PubMatic partners with AlikeAudience to offer media buyers in Australia

PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, today announced a partnership with AlikeAudience in Australia, Japan, and Indonesia, enabling advertisers to access quality audience data on the supply side.Activating data on the supply side cuts down complexity and delivers more efficiency and value for both media buyers and data owners, through higher match rates and better CPMs.The partnership expands the reach of PubMatic Connect, PubMatic’s differentiated audience solution that leverages addressable signals from across the internet to help data owners drive monetization and help media buyers drive performance. Connect allows media buyers to leverage a portfolio approach to addressability.AlikeAudience offers bespoke demographic, interest, and transactional data and has more than 7,000 audience segments in the US, Australia, Japan, and Southeast Asia, across a wide range of industries, including FMCG, Automotive, Auto, and Financial. The company has substantial operations in APAC and the U.S. and assembles its audience data from exclusively consumer-consented CRM data, billions of unique mobile signals, and transaction data from multinational credit card companies.Unlike most data vendors, AlikeAudience does not aggregate nor recycle data but sources it directly from trusted partners. Its audience solutions have been rated as 90% accurate by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings and are 100% device-agnostic.AlikeAudience has been operating in the Asia Pacific market for the past five years, working primarily with demand side platforms (DSPs) across the region, and this partnership makes the company's high value audience data available on the supply side for the first time. “We believe that working directly with PubMatic gives media buyers greater control over data, along with higher match rates and better campaign performance,” said PubMatic Asia-Pacific Director, Data and Audience, Brandon Lee. “Our proximity to publishers and consumers means fewer hops around the ecosystem, making SSPs uniquely positioned to help brands reach audiences at the right place and time.”"We are delighted to become a PubMatic data partner in Australia, Japan, and Indonesia,” said AlikeAudience Founder and CEO Bosco Lam. “We believe advertisers will benefit from access to PubMatic’s quality mobile app media inventory, coupled with unique audiences created through packaged deals from the supply side.Advertisers are seeking to ensure their digital advertising campaigns are privacy-compliant and do not utilise personally identifiable information, and that has been our competitive advantage. We believe brands can reach the right audiences with all of the right data privacy practices in place.”

UAE based DAMAC Group acquires luxury Swiss jewellery brand, de GRISOGONO

DUBAI,, Dubai's DAMAC Group has purchased celebrated Swiss jewellery brand, de GRISOGONO. The brand, which filed for bankruptcy early 2020, was identified by Hussain Sajwani, Founder and Chairman of the DAMAC Group, who became the top bidder amongst several others bidding for the acquisition.Most known for its 'Creation I' necklace, which featured the largest D flawless diamond in the world and fetched a staggering $33.7 million at an auction in 2017, de GRISOGONO is a name synonymous with glamour. The jeweller has adorned many celebrities on the red-carpet including Hollywood actress Natalie Portman and supermodel Naomi Campbell."Keeping in line with our ambitions to expand our business into the luxury and high-end fashion realm, bidding for de GRISOGONO came to us naturally. A relatively young, but established brand it has immense potential that needs to be uncovered and leveraged. I believe that with DAMAC's expertise and know-how, we will be able to bring the brand to a justifiable success, by strengthening its global development and network," says Sajwani.

stc and Alibaba invests US$ 238M to establish Alibaba Cloud in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:  stc Group, the leading national digital enabler announced the establishment of “Alibaba Cloud” in Riyadh, KSA, for high-capacity cloud services in partnership with the Chinese technology giant, “Alibaba Group”, eWTP Arabia for Technical Innovation Ltd., the Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI), and the Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE). The establishment of the new company in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, came in response to the significant increase in demand for cloud computing services and solutions in the region. The company will provide advanced cloud computing services to companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ensuring that they employ the highest standards of security and protection. The new company’s capital will amount to SAR 894 million, and the new company will benefit from the distinguished position of stc Group in the services and technology solutions sector and will employ the best talent and expertise to support the local capabilities of the Kingdom and enable it to enhance digital development and build an advanced ecosystem capable of meeting the future needs of the Kingdom. Alibaba, one of the best providers of cloud computing services and solutions in the world, will offer a wide range of cloud computing services and solutions, a step that will enable local companies and institutions to digitize their businesses, employ the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, raise work standards and enhance businesses. In line with the Kingdom’s efforts to enhance economic diversification and stimulate investment opportunities in the cloud computing sector, the new company will contribute to providing quality jobs, transferring knowledge and expertise to the Kingdom, and ensuring a safe work environment for entrepreneurs in the region. stc’s investment with Alibaba for cloud computing services, in cloud computing solutions in Riyadh, reflects the company’s future vision and its great role in pushing digital transformation efforts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its commitment to forging strong partnerships with leading technology companies around the world in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to attract foreign and international investments into the Kingdom, creating a secure environment for entrepreneurs, and enhancing information security by protecting data internally in the Kingdom. The establishment of the company specialized in cloud computing services and solutions in Saudi Arabia will contribute to developing the Kingdom’s digital infrastructure and preparing it to provide the latest digital data storage services and solutions and ensure its protection and security, which will enhance the Kingdom’s ability to provide cloud computing services to global companies.

Invesco plans to sell 8% stake in ZEE at a price of ? 2,200Cr

Invesco has 18% stake in Zee currently and they increased its stake in 2019 at a price of INR 390 (11% stake bought at INR 42bn). Invesco recently softened their stance, despite the court judgment moving their favour, wherein they mentioned that they were in favour of the Sony/ZEE merger and did not want to remove Punit Goenka as CEO.<img src='\f0a5869afa721fb4398cd36ee1ed5e9c' class='content_image'>6 reasons for Invesco selling stake, according to Karan Taurani, Senior VP, Research at Elara Capial, are:They may still not want Punit Goenka as CEO of the companyThey believe the merge deal with Sony may not go through due to regulatory hurdlesThey want to reduce exposure in the company and hence reducing stake by 8% towards 10% ImpactIn case of no corresponding buyer for the entire block being absorbed, We believe there will be immense pressure on the share price over near term , which will remain very volatile and in turn negatively impact investor confidence - high likelihood of negative impact on investor confidenceThis may also have a negative impact on Sony Group, which is on the final stages of merger with zee - low likelihood of Sony backing outOn the flipside, if the entire block is absorbed by another financial investor, it may make the voting and other approval process easier for Zee - low likelihood scenario as the block is relatively large in size and the company is losely held among public and investors with a mere 4% promoter stake

Remarkable YoY revenue growth of 35-40%: Rakesh Kumar, VP, Flamingo

Flamingo recently rolled out a 360-degree campaign with the launch of 3 TVCs, with each TVC showcasing brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan using one of Flamingo’s hero products – Lumbar Sacro Belt, Knee Caps and Heat Belt. The TVC campaign overarches the brand motto of ‘An Aid for a New Life’.The campaign will engage with the existing and potential brand audience through diverse media interfaces such as television (across GEC, Movies, Music & News channels), print (in major dailies), digital (promotions over Social Media networks), BTL (activities will be executed in chemist shops across India), and DTH networks. The newly launched 3 TVCs focus on the 3 hero products of Flamingo – Heat Belt, Knee Cap and Lumbar Sacro Belt – with Hrithik using each of the products to navigate pain in his routine life.Watch the TVCs:<div class="video-container"><iframe src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>In an exclusive conversation with Adgully, Rakesh Kumar, VP - Sales & Marketing, Ascent Meditech, elaborates on the new campaign, Hrithik Roshan as the perfect brand ambassador for the campaign, engaging with the audience, brand positioning and more.What is the communication objective behind Flamingo’s new Cool Pack TVC?The TVC showcases our brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan using the Cool Pack, whose character has the potential to reflect the strong features of the product on audiences of all ages. The aim was to ensure that Cool Pack serves as a protective shield from pain and swelling post an injury, just like the dramatic action sequences played with ease by Hrithik Roshan in the TVC.What was the brief that you shared with the agency for Cool Pack’s new TVC? Any insights you culled out from any research?The product Flamingo Cool Pack thrives on its innate characteristics of offering quick relief from pain and swelling post an injury. Staying true to the product’s USP, it has always been our endeavour to reflect on the problem and offer a sustainable solution to the audience. With Hrithik, a superstar par excellence, known for his action sequences among the mass audience, it was but obvious for the agency and brand to feature the brand ambassador, whereby he injures himself in an action scene and thereafter applies Flamingo Cool Pack to reduce the pain. The messaging in the Flamingo Cool Pack TVC, viz. ‘Par Hum Kabhi Haar Nahin Maante’, had been kept in sync with the inherent attitude of the mass audience of the ‘never say die’ attitude.<div class="video-container"><iframe src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>Why do you think Hrithik Roshan is the perfect brand ambassador for the brand? What were the criteria you looked at to sign him on?Flamingo, the consumer healthcare brand of Ascent Meditech, an Indian multinational, stands for Trust, Care and Remain Unstoppable.These ethics of brand Flamingo matches with the overall personality of Hrithik Roshan, who himself has fought many personal battles and emerged stronger every single time. This association has only made the partnership strong, resulting in an evolution of the brand across a period of three years.During the initial years, the focus of brand Flamingo was restricted to senior citizens, however, we have expanded our audience basket now to include today’s Millennials. This holds true with Hrithik Roshan, whose appeal cuts across all age groups. This has resulted in the organisation’s revenue increasing by 35-40% year on year.What is the positioning of your brand and what kind of differentiation do you plan to bring in the marketplace vis-à-vis the competition?Injuries don’t come knocking at the door and are usually accidental, hence Flamingo Cool Pack is positioned as a must have product for every household. In view of the mass nature of the product, it was obvious to institute the idea of applying Flamingo Cool Pack post an injury and establishing the product as a household product.In the segment of pain therapy, brand Flamingo is the market leader and with Hrithik as the brand ambassador, our communication of having Flamingo Cool Pack as the first level of treatment among the masses only gets stronger.<div class="video-container"><iframe src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>Who is the communication being targeted? Can you elaborate on the profile of the target audience?Apart from regular households, Flamingo Cool Pack also has tremendous usage among sportspersons. The convenience and competitive pricing make the product appeal among the young, millennials, sports fraternity and old age.How do you plan to engage with your audience? Will it be a digital-led engagement or are you going to explore some mass media also to reach a wider spectrum of audience?Brand Flamingo operates in the problem solution category and has traditionally preferred and invested in the visual medium, viz. print and television, to communicate about the pain problem and resultant pain relief solution (product). With the product also being available at chemist shops, the brand has not shied away from various BTL activations, thereby developing awareness at the point of purchase. However, the pandemic has drastically changed consumer behaviour and media consumption. We are fully sensitive to new age e-commerce and accordingly digital spending is also getting prioritised. As part of the digital spending, we are also looking at influencer marketing of Flamingo Cool Pack, keeping in mind the ‘mass’ nature of the product.

XYXX signs KL Rahul as Investor and First-Ever Brand Ambassador

XYXX, a premium men’s inner wear and comfort wear label, has roped in Indian Cricket extraordinaire, KL Rahul as their first-ever ambassador for the inner wear and lounge wear category. This association between the top cricketer and the brand would firmly establish XYXX as a fan favorite in the market and create a pathway for customer acquisition. XYXX marks a new chapter in their journey as they focus on further strengthening their online presence and robust geographical expansion in previously untapped markets with KL Rahul as the face of their marquee categories - inner Wear and lounge Wear. In June 2021, XYXX had raised INR 30 Crore in Series-A funding from, DSG Consumer Partners and Synergy Capital Partners. This April, KL Rahul joins the ranks as an investor in XYXX for an undisclosed amount. Led by Yogesh Kabra, XYXX is a hip, millennial-first men’s lifestyle label to watch out for. Since its inception, XYXX has strived to create products that challenge the status quo in the innerwear segment, keeping innovation, craftsmanship, comfort and customer experience as true north. The extensive product offering, driven by innovation, spanning innerwear, loungewear and athleisure, caters to the young, discerning Indian man, and gives him premium and differentiated product lines that stand apart in the highly saturated marketplace. As a truly Made In India and Made For India brand, XYXX’s products take a highly localized approach, ensuring all products are suited for the local climate, breathable, made for movement and easy to care for. On this latest milestone, Yogesh Kabra, Founder- XYXX says, “KL Rahul is an Indian cricket sensation, who has always let his hard work and achievements do the talking. He exemplifies the brand belief of trusting your instinct. In addition to being a world-class sportsman, KL Rahul is also the perfect embodiment of the young, discerning Indian man, who keeps it real, both on and off the pitch. We could not have found a more ideal person as our first-ever brand ambassador. We found synergy with KL Rahul from the minute we met and we are stoked to be joining forces with him to challenge the status quo, tell our own unique story and to continue to be the brand that pushes the envelope within the Indian innerwear segment and beyond.” Commenting on the partnership, Indian Cricketer, KL Rahul says, “I have been wearing XYXX for a while now and have closely followed their growth over the past couple of years. I am excited to be a part of their journey as they continue to scale new heig

How Discovery is experimenting with different genres?

During the two years of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, the entire nation went nostalgic while watching old epics Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’ and BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharat’ on Doordarshan. Even after over 30 years of first being telecast on the national broadcasters. Both the epics gained tremendous traction during the first lockdown period. In some form or the other, almost everyone has read or heard about the two epics. The scale of Ramayan is huge – it is not just another story, but something that is imbibed in our culture.Now, Discovery has launched a new docu-series, ‘Legends of the Ramayana’, narrated by bestselling award-winning writer and diplomat, Amish Tripathi. Tripathi will traverse across geographies as he sets out on his own mega adventure in the footsteps of Lord Ram to retrace his sacred journey and unravel the under-explored mysteries around the text. Tripathi’s immense knowledge of Indian mythology and effortless expertise to juxtapose the richness of history with the charm of modern-day storytelling, makes him the perfect fit for ‘Legends of the Ramayana’.<img src='//' class='content_image'>Speaking about the new docu-series, Megha Tata, Managing Director-South Asia, Discovery Inc, told Adgully, “‘Legends of the Ramayana’ will be like seeing Ramayan through the lens of discovery, which is in the space of docu-series. The whole concept was very interesting when it came to us that we all know about Ramayan. What if somebody was to capture the journey of Lord Ram from Ayodhya and what happened in those times? And so when doing this research, so many interesting mysteries came about, which not many people know about. And that, to us, was a very interesting play. That curiosity and, like someone asked, “Why 14 years and why not five years? Why not 20 years?” There’s a rational vibe. I did not know that Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan had an elder sister. Then you find out the cave where Sita was kept. So, that was an aspect we thought was worthy to bring onto our platform. It is a docu-series backed by science and research.”<div class="video-container"><iframe src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>Talking about how the first quarter turned out for Discovery+, she noted, “It really did well for us. Because last year, the number of hours we produced was more than what we probably produced in over 20+ years that we have been in the country. So, that has been the commitment for us to create original content out of the India, and a lot of that content resonated very well. The first half, first quarter of the year had some great new shows that we launched. In fact, including the recent show, ‘India’s Ultimate Warrior’ starring Vidyut Jamwal and then it had Akshay Kumar in one of the episodes. That was a great show on our platform, and some interesting, investigative murder content – that genre is doing very well for us as well – shows like ‘Money Mafia’ or ‘Annie’, which was a murder mystery, and also ‘Honeymoon Murder’. It was all really intriguing and did really well. So, we are playing around with different genres – whether it’s mythology or science or adventure, or now crime investigation, that’s the space we are exploring. Thus, I think we had a great first quarter on Discovery+.”Not disclosing much for what is next for Discovery+, Tata said, “For the time being, this is one big launch and of course, we have a few shows lined up in the coming months, very interesting ones. I can’t talk about it, but there are a couple of shows, which I think would be very nice, in the genres of crime, mystery and investigation.”

Boost partners with World Cricket Championship

Boost, an HUL brand, has been synonymous with ‘sports’ and ‘cricket’ in India has partnered with the world's leading mobile cricket game, World Cricket Championship (WCC). The brand’s latest campaign highlights the plight of women interested to pursue their career in cricket. Women who are interested in playing cricket in India have to navigate through obstacles of social sanctions and limited chances. Despite that, some go on to play the game at the highest level. The campaign highlights that on-field, there is only one language - performance. To take this campaign to the masses, Boost has partnered with WCC which has over 170 million downloads and is available in multiple language commentaries including English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, and Tamil. With a singular objective to decouple ‘gender’ with ‘performance’ in sports as a social narrative, Mindshare India and GroupM ESP have brought to life the proposition "Boost: Game Stamina Ka" wherein first-time-ever a unique game mode has been customized within World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3). The million+ gamers will take on the ‘male’ squad with an ‘all-female’ team to propagate the message that playing cricket just requires stamina and skill and is not based on the gender of the person. The integration juxtaposed alongside ICC Women’s World Cup in New Zealand makes for a great backdrop to drive home the message.Next Wave Multimedia CEO and Co-founder, P.R. Rajendran said, “WCC is the world’s leading mobile gaming franchise and diversity, and innovation has kept it fresh after all these years. We brought in the women’s cricket mode to bring further inclusivity. The game has witnessed more than half a million minutes of engagement from female gamers since the launch of the campaign. We are glad to have partnered with Boost, GroupM ESP and Mindshare India for this initiative which brings focus on women’s cricket.”Ajay Mehta, Sr. Vice President - Mindshare Content+ & Partnerships said, “We live in a cricket crazy nation, and we are proud to associate with this campaign that aims to break stereotypes. While the TV and Digital campaign drove home this brand messaging around ‘stamina’ and ‘performance’, it was equally important to demonstrate the message in an engaging manner and at scale. Collaborating with Boost, WCC3 and GroupM ESP, we wanted to appeal to our audiences including women gamers in a unique & compelling way, with the ongoing women’s world cup.”????Subhamoy Das, Senior Business Director, GroupM ESP said, “While the traditional campaign drives home the brand messaging around ‘stamina’ and ‘performance’, it is equally important

Masdar enters strategic agreement with Emirates NBD AMC!

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 20th, January, 2021: Masdar, a subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company and a pioneer in sustainable urban development, has partnered with Emirates NBD Asset Management to receive management services for the UAE's first sustainable real estate investment trust – the Masdar Green REIT. Together, Masdar Capital Management (a recently established FSRA Regulated Fund Manager) and Emirates NBD Asset Management bring significant experience and expertise in sustainable real estate and property asset management to the partnership.Masdar announced it was launching the REIT, the first in the UAE to invest solely in sustainable real estate projects, during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) in January last year. The Masdar Green REIT has been established at Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) as a Qualified Investor Fund (QIF) and offers an attractive opportunity for professional investors through private placement to invest in a unique portfolio of stable, income-producing sustainable real estate assets. Masdar also confirmed that the REIT has now received approval from ADGM's Financial Services Regulatory Authority to begin operations.The Masdar Green REIT's portfolio currently includes four commercial properties within Masdar City, the pioneering sustainable urban development project, and technology and innovation hub, in Abu Dhabi. All of the properties consume approximately 40 percent less electricity and water than comparable buildings in Abu Dhabi – giving them a rating of three Pearls or above on Abu Dhabi's Estidama Pearl Building Rating System, while one is also LEED Platinum certified."The Masdar Green REIT is the first of its kind in the region and further demonstrates Masdar's commitment to pioneering sustainable development," said Abdulla Balalaa, Acting Executive Director, Sustainable Real Estate, Masdar City. "Investors are increasingly looking for ‘responsible' investment opportunities and evaluate companies based on specific environmental, social and governance (‘ESG') practices criteria. The Masdar Green REIT gives investors that option by investing in sustainable income-generating real estate assets, with a primary focus in Masdar City. This REIT also provides a vehicle through which third-party, sustainable developers can monetize their assets, attracting both real estate developers to Masdar City, and aspiring local and international sustainable investors."Steve Corrin, SEO of Emirates NBD Asset Management, said, "We are delighted to be bringing together two of the UAE's strongest brand names to work on the Masdar Green REIT, an exciting new investment product for the UAE's REIT market. The initial portfolio has been created with global ESG principles in mind to offer investors the highest levels of sustainability ratings as well as attractive rental yields in line with investor expectations. Emirates NBD Asset Management, with its long history of institutional real estate asset management in the UAE provides investors with comfort that the Masdar Green REIT will be professionally resourced and operated to international best-practices."The Masdar Green REIT will facilitate more sustainable real estate assets coming to market by providing institutional funding to support the future expansion of Masdar City through new sustainable developments. The Masdar Green REIT also marks great progress in bringing the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Declaration to life, which was signed in 2019 by 25 public and private sector entities, including Masdar and the ADGM, and is aimed at establishing a healthy and sustainable finance industry that supports the UAE in attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.Emmanuel Givanakis, Deputy CEO of the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority, said, "As an international financial centre, ADGM has been tireless in championing the region's sustainable finance agenda and is pleased to support the advancement of the UAE's first green REIT. Working closely with financial and energy industries stakeholders, including Masdar and Emirates NBD, we seek to encourage and facilitate further advancements and increased investments in the field of sustainable finance. The FSRA is committed to providing its business community and partners with the ecosystem and regulatory support to develop and achieve innovative investment solutions across the UAE."Currently active in more than 30 countries, Masdar has been advancing the commercialization and deployment of renewable energy, sustainable urban development and clean technologies, to address global sustainability challenges since 2006. In 2018, Masdar signed the first green revolving credit facility in the Middle East, helping to support its investments in global clean technology and sustainable real estate projects.

InMobi wins gold, silver, bronze MMA Smarties MENA Awards

Dubai: InMobi, a leading provider of mobile marketing and monetization technologies, won big at the MMA Smarties Awards for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. For the fourth year running, InMobi was named “Technology Provider of the Year” and took home gold, silver, and bronze MMA Smarties awards for its campaigns with stc pay, Unilever, McDonald’s, and Marriott. InMobi was also shortlisted across 7 categories.“InMobi is thrilled to have been recognized as ‘Techology Provider of the Year’ for the fourth year in a row and honored to have won several MMA Smarties awards with our valued clients,” says Jessica Moini, Commercial Director, META (Middle East, Turkey & Africa) at InMobi. “Smarties season is an exciting time of year for InMobi and its clients to showcase our innovative work together and we are grateful to have been recognized by the panel.”Winning campaigns included stc pay, Unilever, McDonald’s, and Marriott, in collaboration with InMobi’s platform. InMobi won awards and made the shortlist in the following campaign categories:Wins:Experimental/Innovation Technology: Put your money where your mouth is: Closeup with innovative voice recognition ad unit to promote new toothpaste range – GOLDLead Generation: stc pay user acquisition campaign yields staggering app usage, retention and transaction rates - GOLDInstant Impact: InMobi Helps McDonald’s Achieve Over 12x Engagement Rate Above Benchmark – SILVERPartnerships Marketing: stc pay user acquisition campaign yields staggering app usage, retention and transaction rates – SILVERCustomer Life-Cycle Marketing: stc pay user acquisition campaign yields staggering app usage, retention and transaction rates – SILVERGeo Targeting: Marriott leverages programmatic and location technology to find affluent and expat MasterCard customers in competitive market – BRONZEShortlists:Instant Impact: Awareness to conversion: du connects roaming business travelers with sophisticated summer campaignPartnerships Marketing: Marriott leverages programmatic and location technology to find affluent and expat MasterCard customers in competitive marketCross Platform – Digital Only: InMobi Helps McDonald’s Achieve Over 12x Engagement Rate Above BenchmarkGaming, Gamification & E-Sports: “Yalla Shoot!” - Asiacell scores a golden goal for brand awareness and app engagement with World Cup gaming appProgrammatic: Marriott leverages programmatic and location technology to find affluent and expat MasterCard customers in competitive marketXR Technology – (AR/VR/MR): Salam dials in extraordinary 23x global engagement benchmark through Rich Media innovationCustomer Experience: InMobi Helps McDonald’s Achieve Over 12x Engagement Rate Above Benchmark.

OSN goes fully dishless with enhanced OSNtv product and new channels

Dubai: OSN, the leading entertainment network in the region, today announced upgrades to its home product, OSNtv, as it evolves to a fully dishless offering with IP functionality, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey to provide viewers with a top-of-the-line entertainment experience.Launching June 1st, the new OSNtv box brings together the best of both worlds to cater to families and individuals with exclusive and curated live TV channels, streaming from all your favorite apps and entertainment across a single android device. The product has now evolved to a ‘plug and play’ device, no installation and can be used by all connected households in the region with or without a dish. This launch represents an evolution of its all-in-one product capabilities with a pivot towards streaming tv with a linear environment. Accompanied with the product announcement is the addition of an array of new and reimagined channels.The OSNtv user experience also gets an upgrade, applicable to new and current subscribers. On top of existing capabilities, users can now take control of Live TV, offering instant rewind, pause and restart functionalities, as well as offering the most advanced TV guide in the region. OSN’s streaming platform OSN+ is integrated from the interface, and allows users accessibility to the content when they are on the go, or to use on additional devices at home. Additionally, the product has optimized the look and feel of the platform with an enhanced UX/UI to encourage discoverability and the introduction of new curated channels that bring unparalleled premium and exclusive content from Hollywood and beyond.Devrim Melek, SVP Strategy at OSN, said: “Upgrades to OSNtv now makes viewing content even easier, while bringing OSN into a new age of dishless entertainment and streaming-first capabilities. Together with new channel offerings, and an upgraded user experience, the company ensures that viewers have access to the very best in entertainment through an all-in-one product.”As part of the evolution, OSN has also launched three brand-new channels to aid in the enjoyment and discoverability of content. New channel offerings include the flagship channel, OSNtv One, which will offer a wide range of content catering to a broad demographic, while OSNtv Showcase Classics taps into the vast HBO library to offer fans a chance to indulge in timeless HBO favorites such as "Game of Thrones," "The Sopranos,” and "Sex and the City.” OSNtv Now, an integrated channel combining the best of OSN W and OSN Living, caters to a younger audience seeking fast-paced reality shows and enthralling dramas.For more information about the new channels and how to elevate your entertainment experience with OSNTV, visit Descriptions:OSNtv One – The channel offers a multi-genre platform with a wide range of content catering to a broad demographic. It features themed nights, creating a cinematic, epic, and comforting experience. Key shows include "Schitt's Creek," "Peacemaker," "The Voice," "From," "Superman and Lois," and more.OSNtv Showcase Classics – This channel taps into the HBO library, providing fans with timeless favorites and surprises. Viewers can explore a collection of iconic shows like "Game of Thrones," "The Sopranos," "True Blood," "Six Feet Under," "The Wire," "Sex and the City," and "Entourage." With pin protection during daytime hours, this channel will restrict access to content that may not be suitable for all viewers.OSNtv Now – An integrated channel combining the best of OSN W and OSN Living, it offers fast-paced reality shows and younger-skewing dramas. With a fresh, breezy, and fun vibe, OSNtv Now is the go-to destination for engaging content. Key titles include "Below Deck," "The Winchesters," and "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin."OSNtv Movies Family (formerly OSNtv Family) – This rebranded channel builds on the popularity of criminal and legal procedural shows while incorporating new true crime and limited series. Families seeking safe and thrilling content will enjoy titles like the "Despicable Me" franchise, the "Harry Potter" franchise, and "Boss Baby."OSNtv Crime (formerly OSN Series Prime) – This channel offers high-end crime storytelling, featuring scripted and non-scripted content. With captivating plot twists and engaging narratives, it caters to an audience seeking immersive crime experiences. Key titles include "Black Snow," "Real Murders of Orange County," and "Fall River."

3M opens new regional headquarters in Dubai

3M today opened its new regional headquarters in Dubai Internet City, part of the TECOM Group PJSC, and the largest technology hub in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.This move demonstrates 3M's continued commitment to the UAE while supporting Dubai’s vision to promote the Emirate as a hub for global innovation and manufacturing inspired by the country’s wise leadership.The headquarter was inaugurated by Meghan Gregonis, the United States Consul-General in Dubai; Ammar Al Malik, Executive Vice President for Commercial Leasing at TECOM Group PJSC; Cara Nazari, Managing Director at AmCham Dubai, Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Senior Vice President, Dubai Science Park; and 3M’s senior leaders including Gayle Schueller, Senior Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer and Laszlo Svinger, Vice President and Managing Director – Middle East & Africa.3M's new headquarters, which embeds several sustainability initiatives, is reducing carbon emissions also emphasising the company's expertise in science and innovation. Furthermore, it offers solutions for the future of work by utilising 3M's trust-based approach, titled “Work Your Way”, which allows employees to create a schedule that allows them to work when and where they can most effectively.Commenting on the new regional headquarters, Laszlo Svinger, Vice President and Managing Director at 3M Middle East and Africa (MEA), said, " At 3M, we strive to provide an exceptional employee experience and business performance while also doing our part to protect the environment for a more sustainable future for all."Currently, 3M is working with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its partnership network to drive collective action on climate change, social and environmental responsibility, and the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as part of a three-year agreement signed in 2021.On behalf of Dubai Internet City, Ammar Al Malik, Executive Vice President of Commercial Leasing, TECOM Group PJSC, commented, “The inauguration of 3M’s new headquarters reinforces the impact TECOM Group and Dubai Internet City have had in sustaining Dubai’s position as an international technology hub. We are pleased that an industry leader like 3M is strengthening its innovation footprint in our community to introduce greater innovations and technological solutions to the region, all while setting a valuable example about practicing sustainability and flexibility in the workplace – values we admire and share. This milestone for a long-standing customer is a testament to the wealth of opportunities available in MENA and the ecosystem Dubai Internet City provides its community to grow and thrive in.”Cara Nazari, Managing Director, AmCham Dubai, stated, “AmCham Dubai is pleased to support our member 3M as a leader in Sustainability & Innovation and their strategic vision to accelerate the journey to net-zero in the UAE and globally. Collaboration in sustainability and clean energy technology in the private sector will support the UAE's positive impact as it seeks to become the first gulf country to reach net-zero emissions by 2050."With the opening of its new regional headquarters in Dubai, 3M also unveiled its expanded and enhanced innovation centre. The centre, which showcases a number of cost-effective technological solutions created specifically for the region, is set to bring 3M’s technologies and innovations closer to its customers in the UAE and the wider region.The centre will allow potential customers, business partners and research and development experts to put a variety of 3M's ground-breaking innovations to the test. The 20,400 square feet centre will showcase all of 3M's technology platforms, which are leveraged across all four businesses and products for the Middle East market. 3M’s 51 technology platforms include adhesives and abrasives, micro-replication and non-woven, computer vision, data science and analytics, and others.Aligned to support the UAE’s vision to become the world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2031, the 3M M*Modal Fluency Direct, the latest speech and AI-powered technology, can also be seen at the new innovation centre. The all-in-one solution will enable physicians of any medical specialty to verbally create, review, edit and sign clinical notes directly within electronic health records.Adopted across Emirates Health Services facilities in the UAE, this technology will ensure standardization and acceleration of clinical documentation processes and will reduce the administrative burden on healthcare professionals. Furthermore, it will help to improve the physician and patient experience and drive productivity in the healthcare sector.3M’s new Dubai office features a self-standing natural green wall and is completely equipped with wireless technology, demonstrating 3M’s continued commitment towards protecting the environment.3M’s innovation centre joins a robust and dynamic tech community in Dubai Internet City, which is home to 15 innovation centres powered by companies like Visa, MasterCard, Google, and SAP.

Comcast launches Eros Now streaming app on X1 and Flex devices

Comcast launches Eros Now app, a leading over-the-top (OTT) South Asian entertainment platform owned by Eros STX Global Corporation, on its X1 and Flex platforms.The service replaces the Eros Now SVOD product, offering Xfinity customers the ability to stream high-definition, ad-free titles including Blockbuster Bollywood films, Original comedy and drama series and movies, and Indian cinema classics. Eros Now’s robust catalog with over 12000 titles feature a breadth of South Asian language content in Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and other regional languages.“We are excited to bring Xfinity subscribers even more great international entertainment through our partnership with Eros Now. We are committed to expanding our offering of thousands of hours of premium South Asian movies, originals and music in high definition and multiple languages, as well as making it more easily accessible to our customers who can simply say ‘Eros Now’ into the Xfinity voice remote,” said Keesha Boyd, Executive Director, Multicultural Video & Entertainment, Xfinity Consumer Services.“We are excited to offer the most extensive repository of Indian movies and Original series to Comcast’s X1 and Flex platforms subscribers. The US is the largest market for us outside India. With this partnership, Eros Now will further consolidate its position as a preferred platform for the consumption of Indian content,” said Ali Hussein, Chief Executive Officer, Eros Now.??Xfinity customers can subscribe to the Eros Now app via their X1 TV Box or Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box, now available for only $4.99/month, following the steps included HERE.Some highlights available to stream on Eros Now this spring include Bollywood blockbusters like Bajirao Mastani, Devdas, Golmaal 3, Cocktail, Haathi Mere Saathi and more, Original Series and Movies such as Flesh, Metro Park Season 1&2, Barun Rai And The House On The Cliff, Switchh, Halahal to name a few. In addition, consumers can also watch the upcoming show - Caves, a supernatural thriller that changes the lives of five best friends who embark on an adventure trip to a haunted cave. MEDIA2 MINUTES TO

IWBF General Assembly to kick off in Dubai today

Dubai: The General Assembly of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation is set to commence tomorrow in Dubai, alongside the ongoing World Championship taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre.The three-day congress at the Habtoor Hilton Hotel will involve discussions on the federation's reports from the past 4 years. The meetings will conclude with elections for the positions of president, vice president, and midterm renewal of the Board of Directors.The current IWBF president, Ulf Mehernes of Germany, is running unopposed for re-election, having held the position since 2014.Four candidates from the Netherlands, China Taipei, Austria, and Canada are vying for the vice president's seat.The list of candidates for membership seats includes a single Arab, Tawfiq Alloush of Lebanon. Alloush has been a member of the IWBF Executive Office for the past two terms and is running for election for the third time.Thani Juma Belrakad, chairman of the organising committee for the World Wheelchair Basketball Championship, said that Dubai's hosting of the IWBF Congress is a "new success added to the series of successes" of hosting the World Championship for the first time in the UAE and the region."We will follow up the work of the General Assembly to benefit from it in the next stage," Belrakad said. "The UAE possesses competencies and cadres that qualify it for a distinguished position in the international and continental federations."

BeIN SPORTS and USTA extend US Open broadcast partnership for five more years

DOHA: beIN SPORTS, the leading sports broadcaster in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has confirmed it will remain the home of the US Open Tennis Championships until 2027 after renewing exclusive media rights to the tournament for a further five years. The extension means beIN will continue to be the only platform in the MENA region where viewers can watch all four Grand Slams.beIN has held the exclusive rights to the US Open for more than a decade, demonstrating the broadcaster’s long-standing commitment to helping grow both men’s and women’s tennis across the region. The new deal, which runs from 2023 to 2027 and includes Arabic and English language coverage, is a continuation of that and comes at a time when local interest in tennis has arguably never been higher.“beIN and the US Open have enjoyed a highly successful partnership over the past decade, bringing to the Middle East and North Africa some of the most memorable tennis matches of recent years,” said Mohammad Al-Subaie, CEO of beIN MENA. “Interest in tennis is at an all-time high in this region and we are delighted to have the broadcast rights for five more years. Continuing to be the home of Grand Slam tennis gives us the chance to share more special sporting moments with our subscribers and we look forward to another exciting tournament later this month.”“The US Open and beIN have together delivered spectacular tennis to fans in the Middle East and North Africa for many years, and we are so very pleased to continue our partnership” said Kirsten Corio, Chief Commercial Officer, USTA. “As the world’s best tennis players, including Ons Jabeur, compete on our Grand Slam stage, we look forward to continuing to expand the US Open audience throughout the region for many years to come”.This year’s tournament is scheduled to take place from 28 August to 10 September when the eyes of the region will be on beIN SPORTS to see if Tunisian Ons Jabeur can emulate her Wimbledon feat and reach successive finals at Flushing Meadows as she continues to hunt a maiden Grand Slam title. Among those standing in her way will be World No1 Iga Swiatek, American duo Jessica Pegula and Coco Gauff, and this year’s Wimbledon winner Marketa Vondrousova.In the men’s tournament, World No1 Carlos Alcaraz is looking to become the first male tennis player since Roger Federer in 2008 to win back-to-back US Open titles. Novak Djokovic, a three-time winner at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre will have other plans however as he searches for an unprecedented 24th Grand Slam title. World No3 Daniel Medvedev won in New York in 2021, while Andrey Rublev, Casper Ruud and a host of other contenders will be intent on making their own history. The exclusive coverage on beIN SPORTS will run from 18:00 MECCA to early morning every match day, available with Arabic commentary on beIN SPORTS 5 (Arthur Ashe Court) and beIN SPORTS 6 (Louis Armstrong Court) and English commentary on beIN SPORTS 7 (Grandstand Court), with the best matches from each days play airing in English on beIN SPORTS 2 ENGLISH.This will be complemented by dedicated studios where beIN’s best-in-class tennis experts will be on hand to offer unmatched analysis and commentary, assess the top results and top players’ performance, and share behind the scenes highlights. Viewers will hear from Adel Al Shatti, Karim Alami, Selima Sfar, Anass Lamrani, and more incredible tennis athletes, sharing their expert commentary and analysis, alongside beIN’s presenter, Areej Sleem. beIN will also be catering to its viewers and subscribers with exclusive daily highlights shows covering all the best matches, tournament reviews, and documentaries with the biggest names in world tennis. strengthens its platform capabilities, a leading enterprise-grade Conversational AI platform, today announced the launch of its Dynamic Conversation Designer, revolutionizing the design process of chat and voice conversational workflows with Generative AI. With its user-friendly, no-code interface, enterprises can now create accurate designs in mere minutes, reducing time-to-market by 50%. The seamless integration between design and development workflows streamlines the creation of human-like conversational experiences, saving both time and costs on hiring and training new design talent.Intuitive conversation design is fundamental to the success of conversational interfaces, but it is often a complex and time-consuming process. There is also a lack of standardization and best practices for designing natural and effective conversational experiences. Consequently, a multitude of conversational interfaces fail to deliver on user expectations, leading to substandard experiences and business’s Dynamic Conversation Designer addresses these challenges and redefines the way businesses create high-quality conversational experiences. Integrated within the company’s platform, it simplifies the design process with unique features like rich message content integration, voice effects control, sharing of designs, and instant previews of final conversations without switching workflows, making real-time collaboration a reality. As a result, it frees up time for developers and conversation designers to focus on more complex tasks, leading to improved productivity and consistency.Commenting on the launch, Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-founder,, said, “Conversational flows that lack design thinking can frustrate customers, diminish expected ROI, and potentially damage the brand. Delivering increased productivity, our Dynamic Conversation Designer is directly in line with our vision of empowering businesses to deliver the most impactful interactions at scale and speed. Leveraging it, we were recently able to deliver a full-fledged chatbot implementation in two hours, a significant improvement from the previous requirement of at least two days for design and development in silos.”With Dynamic Conversation Designer, enterprises can create engaging and personalized conversations with dynamic designs, enabling them to deliver enhanced customer experiences, drive more conversions, and boost sales. It fulfills the need for enterprises to deploy an end-to-end conversational automation platform wherein they don't need to invest in siloed tools or extensive programs to train new resources.Sheikh Abdullah Ali, Executive Director, Solutions ME, said, "The power of conversational design lies in its ability to create human-centered interactions that feel seamless, natural and intuitive in the digital world. Good conversation design should be engaging and prioritize the needs of the user. With accessible and scalable solutions like’s Dynamic Conversation Designer, we believe that we can foster a deeper connection with customers and drive better business outcomes.”“Also, by integrating generative AI with’s proprietary insights engine and conversation designer, we aim to produce improved business results, including increased deflection rates, improved conversion rates, a highly personalized customer experience, and faster resolution times.” Ravinutala further added.’s Dynamic Conversation Designer will soon be capable of providing suggestions to designers by sharing the next probable flow and alerting for detected errors, enabled by generative AI and a tighter integration with the Marketplace that has pre-built industry templates, campaigns, and system integrations. To see how is shaping its product roadmap to help enterprises realize their true potential, register for Envision the Future of Generative AI for Enterprises, on February 28, 2023.

Zashed is India’s first fashion and lifestyle architectural model. The firm with

Zashed is India’s first fashion and lifestyle architectural model. The firm with its D2C portfolio aims to build the brands from scratch being the first ever D2C Brand Architects in the country building brands from scratch on equity-based model under its Fashionverse converting each brand into a digital asset. With its brand portfolio, Zashed has started extending its wings into Global markets, the firm is now aiming to expand into the Middle-Eastern market. The digital transformation has helped the company to develop and prosper through D2C (Direct-To-Consumer) model. Moreover, covid-19 led people to shop from their homes in their comfort zones rather than moving out in scorching heat or foggy weather. Moving into the middle-eastern market, Zashed has the intention of expanding the firm through the European market in the future. Till now, Zashed has prospered and expanded itself by developing 14+ D2C brands with holding equity in them. The firm is aiming to launch its D2C platform by the early end of 2022. This platform would play a significant role in dominating the consumer market which is a part of the fashionverse. To develop and establish the firm, capital, and the way investment is done; matter the most. Zashed with aims to achieve 1.5 % of the 100-billion-dollar D2C market by 2025. The prosperous firm is planning to deal with companies related to fashion, Lifestyle, Jewelry & home categories.Mentored and assisted by the energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur Mithun Bhardwaj, the firm is reaching the heights of success and helping other firms to compete in the global market. The firm has established itself by dealing with firms related to fashion exporters, manufacturers, fabricators, textile and processing houses, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. This helps the company to stand out in the crowd.  Zashed’s CEO and Founder, Mithun Bhardwaj said "It was only a notion when I began Zashed to develop home grown brands. We've progressed to the point where we now have over fourteen alpha corporations, we are very delighted to expand our venture in middle-east, and after accessing the Middle Eastern sector, we'll go on to the European market as well." He adds,” the world where your laptop asks you to confirm if you are robot, is a super intriguing place to be in, technology is at all-time high, if one is not connecting your business with technology today, they will poorer than the next generation financially and mentally both.”Every brand is a new start-up with an invigorating concept and story line wherein the selection of the right partner is extremely important. Startups have become the trend and it’s mainly followed by youngsters and the shows like Shark Tank India have appreciated them and hold equity in the startups they invested in. The investments in Startups by the firm make the fills confidence in the hearts of entrepreneurs to build their firm from a startup to an established one. The market has funded various companies and is motivated by the startup trend running in India. A firm that is already established needs to just maintain its reputation around its audience; but a firm that has just crossed one ladder of success needs more assistance, guidance, and capital to build itself. Henceforth, it is more interesting to build a firm that has just stepped into the field of business rather than building the one which is pro in it. Zashed believes in the above theory and focuses on building startups. The firm has already established 14+ brands and is aiming to develop however is very selective in building partnerships as it strongly believes that the synergies should meet to scale any business and one should hold a growth mindset whether an employee or a brand partner.