Neo Noor launches in the Middle East

Dubai : Neo Noor, a next-level executive coaching company that provides bespoke one-to-one group, and corporate sessions for high-flyers has launched its range of services in the UAE. Founded by life coach and Master NLP certified trainer, Noona Nafousi, the company’s mission is to help busy executives reignite their passion, reconnect with themselves and reclaim who they are meant to be.Neo Noor’s aim is to revolutionise corporate training to help employees step into their power by using a unique ‘POWER Framework’ that Noona has personally developed after 22 years spent working as a headhunter, studying human behaviour alongside her life coaching and Master NLP training. Designed to help companies to allow their employees to build themselves up in a way that a teaching strategy will not, the POWER Framework offers proven results that Noona has witnessed first-hand time and time again with the numerous clients she works with. By allowing her clients to tap into their Personal Power, they can overcome any fear of failure, increase their self-worth, work on their ego and energy – as well as take radical responsibility for their actions, growth and communication. By implementing this POWER Framework, leaders are also taught how to lead themselves when times are tough and are taught to be inspirational so that they can inspire themselves. The sessions available with Neo Noor are designed to help executives achieve their full potential by providing them with the tools, resources and support they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. The team of experienced coaches work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and tailor coaching sessions to suit their personal requirements.Whether it’s one-to-one coaching, group workshops or corporate training programmes, Neo Noor’s tried and tested sessions are designed to help executives develop new skills, build resilience and become more confident and empowered in their personal and professional lives. By enhancing their leadership skills, clients are also able to develop effective communication techniques, build stronger relationships with their colleagues and clients, as well as manage stress, improve work-life balance and increase their overall sense of wellbeing.Neo Noor’s Executive Coaching is designed for Director level and C-Suite professionals who have already achieved great things professionally but are at a crossroads and don’t know which path to take. The Corporate Workshops on offer are the perfect options for businesses who want to transform their team’s efficiency, motivation and happiness and the one-to-one coaching sessions are designed for those who are ready to take radical responsibility for their emotions and behaviours to achieve the life they deserve.Speaking on the launch, Noona Nafousi says, “I am incredibly proud and excited to launch Neo Noor in the region and be able to help high achievers to advance their career without losing themselves along the way. After working as a headhunter for twenty-two years, alongside over 12,000 hours of one-to-one interviews, I have an innate understanding of human behaviour. I’m truly obsessed with how we can all become the best versions of ourselves. Working closely with those who want to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals brings myself and the team huge joy and we look forward to bringing our results-driven method to the GCC region”.

Mars Middle East & Africa launches new Ramadan campaign

Dubai : Mars Middle East & Africa has revealed its Galaxy Chocolate Arabia latest campaign, which aims to reach one million smiles through donations during the holy month of Ramadan. The campaign's objective is to support underprivileged families across the Middle East and Africa region and its tagline, “Donate to create 1 million smiles together” is calling on individuals to donate clothes, books and toys to contribute to the cause, while Galaxy Arabia contributes Chocolate to spread generosity during the Ramadan.The Company has collaborated with several charitable organizations, such as the Kiswa, Meshwar, UAE Food Bank, Saudi Food Bank & Egyptian Food Bank, to streamline the donation process for consumers. Galaxy Chocolate Arabia has installed points of purchase stands at major supermarkets like Panda, Danube, Carrefour, Lulu, and others throughout the GCC region and Egypt. These stands showcase the household of the popular Galaxy Chocolate Arabia characters known as the “Family of Generosity” or “3a'ilat AlKaram” and feature different sections for each family member.Shoppers can visit the Galaxy Ramadan stands and scan the QR code to access the campaign website. There, they can select the relevant charitable organization, choose a location, and schedule a pickup for their Clothes, Books & toys donations.Commenting on the announcement, Obai Rahimi, Corporate Affairs Director, Mars Middle East & Africa said: “Ramadan is a time for generosity and giving back to our communities, and at Mars Middle East & Africa, we are proud to launch the Galaxy Chocolate Arabia Ramadan campaign to help those in need. Our aim is to inspire and encourage everyone to join our Family of Generosity and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged families across the region. Through this campaign, we hope to create one million smiles and spread joy during this holy month. So, let's all be Abou Kareem, Umm Kareem, Kareem or Kareema, and show our kindness and compassion to those in need.”

Lucid Air wins 2023 World Luxury Car of the year

NEWARK, CA : Lucid Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: LCID), setting new standards with the longest-range, fastest-charging electric car on the market, today announced that the Lucid Air was named the 2023 World Luxury Car of the Year in the prestigious 2023 World Car Awards.World Car jurors announced Lucid’s win at an awards ceremony at the 2023 New York International Auto Show. The World Car Awards are voted on by a jury of 100 distinguished international automotive journalists from 32 countries who selected the winners by secret ballot based on their evaluation of each eligible vehicle."We are honored to receive this World Car award, which further reinforces my belief that the Lucid Air is the best car available in the world today,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Group. “Lucid’s renowned in-house powertrain technology endows the Lucid Air with a game-changing electric range of over 500 miles, demonstrating what’s possible from a technology company that fuses cutting edge software and hardware. I am extremely proud of the entire Lucid team for this accolade, and l look forward to the future advancements we have planned.” “This honor by the World Car jurors is validation of our goal to create a wholly new luxury sedan experience,” said Derek Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Design and Brand, Lucid Group. “The Lucid Air provides outstanding EV range and performance, complemented with a striking exterior design and an award-winning interior, inspired by Lucid’s California origins.”In the World Luxury Car category, Lucid Air was chosen from an initial entry list of sixteen (16) vehicles from all over the world, followed by a short list of three finalists as announced on March 7.In addition to receiving the World Luxury Car of the Year Award, this week in New York, the Lucid Air received the 2023 Newsweek Disruptor Award for Powertrain, in recognition for its groundbreaking EV technology, while also being named to the US News & World Report “2023 Best Hybrid and Electric Cars” list for “Best Luxury Electric Car.”The Lucid Air set a new industry benchmark for range with two versions that were the first EVs to achieve an EPA estimated range above 500 miles (800km). The company set these new standards thanks in part to its holistic focus on range and power, delivering cars capable of supercar levels of performance, super-fast charging, a luxurious and spacious interior, and class-leading aerodynamics.

Startups highlight future of green economy in open dialogue

Sharjah: In an open dialogue session titled "The Conscious Council: Our Collective Responsibility," hosted by the Sharjah Ramadan Majlis 2023 at the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park (SRTIP), business leaders and heads of companies discussed the importance of environmental sustainability and Sharjah's achievements in this sector. Participants highlighted Sharjah's innovative projects at the local and international levels to manage waste, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and convert it into energy, while noting the changing customer trends towards environmentally-friendly products and services, and the rising global awareness of the importance of investing in green economic sectors.Organised under the electrifying theme of "The Winning Combination: Where Business Meets Sustainability, the majlis held at the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) was a collaborative effort between some of Sharjah's prestigious entities -- Sharjah Development and Investment Authority (Shurooq), Sharjah FDI Office (Invest in Sharjah), Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa), and the SRTIP.The open dialogue participants included Majid Jaafar, CEO of Crescent Petroleum, Abdulaziz Al-Obaidly, Operations Manager at Masdar, Sonia Weimüller, Co-Founder of VentureSouq, Khalid Al-Huraimel, CEO of Beeah Group and a number of government officials and leaders of government institutions and startups in Sharjah. Panellists stressed Sharjah's belief in the importance of cooperation between local, federal, and private entities to achieve carbon neutrality.Khalid Al-Huraimel, CEO of Bee’ah Group, praised the awareness of university students in Sharjah on sustainability and their efforts to protect the environment. He particularly lauded the efforts of three girl students -- Afra, Mahra, and Sarah -- who created an application to identify garbage bins at full capacity remotely, thereby helping clear the waste from locations with fuel efficiency and contributing to societal well-being and reducing CO2 emissions.Majid Jaafar, CEO of Crescent Petroleum, emphasised the importance of supporting emerging companies and encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to achieve Sharjah's vision of balanced and comprehensive economic development based on knowledge and innovation.Abdulaziz Al-Obaidly, Operations Manager at Masdar, discussed the role of Masdar, a company that has been at the forefront of the sustainability sector in the UAE, in establishing the first station in the region to generate electricity from solar energy, as well as its expansion in Europe and other global markets.Sonia Weimüller, Co-Founder of VentureSouq, pointed out that supporting sustainability has significant economic returns, including attracting foreign investments, due to the growing global awareness towards investing in eco-friendly economic sectors, particularly in the agricultural and food industries.The session witnessed a large turnout, with attendees expressing their admiration for the topics raised and the sustainable and innovative initiatives presented by emerging companies in the sustainability sector. They stressed the importance of supporting these companies and encouraging their efforts to contribute to achieving Sharjah's vision.Startup showcaseOn the sidelines of the majlis, Emirati startup accelerator Sheraa showcased several promising startups such as Manhat, which provides sustainable water and floating farm solutions, and Palmade, a startup that produces biodegradable cutlery made from date-palm trees. Cycled Technologies AS and Fortyguard were also featured, offering smart waste management and recycling solutions and cloud-based AI tools to provide personalized temperature insights.SRTIP also showcased startups such as Relife, which offers a digital ecosystem empowering individuals and businesses to make faster, smarter decisions across logistics and recyclables trading. Marses, a leading robotics company in the MENA region, and Conreality, which works at the intersection of drones, blockchain gaming, and augmented reality, were also highlighted.In addition to the startup showcase, the majlis also featured a range of F&B offerings, including Paperfig, Racks Cafe, and drowsy, and performances by the Sharjah Performing Arts Academy, captivating attendees with beautiful and enchanting music. Visitors enjoyed the eclectic setting while also engaging with the entrepreneurs behind the businesses.Sharjah Ramadan Majlis 2023 concluded as an exhilarating and informative event that brought together the community, entrepreneurs, and industry experts and left attendees feeling energised and inspired.

Crayon Data bags Mint startup ICON award for SaaS

Dubai: Crayon Data has won the Mint Startup Icon Award in the category ‘SaaS’. This award upholds our vision of simplifying the world’s choices by unlocking the power of data.The second edition of Mint Startup ICON Awards 2023 was an opportunity for start-ups to augment their brand share amongst the investor community. Hosted in New Delhi’s Taj Palace, the event witnessed distinguished speakers from the corporate and investor community in India. To name a few leaders, Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder, InfoEdge. Nupur Garg, Founder, WinPe, Bhawna Agarwal, Country Head, HP Enterprise, Akash Saxenaa, VP, Samsung India Electronics, Aparajita Puri, Partner, McKinsey and more.The evaluation process was presided by an expert jury panel with Nupur Garg, founder, WinPE; Jai Rupani, CIO, Dinesh Hinduja Family Office; Shanti Mohan, Founder, LetsVenture; Kunal Bahl, Co-founder, Snapdeal; Satish Chander, Partner, True North; and Shivani Bhasin Sachdeva, Founder & CEO, India Alternatives. Over 200 nominations were submitted with 15 winners across categories which included Zenwork Digital, Shapos Services, Physics Wallah, BluSmart Mobility, Noise and more. The selection criteria for each stage included metrics for valuation, customer, revenue, key investors, founding board, business scalability, market size and profitability.Mint ICON awards 2022 also witnessed marquee winners from Chargebee, Zerodha, Ninjacart, Swiggy and Meesho. To be recognized amongst such key players, is an important milestone for Crayon Data’s growth in India.While headquartered in Singapore, Crayon has deep connections with the Middle East. The Middle East is an important market for the company and a significant contributor to its revenues due to an impressive list of clients in the region, including the largest banking group, a major global card issuer, and a leading digital innovations bank, among others. In the last year, the company has experienced substantial growth in its operations, and it has expanded its presence in the UAE. The GCC team is based in Dubai, where it serves clients not only in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia but also throughout the Middle East.Crayon Data currently has offices in Dubai, Chennai, and Singapore and operates in the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia. It provides many key services and functions from its headquarters, including business operations (finance, IT, operations, legal), product and engineering (platform services, platform engineering, dev ops, data science, AI/ML research), sales operations, marketing and human resources.India ranks third in the start-up ecosystem and unicorn community. Despite slow funding, India produced 21 new Unicorns in 2022, 3X more than China, the world’s second-largest start-up ecosystem. In the period from 2015 to 2022, there has been a 15X increase in the total funding of start-ups (almost double).This award stands as a testament to the company's business model. Capital Efficiency has been our inherent philosophy since inception. The company's model over the last five years is built in a way that “wins in the real world.” Instead of chasing vanity metrics like valuations, Crayon believes in a model of sustainability, profitability, and capital efficiency.We also extend our heartiest congratulations to our fellow nominees and winners at the Mint Startup ICON Awards 2023.

Spheroid to launch AI Avatars in Augmented Reality

Dubai, UAE: Spheroid Universe, a futuristic Metaverse that augments the real world in every part of the Earth, has announced the upcoming launch of artificial intelligence (AI) Avatars that will inhabit the world around us via augmented reality (AR). This ground-breaking development will deliver breakthrough opportunities across numerous business platforms - from e-commerce and retail to advertising, sales, general customer, and consumer interactions and more.As a frontrunner in the field of Web 3.0 technology and particularly in the Metaverse, Spheroid develops tools for business that explore the potential of AR tech. The company aims to help businesses become leaders as early adopters of cutting-edge technological advances - such as the new AI Avatars that will be available shortly."The accessibility and practically unlimited potential of AI Avatars that exist within an AR world will encourage faster uptake of the latest AI and Web 3.0 technologies amongst businesses," explained Andrey Almiashev, CEO, Spheroid Universe. "There is an immense opportunity for our new AI Avatars to be deployed in customer-facing scenarios, such as in sales offices or retail environments. They will create a unique and lasting customer experience, helping brands to reposition themselves as early adopters and forward-thinking with an eye on how technology is reshaping our future. We have developed our AI Avatar product to the highest specifications, even integrating the increasingly popular ChatGPT platform to enhance communication and interactions with humans. This is an exciting time for AI and AR, as we see the boundaries between reality and technology blur even further."By integrating AI chatbot ChatGPT into its Avatars, Spheroid is ensuring the smoothest possible interactions with people at all times. The Avatars also incorporate voice recognition and voice synthesis technologies, which will make communication quick, habitual, and convenient for users.Spheroid's AI Avatars are not only intelligent, but able to be designed to take on any visual appearance without the limitations of the physical world. They can be created as unique characters that truly represent their brands, from both a visual and interactive perspective - including how they communicate with customers. This leads to a product that is incredibly flexible, with almost unlimited usage across commercial, entertainment, and educational applications, amongst others.According to Andrey Almiashev: "The combination of AI and AR technologies will redefine the way that businesses communicate with their customers over the course of the next five years. We're living in a very interesting time, during which we will be able to see for ourselves the impact that AI and AR will have on human civilisation - and we are more than happy to help businesses explore the expansive potential that will come from this."Spheroid is also planning to integrate their AI Avatars into Apple’s Smart Glasses for an even more immersive experience, which is expected to be released by Apple later this year.

UNWTO launches startup competition for women entrepreneurs

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - UNWTO has launched a new Startup Competition to support women tourism tech entrepreneurs and innovators across the Middle East.Announced at Biban 2023, Saudi Arabia’s largest SME conference, the Women in Tech Startup Competition: Middle East, will further advance UNWTO’s work to make tourism a pillar of women’s empowerment. The initiative gives innovators the chance to compete for enhanced capacity building and visibility. Finalists in each category will join the UNWTO Innovation Network, giving them access to the UNWTO Member States network, mentorship programs and to UNWTO scholarship opportunities.UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili, says: “Tourism startups have the power and agility to transform the sector in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Tourism startups are also leading the way in advancing women empowerment, in the Middle East and globally, and UNWTO is delighted to support the region’s best innovators and digital entrepreneurs.”Who can apply?Startups must be led, owned or managed by women residing in any of the following countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.Idea Stage, Early Stage or Series A startups with a minimum viable product or idea that is ready to be developed and funded.Have a full-time team, a tested pilot and business plan.Be scalable with potential for international growth.Startups must also belong to at least one of the following categories:Social Impact: For startups that focus on technology in wellness, health, urban development, rural development, sustainability, and education with cross-cutting benefits with tourism.Tourism and Travel Experience: Startups focusing on the food and beverage, transportation and accommodation, travel, and retail industries to participate.Future Tech: Startups that leverage fintech, AI, AR/VR, cryptocurrency, Internet of Things, blockchain technology, digital twinning and the Metaverse.Events and Community: Startups focused on social and messaging platforms, e-sports and gaming platforms, community-based applications, events-related platforms, and education technology.Applications close at the end of July 2023 and the winners will be announced at the Tourism Tech Adventure (TTA), to be held on World Tourism Day (27 September Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).Startups can apply at: UNWTO Women in Tech Startup Competition: Middle EastUNWTO and InnovationSince 2018, UNWTO’s IEI department has launched more than 21 startup competitions and innovation challenges, covering over 150 countries around the world. With over 10,000 participants and more than US$214 million in funding, UNWTO continues its efforts to support digitalization and innovation in line with the global entrepreneurship ecosystem. Tourism has the opportunity to improve inclusiveness, local community development, and resource efficiency by leveraging innovation and digital advancements.

Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah is forging media entrepreneurship in the region

KUWAIT CITY PRNewswire/ -- There is no doubt that the appetite for film, drama, and media is rapidly increasing in the MENA region. The film and media industry in the Arab world is exponentially growing and currently being perceived as an untapped and lucrative economic opportunity.A recent outlook report by PwC showed that MENA's cinema revenue will increase by 4% in 2024 comparing to the global cinema revenue, which is to decrease by 2.4%. The report also showed that the revenue of MENA alone constitutes almost 2% of the global cinema revenue (including Asia).Gulf countries such as the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been actively harnessing the power of this industry. The neighboring countries have been heavily investing in culture and media to unlock an opportunity for economic diversification, promote tourism, and attract investors to their countries.Kuwait hasn't been diligently involved in the economic game of cinema and media until recently. Kuwaiti drama and film content have always been on the forefront of renowned channels attracting a large pool of audience. However, the industry hasn't been tapped as an investment opportunity to boost the nation's non-oil economic sectors.Discerning the golden opportunities that this booming industry is offering, a young Kuwaiti female entrepreneur from the royal family, Sheikha Abrar Khaled Al Sabah, founded a productions company in the midst of a global pandemic to foster Kuwait's presence in this field.Abbey's Productions, a Kuwait-based production house that was founded in 2019 by the Sheikha, is dedicated to elevate the cinematic and new media content in the region. Most importantly, produce content that will depict an accurate representation of Kuwait and the region to the global audience."It is no secret that for the past ten years, our region was identified and perceived by the west in different forms. You'd find those who use 'Dubai' as a landmark to refer to the Gulf countries. And, those who signify our region with Islamic extremism, gender oppression, tents, and camels. None of that portray an accurate and fair representation of our world," stated Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah."I founded Abbey's Productions to achieve three goals. Highlight this thriving investment opportunity for Kuwait to consider it as a non-oil economic sector because it is completely overlooked. Show the world an authentic image of our region through raw stories and elevated content that would align with the current standards of the international production market. And, originate an inclusive 'Khaleeji-wood' that would fairly represent our region and people to the world," added Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah.Women and media in the GulfWhile the global gender norms and policies are shifting to promote equality in all areas of life, women in the Gulf have indeed broke so many constraints and are matching their ambitions in establishing social, political, and economic roles for them. Numerous articles have reported the transformation of the women's situation in a country like Saudi Arabia. Statistics have also shown that Arab women film makers are outpacing their counterparts in the US and Europe and leading voices in the industry. Arab News published various articles showing that women in the Gulf are changing long-held stereotypes through the media.There is an obvious emerge of Saudi women in the field and Kuwaiti women have recently started to lead the scene. This was noticed through the recent breakthrough of Netflix's drama series, The Exchange, which was written by a Kuwaiti writer and acted by Kuwaiti women. The rise of women filmmakers, writers, content creators, and directors prompted Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah's efforts to enter the field and contribute to its growth as a Kuwaiti female producer."Female filmmakers in the Gulf are breaking the stereotypical roles of women in our region and they are highly contributing to the industry. However, more women in Kuwait need to explore other fields than acting because we are in need of Kuwaiti female writers, directors, and producers depicting accurate pictures and narrating raw stories of women in our country and the region," explained Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah.She added that women in the Gulf have the power to eradicate the misrepresentation of the region on global motions, and that Kuwaiti women can reshape the nation's policies and contribute to the country's global position by capitalizing on this wide-open window that will expose the real power of Kuwaiti women in different areas of life.Kuwait's royal family member affirmed that her goal is to elevate the media content produced in the Gulf to align with the international standard of cinema and television. Accordingly, her production house, Abbey's productions, focuses on the technicalities of the produced content by adopting the most authentic stories and well-written scripts, using latest film-making and production equipment, and producing the highest quality of content.She explained: "It is not about the story. It is about how the story is portrayed, narrated, and broadcasted. My role as a female producer is to ensure the depiction of our human stories in the most real and innovative manner to impact the viewer.""For years, we've been watching Arab women being misrepresented in Hollywood. Only highlighting the passive parts of our societies and not depicting the full picture of what Arab women can do, be, and their life really is. Just like in the west, we have women who struggle in our societies. Nevertheless, we also have women entrepreneurs, CEOs, great mothers, substantial leaders, and many more. Our new media need to highlight all parts of our societies and narrate accurate raw stories of our lives. And, that's what we are doing through our produced content at Abbey's Productions. We simply narrate accurate and authentic stories of our lives as Arabs," explained Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah.Elevating the standards of Arab mediaPraising Saudi Arabia's efforts in expanding the role of women in the industry and providing stupendous opportunities through events like the Red Sea Film Festival, Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah highlighted Kuwait's role in the industry."Kuwait has always been a key player in the Gulf's drama and film industry, and now, more than ever, Kuwait needs to invest in this field and reposition itself in the 'Khaleeji-wood,'" said the Kuwaiti royal family member.She also stressed on the importance of nurturing Kuwait's film-makers, story tellers and content creators; noting how Kuwaiti film-makers are currently being acquired by Saudi Arabia and contributing to the Kingdom's emerging film industry.She added: "Kuwaiti film-makers have had their prints in the region's film and drama industry. In addition to so many Khaleeji (Gulf) drama and movies, Al Sattar (2022) on Netflix is a Saudi film but was directed by the prominent Kuwaiti director, Abdullah Al Arak. Kuwait's TV drama industry is considered to be the largest and most active drama industry in the Gulf. Our film-makers, actors, and actresses were the first to pave the way for TV drama and film in the region. Our country must capitalise on this opportunity and reposition itself through Kuwaiti media professionals."Media entrepreneurship in the GulfEntrepreneurship is a trending topic in the Arab world. There is an obvious rise in startups and a well-promoted understanding on the importance of entrepreneurship in the region. The region's governments and officials have been putting entrepreneurship as one of their priorities for economic development and youth empowerment. Governments in the Gulf have been strategically placing bolstering investments to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs that would foster their innovation, upskill their capacities, and growth.Underlining the importance of supporting media entrepreneurs, Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah pointed that media entrepreneurship is underscored in the region. "We always hear about tech entrepreneurs, startups, social media influencers, and lifestyle businesses. However, media entrepreneurship is rarely tackled in our region despite this field's hulking revenues," she noted."I believe that festivals such as the Red Sea Film Festival and Gona Film Festival can have a larger impact on media entrepreneurs. Our region's festivals mainly target top-notch names in the field and film-making enthusiasts. Startups and media entrepreneurs need space and recognitions in such notable events," underscored Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah.The potential and rapid success of investing in the media business is yet to be recognised by entrepreneurs and angel investors. Tracing the success record of Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah's production house, Abbey's Productions, the company has managed to quickly become one of the most promising production entities given the impact of its produced drama series and content, and above all, drive sustainable profits.Abbey's Productions started off on a small-scale offering services such as redrafting scripts and providing production support. In less than three years, the company was able to allocate large investments in the latest high-tech cinematography equipment and tools. The team places strong emphasis on all the details related to production and content. Despite the market challenges during the pandemic, the company produced so many hits.One of which is the series In Mecca's Time (Bi Tawqeet Mecca), the first TV drama to be filmed at the Kabaa, the holiest site in Islam, located in Mecca. It was ranked as the #1 most viewed in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait on Abbey's last Ramadan's produced series, the Honourable Position (Hadret El Mawkef) was acquired by major Pan-Arab channels such the MBC and Dubai TV as well as the leading Middle-East streaming platform, The series was ranked as one of the most viewed series in the Gulf on the platform during Ramadan 2022. In addition, Abbey's produced two seasons of At Street No. 9 (E'and Share'a 9), a drama series that quickly gained the top viewed spots on, there is so much power that the media holds in shaping societies, decisions, forming identities and influencing state systems. The demands, lifestyle, and interests of the public audience is also rapidly changing. Accordingly, Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah explained that elevating Arab film and drama content is now becoming a vital pillar to sustain any media business."Our region's audience is now heavily exposed to great quality of content produced by other sides of the world. We must align with these international standards to maintain the interests of Arabs in their own stories. On the other hand, we have a responsibility to voice our own real stories, especially as Arab women, to the global audience. We don't have to abandon our social traditions and values to fit in the global 'woods.' We can still heavily contribute and impact the industry without opposing our own voices. I don't see that there is any contradiction between working in the media and being an Arab woman. I come from a Royal family and I am still committed and dedicated towards my mission and hopes for my country, Kuwait, to be globally positioned through the Global 'wood," concluded Sheikha Abrar Al Sabah.

Rise Studios partners with Parrot Analytics to drive data-based decisions

DUBAI: Rise Studios, a company driving investment in the MENA entertainment industry, has announced a partnership with Parrot Analytics, the entertainment industry’s leading global audience analytics and content valuation firm, to drive data-driven decisions as the company looks to streamline its content creation and distribution strategy. By leveraging Parrot Analytics' industry-leading TV demand product and data analytics teams, Rise Studios will make informed decisions to optimize content performance across various platforms. The partnership allows Rise to have a thorough understanding of regional audience demand and preferences, enabling them to develop more impactful and engaging content which resonates and captivates viewers. Commenting on the partnership, Amanda Turnbull, CEO of Rise Studios said, "Ensuring that our work is supported with insightful and meaningful data combined with our industry knowledge is important for us as a business. We are delighted to partner with Parrot Analytics who are specialists in global audience analytics and content valuation, enabling us to make informed decisions for our content creation and distribution strategy.”  "Parrot Analytics is thrilled to partner with Rise Studios to drive innovation in the entertainment industry throughout the Middle East. Combining our data-driven approach and insights with Rise Studios’ creative and platform expertise, we believe will result in transformative content that captivates and engages the audience," Laurine Garaude, Parrot Analytics’ EMEA Partnerships Director added. By leveraging Parrot Analytics’ global audience analytics, Rise Studios joins a rapidly growing roster of industry leaders, including such studios as Lionsgate, Warner Bros. Discovery, NBCUniversal, and Sony Pictures; media and technology companies including Amazon, Comcast, and Google; networks such as Sky and Turner; government agencies such as Canadian Media Fund; and streaming services such as HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

Essential security operation tasks challenging: Sophos survey

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Sophos, a global leader in innovating and delivering cybersecurity as a service, today published a new survey report, “The State of Cybersecurity 2023: The Business Impact of Adversaries on Defenders,” which found that, globally, 93% of organizations find the execution of some essential security operation tasks, such as threat hunting, challenging. These challenges also include understanding how an attack happened, with 75% of respondents stating they have challenges identifying the root cause of an incident. This can make proper remediation difficult, leaving organizations vulnerable to repetitive and/or multiple attacks, by the same or different adversaries, especially since 71% of those surveyed also reported challenges with timely remediation.In addition, 71% said they have challenges understanding which signals/alerts to investigate, and the same percent reported challenges prioritizing investigations."Only one fifth of respondents considered vulnerabilities and remote services a top cybersecurity risk for 2023, yet the ground truth is that these are routinely exploited by Active Adversaries. This cascade of operational issues means that these organizations aren't seeing the full picture and are potentially acting on incorrect information. There's nothing worse than being confidently wrong. Having external audits and monitoring helps eliminate blind spots. We can look at you the way an attacker does,” said John Shier, field CTO, commercial, Sophos.Additional findings include:52% of organizations surveyed said that cyberthreats are now too advanced for their organization to deal with on their own64% wish the IT team could spend more time on strategic issues and less time on firefighting, and 55% said that the time spent on cyberthreats has impacted the IT team’s work on other projectsWhile 94% said they are working with external specialists to scale their operations, the majority still remain involved with managing threats rather than taking a fully outsourced approach"Today's threats require a timely and coordinated response. Unfortunately, too many organizations are stuck in reactive mode. Not only is this having an impact on core business priorities, but it also has a sizeable human toll, with over half of respondents stating that cyberattacks are keeping them up at night. Eliminating the guesswork and applying defensive controls based on actionable intelligence will let IT teams focus on enabling the business instead of trying to douse the eternal flame of active attacks,” said Shier.To learn more about The State of Cybersecurity 2023: The Business Impact of Adversaries on Defenders, download the full report from from The State of Cybersecurity 2023: The Business Impact of Adversaries on Defenders comes from an independent study of 3,000 leaders responsible for IT/cybersecurity across 14 countries conducted in January and February 2023.

PRCA MENA announces shortlist for young PR lions MENA competition 2023

Dubai: PRCA MENA has announced the shortlist for the Young PR Lions MENA competition to find the best young PR professionals in the country.Three teams have been shortlisted to win the accolade this year and one of them will be heading to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to take part in the international competition. Each team is made up of two PR professionals aged 30 or under.The shortlisted agency teams are:Gambit Communications: Sarah Alsalem & Judy BakiehHill+Knowlton Strategies: Farah Elshafey & Muneira AladwaniWeber Shandwick MENAT: Zahra Zakriya & Karishma HingoraniThe three agencies have been narrowed down from 13 MENA competitors, after responding to a brief set by Gulf for Good, which performed as the ‘client’. Participating agencies had 24 hours to create a campaign.The shortlisted teams will be asked to deliver a five-minute presentation explaining their PR campaign on the 10th April 2023 in Dubai. Following this, there will be a five-minute Q&A session.The judging panel for this years’ competition is:Alexandra DewarPartner, The RomansBrett JonesPR & Comms Manager, Volkswagen Middle EastElizabeth SenExecutive Director, APCO WorldwideRoshni VatnaniPR & Comms Manager, Gulf For GoodFollowing this, the winning MENA team will be announced on 12th April 2023 and will receive complimentary delegate passes to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.The team will then compete against representatives from more than 30 countries, delivering a presentation for a non-profit organisation in 24 hours that will be judged by a selected jury.The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) is the sponsor of the Young PR Lions competition to find the most talented young PR team in the world; and PRCA MENA is responsible for running the element of the competition from the region to find the country’s brightest and best young PR talent.

digital assets infrastructure company launches in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi – Zero Two, Abu Dhabi’s leading digital assets infrastructure company, has launched its operations to cater to the rapidly increasing interest in Web3 technology and its ecosystem. With a unique, fully integrated offering in end-to-end digital assets infrastructure solutions, Zero Two aims to become a trusted partner to companies seeking to capitalize on the broad innovative scope and transformative potential the technology offers. The company’s services range from developing power infrastructure to sourcing and testing latest generation technologies, to building and operating data centres, and providing digital assets management services.As the digital economy continues to mature, digital assets have the potential to increase visibility, transparency, coordination, and information sharing across company boundaries through various applications, thus promising to address structural challenges and enhance operational efficiency. Zero Two was created to develop, operate and invest in best-in-class technologies accelerating and supporting the digital asset and Web3 ecosystem in the region, which comprises concepts such as decentralization and token-based economics.Zero Two is set to play an integral role in facilitating the continued stability of the power grid of Abu Dhabi while contributing towards the UAE’s Net Zero commitments and transition towards a sustainable and decarbonized economy. By utilising excess power in low demand seasons to operate its state-of-the-art data centres located in Abu Dhabi further supporting the resiliency of the local power grid.Commenting on the start of the company’s operations, Ahmed Al Hameli, Chief Executive Officer at Zero Two, said: “Digital assets hold vast potential that is only beginning to be explored and leveraged. Zero Two enters the market with a robust and broad business model catering to rapidly emerging demand and a demonstrated commitment to meeting the highest standards of security and compliance. We are confident that our offering that utilizes excess power from the local power grid, which is the first of its kind in the UAE and the wider region, will not only meet the needs of our clients but also exceed their expectations with regards to the various benefits that can be derived from deploying distributed ledger technologies.”

Amazon collaborates with The Rashid Centre for People of Determination

Designed by gifted students from the Rashid Centre, the Eid Electronic Gift Cards collection represents a modern interpretation of the “Eiddeyyah”, the traditional gift-giving customCustomers can gift ‘Eiddeyyah’ to families and friends with Eid eGift Cards, giving them the chance to choose from a selection of millions of local and international products available across categories such as beauty, fashion, and home The Eid collection is now available on or through the Amazon app, giving customers the chance to choose from balance amounts between AED 1 up to AED 6,000 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: In preparation for Eid al-Fitr, is announcing its collaboration with the Rashid Centre for People of Determination to create this year’s special edition Eid Electronic Gift Cards (eGift Cards) for customers in the UAE. The newly launched collection features colourful artwork designed exclusively by gifted students from the Rashid Centre, a Dubai-based humanitarian organization providing integrated education services and therapies for children of determination. The Eid eGift Cards are now available for purchase at a variety of balance amounts on or through the Amazon app.Ronaldo Mouchawar, Vice President for Amazon Middle East and North Africa (MENA), said: “At Amazon, we are committed to bringing varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of views together, as we continue to invent on behalf of our customers. This year, we are thrilled to have collaborated with the Rashid Centre, witnessing the incredible talent their students possess, and working with them to showcase their art to our millions of customers through the Eid eGift Cards. This collaboration forms part of our continued effort to bring joy to our customers, offering them more ways to gift each other during Eid, while raising awareness around the homegrown, diverse, incredible, and inspiring talent that resides in the UAE.”

MENA Fintech Association appoints Bryan Zhang, Co-founder of Cambridge Centre

Dubai, UAE - As the MENA Fintech Association continues to further carve out its place in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of fintech, the organization is thrilled to welcome Bryan Zhang to its Advisory Board (Academic). With his extensive background in researching financial and regulatory innovation globally, Bryan's appointment is set to provide a fresh perspective on the fintech industry in the MENA region.Bryan Zhang, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, brings with him a wealth of experience in the global fintech landscape. Having co-authored more than 50 influential industry and policy reports over the last decade, covering a wide range of topics from crowdfunding, marketplace lending, digital assets, green finance, open banking and regulatory innovation, Bryan's appointment is a testament to his exceptional expertise and knowledge of the field.As a valuable addition to the Advisory Board, Bryan's insights on emerging market trends, global opportunities and risks, regulatory changes and supervisory innovation, policymaking and digital financial inclusion will undoubtedly be beneficial in helping to shape the future of fintech in the MENA region. His appointment is a clear indication of the association's commitment to empowering the fintech industry through networking, advocacy, and knowledge sharing and building stronger ties with global Academia."We are excited to have Bryan join the MENA Fintech Association's Advisory Board (Academic), who has been a vital part of MFTA with his ongoing contributions and his extensive network," said Nameer Khan, Chairman & Founding Board Member of the MENA Fintech Association. "His appointment reflects our ongoing efforts to bring together not just industry experts and innovators but also leading academia to drive knowledge, growth, and success in the fintech sector."“FinTech holds tremendous potential to widen the access to finance for millions of consumers and SMEs across the MENA region. I am delighted to join the Advisory Board of the MENA FinTech Association and contribute as an Academic Advisor to promote evidence-based decision-making, innovator-regulator dialogue and cross-regional collaboration, which are necessary to create a sustainable and inclusive FinTech ecosystem.”, said Bryan Zhang.With the MENA Fintech Association leading the way in creating an open and collaborative ecosystem for fintech stakeholders, Bryan's appointment is yet another step in the association's mission to empower the fintech industry in the MENA region to succeed and flourish.

The TATA Indian Premier League is back

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The FunAsia Network (FAN) is all set to bring the cricket excitement to the UAE’s airwaves as the 16th Edition of the TATA Indian Premier League (IPL) kicks off on the 31st of March 2023.The TATA IPL is the biggest event in the history of the sport and is enjoyed each year by millions of fans around the world as ten teams comprising of the biggest names in Indian and International cricket come together to battle it out for the coveted TATA IPL Trophy over 74 matches spanning across nearly two months of non-stop cricket action!The FunAsia Network is taking this excitement to the next level by providing ball-by-ball commentary throughout the tournament on its stations:Talk 100.3 – FAN’s unique Asian-English Hybrid talk radio station which is the home of news, sport and conversation that has previously hosted the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and TATA IPL 2022 in a similar fashion.BIG 106.2 – FAN’s Asian radio station which is the No. 1* most listened to radio station in Dubai [*As per IPSOS 2022 Research].Listeners can tune in to Talk 100.3 and BIG 106.2 to catch every ball of the action, with expert analysis and commentary."We're delighted to be bringing the TATA Indian Premier League to our listeners," says Sunny Ahuja, Business Head, Fun Asia Network. "We know that there is a huge appetite for cricket in this region, and we're committed to providing the very best coverage of this exciting league. We're also thrilled to be working with such a talented commentary team. Further, celebrating the 40th anniversary of India’s 1983 World Cup Win, we have a special guest, from the winning squad on the airwaves.”The media, guest and listeners will get a chance to meet Mr. Syed Kirmani, who played a crucial role in India's triumph in the 1983 World Cup will be part of the commentary team as an expert and will raise the entertainment quotient with his witty and insightful observations of the Tata IPL games.A former Indian Cricketer, Mr. Kirmani was awarded the Padma Shri in 1982 for his contribution to the Gentlemen’s game. His portrayal in the movie “83” was an instant hit and caught on with the social media community leading to countless memes and viral content making him popular with the younger generation.Don’t forget to tune in to experience amazing stories and get to know the quirky side of the game on BIG 106.2 FM and Talk 100.3 FM.Live broadcast starts 5:30 PM for evening games & 1:30 PM for day games on match days.For more information, please contact Fun Asia Network at

Saudi Arabia launches first self-driving electric vehicle

Riyadh: The Deputy Minister of Transport and Logistics, Dr. Rumaih Al-Rumaih, launched the trial phase of ’Dhahaina’ (’Smart’), a new autonomous vehicle (AV) at the Riyadh Business Front. The launch event was intended to boost awareness and increase acceptance of AV technology in society and is the first step in in a longer process that will see the development of AV legislation, regulations, and supporting systems.The AV initiative is in line with the Ministry's efforts to facilitate and embrace contemporary transportation systems. In a statement during the event, Al-Rumaih highlighted the Ministry’s embrace of innovative transportation techniques, and its plans to utilize advanced technologies in the transportation and logistics industry, as per the objectives set in the National Transport and Logistics Strategy. This strategy aims to provide solutions for smart mobility and anticipate the future development of the market. By launching this trial, the Ministry aims to reduce the number of transport-related accidents and fatalities, improve intracity mobility, and minimize the impact of the transportation sector on the environment.The inauguration occurred at the Riyadh Business Front, owned by the ROSHN Group – which is taking a novel approach to incorporating modern technology into the integrated communities it is building across the Kingdom. ROSHN promotes sustainability by offering pedestrian-friendly streets and eco-friendly modes of transportation for commuting within its communities, while providing connections to a wide range of public and private transportation options that connect its customers to the wider city.Oussama Kabbani, the Group Chief Development Officer at ROSHN Group, expressed his enthusiasm in collaborating with the Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services, stating, “The ’Dhahaina’ initiative is a significant leap in the technical development of transportation in the Kingdom. This trial aligns with ROSHN's commitment to humanizing the civil experience and adapting technology to serve people within the high-quality real estate environments of our communities across the Kingdom.”Al-Rumaih, meanwhile, emphasized that these trials align with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services' ongoing efforts to establish a national regulatory framework for AVs in collaboration with relevant entities. The primary objective is to unify efforts and establish appropriate regulatory frameworks to enable autonomous vehicles while prioritizing user safety, simplifying procedures, and attracting investors.The Ministry of Transport and Logistics is striving to enable various modern technologies in all transport sectors, including land, rail, sea, air, and logistics services, through their initiative to embrace new transportation methods. They aim to develop suitable regulatory frameworks for each technology, conduct phased experiments, empower the private sector, attract investors, and enhance the technical capacity of the workforce by partnering with universities and educational institutions. launches online pharmacy with Superfast delivery

Dubai-based, launched a quick commerce product in Dubai , 30 -minute pharmacy delivery service which aims to set new benchmarks in the pharmacy sector with prompt delivery and user-friendly experience.Former Wimbledon Champion Padma Shri Mahesh Bhupathi inaugurated the first online order at the Ourshopee Headquarters in Dubai. Delivering his inaugural speech, he said online pharmacy platform is an effective model that helps to reach more customers and he praised ourshopee online Pharmacy which intends to use technology in the best way, to improve the health and well-being of the patients.Former Wimbledon Champion Padma Shri Maheesh Bhoopathi and Dr Shanith Mangalat founder and CEO of flagging of the first online pharmacy order delivery at the Ourshopee Headquarters in Dubai.“As a part of our commitment to fulfill the needs of customers, we are launching Ourshopee Pharmacy in Dubai allowing customers to order prescription-based medication in addition to over-the-counter medicines, nutrition supplements, basic health devices and Ayurveda medication from certified sellers. Tapping into the quick-commerce category, Ourshopee helps catalog pharmacy Stock Keeping Unit at a store level and fulfills delivery within 30 minutes. For the new service, the brand has partnered with local pharmacy groups across the has Initially partnered with Z Neem Pharmacy which has 50 plus pharmacies to offer a comprehensive selection of medication and healthcare products on the platform with secure and convenient transactions.The pharmacy covers major emirates including Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujariah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. In the second phase the operation will be expanding to Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain. By the third phase the operation will extend to Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain with additional investments. Currently, the quick commerce service is available in Dubai with plans to scale up operations to across all emirates in the UAE. “When it comes to medicines, timing is everything. We are building this category with speed and promptness in mind. Existing services might require customers to wait anywhere between 3 hours to 3 days for their prescription to be delivered home. That’s not ideal to do when someone is unwell. We’re building pharmacy delivery on the backbone of the existing local pharmacies. We are also in talk with medical insurance companies to implement insurance approved prescription based medicines in near future”, said Dr Shanith Mangalat Chairman of Subair N, Managing director at Z'Neem Healthcare Group, said: “This potential partnership will help to purchase all our pharma products from anywhere in the UAE effortlessly with quick delivery.”Binu Thomas, managing director at Tawseelah Delivery Services, said: “To reach a customer within an hour of the order being received, Ourshopee partnered with Tawseelah with an operating fleet of 200 bikes and will soon expand to 1,000 fleet to cover every part of the UAE by aiming to become the quick com pharma delivery service in the UAE. On our next expansion we will be covering all other Gulf countries.” also enabled BNPL technology for customers with the slogan 'Treat Now, Pay Later’, where customers can split their bills into four installments with a debit card or credit card.Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the global pharma e-commerce market, which was USD 1.2 billion in 2022, would rise to USD 6.21 billion by 2030 and is expected to undergo a CAGR of 22.5% during the forecast period 2023 to 2030. Within the Middle East, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are the largest markets for the Pharmaceutical industry.The latest industry data reveals that the Kingdom’s pharmaceutical market is expected to be valued at $10.74 billion by 2023 , while the value of the pharmaceutical market in the UAE is projected to reach around $3.7 billion USD by the end of 2020 (i.e. an 8.2% growth per year).

Dubai-based Cara Jewellers opens first international outlet in London’s West End

London, UK/Dubai, UAE: Leading Dubai-based jewellery brand, Cara Jewellers, has announced the launch of its first international outlet, to be located in London’s West End. Housed in Bond Street’s historic Burlington Arcade, the new boutique will bring one of Dubai’s most renowned names in custom-crafted jewellery to the luxury shopping destination in Mayfair.Set across three levels of the historic shopping arcade, the new Cara boutique will feature a special VIP area on the second floor, for guests to discuss designs and try customised pieces. The basement of the store has a fully fitted workshop, installed with hi-tech equipment for the customisation and repair of jewellery. With these facilities, Cara will be one of the few jewellery stores in the UK to offer completion of customisation on-site, within a short period, depending on the design.Cara Jewellers was first established in Dubai in 2005 by Kiran and Anil Pethani, who have more than three decades of experience in the international jewellery industry. With the vision and dedication of its two founders, the business has built its reputation on high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer care. Growing gradually through a cluster of stores around Dubai’s Gold and Diamond Park, Cara Jewellers has announced ambitious expansion plans for 2023, which began with the opening of a flagship store in one of the UAE’s newest retail destinations, Dubai Hills Mall.The opening of the Cara Jewellers boutique in London brings the Dubai-styled signature product line of diamond, gold, gemstone and high jewellery, as well as custom-designed creations closer to customers in the UK. Dating back to the early 19th century, Burlington Arcade is celebrated for its selection of independent boutiques, carrying prestigious brand names and exclusive luxuries in a quintessentially British setting.Speaking about the London launch, Cara Jewellers Director, Mr. Anil Pethani, said, “We have many returning clients from the UK who visit us in Dubai. With our unrivalled commitment to customer care, it was an obvious choice for us to open our first overseas outlet in London, to bring the personalised service we offer in Dubai to the UK.”He continued, “We are delighted to secure a premium position in the iconic Burlington Arcade. This prime location in the heart of London’s luxury shopping district offers excellent security measures and a magnificent shopping experience. This is the first step in a long-term commitment to growing Cara Jewellers in the UK.”

Republic Crypto establishes its MENA headquarters in the UAE

Dubai, UAE: Republic Crypto, a global blockchain firm that provides end-to-end white glove advisory services to accelerate the best crypto companies from seed to liquidity, has expanded to the UAE with an aim to grow its presence and offer its services across the MENA region.Obtaining a license from the DIFC in 2022, Republic Crypto is now extending its tech advisory services to the UAE market. This is the first step towards its plan to deliver its full stack of products and services with an intention to enrich and further develop the local and regional web 3 landscape. The company is also committed to contributing to the regional regulatory framework by collaborating with all relevant governmental entities, starting within the UAE.Bringing its extensive experience advising companies and protocols on tokenization, smart contract development, marketing, fundraising, and more, Republic Crypto will help the region's startups and businesses tap into and leverage the web 3 industry to further realize their full potential. Avalanche, Dappradar, and Zed are a few of the company's many successes thus far.In order to unlock the potential within the UAE's web 3 market, Republic Crypto is partnering with Ghaf Labs, a UAE-based incubator focused on blockchain consultancy services. Ghaf Labs will help Republic Crypto identify and support exciting new projects as well as build a strong presence within the UAE. Together, the two firms aim to provide the highest quality service and support for the UAE's web 3 needs.Ghaf Labs is the sister company of Ghaf Capital Partners, a prominent Web3 private investment firm in the UAE market, which supports the growth and development of innovative blockchain-based startups in the region by leveraging its multifaceted expertise in the Web3 domain. Ghaf Labs is well-positioned to help navigate blockchain startups through the local ecosystem, allowing them to find new areas of collaboration and supporting them throughout the way.In launching the partnership between Republic Crypto and Ghaf Labs, Republic Crypto has signed an agreement with MyCo ( formerly MContent ), a Dubai-based web3 streaming platform, to help build their web 3 strategy, making MyCo the first advisory project from the region. MyCo is the first-of-its-kind vertically integrated streaming platform that empowers creators and users alike and offers a diverse content slate, including film, tv shows, influencer content, live sports, and UGC. Anwaar AlMahmeed, Managing Director of Republic in MENA, stated, "At Republic, we have been evaluating the MENA landscape, building our network, and having consistent conversations with investors, startups, and regulators for our various lines of business. We determined early on that the UAE is a regional leader in the web 3 space. I am excited to finally announce Republic Crypto's local presence and services, along with our partnership with the wonderful team at Ghaf Labs, a leader in the local UAE market, whom I trust will help build our vision for this market according to our shared values and dreams. I am confident that this partnership will be able to foster a robust ecosystem of quality and innovation and help shape the future of the industry in the region."Feras Al Sadek, Founder and CEO at Ghaf Labs, commented on the partnership, stating that “The expansion of Republic Crypto into the UAE market and its partnership with Ghaf Labs is a significant step forward for the local blockchain industry. By leveraging each other's networks and experiences, we shall create a very precise strategy based on growth, acceleration, advisory, and consultancy services. This will allow us to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients and further enrich the blockchain ecosystem around us."

Yango Delivery launches new rapid consumer-to-consumer delivery service in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Yango Delivery, a global last-mile delivery platform provider, today announced the launch of its new rapid consumer-to-consumer delivery feature that will allow Dubai residents to send and receive goods within the Emirate within just 60 minutes.Yango Delivery targets that, with the new offer, riders will arrive within 15 minutes of a customer request being submitted. These riders will accept any item that has a package size of 40x40x40cm and a maximum weight of 15kg. Pricing presently starts at AED15, and the company intends to run special promotions for consumers that sign up for the service. Moreover, Yango Delivery has designed the service with a fixed and transparent pricing structure so that customers can be assured of the cost before placing their order.“Our post-lockdown culture is defined by a greater reliance on to-your-door service,” said Agam Garg, General Manager, Yango Delivery UAE. “Yango Delivery has built its reputation on the professionalism of our staff, and the cutting-edge technology we use to ensure customers’ pick-ups and drop-offs are managed on time, every time. Today, we take another leap forward in our flexible range of services with this new delivery service, which is designed for the busy consumer, the gift-giver, or individuals who have a sudden and urgent need to have items delivered rapidly. If you need to get something to somewhere fast, without leaving your home or office, then our new delivery option is the perfect choice for you.”The new delivery feature allows one pick-up per order, but multiple packages with multiple drop-offs can be fulfilled. While packages are in transit, the Yango app offers real-time, high-precision map tracking of riders to both sender and recipient.Garg said that later in the year, the delivery offer will include a photo-card feature, which will allow the sender to show the recipient what the parcel looks like, as well as the ability for senders to include digital postcards for recipients.Yango Delivery’s corporate clients will be able to manage deliveries either via the app, or through the dedicated web account, depending on the number of orders. Later in the year, these corporate customers will be able to brand the rider icon with their own logo on the real-time tracking feature.Yango Delivery operates in more than 20 countries across Europe, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The company’s USP is its advanced platform that lets the demand and supply for city delivery meet in the fastest and most effective way. It leverages a host of innovative technologies such as a system of united interfaces for all the parties involved, proprietary maps, traffic data processing, routing and batching algorithms for optimised customer service and fleet utilisation.

Arab Advisors Group announces early registration for its 5G Summit in Jordan

AMMAN, JORDAN – Arab Advisors Group, the Arab region’s leading independent market research, analysis and consulting company, is proud to announce that early bird registration for its upcoming 5G Summit is now open. With the summit taking place on June 6, 2023, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Amman, Jordan, the early bird registration is open till April 30, 2023.Our Summit is the place for thought leaders, stakeholders, C-Level executives and Directors to come together and share their expertise about the true promises and the challenges of a viable 5G launch. Handpicked industry experts taking part in our event include speakers from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, GSMA, SAMENA Telecommunications Council, National Cyber Security Center, Google, Pie, and Arcadis."We believe that the 5G Summit will be ideal to discuss MENA challenges and opportunities of the 5G ecosystem” said Fayez Abu Awad, Chief Advisor to the Board at Arab Advisors Group, “We encourage experts and companies in the related fields to join us. We look forward to seeing all our partners and industry experts there!”.

New clipper malware steals $400,000 in cryptocurrencies via fake Tor Browser

Kaspersky researchers have discovered an ongoing disruptive cryptocurrency theft campaign affecting more than 15,000 users across 52 countries. Distributed under the guise of Tor Browser, the malware operates by replacing a portion of the entered clipboard contents with the cybercriminal’s own wallet address once it detects a wallet address in the clipboard. It is estimated that – so far in 2023 – cybercriminals have been able to steal approximately US$400,000 using this malware.While this technique has been around for more than a decade and was originally used by banking trojans to replace bank account numbers, with the rise of cryptocurrency, this new type of malware is now actively targeting crypto owners and traders.One recent malware development involves the use of Tor Browser, a tool used to access the deeper web. The target user downloads a trojanized version of the Tor Browser from a third-party resource containing a password protected RAR archive. The purpose of the password is to prevent detection by security solutions. Once the file is dropped inside the user’s system, it registers itself in the system’s auto-start and is masqueraded with an icon of a popular application, such as uTorrent.Kaspersky technologies have detected more than 15,000 attacks using clipboard injector malware targeting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Monero. These attacks have spread to at least 52 countries, with the majority of detections in Russia due to users downloading the infected Tor Browser from third-party websites as this browser is officially blocked in the country. The top 10 affected countries also include the United States, Germany, Uzbekistan, Belarus, China, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and France. This means the actual number of infections may be much higher than reported.Based on the analysis of existing samples, the estimated loss for users is at least US$400,000, but the actual amount stolen could be much greater, as this research focuses only on Tor Browser abuse. Other campaigns may use different software and malware delivery methods, as well as other types of wallets.“Despite the fake Tor Browser attack’s fundamental simplicity, it poses a greater danger than it seems. Not only does it create irreversible money transfers, but it is also passive and hard to detect for a regular user. Most malware requires a communication channel between the malware operator and the victim’s system. On the contrary, clipboard injectors can remain silent for years, with no network activity or other signs of presence until the day they replace a crypto wallet address,” comments Vitaly Kamluk, Head of APAC Unit, Global Research & Analysis Team.Learn more about the new Clipper malware on keep cryptocurrency safe, Kaspersky experts also advise users:Only download software from trusted sources: avoid downloading software from third-party websites, and use official sources whenever possible. Always verify the authenticity of the software before downloading it.Keep your software updated: Ensure your operating system, browser, and other software are up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. This helps to prevent known vulnerabilities from being exploited.Use security solutions: a reliable security solution will protect your devices from various types of threats. Kaspersky Premium prevents all known and unknown cryptocurrency malware.Be cautious with email links and attachments: Do not click on links or download attachments from suspicious or unknown sources, as these may contain malware.Check for digital signatures: Before downloading any software, check for digital signatures to ensure that the software is authentic and has not been tampered with.

1oT and Workz team up to target US IoT growth

Chicago and Dubai: IoT connectivity provider, 1oT, has partnered with eSIM producer, Workz, to serve what it has identified as a gap in the US enterprise market. The partnership guarantees the security and rapid implementation of 1oT’s M2M global connectivity solutions with Workz’s GSMA-certified eSIMs and data generation services.Launched last August, 1oT’s remote SIM provisioning platform, eSIM Core, is designed to simplify and reduce the cost of connecting IoT devices for businesses. Certified by the GSMA in October, the system currently manages over 1.4 million connected devices in 173 countries in sectors such as micromobility, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, agricultural appliances, and air monitoring.eSIM provides remote management of devices over a cellular network and plays a key role in the Internet of Things (IoT). The GSMA states that adoption of the technology is currently low relative compared to its long-term potential and estimates over 37 billion connections will use eSIM by 2030 with approximately two-thirds of these coming from the enterprise sector.Established in Estonia, 1oT has recently expanded its offices to the USA to further serve the growing need of North American businesses that require fast and cost-effective IoT connectivity by combining multiple pre-negotiated carrier deals. The US opening is intended to benefit 1oT’s existing customers by providing faster on-the-ground support and SIM order fulfilment on shorter notice.Workz CEO, Tor Malmros said, “Our goal is to make it easier and cheaper for telcos to deploy connectivity. Whilst the SIM form factor has evolved over the decades, the process for generating their data has remained the same and is generally perceived as time-consuming. Workz’s Data Generation as a Service cuts SIM development time and cost allowing telcos to activate connections and revenue far quicker.”  Märt Kroodo, Co-Founder & CEO of 1oT said, “We see Workz as the perfect fit for 1oT to allow us to deliver faster connectivity to our clients. Their certified SIMs and supporting technical services give us a full flush of GSMA-certified products as well as the agility to scale up or down as needed, without some of the industry’s usual heavy commitments required or competitive restrictions.”

McLaren Dubai delivers the first Artura in the Middle East

Dubai: McLaren Dubai, the official Retail Partner of McLaren Automotive, announces the delivery of the first Artura, its next-generation supercar, in the UAE. Marking its debut on the roads of the Middle East, this hybrid supercar is built on an all-new design and architecture that delivers incredible performance.Celebrating the occasion, Mazen Al Nashar, General Manager at McLaren Dubai said, “We are thrilled to deliver the Artura for the first time in the Middle East. We are now all set to fulfill the demand of our customers who have been patiently waiting for this exceptional vehicle. The response has been overwhelming, and we look forward to watching our customers experience the electrifying power and innovative features of this brand-new hybrid supercar.”The revolutionary supercar inherits every attribute of a McLaren. With a trademark McLaren cockpit and advanced driver focus, the Artura offers unparalleled driving dynamics, lower emissions, faster throttle response, and the ability to run in pure EV mode.Artura is a plug-in hybrid and an ultra-light supercar that transitions between petrol and electric power in a seamless and programmed way to make the absolute best of both. When the power of petrol and electricity are combined, Artura produces a stunning 680PS – with the E-Motor adding up to 95PS and 225 Nm of torque, on demand.“It is a great time for us to begin deliveries in the UAE as the market continues to see an accelerated demand for supercars and hybrid vehicles. The governments in the region have been instrumental in promoting EVs and investing in the infrastructure, enabling customers to opt for a balance between efficiency and performance – a blend that the Artura offers,” added Al Nashar.The car is built with an advanced new McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) at its core and has a V6 twin-turbocharged hybrid petrol engine along with an eight-speed transmission and a compact e-motor. Weighing in at 50kg less than a V8, it produces the highest PS/litre per KG of any V6 on the market. The Artura’s top speed is electronically limited to 330km/h with 0-100km/h achieved in just 3.0 seconds* and 0-200 km/h in 8.3 seconds*.The first owner to take delivery in the region is UAE-based entrepreneur and car enthusiast Aliev Kiril, who received a stunning Volcano Yellow Artura.The McLaren Artura is available to order and comes with a standard three-year service plan, five-year vehicle warranty and six-year battery warranty. Customers can visit the McLaren Pop Up Showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road to view the car or call 800 SENNA to book a test drive.

Dubai First partners with cricket legend and Mastercard ambassador Wasim Akram

Dubai: Dubai First, which offers consumer services under First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), is proud to announce its exciting partnership with Wasim Akram, the legendary Pakistani cricketer and Mastercard’s global brand ambassador. The collaboration will offer customers exclusive benefits, world-class financial solutions, and unique experiences.Dubai First is known for its forward-thinking approach and its range of first-to-market products and services. The partnership with Mastercard’s global ambassador is set to inspire even more customers to adopt the brand's mobile-first credit cards, which provide efficiency, transparency, and instant gratification.This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds, with Mastercard's global acceptance, unparalleled security features, and exciting offers and Wasim Akram's reputation as one of the greatest fast bowlers in the history of cricket. Customers can look forward to exclusive benefits and experiences and the opportunity to engage with Wasim Akram.Gina Petersen, VP and Country Business Development Lead for the UAE & Oman, Mastercard, said: “The Mastercard Priceless platform offers a wealth of experiences that connect people to their passions, including sports. Our Global Brand Ambassador Wasim Akram, a great sportsman and role model, continues to inspire Mastercard card holders to pursue excellence in their chosen fields. We are delighted to provide the customers of Dubai First with an opportunity to engage with him.”Haroon Durrani, Head of Dubai First Cards & Digital, FAB, said: "We are thrilled to partner with Mastercard and have Wasim Akram as our brand ambassador. With his reputation as one of the greatest fast bowlers in the history of cricket, and his credibility as a Mastercard ambassador, we are eager to collaborate with Wasim Akram and to bring exciting benefits to a wider audience and a new generation of customers."Wasim Akram shared: “I am always happy to come back to the UAE – a place that holds fond memories of many cricket wins for me and the home of many of my dear friends. Over the past few years, it has been a pleasure to raise awareness about Mastercard’s Priceless campaign, which is very close to my heart. I look forward to collaborating with Dubai First and giving its customers a few Priceless surprises as we bring people closer to their passions.”Dubai First offers a wide range of credit cards that cater to different needs and preferences, including cashback cards, travel cards, and rewards cards. With competitive rates and exclusive offers, Dubai First is committed to providing its customers with the best possible financial solutions.?

TWSC announces the findings of its Earned Effect study

DUBAI – The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC), the world’s leading earned-first network, announced the findings of its Earned Effect study, conducted in partnership with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), that explored the impact of campaigns that earn coverage and conversation on business performance. The research was conducted by a team of experts from across The Weber Shandwick Collective, led by Nigel Rahimpour, Head of Strategy Germany, and Consultant Peter Field at the IPA. The study evaluated global case studies over a 10-year period across brands and categories. ?The Earned Effect study, which analysed data from culturally salient* and non-culturally salient* campaigns, reinforces the need for brands to make a cultural and emotional connection with their audience in order to create sustainable value and short-term impact.Findings show:53% of campaigns that earn coverage and conversation are more likely to drive very large business effects and 2.6 times more likely to achieve very large profit growth. Culturally salient campaigns outperform other campaigns with 57%?driving very large sales gains and 40% driving very large market share gains.Brands worthy of earning attention and activating – not simply reaching – communities see a 42% uplift in ROI and outperform peers in every brand health metric.Campaigns that earn coverage and conversation are also 75% more likely to create halo effects across other products in the franchise.Gen Kobayashi, Chief Strategy Officer, EMEA, said, “The Weber Shandwick Collective believes brands that will thrive in the future understand that to earn value, they must contribute meaningful value. We call this the “earned-first mindset” and it’s how we approach work with all our clients. We don’t just believe in the power of earned-first thinking, we can see its tangible impact in this breakthrough study. The Earned Effect underlines our belief that it pays to be earned first.”The study, which was conducted globally, analysed over 340 case studies in both B2B and B2C sectors, across 60 different product categories from the IPA’s Databank.“As opportunities for brand communications expand in social and experiential, understanding the impact of earned and owned channel strategies is becoming ever more interesting. This report marks an important next step in IPA Databank learning beyond paid media and we hope it will encourage IPA Effectiveness award entries which are more holistic in looking at brand-building potential,” said Janet Hull OBE, Director of Marketing Strategy, IPA.The Weber Shandwick Collective combines Weber Shandwick’s earned, creative and data analytics capabilities with deep specialist expertise in digital and social solutions through its agencies Flipside and That Lot.

Editor-in-chief appointed to lead Arabian Gulf Business Insight

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Arabian Gulf Business Insight (AGBI), a next-generation business news platform, today announced the appointment of its first Editor-in-Chief. James Drummond, a seasoned financial journalist and experienced regional markets analyst, will steer the development of the digital resource as it informs decision-makers on events and issues that are shaping the region’s economy. Drummond takes the helm of AGBI in good company – with a leadership team from respected publishing organisations ranging from Arabian Business and Gulf Business to The Times, the Financial Times (FT) and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The platform will provide intelligence and analysis around the Middle East’s commercial opportunities and challenges. An Arabic speaker, the 56-year-old British national’s wide experience in the region includes roles as a former hedge fund correspondent and news editor in the Gulf for the Financial Times, as well as FT correspondent in Cairo and Baghdad, where he covered the aftermath of the US-led invasion. Oxford-educated Drummond is a qualified chartered accountant and anti-money laundering specialist, and has also led geopolitical risk analysis for a number of global banking and corporate institutions. Headquartered in London with a newsroom in Dubai, AGBI began publishing at last year as a focused resource for the local, regional and international business community and since its launch has grown rapidly, recording 100,000 visits in February. Through deep-dive reporting and thoroughly researched insight, AGBI aims to develop into an essential tool for anyone with an interest in doing business in the Middle East – from ambitious entrepreneurs and curious investors to established private and public-sector leaders from around the world.

GROHE appoints Alexey Bykov as new leader for the Middle East region

Jeddah, KSA: GROHE, one of the global leaders in complete bathroom and kitchen fittings, has announced the appointment of Alexey Bykov as the new Leader of the Middle East region at LIXIL EMENA. The appointment came as a testimony of GROHE ‘s continued focus on growth, innovation, and customer success across the globe.With over 20 years of experience in the construction and sanitary ware industry, Bykov will now spearhead GROHE‘s operations across the Middle East as he has previously held leadership positions in various renowned organizations and has a proven track record of driving growth, innovation and digital transformation.In his new role, Bykov will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to drive regional business growth and profitability. He will also focus on expanding the customer base, building partnerships and driving innovation to contribute to the company's overall success, in addition to overseeing the company's operations in MENA.Bykov extensive experience and passion for driving growth through innovation make him ideally suited for this role, as his leadership and GROHE‘s team of experts in the region will provide customers with the best products and services.Bykov previously served as Leader, Grohe Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus, where he helped establish a strong brand presence in the region. He has also held leadership positions at several other multinational companies in the building materials and fast-moving consumer goods industries.

Kibsons announces partnership with Marks & Spencer

Dubai: Kibsons, the award-winning family run UAE based company, continues its mission to provide residents with premium quality and delicious food, as it announces its partnership with leading British brand,Marks & Spencer, operated by Al-Futtaim Group. Consumers will be able to shop from an extensive range of premium M&S Food items, and have them delivered to their doorstep, alongside their weekly food shop at the click of a button.Kibsons has spent the past few months working closely with Marks & Spencer to bring the new food partnership to consumers’ shopping baskets. Customers of Kibsons will soon be able to shop 1,000+M&S Food items spanning store cupboard essentials such as pasta sauces, breakfast cereals, hand cooked crisps and coffee, or take their pick from convenient ready meals, delicious sourdough loaves, crumpets, cookies, and not forgetting the iconic Colin the Caterpillar sweets and mini-bite tubs! Halima Jumani, CEO of Kibsons said: “M&S Food is synonymous with both high quality and innovative food. We are thrilled to be partnering with this iconic brand and offer our customers a further enhanced shopping experience. Variety of choice, quality and innovation are key to our customers’ happiness and we are extremely excited to launch an initial 1,000 products, with more to follow in the near future from M&S, giving our shoppers a wider choice and convenience than ever.”Providing customers with a range of high quality, healthy and wholesome food, the Kibsons andMarks & Spencer partnership brings not only a convenient addition to the customers’ weekly shopping needs, but cements Kibson’s position as the go to grocery delivery company for the UAE.

VOX Cinemas launches new THEATRE menu to elevate the in-cinema dining experience

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: VOX Cinemas, the dedicated cinema arm of Majid Al Futtaim, is excited to announce the launch of a new menu at THEATRE, its luxury cinema concept which combines fine food and film. Now available at all THEATRE locations in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, the new menu has been specially curated by our master chefs to elevate the in-cinema dining experience and is the result of an extensive customer research and trial-based study which focused on food variety and convenience. Featuring more than 20 mouth-watering dishes, highlights on the contemporary menu include Dynamite Shrimps; freshly-picked Falafel Salad; oven-baked Roasted Fig & Goat’s Cheese Flat Bread; irresistible Pepper Beef Skewers; vegetarian-friendly Impossible Meat Sliders; and chicken-stuffed Theatre Tacos. along with a variety of handcrafted desserts and a bubbling selection of signature mocktails. The new THEATRE menu also caters for vegetarians and vegans.Joe Teixeira, Managing Director - F&B, Majid Al Futtaim Entertainment, said, “We are thrilled to usher in a fresh new chapter in the ever-evolving world of fine dining and film as moviegoers become increasingly discerning with their choice of cinema F&B. At VOX Cinemas, we are committed to exceeding our guests’ expectations and continuously enhancing the unparalleled eatertainment experience only VOX Cinemas can deliver.”Since launching in 2015, VOX Cinemas’ in-cinema dining concept THEATRE has been redefining the luxury moviegoing experience. THEATRE combines the emotional power of film with the gastronomic pleasure of fine food. Guests can choose to dine in the exclusive lounge or enjoy meals delivered straight to their seat through the unique in-theatre waiter service. THEATRE boasts reclining leather seats, plush blankets and pillows, as well as cutting-edge audiovisual technology in a stylish and intimate setting.For more information, visit or download the VOX Cinemas app.About Majid Al FuttaimFounded in 1992, Majid Al Futtaim is the leading shopping mall, communities, retail and entertainment pioneer across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.A remarkable business success story, Majid Al Futtaim started from one man’s vision to transform the face of shopping, entertainment and leisure to ‘create great moments for everyone, every day’. It has since grown into one of the United Arab Emirates’ most respected and successful businesses spanning 16 international markets, employing more than 46,000 people., and obtaining the highest credit rating (BBB) among privately held corporates in the region.Majid Al Futtaim owns and operates 29 shopping malls, 13 hotels and four mixed-use communities including Tilal Al Ghaf, Al Zahia, Al Mouj and more. The shopping mall portfolio includes Mall of the Emirates, Mall of Egypt, Mall of Oman, City Centre malls, My City Centre neighbourhood centres, and five joint venture community malls with the Government of Sharjah. The Company also operates its own health and beauty concept brand, myli, and is the exclusive franchisee for Carrefour in over 30 markets, with a portfolio of 460 outlets including City+, the region’s first checkout-free store, and an online store.Majid Al Futtaim operates more than 600 VOX Cinemas screens as well as a portfolio of world-class entertainment experiences across the region including Ski Dubai, Snow Oman, Dreamscape, Magic Planet, Little Explorers and iFLY Dubai. The Company is also parent to a lifestyle business representing international brands such as SHISEIDO, Poltrona Frau, CB2, Crate and Barrel, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, AllSaints, lululemon athletica, LEGO and THAT, a Majid Al Futtaim Lifestyle concept store and app. In addition, Enova, a facility and energy management company, is part of the portfolio through a joint venture operation with Veolia.

Bupa Arabia among the most valuable brands in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah: For the third year in a row, Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance ranked 10th on the list of the strongest Saudi brands and 16th on the list of the most valuable Saudi brands. This was revealed in a new report by Brand Finance, a London-based consulting company specializing in brand valuation and strategic consulting.The company has also claimed the top spot as the Middle East’s most valuable insurance brand for the third time as well. Moreover, Tal Nazer, CEO of Bupa Arabia, has been named among the top 30 CEOs in the Middle East.Nazer said that the latest rankings placing Bupa Arabia in the list of the of the strongest and most valuable Saudi brands confirm the company's growing leadership in the Saudi market as one of the most prominent and innovative insurance companies.“Bupa Arabia topped the list of the most valuable insurance companies in the Middle East, and it has also won a number of awards and ratings, both locally and regionally. This is testimony to the pioneering role of Bupa Arabia in developing the insurance industry, providing quality healthcare services and distinguished insurance products to millions of its customers, besides its ongoing awareness campaigns in the Kingdom and beyond,” he added.Nazer said that Bupa Arabia has been a game-changer in the insurance sector, and has made a major difference in the field of healthcare, improving the lives of customers, with the help of the strategy it adopted, in line with Vision 2030’s Quality of Life Program and the Health Sector Transformation Program.The Bupa Arabia CEO expressed his appreciation for the commitment and efforts exerted by the company's 1,800-strong workforce and their contributions to Bupa Arabia’s advancing position in the Brand Finance rankings. “Bupa Arabia is distinguished by a work environment that stimulates creativity and increases productivity,” he said.Brand Finance aims to bridge the gap between marketing and financing through its annual reports and ratings, as it has helped many companies and institutions since its inception in 1996 in evaluating and classifying their brands.It enjoys high credibility that qualifies it to conduct more than 5,000 brand valuations and publish nearly 100 reports that rank brands across various sectors and countries.