouni, Geopolitics, Global Public Affairs & Media Advisor, the conversation drew on insights from international specialists in strategic planning and talent management, including Felice Hurst, GCC advisor to The Work Crowd and MD of Hanson Search MENA; Imad Lahad, MD at APCO Worldwide; Latifah RahmDel, VP of Mawja; and Tom Morf, CEO and Co-Founder of Aramedes Ltd. The panel also discussed the impact of artificial intelligence in the workforce and the future skills needed to harness the technology.Opening the debate, Nivine highlighted the difficulties that businesses have been facing with finding and retaining talent in recent years, with the panellists sharing their own strategies in overcoming these challenges. Discussing the approach to recruitment and retention in his start-up, Tom spoke about the need for passion and personality, over specific academic and industry experience, and revealed how offering shareholding opportunities can provide an added incentive in a small business environment.  Reflecting on the issues specific to the GCC, Felice went on to discuss the challenges around time-bound visas and the dynamic nature of business decision-making, which have previously inhibited talent acquisition and retention. Highlighting the opportunities linked to new visa options and the easing of access to global talent, Felice said, “One of the positives that came out of the pandemic is the flexibility of work, enabling businesses to access talent on-demand, rather than having a full workforce. It enables companies to grow fast, and specifically find that dedicated talent that maybe isn’t in the permanent workforce. I think we’re going to see an enormous rise in using global talent to fill specific skills gaps.”Sharing her own experience of tapping into the freelancer market, Latifa discussed how bringing in external talent helps to build a more coherent team of people, who share a dedication to the project while remaining flexible to manage their own time. Explaining how freelancers represent a better use of resources in her business, Latifa said, “It wouldn’t make sense for me to build a dedicated events arm, I always prefer using the best freelancers. They have a passion for what they do; you give them the brief and they become part of the team.”Providing insights into talent management within a multi-national company, Imad discussed how APCO operates as a global workforce, where employees are not necessarily tied to their specific office or geography but are available to tap into across different markets. He also revealed how the company retains relationships with APCO alumni who have gone on to develop their expertise in different roles and may be drawn upon to provide expertise in specific subject areas in the future.The panel went on to discuss the important impact of Government policy in building a vibrant freelance community in the region, including the UAE’s green visa, which allows foreign nationals who are self-employed, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, or investors to live and work in the country. The increasing focus on work-life balance was also cited among the drivers for the growth in freelancing, as workers prioritise their mental and physical wellbeing in light of incidences of employee burnout. Concluding the session, the experts explored the much-debated topic of artificial intelligence and the need to promote its ethical usage and build a talent pool that can learn, unlearn, and relearn such technologies at a fast pace.The panel discussion was convened as The Work Crowd accelerates its own expansion in the MENA region, including the recent opening of an office in Abu Dhabi. Speaking about the expansion, Founder and CEO of The Work Crowd and Hanson Search, Alice Weightman said, “We are delighted to extend our presence in the MENA region to connect the thriving business ecosystem to some of the world’s best brains. In this booming economy, demand for business critical and new evolving skills is at an all-time high, and that is where The Work Crowd community can help plug the gap. The UAE has established itself as a global pioneer in enabling digital nomads, and freelance working is a fast-growing market across the GCC. The Work Crowd aims to help businesses find the flexible talent they need, while empowering freelancers to upskill and re-skill to meet future industry needs.”With over 4,500 pre-vetted advisors, freelancers and mentors on its platform, The Work Crowd is helping companies find the right talent across multi-regional markets to support their business growth. The commitment to the GCC reflects a dramatic increase in both supply and demand for dedicated expertise in the region.

Standard Chartered partners with DIFC Innovation Hub to empower UAE women

Dubai: Standard Chartered, in partnership with DIFC Innovation Hub, announced today the launch of the fifth cohort of the Women in Tech accelerator programme. This transformative initiative is designed to drive sustainable growth and empower women entrepreneurs in the UAE's technology sector, fostering innovation, diversity, and economic development.Standard Chartered's Women in Tech accelerator programme offers women entrepreneurs a unique platform to unleash their potential, overcome barriers, and accelerate their business ventures. As part of a global Women in Tech initiative, the programme operates successfully in nine countries, creating a powerful global network of empowered women in the tech space. In collaboration with the renowned DIFC Innovation Hub, the programme provides unparalleled support, mentorship, and access to seed capital to propel the success of women-led start-ups.Rola Abu Manneh, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered UAE, said: “We are thrilled to launch the fifth round of this signature accelerator programme in the UAE, in partnership with DIFC Innovation Hub. This programme is a testament to our shared commitment with the UAE to champion women empowerment and support technological innovation. Through targeted support, mentorship, and access to seed capital, we aim to empower women in technology, enabling them to overcome barriers, seize opportunities, and drive transformative change. By joining forces with DIFC Innovation Hub, we are taking significant strides towards building a more inclusive and thriving tech ecosystem that supports women-led start-ups and harnesses the diverse talents and perspectives of women, ultimately shaping a brighter future for all.”Mohammad AlBlooshi, Chief Executive Officer of DIFC Innovation Hub, added: “DIFC Innovation Hub is dedicated to supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs in the UAE, fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and drives economic growth. The Women in Tech programme empowers female entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and make a lasting impact. We are proud to collaborate with Standard Chartered on this initiative as we drive the future of finance together.”The programme commences with an application period, welcoming ambitious start-ups to submit their proposals until the end of July. From the pool of applicants, ten start-ups will be meticulously selected to participate in the programme. These selected entrepreneurs will embark on a transformative journey, benefitting from a comprehensive curriculum featuring tailored training, immersive workshops, and invaluable mentorship opportunities designed to address their specific needs.The Women in Tech accelerator programme will conclude with the highly anticipated Demo Day in October. During this prestigious event, ten female-led entrepreneurial teams will showcase their innovative business models to a distinguished panel of potential investors, industry experts, and thought leaders. In addition to the invaluable exposure, the top three winners will be awarded a total of USD 100,000 in equity-free seed capital, providing a substantial boost to their ventures.The Women in Tech programme is geared towards empowering female entrepreneurs to confront the challenges of uncertain times as they grow their impact-driven businesses across the region. To date, Standard Chartered UAE has accelerated four cohorts, comprising of more than 20 start-ups, who have collectively raised over USD5 million from various venture capitalists to expand their businesses within and outside of the UAE.

Rami Younes announced as the new General Manager for Swisslog Middle East

Dubai: Swisslog, leaders in data-driven & robotic solutions for logistics automation, announced the appointment of Rami Younes as the new General Manager and Head of Sales for Swisslog Middle East.In his new position, Rami will be responsible for leading Swisslog's business in the Middle East, with a primary focus on warehouse logistics. Working closely with Swisslog's local and global senior management teams, he will identify and pursue new growth opportunities, while also delivering industry-specific automation solutions to companies in the region to help improve their operational efficiencies.Based in the UAE, Rami brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in the automation field. Prior to joining Swisslog Middle East, Rami was the Chief Operating Officer at ALS Logistic Solutions and also successfully led a 4PL Logistics start-up, Integrated Logistics Services in Saudi Arabia. Rami’s leadership skills in supply chain, logistics, and high-tech industrial products have consistently driven success for international teams.Commenting on Rami’s appointment, Jens Schmale, CEO, Swisslog EMEA said, “Rami brings a strong customer-driven focus to his role and a deep understanding of the warehouse automation industry. We are leaning on a wealth of experience within the automated industry and a track record of delivering added value to customers in highly competitive markets, to take the company through its next phase of growth.”Rami Younes, General Manager at Swisslog Middle East, said “I am delighted to be appointed as the new General Manager at Swisslog Middle East. I look forward to working closely with the team to expand our portfolio of integrated automation solutions, catering to the specific needs of customers in the Middle East. We will work together to execute our vision of establishing Swisslog as the frontrunner in data-driven robotic intralogistics automation.”The Middle East is experiencing substantial growth in the logistics automation sector, with initiatives such as Saudi's Vision 2030 and the Dubai 10X driving innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to diversify the economy and increase efficiency.

Dulsco Group appoints Martin Brogan as Director of HSE

DUBAI:  UAE-based Dulsco Group, a leader in People Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Talent Solutions and Energy Recruitment Solutions, has appointed Martin Brogan as Director of Health, Safety and Environment as the company calls for unified, nationwide standard to improve HSE practices and culture.Martin brings more than 20 years’ expertise to the company, with extensive HSE experience in the UK and UAE in the oil and gas, aviation, food manufacturing and FMCG sectors. He has a degree in Health and Safety, is a certified ISO 45001 Lead Auditor and a graduate of the UK’s National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH).At Dulsco, Martin is responsible for all HSE operations at a corporate and client level. Internally, he is working closely with all departments within the four portfolios to further enhance Dulsco’s already robust HSE policies and procedures. Martin also acts as the lead HSE advisor to Dulsco’s customers, many of whom want on-the-ground HSE support from the Dulsco team in their day-to-day operations.Martin’s appointment comes as Dulsco calls for unified HSE standards across all seven emirates.David Stockton, Chief Executive Officer, Dulsco Group, said: “Health and safety is the most important division of any business, and Dulsco is proud to have robust policies in place that go above and beyond to ensure our people remain safe. With Martin now on board, we will take HSE to new levels both internally and for our clients in the UAE and, as part of our global expansion strategy. His expertise and experience are of great value to Dulsco, and I am delighted to welcome him to our company.“Government directives and industry initiatives have resulted in great strides in HSE, which is now taken much more seriously at most organisations and is seeing year-on-year improvements in the sector’s skill set. However, enhancements are still needed, starting with consistency in rules, policies and procedures and enforcement, which currently differ in organizations and geographies, as well as more measures to make health and safety an integral part of company culture.”Martin’s role covers all divisions of the Dulsco Group: Dulsco People, Dulsco Environment, Parisima and Advance Global Recruitment businesses. He also plans to expand his expert HSE team in line with the company’s growth.

DEWA employees explore Generative AI in Google Cloud workshop

Dubai: As part of its efforts to adopt the disruptive technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and provide its employees with the latest programmes and tools, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) organised a workshop on generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in collaboration with Google Cloud. The workshop, which saw the participation of many employees from all divisions, aimed to raise their awareness of generative AI and provide them with the necessary resources and tools to keep up with the latest developments in this field.“DEWA contributes to achieving the wise leadership’s vision to make Dubai the smartest and happiest city in the world. This is achieved by adopting the latest disruptive technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including AI, to enrich the experiences of customers, employees, and other stakeholders. AI and digital solutions are the foundation for smart, secure and sustainable future cities. In this regard, we are keen to instil a culture of continuous learning and build the capabilities of our employees through workshops and training courses in collaboration with our leading global partners. These efforts align with the UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy to create productive, creative, and innovative environments by investing in and using AI technologies and tools. DEWA started its AI journey in 2017, and we are currently enriching our services with generative AI technologies to enhance performance and improve service quality,” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA.The workshop featured various topics related to deep learning and neural networks for AI. The speakers gave an overview of generative AI use cases across DEWA’s work areas. This includes improving productivity, enhancing efficiency, supporting decision-making procedures, enriching administrative operations, and providing innovative and advanced services that meet the needs of stakeholders, anytime and anywhere. The workshop also showcased generative AI models and trained participants to use the Qwiklabs and AI Vertex platforms. The workshop concluded with a brainstorming session on the anticipated use cases of this technology in DEWA.

Disprz raises $30mln in Series C funding to expand presence in the Middle East

Disprz, an AI-powered learning and skilling suite, has raised $30 Million in its Series C funding round led by Lumos Capital and 360 ONE Asset (IIFL), with participation from Kae Capital, KOIS, & Dallas Venture Capital. The funds raised in the round will be utilized for global market expansion and product development using new-age technologies like Generative AI in emerging markets such as the Middle East, and India, & expanding to the US. The company serves industry leaders like Sharaf DG, Jumbo Electronics, NEOM, Saudi Research & others.Since its inception in 2015, Disprz has witnessed remarkable growth & is one of few HR tech startups in the Series C segment. “The company’s consistent revenue growth, during and after the peak of the pandemic, shows that people's advancement is recession-proof problem statement within HR tech- it is a core problem of humanity,” stated Kuljit Chadha, Co-Founder & COO, of Disprz.Subbu Viswanathan, Co-founder & CEO of Disprz, said, "Disprz is at the forefront of innovation in the learning and skilling space. We are on a mission to equip the workforce for the rapidly changing world, and we solve this mission using a B2B SaaS approach." Karan Ahuja, Fund Manager of 360 ONE Asset (IIFL) said, "Upskilling and re-training workforces is a top priority for human capital leaders globally, and Disprz’s product offerings stand out in a learning & development market that’s undergoing transition."Disprz has established its presence in every continent, serving over 350 organizations & boasting an impressive roster of renowned household brands & industry leaders. The fundraise will enable Disprz to expand its global team, hire data scientists, skilling scientists, and engineers to complement its product capabilities & accelerate its success through bigger and local go-to-market teams.The company also plans to form strategic partnerships and make strategic acquisitions, partnering with the broader learning ecosystem, including HCM players, people reward platforms, learning content players, and assessment players.Looking ahead, Disprz envisions itself as a people intelligence suite on a global scale, extending beyond employee skilling to back every stage in an employee's lifecycle. The company aims to empower organizations worldwide to advance their workforce potential through skills, data & personalization.

‘Meta’ the social metaverse, joins Manama-IX

Batelco, part of the Beyon Group, has announced that Meta has now joined Manama-IX, the Bahrain based Internet peering service provider. Meta, the social metaverse company and among the world’s leading content providers, owns and operates a number of social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.Social media has revolutionized how people socialize, do business, shop, and get news. According to statistics from Mckinsey, since July 2022, new users are joining social-media platforms at an average global rate of seven users per second. With the high demands for social media usage and to ensure the best customer experience, Batelco is keen to provide high performance internet-based services.One way to improve internet efficiency is to establish direct connections with big content providers, and by having Meta on Manama-IX, members will have access to an immense data pool which will help reduce latency and improve connectivity quality, thus delivering a better customer experience when accessing Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.Hani Askar, Chief Global Business Officer at Batelco, said, “We are delighted that Meta joined Manama-IX and that now we are able to provide our customers with direct peering access to major Content Delivery Network (CDNs) such as Meta, as well as AWS, Google, and Microsoft who are already on Manama-IX.”“Having Meta on Manama-IX is a very exciting milestone as we always aim to enhance the customer experience and add value to our peers, by attracting more content players to the region, and supporting the connectivity community,” he added.“Batelco’s vision behind Manama-IX is to be the leading IX in the MENA region and to contribute towards the development of Internet services across the region, in line with Bahrain’s vision of becoming a leading digital economy in the region.” Mr. Askar concluded.Manama-IX is the Bahrain-based Internet exchange platform that interconnects global carriers, local and international operators, and both content and cloud providers.To learn more about Manama-IX, please visit

Sharjah Summer Promotions 2023 spreads joy with grand draws and offers

The 20th edition of "Sharjah Summer Promotions 2023," organized by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) under the theme "Ya Hala Bsaifna in Sharjah (Welcome Summer in Sharjah)," continues to sprinkle joy across the emirate. On Saturday evening, a vibrant event at the Sahara Centre saw 20 fortunate participants walking away with purchase vouchers and travel tickets.Prizes included five vouchers worth AED5,000 each, ten vouchers valued at AED 2,500, and five tourist tickets. Eager shoppers can anticipate more exciting surprises in the upcoming period, including a plethora of shopping vouchers, travel and hotel packages, and a grand draw to win the Nissan Patrol 2023. The promotion also boasts hefty discounts, an array of entertainment offers, and standout marketing activities.Beyond the evident excitement and happiness permeating Sharjah, the promotions have bolstered the retail sector and invigorated commercial activities. Participating malls, markets, and shops reported sales exceeding AED 200 million, according to the Sharjah Summer Promotions’ draw committee. This was based on the number of draw vouchers issued a month after the promotion's launch.Jamal Bouzanjal, Director of the Corporate Communication Department at SCCI, extended congratulations to all the first draw winners, encouraging shoppers to maximize their participation in the upcoming weeks by exploring shopping centers across the emirate to avail of the numerous offers and surprises.Bouzanjal emphasized that fostering community happiness is a core objective that the Sharjah Chamber seeks to achieve through Sharjah Summer Promotions, which are brought to life by the series of events and activities staged by shopping centers in celebration of these special offers.The current edition, set to run until September 3rd, has witnessed participation from numerous malls and retail stores throughout Sharjah. Shoppers can still benefit from promotional discounts reaching up to 75% on a diverse range of products.

Anantara, The Palm Dubai Resort appoints Aseel Elagib as social media specialist

Dubai: Anantara, The Palm Dubai Resort has welcomed Aseel Elagib to the position of Social Media Specialist. Aseel is a Sudanese-Canadian graduate of the German University of Technology in Oman who is joining the hospitality industry for the first time after excelling in social media, marketing, and content creation positions in the UAE for over two years.Beginning her career in planning, architectural design, and project management, Aseel demonstrated an aptitude for strategy, creativity, and implementation. She took her first digital marketing position at Harbor Real Estate in April 2021 and, after demonstrating her talent for the creation and optimisation of content to develop and boost engagement across digital and social channels, was recruited for a marketing project at Cityscape Dubai with Exalogic Consulting. Aseel joins Anantara with a proven record of success and a clear passion for the role. She is bilingual with excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Arabic.Aseel will be responsible for all social media accounts, including LinkedIn, for Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort and Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort plus all food and beverage outlets across both hotels. Through the execution of compelling photo and video creation, Aseel will communicate the key selling points and lifestyle of the brand, its Dubai resorts, and its exquisite restaurants and bars. She will engage with guests and generate leads through direct messaging and enquiry response while informing and shaping strategy through diligent analysis to drive exceptional results. By generating and maintaining beneficial relationships with industry partners and social influencers, and through consistent and impactful digital ad campaigns, Aseel will identify and maximise every opportunity to expand and enhance brand awareness and reputation.“We are delighted to welcome Aseel to our team. She brings an excellent reputation for content creation and digital engagement, and we are excited to see the impact she makes on social media strategies across all our resorts and outlets. We believe communication with our customers is key to providing the outstanding hospitality they expect and deserve. Social media helps us to keep every guest clearly informed and allows all stakeholders to enjoy the benefits of continuous conversation,” Jeremie Lannoy, Cluster Director Marketing and Communications, Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort and Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort.

The Authority of Social Contribution encourages CSR efforts in Abu Dhabi

The Authority of Social Contribution - Ma’an has refined its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model, further enabling businesses across Abu Dhabi to utilise the authority’s initiatives and programmes as a channel to maximise CSR budgets and actively give back to the local community.The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an provides an unparalleled opportunity for corporates across Abu Dhabi to simplify and achieve their social goals associated with their responsibility contribution and Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)s, allowing more budget and time to be dedicated directly to the social programmes, which increases the social impact made by the corporation.Ma’an’s key role is to facilitate these projects and deploy funds as necessary to ensure a successful outcome. 100% of the contributions received by Ma’an go towards the social programmes and initiatives as agreed by the contributor, disclosing the impact to involved beneficiaries. More than 700,000 individuals in Abu Dhabi have benefited from Ma’an’s programmes and initiatives, which demonstrates its widespread social impact on the emirate.Focused on addressing critical social priorities across sectors including health, education, environment, social and infrastructure, Ma’an serves the evolving needs of the community and promotes social responsibility both among individuals and corporations. Corporates can choose from a range of 30 programmes and initiatives, tailored to benefit a key social priority in Abu DhabiHer Excellency Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, said: “Corporates can play a critical role in maximising the breadth of our impact by channelling their CSR budgets to support social priorities that are in line with their organisational values. It is imperative for them to understand their role in the collective and the effect their actions can have on the development of an active and socially inclusive society.“Ensuring the success of our programmes and bringing long-term positive impact to communities also requires deployment of resources, which is why partnerships are at the heart of the work we do. Every individual effort can make an important contribution to amplify the development of an engaged and collaborative community.”Ma’an lays strong emphasis on recognising and showcasing corporates and individuals for their CSR contributions. This year, the authority launched the Abu Dhabi Social Responsibility Label, a government recognition that acknowledges the key role played by the corporate contributors in supporting social priorities in Abu Dhabi.Corporates can choose from a range of 30 programmes and initiatives, tailored to benefit a key social priority in Abu Dhabi, including Social - these projects aim at creating an inclusive and cohesive society in Abu Dhabi, building integrated communities and ensuring a decent standard of living for all community members.Other programmes include Health initiatives including facilitating therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative care to ensure the required healthcare for all community members by stimulating growth in medical services and equipment is provided. Education programmes are designed to provide distinctive and appropriate opportunities for all learners to access education services and support developing the education sector in Abu Dhabi, in addition to promoting a culture of creativity, sustainability and excellence.Environment initiatives support protecting the environment through innovative and impact-oriented environmental projects, in collaboration with success partners and the community.Finally, Infrastructure initiatives help in creating an ideal living environment for Abu Dhabi citizen and residents with all facilities and services aiming to provide a high quality of life.In order to efficiently facilitate the process of accepting and directing the contributions received, Ma’an has launched an application that will allow public and private sector and individuals to assign their contributions to a programme of initiative of their choice without paying any administrative fees to the authority.Committed to actualising its programmes with trust and transparency, Ma’an issues an impact report annually on its website that highlights all the programmes and initiatives launched in the year and underlines the significant impact it has made on the beneficiaries as well as its continued efforts to empower the growth and development of the Third Sector.Over the past three years, Ma’an has raised nearly AED517 million from various institutions and individuals, ensuring long-term positive impact across the multicultural society of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Al Dhafra regions. As more companies realise the impact of social progress on organisational success, Ma’an’s human-centred approach to transform the Abu Dhabi community into a cohesive, sustainable, and productive society has gained vital momentum. Last year, the value of financial allocations provided by Ma’an to social institutions, projects, and entrepreneurs exceeded AED78.1 million.

Arsenal and Emirates extend partnership to 2028

Arsenal and Emirates are delighted to announce the extension of their partnership, the longest-running front-of-shirt sponsorship in Premier League history. Arsenal's partnership with the UAE’s leading flag carrier began in July 2006, and will now run until at least 2028, taking the collaboration to a minimum of 22 years. The agreement comes ahead of the Emirates Cup clash against AS Monaco providing the perfect backdrop to celebrate the record-breaking partnership at Emirates Stadium.  After 17 years of incredible moments and working together to bring global communities closer together, Emirates is woven into the fabric of Arsenal. Emirates has been ever present on the front of Arsenal's men’s, women’s, and academy team shirts, and its home in north London has featured the Emirates name since it opened in 2006.  The globally renowned airline has also taken Arsenal on many pre-season tours, helping to connect it with supporters around the world. Most recently, alongside Emirates, Arsenal launched the ‘Global Gooners’ campaign bringing friends and families together from all over the world at Emirates Stadium.  To mark this announcement, it has released a film that shines a light on those stand-out memories at Emirates Stadium that embody the strength of Arsenal and Emirates’ unity andteamwork.  Juliet Slot, Chief Commercial Officer, Arsenal, said: “We are incredibly proud to make history by extending our partnership with Emirates until 2028. The longevity of our special relationship is a sign of our enduring shared values, our ambition to bring our global communities together, and our commitment to building on the numerous achievements that have marked our 17-year journey to date. As we take our partnership to a minimum of 22 years together, we’re excited to move forward and we’re focused on celebrating more incredible moments with our supporters around the world.”Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, said: “I’m proud of the journey that Emirates and Arsenal have shared over the past 17 years. Together, we’ve celebrated triumphs and stood strong against challenges. Our partnership has been built on a shared vision of excellence and a dedication to enriching the experiences of fans around the world. Emirates is very pleased to extend and reaffirm our partnership with Arsenal. We look forward to creating even more magical moments with Arsenal; and together, unite, inspire, and make a meaningful impact on communities around the world through the beautiful game.”

Fahad Al Hammadi strikes gold as UAE continues winning streak at MMAF YWC

ABU DHABI: The UAE National Team continued its winning streak at the ongoing IMMAF Youth World Championships, securing one more gold on Friday, bringing its overall medal count to 12, including 4 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze.The competitions for the Youth A, 16-17 years old, took place at the Mubadala Arena in Zayed Sports City, where, in a thrilling match, Fahad Al Hammadi defeated Italy’s Damiano Grillo to secure the first place in the 70.3 KG division.The championship, held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, is organized by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation and hosted by the UAE Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Federation. The championship is set to continue until tomorrow, Saturday.Mohammed Al Hosani, a member of the MMA Committee of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu and MMA Federation, lauded the National Team for their exceptional performance and attributed it to the generous support and guidance of the wise leadership, as well as the tireless efforts of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Federation.He said, “The evaluation and selection process for the UAE national team players spanned a full year between the 3rd and 4th editions of the IMMAF Youth World Championships. During this time, five MMA local tournaments were organized, with one of the primary goals being evaluation and selection. Subsequently, a rigorous preparation and a preparatory training camp were conducted for a month prior to the championship to enhance the players focus. We are delighted to see that the meticulous preparation, selection, and training processes have borne the desired results.”Al Hosani also congratulated Fahad Al Hammadi for securing the gold medal. “The whole nation is proud of him. His remarkable achievement brings pride to usand serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes in the country. Such successes showcase the talent and dedication of the athletes and highlight the promising future of MMA in the UAE, in the region, and beyond.”Davron Juraev, President of Tajikistan MMA Federation, noted that the championship has been improving each year. “Tajikistan is participating here in Abu Dhabi for the second year, and we have around 30 athletes. The level of competition, organization, and the athletes this year are significantly different. Everyone has become much stronger, and I’m thrilled that we have more countries participating than the previous year, making the competition even more robust and exciting,” he said.“The championship overall is truly amazing. As the famous phrase goes, ‘sports unite.’ Indeed, it works here because the atmosphere of the competition arena in Abu Dhabi is grandiose. We can see more than 45 countries participating, making it an international and huge event. It’s very pleasing to see the support from the sport authorities and the government of Abu Dhabi,” he added.