Unveiling tomorrow: Natasha Hatherall-Shawe on TishTash's 2024 vision

In an era dominated by digital channels and social media, the role of public relations has evolved significantly. In this interview with Adgully Middle East, Natasha Hatherall-Shawe, the Founder and CEO of TishTash Communications, shares insights into the agency's journey and strategies for embracing new communication technologies by 2024. As the founder of TishTash Communications, Natasha Hatherall-Shawe has been a trailblazer in recognizing the evolving landscape of communications. With a keen eye on the future, Natasha discusses the agency's digital prowess, its foray into new territories, and the strategies in place to navigate the dynamic digital landscape of 2024. Excerpts:With the growing importance of digital channels and social media, how is your PR agency planning to leverage new communication technologies and platforms by 2024?In my opinion, no agency can solely focus on public relations in this current era. Eight years ago, my agency, TishTash Communications, began diversifying its service offerings within the communications space. This strategic decision was driven by a clear understanding of the industry's trajectory and future direction. Today we’re a fully integrated communications agency offering traditional PR, influencer engagement, events, digital marketing, social media and content creation and design/branding under one roof. We pride ourselves on innovating; we’ve won a lot of awards which we’re proud of, and I believe our agency, TishTash Communications, stands out as one of the most robust and comprehensive integrated service providers in the region.Our agency boasts a high level of proficiency in digital and social platforms. Even within the realm of traditional PR, we've formulated a robust digital PR strategy. Constantly, we emphasize the significance of a strong digital footprint to our clients, actively educating them on maximizing these opportunities.In the contemporary landscape, more than 80% of the PR coverage we secure for our clients is online. This strategic shift aligns with the belief that bolstering online presence is paramount. Unlike print coverage, online features tend to endure over time, contributing significantly to a sustained and lasting impact.Next year I’m focusing on creating a strong affiliate offering for our agency, as this goes hand in hand with digital marketing and influencer marketing and our market is very behind compared to other global markets. I’m determined to be at the forefront as our region plays catch up. I’ve hired some brilliant talent from the UK, and we’re working on some pilots as we speak for key brands in the e-commerce space.Also, as traditional media outlets dwindle, we will see more brands and companies launch their own media outlets and content platforms so they can choose to become their own distributors. This is an area we are working on ourselves with the launch of and one we plan to drive forward in 2024.What strategies are in place to enhance client visibility and reputation management in the evolving digital landscape of 2024?Transparency and authenticity are the backbone of all our communication strategies. Social proof is everything, and earned media opportunities are key in reputation management. Proactive reputation management is about clear and consistent storytelling, news and commentary that cement a brands credibility with the public. We advocate this and a strong digital and digital PR strategy with every client we work with to drive positive results. This will come from a blend of communication tactics, including traditional PR, owned social channels and content including LinkedIn and Wikipedia, third party collaborations and also a supporting paid for strategy.With the rise of influencer marketing, how is your PR agency incorporating influencer partnerships into your communication strategies by 2024?Influencer marketing is no longer new as it’s been a part of our ecosystem for a while now, gaining in appeal after the launch of Instagram in 2010. Whilst we’ve seen its popularity explode, for our agency I’d say it’s accounted for 60% of the work we do for clients for the last 7 years. If anything, I’d say there is some movement away from influencers now after a bumpy few years with trust and ethics in this sector and I am interested to see what the next 2-3 years has in store in this area as I expect a lot of changes globally and regionally.How and what brands use influencers for is definitely changing and it will continue to evolve. As ‘influencer fatigue’ sets in, genuine customer content (User Generated Content – UGC) is a vital preponement and endorsement for social media campaigns with consumers wanting and demanding authenticity. I expect to see a lot of development and interest in this area, as I’m already having a lot more conversation about this with clients.What metrics do you prioritize to measure the impact of influencer collaborations on brand perception and audience engagement in 2024?Measurement and impact of influencer campaigns (and PR/comms as a whole being honest) is always a hot topic and one of much debate. The lack of agreed reporting and ability to assess ROI has always been one of the biggest sticking points our industry has faced and the metrics our clients required varied greatly and were largely dependent on whether a paid or barter campaign.Finally clients are looking at and listening to advice over and above follower numbers alone. We have tools and the degree of insight we are able to provide clients with today is significant and we find more want this degree of detail and want to look at engagement levels, audience insights and more.We’ve believed in the power of the micro and nano influencer for a long time and we truly are getting the best results from those with 3,000 – 30,000 followers. When it comes to the large macro influencers not only are they expensive to work with, but there is a lot of wastage in their audience in terms of hitting your target audience and their engagement levels are typically lower than that we see with the highly bought in audiences micro and nano influencers have.For many clients now it’s not about numbers at all. Unique content is what they need as it costs a lot of money to create content for them to utilize across their channels, as well as to support their messaging being out there with their target audience, and working with influencers can be a cheap way to create content. Hence, this explains the rise in User-Generated Content (UGC) we’re seeing and will continue to in the year ahead. Aligning with those who create content that represents a brand in the way it wishes to be seen is extremely important.

Doha Festival City unveils the magical “Miraculous Show” for Shop Qatar 2024

Doha Festival City, Qatar's ultimate destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, is delighted to announce hosting the “Miraculous Show” at The Village, as part of its participation in Shop Qatar 2024.Created to enchant audiences of all ages, the Miraculous Show offers a delightful experience inspired by the iconic animated series "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir." It is a widely acclaimed animated television series, chronicling the escapades of two teenagers who morph into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir to safeguard the city from menacing supervillains. The "Miraculous" brand has garnered popularity all over the world, cultivating a fervent fanbase and evolving into a comprehensive franchise with a diverse range of merchandise such as toys, clothing, accessories, and more.Robert Hall, General Manager of Doha Festival City, said: "Being part of Shop Qatar 2024 is a unique celebration, and I am delighted that Doha Festival City is at the heart of it. The Miraculous Show reflects our commitment to delivering unparalleled and memorable experiences at The Village, which has become a prominent expansion to Doha Festival City.”Guests have the thrilling opportunity to meet Ladybug and Cat Noir, enjoy live performances and interactive activities, all while capturing fantastic photo opportunities. To enhance the overall visitor experience and align with the festival's philosophy of 'Shop more… Play more,' visitors can gain access to the kids' activity area by simply spending 100 QAR and receiving a stamped receipt from the designated areas.On weekends, the mall will burst with energy, featuring dynamic roaming performances and lively entertainment. Moreover, over 500 stores at Doha Festival City will be promoting special offers and discounts under the tagline 'Shop more... Save more!,'.Under the theme ‘Shop more … Win more!” and during Shop Qatar 2024, shoppers who spend 200 QAR or more will be eligible to redeem receipts at the redemption booths located in the Entertainment Node and Cup of Joe. The receipts will be stamped allowing their holders to participate in engaging games at the booth and receive a coupon for weekly raffles to win a Land Rover Defender and cash prizes.The final Mega Raffle Draw will be the highlight of Shop Qatar 2024 closing ceremony, which will take place on the January 27th at The Village. The event will feature special guest hosts and captivating entertainment. For the raffle, the prizes are nothing short of extraordinary, with the luxurious Land Rover Defender 90 Coupe being the grand prize, the car will be on display throughout the month in the Luxury Area at the mall. The raffle will also see three lucky winners go home with 10,000 QAR, two winners get 20,000 QAR, and one fortunate winner snatching a 50,000 QAR cash prize.

MBZUAI concludes the 4th edition of Executive Program

Forty-two leaders from organisations in the UAE have become the fourth cohort to graduate from Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) Executive Program (MEP). The executives spent 12 weeks with world-leading AI instructors immersed in the potential of AI to transform society, with an emphasis on enhancing sustainability.The programme’s fourth edition consisted of leaders from diverse organisations, including the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, the Supreme Council for National Security, Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM, to name just a few.The culmination of the programme delivered a set of capstone projects where participants applied their learnings to enhance sustainability, supporting the UAE’s Year of Sustainability. These include the development of an AI-powered observatory to help secure the UAE’s food and water security; a system for the prevention of online child exploitation; platforms for the screening, early detection, and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and other chronic diseases; a system to ensure the sustainability and resilience of critical supply chains; and an initiative to boost productivity, efficiency and informed decision-making through certified training in AI.Timothy Baldwin, MBZUAI Acting Provost and Professor of Natural Language Processing, who gave the keynote address at the graduation, said: “The fourth cohort of leaders to graduate from the MEP represents a new generation of pioneers and advocates for the ethical and responsible use of AI, a transformational tool that has the potential to become one of humanity’s greatest achievements.“Your decision to investigate and embrace the opportunities AI offers in the context of sustainability attests to your desire to become leaders in an innovative and ambitious country built on the belief that the future holds even greater opportunity than the past. You are the UAE’s next generation of ambassadors for ethical innovation, and the architects of a future where technology and sustainability work in harmony.”The MEP teams presented their capstone projects at the graduation ceremony. The judging panel chose the winner for proposals aimed at helping the UAE take a proactive approach to tackling food security and supporting the nation’s 2051 Food Security Strategy. The team pitched the idea of a National Food and Water Security Observatory to use AI to provide real-time insights and proactive decision-making around all key aspects of food security, from weather patterns and their impact on harvests through to supply chain issues, population growth and extreme weather events.The judges were similarly impressed with the other five projects, including two health-related solutions: Team GovSync proposed Omniya, an ecosystem that uses AI to check and collate data for the early detection and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. While team Hayaati proposed an AI solution to assist the healthcare sector proactively detect non-communicable diseases by overcoming current inefficiencies and inadequacies in data collection.As part of the AI community engagement and the strengthening of the network of the ambassadors of the MBZUAI Community, participants visited the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA), Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) in addition to engaging in classroom-based learning and developing their capstone projects.More than 166 executives have graduated since the programme’s launch in 2021.

UM MENAT appoints John Tippins as Regional Director – Strategy

UM has announced the appointment of John Tippins as Regional Director – Strategy, as the network continues its journey as a transformative growth partner to brands.Tippins will be responsible for driving the agency’s strategy, product, and capabilities. He will actively explore opportunities, identify new and innovative storytelling strategies, and play a pivotal role in crafting industry-first propositions to deliver solutions for clients’ businesses while maintaining a balance between short-term and long-term growth.With over 15 years of experience in brand and communication strategy, Tippins has primarily worked in London, with notable stints in New York and Los Angeles. His professional background spans diverse categories, including banking, FMCG, retail, telcos, government, tourism, and technology.Tippin’s most significant contributions have been across Publicis, Omnicom, and WPP agencies, most recently at Wavemaker UK. He has also gained valuable client-side experience during his time in the US. “I am delighted to join UM at an exciting time as we enter 2024. The prospect of being part of such a dynamic agency with an impressive client portfolio, talented individuals, and ambitious growth plans is truly exciting. I look forward to contributing to the agency’s continued growth, enhancing our overall offerings, and building on the robust strategic foundation we are establishing across the region for our clients,” said Tippins. Tippins will be based in Dubai, the headquarters of the UM MENAT hub, reporting to James Dutton, Regional Director & Head of Product. With MENAT playing a pivotal role within the UM global network in terms of product offering, digital leadership, and media innovation, Tippins will lead UM MENAT’s strategy team, identifying and embracing new thinking that will drive momentum and foster growth for all regional and local clients of UM MENAT. “We are excited to welcome John at a time when we are witnessing significant transformations in the media industry, and our agency continues to deliver game-changing growth for our clients. Looking ahead and building off the momentum from recent regional client wins, we foresee John’s deep strategic experience becoming a substantial asset for both our business and our clients,” said Dutton.

Ericsson appoints Majda Lahlou Kassi VP, Head of West Africa & Morocco

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) announces the appointment of Majda Lahlou Kassi as Ericsson's Vice President and Head of Ericsson West Africa and Morocco effective, 1 January 2024. Having spent close to 25 years at Ericsson, Majda will play a pivotal role in leading the strategic direction and operational excellence of Ericsson’s business within this geography, supporting Ericsson's customers with the latest advanced and innovative technologies that will advance the connectivity and ultimately societies in the West African region. Bringing over two decades of experience, Majda has held several senior leadership roles in technology, sales, strategy, operations, and customer project delivery. She has extensive knowledge regarding telecoms and Information Technology. Prior to her current role, Majda was Head of Networks Solutions leading a team driving customers’ network evolutions across 13 countries in Ericsson West Africa and Morocco.  Commenting on her new role, Majda Lahlou Kassi says: " I am excited to take on this new role, collaborating closely with our partners and customers to unlock the vast potential of digital transformation in West Africa. My focus is to support our customers, enabling their success while leveraging on our technology and services to drive Ericsson's growth in the region."Having always believed that diverse, inclusive teams drive performance and innovation to create greater business value, Majda's appointment solidifies Ericsson's commitment to these principles.

Anviz to Launch AI-boosted security products at Intersec Expo, Dubai

Anviz, a leading provider of professional security solutions, is set to the forthcoming Intersec Expo. From 16th to 18th January 2024, visit Booth SA-F33 at the Dubai World Trade Centre—to see their latest products revealed.The Middle Eastern market has seen a rise in need for reliable security systems recently. Most of this need comes from medium-to-large sized businesses. However, the market lies a sea of cheap but poor-quality security products, resulting from low entry barriers and technical standards. These separate systems often create compatibility problems, making them difficult to use and maintain. On the other hand, high-quality security products exist but often come with high price tags, deterring many budget-minded enterprises."Anviz will deploy a local delivery and service center in the Middle East. The 'rat race' of the physical security industry has just begun, our comprehensive security management platform meeting the requirements of enterprise users," said Peter, Global Integration Business Unit Director.Meet Anviz OneAnviz One is designed for midsize companies seeking a complete platform to handle workplace security, without breaking the bank. This all-in-one package includes hardware, software, and services unlike other single-category, complex security systems. It only needs an edge server to smoothly combine four self-developed Anviz product lines: access control, time attendance, surveillance, smart lock, and alarm system, addressing all office situations while ensuring unified branding design, protocol, and systematic management.Design Philosophy and BenefitsAnviz One's Edge AI-equipped devices change traditional post-incident verification and manual decision-making into thorough monitoring and intelligent decision-making.Anviz One includes security cameras and access control devices equipped with deep learning algorithms. For instance, upon identifying a lingering person, it starts analyzing their behavior patterns such as body language, dwell time, and facial features. If the person's behavior seems suspicious, an alarm is activated, notifying the security staff to react accordingly.Previously, achieving a balance between security and user convenience was challenging. Anviz One addresses this using biometric recognition, local storage, and bank-level communication encryption technologies, ensuring physical security, data protection, and user experience at once. Its edge server architecture enhances compatibility with existing enterprise systems while reducing system maintenance efforts and costs.

Salam takes the lead in Saudi Arabia's fixed broadband race

Opensignal, the global provider of independent insights into the connectivity experiences and decisions of consumers, has released its latest report on the fixed broadband experience in Saudi Arabia. The report reveals that Salam leads the pack across all five key metrics of user experience, delivering the fastest downloads, smoothest streaming, and most consistent quality for internet users across the Kingdom.In its latest study, Opensignal has delved deep into the real-world fixed broadband landscape in Saudi Arabia, offering a comprehensive look at user experiences across the nation, including major cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Mecca. Evaluating five crucial metrics, Opensignal provides valuable insights into the performance of leading broadband providers in the region.Salam has truly emerged as the undisputed leader in Saudi Arabia, offering an unparalleled broadband experience across all metrics. With a standout 'Good' score in Broadband Video Experience, Salam users enjoy the fastest download and upload speeds, sharing the top spot in Broadband Consistent Quality with STC. In a detailed analysis of major cities, Salam dominates in 13 out of 19 comparisons, establishing itself as the go-to provider.Salam delivers unparalleled performance in Dammam, claiming the top spot in Broadband Consistent Quality, Mobile Video Experience, Download Speed, and Upload Speed. This comprehensive dominance guarantees a superior broadband experience for residents. In Jeddah, Mobily leads in Broadband Consistent Quality and Upload Speed, while STC takes the lead in Mecca for Broadband Consistent Quality. Salam's commitment to providing an exceptional broadband experience is making waves nationwide, setting new standards for connectivity and user satisfaction.Unlocking the secrets of broadband, Opensignal captures the heartbeat of user experiences across a diverse array of network architectures, spanning fiber, xDSL, cable, fixed wireless access via 4G and 5G, and even satellite. This unique approach paints a panoramic picture of user satisfaction, covering the full spectrum of broadband technologies. Focusing on major players ensures our readers get a comprehensive snapshot of the broadband landscape, analyzing tariff characteristics and plan variations with real-world authenticity. It's more than just data; it's the narrative of how people navigate the internet in the dynamic world of broadband, and we're here to share that story—unbiased and upfront.Experience broadband redefined, where performance metrics illuminate a spectrum of excellence. The Broadband Consistent Quality metric, evaluated through user experience alignment with common application demands, guarantees unwavering reliability and seamless service. For discerning mobile video viewers, the Broadband Video Experience metric, meticulously measured by the Mean Opinion Score, unveils the nuanced delivery of visual content.Optimizing efficiency, the Broadband Download Speed metric sets the benchmark for everyday online tasks, while the Broadband Peak Download Speed metric showcases the community's pinnacle performance. Completing the comprehensive picture, the Broadband Upload Speed metric spotlights the network's responsiveness in data transmission. This robust framework of metrics empowers informed decision-making, enabling users to select the broadband connection that aligns perfectly with their diverse needs.In the November 2023 Fixed Broadband Experience Report by Opensignal, Salam's continued reign as the champion in providing top-notch broadband experiences for users in Saudi Arabia is underscored. The in-depth analysis emphasizes Salam's exceptional performance across crucial metrics, firmly establishing its leadership in the Saudi Arabian fixed broadband market.

Deliveroo attains full population coverage across Kuwait

Deliveroo, the leading food delivery platform, proudly announced that it now provides delivery services to all permanent population centers. This remarkable milestone marks a significant step forward for Deliveroo's continuous growth and commitment to delivering exceptional convenience and delightful dining experiences to its valued customers.With over four prosperous years in the local market, Deliveroo has accomplished a significant expansion of its delivery services to the southernmost regions of Kuwait. This now includes coverage of permanent population areas, such as Sabah Al Ahmad, Ali Sabah Al Salem, Khairan, Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City, Wafra, Julaia, Bnaider, Dubaeeiya, and beyond. Customers can now relish the convenience of ordering their beloved choices from restaurants, grocers, coffee shops, pharmacies, flower shops, and more, all delivered directly to their doorsteps.The decision to extend delivery coverage to these new areas reflects Deliveroo's devotion to catering to the diverse palates and preferences of residents in every corner of Kuwait. By expanding its reach, Deliveroo ensures that local residents have access to an extensive range of cuisines bursting with flavor, from highly sought-after local delicacies to globally acclaimed international favorites. No matter where customers are located, they can now effortlessly indulge in their preferred culinary delights through Deliveroo's impeccable service.Seham AlHusaini, General Manager of Deliveroo Kuwait & Qatar, said: “We are incredibly proud to be able to serve our customers no matter what area of the country they’re in. Whether you are craving your favorite burger from Kuwait City or a quick cup of coffee at the chalet on the weekend, Deliveroo is here to deliver.”To download the Deliveroo app and start taking advantage of the most convenient way to order, customers can visit the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Dubai gets ready for media takeover

Dubai's is launching an ambitious strategy to double the industry's economic impact, attract global talent, and become a major media hub. Buckle up for innovative content, booming creativity, and a flourishing UAE workforce in the spotlight.Dubai aims to double its media GDP, attract FDIs, and nurture local talent with its newly approved media strategy. The plan prioritizes intellectual property protection, skills development, and encouraging more UAE nationals into the industry. Expect legislative updates, content reviews, and even e-games!Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai's visionary leader, has greenlit a bold new strategy to propel the city's media sector. Doubling the GDP contribution, creating a global media hub, and attracting top talent are key priorities. The future of Dubai's media looks bright!Dubai's media industry is gearing up for major growth: a new strategy aims to double its economic impact, attract global talent, and solidify Dubai as a major media hub. Expect more diverse content, stronger intellectual property protection, and a focus on local talent development.Mona Al Marri, driving Dubai's media ambitions: The Vice Chairperson and Managing Director of the Dubai Media Council spearheads the implementation of the city's game-changing new media strategy. Doubling the industry's economic contribution, fostering innovation, and attracting FDIs are just some of the goals.

Smart Salem kicks off new year with Samsung partnership to promote wellness

Smart Salem, the UAE's leading one-stop shop and high-tech medical fitness and wellness provider today announced a partnership with Samsung Gulf Electronics to help enable UAE residents in achieving their health and wellness goals for 2024.This partnership plays a key role in Smart Salem’s recently introduced campaign, “New Year, New Me”. Aligned with the widely popular resolution people make to enhance their health and wellness at the beginning of the year, Smart Salem is offering UAE residents exclusive discounts of up to AED 200 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch6.Smart Salem advocates for the community's health and wellness and offers executive wellness services as part of its diversification strategy this year, emphasizing the importance of community-wide wellness awareness. Customers can upgrade medical fitness appointments to include comprehensive wellness screening or book separately, from Vitamin Profiles to vital organ profiling, with premium packages offering a consultation with a doctor.UAE residents can take advantage of the Smart Salem services and Samsung discounts by booking a Medical Fitness test or Premium Wellness package online and visiting one of Smart Salem’s flagship centers: Dubai Knowledge Park, Index Tower, or City Walk, throughout January. Walk-in appointments also qualify for the discount.The use of wearable health devices, including fitness trackers, Smartwatches, Smart bracelets and even Smart rings, have grown popular in recent years, with approximately 45 percent of GCC residents claiming wearable tech is an effective way to monitor their personal health. The devices, which enable people to track their daily steps, set goals, track their activity, track their sleep, and monitor vital health, are also popular for motivation for users to achieve their health and fitness goals.Amanda Gravitis, CEO of Smart Salem, commented: “We are delighted to be kicking off 2024 by celebrating yet another key milestone in our journey towards improving health and wellness in the UAE. We are proud of this partnership with Samsung Gulf Electronics and we hope it will help the community to become more aware of their overall wellness and equip them to achieve their goals.”Smart Salem combines a luxury experience with the convenience of a one-stop shop by guaranteeing medical fitness testing completion results in 30 minutes six days.

Advanced Media, Gulf Education team up for media lab project - Act Fast!"

Gulf Education with the support of Advanced Media Trading LLC, the leading distributor of professional broadcast and production equipment in MENA, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Media Lab Project at the Technology and Career Center (TCC) at Emirates National School. This accomplishment stands as a testament to Advanced Media Trading's and Gulf Educations commitment to nurturing the next generation of media professionals and aligns with the aspirations of TCC whose mission extends beyond conventional academics.TCC serves as a hub where students refine their skills through practical applications, essential for their future careers. Advanced Media provided TCC with every necessary step to successfully complete the project from consulting on the initial idea to providing guidance through the implementation phase, all the way to offering extensive training. This project serves as an exceptional opportunity for students to understand the workflow of a TV station and enables them to explore the world of audio storytelling, create and record podcasts, and interact within an immersive environment simulating various backgrounds and settings.Abdelrahman Elalfy, Corporate Sales Manager at Advanced Media Trading, remarked that “Advanced Media is dedicated to complimenting sales and training with practical experiences that empower our clients, especially students who are the future of the dynamic world of media. This project with TCC was an obvious and exciting choice for us. We are very pleased with the results and look forward to expanding this partnership.”Despite being established in 2018, Gulf Education holds over 70 years of collective experience in education and recruitment. With its main offices in Abu Dhabi and a global network of representatives, Gulf Education excels in finding teachers for various educational levels across the UAE, Middle East, and South-East Asia. Most importantly, Gulf Education played a pivotal role in activating and supporting this project successfully. “Through the successful completion of the Media Lab Project at the TCC, our collaboration with Advanced Media Trading embodies our shared commitment to empower the next generation of media professionals. Together, we are paving the way for innovative and captivating content creation, nurturing talents that will shape the future of media across all channels,” commented Eoin Bolger, Managing Director of Gulf Education.The collaborative efforts of Advanced Media and Gulf Education are directed towards the encouragement and betterment of the future generation and creation of innovative and captivating content across all media channels.

New Year, New Flights as Etihad welcomes 2024 with more destination to India

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has kicked off 2024 by introducing two new services. Daily flights from Abu Dhabi to Kozhikode (CCJ) and Thiruvananthapuram (TRV) in the Kerala region of India commenced on New Year’s Day.These non-stop services to each destination bring the total number of Indian gateways served by Etihad to 10, underscoring the airline’s commitment to providing easy access to its expanding global network for guests travelling to and from the Subcontinent.Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of Etihad, said: “We have established a fantastic group of non-stop routes between India and Abu Dhabi, providing customers with easier access to our growing network without transiting through one of the main Indian hub airports."Seamless and practical connections at Abu Dhabi ensure that our guests can easily access destinations across the GCC, Europe - including our four daily services to London - and North America. Moreover, they have the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic stopover in Abu Dhabi as an integral part of their journey.”The introduction of this service enhances accessibility to the picturesque countryside and beaches that Kerala is renowned for, creating increased inbound tourism to the region. Additionally, it streamlines travel for professionals visiting the burgeoning business hubs in the area.In 2023, the airline reintroduced services to Kolkata, a vital Indian gateway connecting Eastern India to global destinations. Furthermore, the airline has increased the frequencies of flights to Mumbai and Delhi, two of its most popular routes, from two per day to an impressive four flights per day.For 2024 Etihad has already announced new flights to Boston, USA starting on 31 March, to Nairobi, Kenya on 01 May, and its exciting summer schedule includes an inaugural non-stop service to Nice, France and direct flights to the Greek isles of Mykonos and Santorini.<img src='\50dded923afc802348b9f2317f0180a7.png' class='content_image'>

Impact46 announces refreshed logo and branding

 Impact46, a leading venture capital firm in Saudi Arabia, announced today its new logo and branding. The company’s new logo reiterates the company's focus and commitment to the market and marks the launch of even more community initiatives that support the entrepreneurial ecosystem."We are thrilled to unveil our new logo and branding, which showcases our drive, energy and commitment to evolve in the fast-paced financial industry," said Abdulaziz AlOmran, Founding Partner and CEO of Impact46. "Our new logo reflects the growth and development we've experienced, while also signaling our ambitious vision for the future."Looking toward the future, Impact46 is poised to continue capitalizing on its successful track record as an industry leader while exploring new opportunities aligning with its strategic objectives. “We remain committed to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and supporting groundbreaking ideas that drive positive change in various sectors,” commented Basmah AlSinaidi, Managing Partner at Impact46.The new logo features a triangle element represented in the "i" letter of the company’s name. The triangle, pointing upwards and to the right, symbolizes growth, moving forward, and positive advancement. The dark green color represents the roots of the company, symbolizing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In a nutshell, this logo perfectly captures the values and mission of the company, and shows its commitment to success and innovation.

KPMG: AI, Digital Shifts to Reshape Qatar Banking

KPMG in Qatar proudly presents its highly anticipated 'Qatar Banking Perspectives Report - 2023'. This seminal report illuminates the dynamic landscape of Qatar's banking sector, spotlighting emergent trends that redefine the industry.This yearly issue is meticulously curated to empower decision-makers in assessing prevailing trends and analyzing factors that will shape the future of Qatar's banking industry. The past year witnessed unprecedented transformation in the sector, marked by the introduction of regulatory enablers designed to usher in new digital fintech players while supporting traditional incumbents in their digitization.Despite challenges such as surging interest rates, margin pressures, geopolitical uncertainties, and a complex credit environment, Qatar's banks have showcased remarkable agility. Steered by effective cost management, embracing digital transformation, and an unwavering risk-centric approach, banks have not just endured but thrived, preserving robust profitability levels.The 2023 report delves into pivotal themes shaping Qatar's banking sector and rippling effects across the region. Our domain experts unravel profound insights on diverse topics, encompassing data analytics and cloud technology, fraud, evolving regulatory terrains, sustainable finance, implications of the global minimum tax, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) strategies, M&A dynamics, and the reverberations of Basel 3 reforms."We trust that this report will not only provide you with valuable insights but also inspire strategic initiatives as we navigate the evolving banking landscape in 2024 and beyond," commented Omar Mahmoud – Partner, Head of Financial Services, KPMG in Qatar.

Al Meera unveils cutting-edge smart shopping carts for the first time in the ME

Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.P.S.C), partnering with Veeve, a Seattle-based tech company, is set to revolutionize the retail technology landscape by introducing smart carts for the first time in the region.The initial soft launch of smart carts will be introduced at Al Meera's Wakrah South branch, followed by Leabaib 1 branch. Customers are invited to experience this new and innovative way to shop starting 1st January 2024, marking the beginning of a revolutionary era in the retail industry in Qatar.Striving to provide an exceptional shopping experience, the retailer's latest smart carts come equipped with a touch screen, barcode reader, and cameras. Customers can log in, scan items, and add them to the cart, eliminating the need for traditional checkout lines. Moreover, the screen will showcase the best nearby deals and promotions, seamlessly connected to Meera Rewards, enabling customers to shop and save simultaneously.On this occasion, Al Meera stated: "Al Meera customers consistently relish an exceptional experience across all its stores, as we continue our journey of rapid expansion, from the inception of the first fully autonomous and checkout-free Smart store in Qatar to partnering with high-tech global organizations. For the first time in Qatar and the Middle East, smart shopping carts will be introduced as an alternative to traditional carts, an additional step in Al Meera's comprehensive digital transformation journey.”He added: "The introduction of the smart cart marks the initial phase of its rollout, with plans for a gradual expansion across more branches in the near future after meticulous customer testing.”Veeve, a Seattle-based company, implements its technology in major retail brands globally, with Al Meera being one of the latest additions in the Middle East.Al Meera not only upholds its rich legacy of years of experience and excellence in the retail sector, but also contributes to the Qatar National Vision 2030 by strategically adopting state-of-the-art technological solutions through recent partnerships.These alliances ensure advanced cloud solutions and play a crucial role in implementing expansion plans that align with Qatar’s National Vision 2030. Simultaneously, they enhance the overall experience for customers and employees across its extensive network of 60+ branches.

Abu Dhabi’s non-oil economy expands 7.7% in Q3 and 8.6% in first 9 months of 23

The Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) has reported a substantial 7.7 per cent growth in the real non-oil GDP of Abu Dhabi during the third quarter of 2023, in comparison to the same period in 2022.The growth is attributed to the success of Abu Dhabi’s comprehensive strategy aimed at fortifying its standing as a prominent economic powerhouse.Preliminary estimates released by SCAD reveal that most of non-oil activities have sustained growth rates, contributing 52.8 per cent to the overall economy. Despite fluctuations in the oil and gas global markets, the Abu Dhabi' economy continues to exhibit promising prospects.Marking a significant milestone, the emirate's economy reached its highest quarterly value at AED290.5 billion, posing a positive growth of one per cent in real gross domestic product during Q3 2023 compared to the same quarter the previous year, despite the decline in oil prices.The statistical results indicate a 2.8 per cent growth in real GDP over the first nine months of 2023 compared to the same period last year and a robust 8.6 per cent expansion in non-oil activities during the same timeframe.His Excellency Ahmed Jasim Al Zaabi, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), said: “The consistent stellar growth of Abu Dhabi’s economy is a solid proof of its resilience and the effectiveness of our approach to turn headwinds into tailwinds during this challenging time as the global economy is witnessing major shifts that impact different markets and industries around the world”.“These results, with a 2.8 per cent growth in real total GDP and an impressive 8.6 per cent rise of non-oil GDP during the first 9 months of 2023, reaffirm our strong foundation and robust frameworks, paving the way to the Falcon Economy to soar further and farther. Backed by ongoing diversification strategic programmes, growing engagement of the private sector, and initiatives to attract more quality FDIs and DDIs, Abu Dhabi is cementing its status as preferred destination for talents, investments, and businesses. We remain committed to continuously and proactively enhance our vibrant, globally competitive and entrepreneurial ecosystem to generate lasting opportunities for all, enabling them to reach their full potential, while placing human development and sustainability at the heart of our socio-economic strategies.”His Excellency Abdulla Gharib Alqemzi, Acting Director General of the Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi said: “SCAD is committed to enhancing the quality and accessibility of reliable analyses crucial for both local and international investors in their decision-making processes. SCAD offers a range of statistical indicators that aid decision-makers and specialists in determining investment priorities and monitoring the performance of various sectors according to the international best practices for statistical production and analyses.“The third-quarter statistical indicators reflect the economic resilience of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and showcase a consistent growth since the second quarter of 2021. This growth is attributed to the expanding non-oil activities, mitigating the impact of the global slowdown in oil-related activities. The statistical figures affirm the emirate's proactive efforts to diversify the economy and promote the growth of non-oil sectors.”Manufacturing activities, which is a leading non-oil activity, reached a value of AED26.3 billion, contributing over 17 per cent to the non-oil GDP and 9 per cent to the overall GDP in the third quarter of 2023. This underscores the continued success of diversification initiatives, including the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy (ADIS) aiming to strengthen the emirate’s position as the region’s most competitive industrial hub and the rapid growth of non-oil activities.In a parallel development, construction activity maintains a positive momentum, achieving a growth rate of 14.3 per cent during the third quarter of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. The value of construction activity reached AED25 billion, contributing more than 16.3 per cent to the non-oil GDP and 8.6 per cent to the total economy during the third quarter of 2023.Statistical estimates released by the SCAD highlight growth across most non-oil sectors, including the transport and storage sector, achieving a remarkable growth rate of 20 per cent in the third quarter of 2023 year-on-year, surpassing growth rates in previous quarters. This surge can be attributed to the substantial expansion of the shipping container market and the increased volume of flights and passengers.In the same context, financial and insurance activities experienced a growth of 14.4 per cent during the third quarter of 2023 compared to the same period last year. This growth elevated the value of the sector to AED18.7 billion, contributing 6.4 per cent to the emirate’s gross domestic product during this period.The robust economic growth experienced by Abu Dhabi had a notable impact on foreign investment which witnessed a significant 9.7 per cent increase in total foreign investments throughout 2022, surpassing an impressive value of AED831 billion.Amidst varying economic performances across the Middle East and North Africa region during this period, Abu Dhabi emerged as one of fastest growing economies in 2022 and first nine month of 2023. This outcome underscores the emirate's distinguished position, affirming its competitiveness and its attractive investment climate while maintaining a resilience and proactive approach to fostering a thriving economic landscape.

Yalla!Hub empowers over 105 brands as it conquers new markets

Yalla!Hub, the leading quick-commerce as a service (QAAS) platform, today announced a series of groundbreaking initiatives to propel the e-commerce revolution in the MENA, which is set to grow by 24 percent between 2020 and 2024 to reach $20 billion. Several services and marketplaces, such as Amazon, Noon, and NowNow, have already integrated the features the company has to offer, such as SEO optimization and professional design of item cards to attract more customers and increase brand awareness. Over the past year, Yalla!Hub has played a pivotal role in enabling over 105 brands to expand their reach into the UAE, Saudi Arabia and beyond. The brands include VkusVill, Ingresso Roasters, Narzan water, Elfbar, Bite Beauty, Minimalist Jewelry, Merries, Bio Cera, mi&ko, Daigo, Rada Russkikh, Romanovamakeup, Pusy Beauty, among others. These brands, spanning diverse industries from groceries and vitamins to housekeeping, baby products, and electronics, have leveraged Yalla!Hub's robust infrastructure and expertise to seamlessly navigate the complexities of the MENA e-commerce market. Furthermore, some of these brands have become favorites in the market and shown rapid growth since their launch. This includes Romanovamakeup with a sales growth of 10560%, Merries with 2790%, Legend of Baikal with 1063%, Chikalab with 650%, and Lotos LLC (Chiedocover) with 469%, among others.The company's ambitious expansion plans and unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and partnerships position Yalla!Hub is at the forefront of shaping the region's digital retail future. In 2024, Yalla!Hub is poised to revolutionize the fashion segment, leveraging the explosive growth of TikTok and the burgeoning social e-commerce landscape. In fact, global social media advertising spending is projected to more than double and exceed an all-time high of $262 billion by 2028. With fashion becoming the epicenter of social commerce in the Middle East, the company empowers fashion brands to capitalize on this trend and connect directly with their target audience in the UAE and Saudi Arabia."We are witnessing the meteoric rise of TikTok and its transformative impact on social commerce," remarked Leo Dovbenko, CEO of Yalla!Hub. "Fashion, with its inherent visual appeal and social influence, is the ideal industry to harness this paradigm shift. Yalla!Hub is at the forefront of this disruption, empowering fashion brands to engage with their audience, showcase their products, and drive sales through the power of social media."Beyond fashion, Yalla!Hub is rapidly expanding its reach into new markets, setting its sights on conquering Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In summer 2023, the company secured a seed investment round of $6 million to fuel this expansion. These funds will be instrumental in refining the IT platform for order aggregation, expanding the network of partner marketplaces, and accelerating the company's growth in these new territories.With its innovative spirit, unwavering commitment to partnerships, and strategic expansion plans, Yalla!Hub is poised to become the driving force behind the MENA e-commerce sector, which is estimated to reach a market volume of $50 billion by 2025, according to a recent Deloitte study. The company's vision is to revolutionize how brands operate and consumers shop, creating a dynamic and interconnected e-commerce ecosystem that caters to the region's diverse needs."Yalla!Hub is not just another e-commerce platform; it's a catalyst for change," affirmed Dovbenko. "We are empowering brands to reach new heights, expanding consumer choices, and shaping the future of e-commerce in the MENA region. With our innovative approach, strategic partnerships, and unwavering commitment to growth, Yalla!Hub analyzes trends and offers its clients the most profitable ways to promote themselves on the market."

Talabat Mart unveils 2023’s biggest grocery orders and popular products

Talabat Mart, one of the most popular grocery sites, has revealed its 2023's biggest grocery orders, most popular products and categories. It's fascinating to see how online grocery shopping has transformed the way people acquire their everyday essentials. Talabat Mart sheds light on some intriguing trends in the online grocery shopping landscape in the UAE:Record-Breaking Order:Date: Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023.A monumental order of 438 items was placed in a single transaction, marking it as the biggest order of the year. This order not only reflects the convenience of online grocery shopping but also elevates the customer to the talabat Mart Hall of Fame.Loyal Shopper Recognition:Remarkable Customer: A single customer demonstrated exceptional loyalty by placing a staggering total of 595 individual orders in the year 2023. This showcases the platform's ability to retain and satisfy dedicated customers.Most Loved Brands:Leading Brands: Mai Dubai, Al Ain, and Almarai emerged as the preferred brands among consumers. This data provides insights into the brands that have gained popularity and trust among online shoppers.Popular Product Categories:Consumer Preferences: Fruits and vegetables stand out as the indisputable favorites, with over 12 million units sold. This trend highlights a growing inclination towards healthier choices among individuals, reflecting a broader health-conscious lifestyle. Peak Order Time:Busiest Hour: The peak order time for talabat Mart is at 7 pm. This information is valuable for both consumers, helping them plan their orders efficiently, and for the platform to manage resources during peak hours.Efficient Picking Time:Picking Efficiency: talabat Mart showcases impressive efficiency in order picking, with an average picking time of under 2 minutes for the UAE. This rapid turnaround time is a testament to the platform's streamlined operations and quick service.The data provided not only highlights the convenience and efficiency of online grocery shopping but also reveals interesting insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and the operational efficiency of the talabat Mart platform in the UAE.

How to build successful affiliate marketing programs in 2024

According to Admitad’s report on White Friday 2023 in MENA, affiliate marketing has shown its growing popularity, with 20% more brands building it into their marketing strategy than last year. Companies find it convenient to use a tool that allows them to cover all possible sources of traffic and pay only for results.Vadim Mennanov, Head of Marketing at ,Tapfiliate an affiliate program building tool, talks about the most effective methods of attracting the right publishers to your affiliate program, as well as offering advice on some of the common pitfalls you should avoid in your 2024 marketing strategy.A low-cost, budget-efficient way to reach new audiencesAffiliate marketing is an advertising strategy whose popularity is growing daily. At its very core, it involves the cooperation between a company or brand (the advertiser) who wishes to promote a product or service and a publisher (the affiliate) who agrees to help spread the company’s marketing message to their own audience.Anyone with an audience can be a publisher. They could be someone with their own communications network, group of listeners or readers, and they might publish across platforms such as websites, blogs, social media, podcasts, email newsletters or YouTube channels. In return for the cooperation, publishers receive a commission for each successful conversion that results from their promotional efforts.Affiliate marketing can be a low cost and efficient marketing strategy for any business to generate new sales and increase profits, but the key element is to skilfully and authentically connect a product or service with the right target audiences, thus the right publishers.How to attract the right publishers to your affiliate programThe key to developing a robust promotions network that can significantly increase your brand's reach and revenue is to be proactive in inviting publishers to join your affiliate program.Rather than simply waiting for publishers to stumble upon your program on their own, it's worth taking the initiative, doing your own research and reaching out to those affiliates who could really benefit your business.Here are 7 factors for building successful affiliate partnerships:1. Competitive commissions - Offering attractive commission rates is a simple way to get the attention of high-quality affiliates. It’s also something that will make them more likely to choose working with you over your competitors. Providing competitive commissions and incentives also helps keep affiliates engaged in promoting your business over the long-term.2. High-quality products or services - Publishers are more likely to promote products that they genuinely feel are valuable and worthy of recommendation to their followers. Because of this, ensure that the products or services you wish them to promote are of the highest possible quality. Remember, affiliate relationships are built upon the trust that you can deliver the quality your affiliates have promised. The affiliates have their reputations to protect.3. Effective communication - Maintaining successful, long-term relationships with publishers is all about communication. Affiliates need to feel valued and supported, as well informed about all on-going and up-coming promotional activities. Keeping them constantly in the loop builds loyalty, keeps them engaged and encourages extra effort.4. The right affiliate network - There are many affiliate networks to choose from but a good affiliate platform should provide accuracy in tracking publisher activity, transparency in reporting and ease of use. Using such an affiliate platform makes program management more efficient and comfortable for both you and your affiliates.5. Marketing materials - Affiliates need access to branded marketing materials to effectively promote your products or services. These can include ready-made banners, promotional content and affiliate links. Providing an extensive library of materials can help affiliates to create compelling, brand-consistent and effective content, which in turn increases the reach of your affiliate program and its impact on the market.6. Relationship building - Building lasting relationships with affiliates is key to the success of an affiliate program. By continually communicating, hosting industry events and providing development opportunities, you create a healthy and collaborative environment. This in turn translates into better program performance and long-term benefits.7. Affiliate referral program - An affiliate referral program can encourage people who are already working with you to actively promote your program to their circle of friends, driving increased reach.Maintaining long-term partnerships with your affiliatesThese 7 factors will help you to get your fledgling affiliate program off the ground, attract high-value publishers, set the ground-rules for effective communication and put your business on the path to building mutually-beneficial affiliate marketing relationships built on trust.But, running and managing a successful affiliate program is an on-going process. Here are some more tricks for long-term success and some things you should definitely avoid doing.Be clear about your goals - Make sure you have a clear strategy for your affiliate program before you start. What exactly do you want to achieve? How? What marketing materials can you offer to support your campaigns? Keep your goals simple, transparent and easy to communicate to publishers. If the goals of your program are unclear, you risk attracting the wrong publishers to your affiliate program.Choose your partners wisely - When starting any affiliate relationship, you need to set clear ground-rules for what is and what isn’t acceptable to you. This can mean ruling out any and all unethical practices such as false advertising and promotional spam that could lead to irreparable damage for your brand image.Keep lines of communication open - It’s key to build relationships with your publishers that are built on openness. Make sure to value (and take full advantage of) any suggestions or contributions they make. Keeping ahead of changing market trends can be a significant factor in your affiliate program’s success, and your publishers can help you achieve this.Use tools to monitor, manage and optimise - There are plenty of powerful marketing tools out there. Choose a user-friendly platform that offers tools to accurately track commissions and conversions without overwhelming partners with complexity. Using sub-par tools and systems, especially in terms of tracking activities and handling payments, can cause big problems down the line.Be transparent with your payouts - Avoid ambiguity about the commissions you pay. This includes hidden clauses and inconsistencies in payouts. Most importantly, always pay your publishers on time.Affiliate marketing represents an extremely beneficial opportunity for companies across all industries to promote themselves. Take these tips, tricks and guidelines onboard and good luck on your affiliate marketing journey.

2024 forecast: Gracy Chen unveils six market catalysts for crypto boom

Authored By Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget, the world’s largest crypto copy trading platformIn 2023, Bitcoin surged over 130% from its 2022 lows, surpassing a $700 billion market cap. Bitget mirrored this momentum with an 82% increase in spot trading volume in November 2023. The global market cap declined in July and August and rose in September with the news of spot Bitcoin ETFs. Bitget and Bybit saw the highest market share growth in September. Highlighting the significant events and advancements of the crypto/blockchain industry in this year.The trends will change, the upcoming shifts in the market situation, and perhaps key events. In 2024, there will be six market catalysts for positive developments. It is expected that the Bitcoin ETF will receive SEC approval in January 2024. The market is currently optimistic, and following this, approval for an Ethereum ETF is anticipated. Institutions are considering using Bitcoin to achieve diversified asset allocation. The Ethereum Cancun upgrade is scheduled for the first quarter, during which Ethereum and L2 ecosystems will further unleash their potential. ZK L2 projects are expected to experience a token issuance boom. The issuer of the stablecoin USDC, Circle, is preparing for its initial public offering (IPO), potentially in the first half of 2024. Bitcoin will undergo a halving in 155 days, increasing the scarcity of Bitcoin. The FTX case is gradually entering its later stages, facing restructuring. As regulatory clarity emerges, it is expected to attract new retail funds. The US interest rate hiking cycle is reaching its end, and the market anticipates the first rate cut as early as May 2024.It is anticipated that next year, after the liquidation of the Bitcoin overhang from Mt.Gox and the US government's Silk Road seizure, a true bull market will emerge, accompanied by widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and new innovations. We strongly believe that regulations worldwide have been extremely progressive with a focus on fostering innovation while safeguarding against risks. Regulatory frameworks are continuously evolving, with the possibility of changing crypto's landscape throughout the globe.

Almarai Bakery Factory in Hail wins the Basma Award

The Almarai Bakery Factory in Hail won the award of HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Saad bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Hail Region “Basma”, in its main branch as the best project that motivates and supports the process of sustainable development in the Hail region, which contributes to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.During the sixth annual Basma ceremony on December 28, 2023, Prince Abdulaziz presented the award to Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Head of Corporate Communication and Public Relations.Al-Otaibi expressed profound gratitude to Prince Abdulaziz, stating that the award reflects Almarai's steadfast commitment to investing in sustainable development in Hail. He emphasized the company's strategic role in realizing Vision 2030, particularly in enhancing food security in the Kingdom.It is worth noting that Almarai Company launched expanded investments of approximately 6.6 billion SR. in the past year in the Hail and Al-Jouf regions to expand food production in the Kingdom. This aligns with the company's investment plan for this vital sector, aiming to strengthen vital sector vitality across various geographic locations in Saudi Arabia and contribute to economic development in different regions of the Kingdom.

Talabat Mart unveils 2023’s biggest grocery orders and popular products

Talabat Mart, one of the most popular grocery sites, has revealed its 2023's biggest grocery orders, most popular products and categories. It's fascinating to see how online grocery shopping has transformed the way people acquire their everyday essentials. Talabat Mart sheds light on some intriguing trends in the online grocery shopping landscape in the UAE:Record-Breaking Order:Date: Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023.A monumental order of 438 items was placed in a single transaction, marking it as the biggest order of the year. This order not only reflects the convenience of online grocery shopping but also elevates the customer to the talabat Mart Hall of Fame.Loyal Shopper Recognition:Remarkable Customer: A single customer demonstrated exceptional loyalty by placing a staggering total of 595 individual orders in the year 2023. This showcases the platform's ability to retain and satisfy dedicated customers.Most Loved Brands:Leading Brands: Mai Dubai, Al Ain, and Almarai emerged as the preferred brands among consumers. This data provides insights into the brands that have gained popularity and trust among online shoppers.Popular Product Categories:Consumer Preferences: Fruits and vegetables stand out as the indisputable favorites, with over 12 million units sold. This trend highlights a growing inclination towards healthier choices among individuals, reflecting a broader health-conscious lifestyle. Peak Order Time:Busiest Hour: The peak order time for talabat Mart is at 7 pm. This information is valuable for both consumers, helping them plan their orders efficiently, and for the platform to manage resources during peak hours.Efficient Picking Time:Picking Efficiency: talabat Mart showcases impressive efficiency in order picking, with an average picking time of under 2 minutes for the UAE. This rapid turnaround time is a testament to the platform's streamlined operations and quick service.The data provided not only highlights the convenience and efficiency of online grocery shopping but also reveals interesting insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and the operational efficiency of the talabat Mart platform in the UAE.

Mohammed bin Rashid cements UAE's global digital content status at summit

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, stressed that media plays a vital role in the success of development strategies, as it is a key partner in any government and institutional work, and a renewable sector that provides a vast space for investment in its fields to be an important economic tributary.Media is also a major contributor to creating an intellectual and cultural movement in society through its ability to develop targeted content that is in line with the orientations and interests of various social and age groups, His Highness added.This came on the occasion of the UAE's hosting of the second edition of the "1 Billion Followers Summit" on 10th and 11th January 2024, the world's premier gathering for content creation and creators, themed "Get Connected".His Highness said that the “1 Billion Followers Summit” consolidates the UAE's position as a global platform for digital content creation, and represents a qualitative leap in the development and advancement of this promising sector, in a way that enhances the UAE's global stature and positive impact on the wider media scene.For his part, Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, welcomed the top influencers and content creators who are participating in the “1 Billion Followers Summit”, affirming that the UAE has been and remains the best environment to keep pace with the development of the media and digital content creation sectors.The “1 Billion Followers Summit”, organised by the New Media Academy at the Emirates Towers and the Museum of the Future in Dubai, brings together 7,000 participants, including more than 3,000 content creators, influencers, and creatives with more than 1.6 billion followers. The summit will also feature 200 media content production companies, 100 digital production agencies, 100 CEOs, and 190 speakers from the world's most famous digital content creators, who will present more than 100 diverse events, including 15 inspiring speeches, 20 workshops, 25 panel discussions, 15 fireside chats, 4 debates, and 20 on-ground activations through the summit.The summit introduces four distinct tracks tackling the most prominent aspects of content creation: Get Creative, Get Ahead, Get Paid, and Get Together.The “1 Billion Followers Summit” provides a platform for content creators, representatives of social media platforms, and creative content production institutions to exchange experiences and expertise, with the aim of achieving further cooperation and joint work that enhances the impact of digital content and the new media in stimulating the positive energy of societies, multiplying the size of the creative economy market, and increasing its contribution to accelerating the pace and plans for comprehensive and sustainable development in the region and the world.

No one-size-fits-all approach in PR: Anastasiya Golovatenko

As we continue with our ‘crystal-gazing into 2024’ series, today, Anastasiya Golovatenko, PR Director at Sherpa Communications, shares her insights on the pivotal role of social media and digital marketing in PR companies. She says that Sherpa is strategically embracing the digital landscape by adopting a digital-first mindset for campaigns, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide comprehensive 360° strategies. The agency employs a dual approach, customizing strategies for both B2C and B2B sectors. Excerpts:With the growing importance of digital channels and social media, how is your PR agency planning to leverage new communication technologies and platforms by 2024?The integration of digital and social media has become essential, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it should now be standard for PR agencies. We plan and execute all campaigns with a digital-first mindset, ensuring that clients benefit from comprehensive 360° campaigns that cover offline, online, and social media tactics. The adoption and utilisation of cutting-edge technologies play a pivotal role, offering valuable insights to brands on their market position, assessing the competitive landscape, and enabling real-time campaign adjustments to optimise impact and reach within the industry.What strategies are in place to enhance client visibility and reputation management in the evolving digital landscape of 2024?There are numerous tactics available in PR, and there is no one-size-fits-all or 'shopping list' approach. Each campaign should be carefully tailored to align with a business's objectives, priorities, and challenges. For example, integrating SEO tactics into PR is a powerful technique (57% of B2B marketers rate this approach as the best for lead generation) that can enhance a brand's strategic online visibility and its presence in search results among their target audience.Reputation management is also crucial. Unfortunately, many business leaders still don't recognise it as a strategic function, but their public profiles, whether strong or weak, directly impact their businesses and their reputation in the market. Strong individual and corporate profiles help attract investors, foster business growth, and facilitate new partnerships.With the rise of influencer marketing, how is your PR agency incorporating influencer partnerships into your communication strategies by 2024?Recognising the effectiveness of influencer marketing, especially in B2C campaigns, we engage influencers after detailed planning, ensuring they align perfectly with the brand’s message and values. We are also adapting to the rising trend of collaborating with micro-influencers, who often have a deeper connection with their audience, which is particularly beneficial for targeted, niche marketing efforts.Influencer marketing is equally effective in the B2B sector, however, the strategy differs significantly. We focus on engaging with influential decision-makers and thought leaders in the business world, customising our campaigns to resonate with a professional and industry-specific audience. This dual approach allows us to effectively utilise influencer partnerships in diverse market sectors, ensuring our clients' messages reach the right audience through the most influential voices.What metrics do you prioritize to measure the impact of influencer collaborations on brand perception and audience engagement in 2024?We prioritise a mix of qualitative and quantitative metrics to measure the impact of these collaborations on brand perception and audience engagement. Examples of metrics include:• Engagement rates, including likes, comments, and shares, are key indicators of how well the audience resonates with the influencer’s content.• Content reach and impressions: to assess the breadth of the influencer's content spread and visibility.• Click-through rates (CTR) on influencer-shared links are crucial for tracking their effectiveness in driving traffic to the client’s website or campaign landing page.• Return on Investment (ROI) analysis is pivotal to compare the overall campaign costs against the objectives set, to ascertain the financial viability and effectiveness of the influencer partnership.By analysing these metrics, we can effectively gauge the success of our influencer collaborations and continually refine strategies to maximise impact.

Canon Launches "Make Your Mark" Campaign to Empower Middle East Content Creators

Canon Middle East, a global innovator in photography and imaging, has announced the second edition of the "Make Your Mark" campaign, an initiative that empowers content creators with the tools they need to unlock their full creative potential and stand out in the dynamic world of vlogging. The success and immense public interest of the inaugural 2022 edition have inspired even greater collaboration between Canon and the regional creative community, including adding more creators and a more comprehensive range of products this year.The launch event at SEVA Experience Dubai on June coincided with the introduction of the brand-new PowerShot V10, a game-changing addition to Canon's lineup of vlogging cameras. During the occasion, content creators from the region got firsthand experience with the Canon PowerShot V10, the PowerShot G7 X Mark III and the EOS R50, cameras explicitly designed to cater to the needs of vloggers and content creators.The PowerShot V10 is a vlogger's dream come true. Weighing just 211g, it's perfect for on-the-go content creation and boasts an impressive 4K UHD Video capability. Equipped with a Stereo Mic, built-in stand, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this camera is poised to be the ultimate companion for vloggers. Users can record smooth, stable footage – even when walking – with Enhanced Image Stabilisation while allowing live streaming on YouTube and Facebook via the Canon Camera Connect smartphone app.The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III is ideal for vloggers, bloggers, live streaming, video conferences and anyone posting content online. Its superb 4K video, large 1.0-type sensor, and 20.1-megapixel photos is delivered via a portable design that users can take anywhere.The Canon EOS R50 mirrorless camera creates thumb-stopping content, from sharp stills to 4K films and live streams. Built for creators, the compact design, lightweight (375g) and natural grip make it easy to shoot, while the flexibility of the vari-angle touchscreen lets users work all the angles, from high, low or flipped to face the user.Bengü Topçu, B2C Regional Marketing Director Middle East and Turkey, said, "Canon remains committed to supporting the ever-evolving world of vlogging and content creation. With Make Your Mark, we invite content creators to explore the possibilities, express their unique creativity, and continue making their mark in the digital landscape. The launch of our second edition reaffirms our commitment to nurturing even more talent while exposing regional creators to Canon's cutting-edge photography technologies."Inspiring creatives to be moreThe Make Your Mark campaign challenges content creators to shoot videos across three genres. Artists will demonstrate their creative differences using the PowershotV10 creators kit, G7x Mark III vlogging kit and EOS R50 vlogging kit across three genres (food, travel and fashion) to showcase and express their ingenuity.Three food vloggers, including Chef Eddy Diab "@chef.eddy.diab", Suad "@ladyspatula", and Harry Heal "@1thehealchef", will demonstrate how to make lasagna using Canon kits in their distinctive content styles. Through a 30-second cooking video, the vloggers will take viewers through the process of making the perfect lasagna, with a final reveal showing the layered composition of this all-time favorite. Moreover, three travel vloggers, Zayed "@zayed_alhaddar", Bekzat Juman "@shisubekii" and Iman Naghavi "@faithguy", will trek through Deira, Dubai, armed with Canon cameras to capture the essence of old Dubai, including the spice market, abra ride, and the famous old souk. These travel vloggers will be challenged to create impactful content on a day trip to this historic neighborhood, each making a 30-second video in their unique signature style.Meanwhile, three fashion vloggers, Amar "@amarsibai", Sophia "@wiz_khalifeh" and Abanoub Ramsis "@abanoubramsis" will demonstrate three ways to wear the same denim jacket. With their distinctive content and art styles, these fashionistas will capture key moments as part of their films, from pairing them with other items to accessorizing and finalizing the fit.Canon recognizes that even the best camera in the world is secondary to a creator's unique style and voice. However, it's no secret that a high-quality camera can eliminate limitations and supercharge creativity, enabling content creators in the region to elevate their craft to new heights.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce enhances local business community’s cyber resilience

 Dubai Chamber of Commerce, one of the three chambers operating under the Dubai Chambers umbrella, recently organised a virtual workshop on cybersecurity in collaboration with Mastercard to enhance the Dubai business community’s ability to face cyberthreats.Titled ‘Building Cyber Resilience in a Complex and Interconnected Digital World’, the workshop was attended by 50 participants from various companies operating in Dubai. It featured interactive discussions and constructive dialogues, providing participants with vital information and valuable insights, along with guidelines and real-world data in the digital field.Cyber resilience is a proactive strategy that enhances an organisation’s ability to ensure business continuity amid growing technological threats by pre-emptively setting up security provisions, analysing weaknesses in digital systems, and working to protect against potential digital challenges.The workshop is the second in a series of sessions to be held under a new initiative, launched by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce in July 2023 in collaboration with Mastercard. The initiative includes a year-long programme to help companies evaluate and improve their cybersecurity capabilities.His Excellency Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, said: “The digital world is constantly evolving as we grow increasingly reliant on modern and smart technologies in all areas of life. But the pace of cyberattacks is also growing in parallel, with expanding scopes and fast-changing methods. This exposes institutions and business sectors to imminent risks that must be systematically and continually addressed, which makes it more important than ever to keep pace with cybersecurity developments, exploring best practices, advanced systems, and tools to ensure the protection of digital systems.”“This workshop aligns with our efforts to provide support, knowledge, and guidance to the local business community in all practical and digital domains,” H.E. Lootah added. “The session aims to develop Dubai-based companies’ capabilities and potential, in addition to offering top-quality services with added value, which is integral to our strategy to elevate Dubai’s business environment and boost the private sector’s competitiveness.”Participants in the workshop were introduced to critical aspects of cybersecurity, including identifying sources and reasons for cyberattacks that target companies, as well as assessing the level of risk facing technological programmes. Discussions also covered best practices for ensuring the security of institutions and the latest tools for mitigating cybersecurity risks.

Oman's premier cybersecurity entity partners with Risk Associates Bahrain

In a significant move towards fortifying the cybersecurity landscape, Risk Associates Bahrain announces a strategic partnership with Omani cybersecurity entity, National Security Services Group (NSSG). As the first local company to offer PCI DSS Audit compliance services, NSSG is set to revolutionize cybersecurity in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector.Leveraging the combined expertise of NSSG and Risk Associates Bahrain, this partnership opens doors to cutting-edge solutions and advanced strategies, addressing the ever-evolving cyber threats faced by businesses in Oman. Notably, the collaboration aligns seamlessly with the regulatory standards set by the Central Bank of Oman, ensuring robust cybersecurity compliance.Stay ahead of the curve with NSSGs & Risk Associates PCI DSS Audit compliance services, designed to meet the latest standards and the stringent regulations of the Central Bank of Oman. Our comprehensive approach includes heightened security controls, improved compliance activities, updated password requirements, and rigorous testing procedures."We are thrilled to join hands with NSSG in this strategic partnership. In an era where cybersecurity challenges are ever-evolving, collaboration is key. Together, we are better equipped to address the dynamic cybersecurity landscape, offering our clients the highest standards of protection and resilience," remarked Mr. Redha Radhi, General Manager at Risk Associates Bahrain"This historic collaboration establishes NSSG as Oman's pioneer in providing PCI DSS Audit compliance services, in line with the Central Bank's regulations. We look forward to unlocking new opportunities and contributing to Oman's cybersecurity resilience," says NSSG spokesperson.Join NSSG and Risk Associates Bahrain in advancing cybersecurity awareness and resilience in Oman's BFSI sector. This strategic partnership aims to set industry benchmarks, providing unparalleled value and protection to businesses while adhering to the regulatory oversight of the Central Bank of Oman.

Women athletes eye new records in 8 sports during AWST 2024 in Sharjah

Sharjah is set to become the epicentre of athletic prowess as it gears up to host the 7th edition of the Arab Women Sports Tournament (AWST) from February 2 to 12, with women athletes eyeing to break new records across the new edition’s 8 sports disciplines.Held under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Chairperson of Sharjah Women's Sports (SWS), sporting venues across the emirate will transform into an epic showdown where the finest female athletes from across the Arab world will demonstrate their skills, compete for supremacy, and celebrate their shared passion across eight sports.A platform for an athletic showdownThe 7th edition of AWST is set to become a regional platform for women athletes and sports teams to compete in eight disciplines: volleyball, table tennis, basketball, shooting, archery, fencing, and athletics, reflecting the diverse strengths and competitive spirit of women in the athletic arena. This multi-sport event aims to promote women's sports in the Arab world, encouraging broader female participation and excellence and rallying communities’ support.Our Courts. Her Story: A narrative of empowerment and elite competitionEmbracing the theme "Our Courts. Her Story," AWST 2024 is more than just a sports tournament; it's a powerful narrative of empowerment, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence among women athletes in the Arab world. The biggest sporting event of its kind is designed not only to showcase the exceptional talent of female athletes but also to foster a spirit of unity, fair play and healthy competition among participants from the Arab world.Noura Ali Al Shamsi, Director AWST, said, "Most women's competitions and tournaments are limited to a single sport, either due to the difficulty of coordination and logistics or the lack of necessary sports infrastructure. However, AWST stands out in its diversity of sports and advanced sporting infrastructure coupled with institutional support to host events of this magnitude and importance.”She added, "In addition to showing athletes’ prowess and capabilities, the event highlights the importance of sports as a driver of social progress, promoting equity and equal opportunities for women as an important partner in advancing their countries in all fields and arenas."A unique opportunity for participationAWST Higher Organizing Committee invites all women's clubs and teams in the Arab world to leverage this unique opportunity to participate in the most prominent women's sports event in the Arab world. Athletes and clubs are encouraged to contact their national federations to register for AWST by December 31.

PUMA celebrates the launch of new City Walk store featuring a new Field of Play

PUMA, one of the world’s renowned sports apparel brands, announced the opening of its latest Dubai store at the popular City Walk location, one of Dubai’s prime retail destinations. The 432.75 sqm retail space is the brand’s 4th store to open in the UAE this year, and will be home to some of the sports giant’s most sought-after product lines.The City Walk store will also highlight a new “Field of Play” concept, the first of its kind globally for PUMA. The premium store features clean, open lines throughout to showcase PUMA’s signature trends and technologies in footwear, apparel, and accessories across performance, lifestyle, team sport, motorsport, basketball, and kids categories.PUMA Middle East General Manager Taner Seyis commented on the launch of the store saying: “We are very excited for the expansion of our retail spaces in one of the region’s prime retail areas bringing the region’s shoppers products they love from iconic partnerships and limited collections. This retail space will be our 4th to open in the UAE this year, reaffirming our commitment to PUMA Middle East’s fast-paced growth in the region. This expansion comes as part of our strategy tailored to meet local consumers’ demands in prime areas of the city, following our plans to double PUMA’s retail footprint in the Emirates in 2024.”PUMA’s City Walk store will include a designated space for PUMA’s “Select Collection” giving the brand’s fans access to items from some of its exclusive collaborations with innovative sports and apparel brands such as FENTY, PLEASURES, and RHUIGI and features apparel tailored to all genders, age groups, and sports interests.

Rubicon Drinks joins forces with SAFCO as distributor for UAE's HORECA Channel

Rubicon Exotic, a leading global producer of premium fruit juices, and Safco International, a renowned name in the beverage distribution industry, are thrilled to announce a ground-breaking partnership that promises to bring innovative and refreshing changes to the beverage industry. This strategic collaboration aims to provide consumers with a wide range of exotic flavours, which are healthy recipes and offer an enhanced overall experience.“As a leading distributor in the UAE, SAFCO is thrilled to join hands with Rubicon Drinks, a brand renowned for its authentic and exotic fruit flavors," said Gagandeep Sahni, Managing Director at SAFCO. "We are confident that this partnership will not only enhance our product portfolio but also meet the growing demand for premium drinks within the HORECA sector”.Rubicon Exotic is known for its exotic fruit juice blends, using the finest fruits sourced from around the world. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a preferred choice for consumers seeking unique and delightful beverages. Safco International, on the other hand, is a respected name in the distribution of beverages, boasting an extensive network and a strong market presence.This partnership represents a synergistic approach, combining Rubicon Exotic's innovative product line with Safco International's distribution expertise. The joint venture is expected to offer several benefits to both companies and, most importantly, to consumers with an expanded product portfolio and enhanced distribution network."We are excited to partner with Safco International," said Jose Jacob, Sales and Marketing Director, International Business. He further added, "This collaboration allows us to reach a broader audience and share the unique taste of our exotic fruit juice blends with more consumers in the country.""We believe that this partnership with Rubicon Exotic is a strategic move that aligns with our vision of bringing innovative and high-quality beverages to the global market," commented Mohith Madhu, Head of Beverages at Safco International.Together, Rubicon Exotic and Safco International aim to set new standards in the beverage industry, catering to the evolving tastes and preferences of consumers. The partnership promises to be a refreshing development for the beverage market, offering more options, better availability, and a commitment to quality and sustainability.Currently, Rubicon Exotic products are sold in a variety of retail locations, including Spinneys, Waitrose, Carrefour, Lulu, Zoom, Geant, Choithrams, Abu Dhabi Coop, Sharjah Coop, Al Maya, and Aswaaq for UAE residents. Additionally, customers may purchase the brand's goods online through Lulu online, Carrefour, Amazon,, Noon, Instashop, Spinneys, Talabat, and Mumzworld.

Ooredoo Kuwait Concludes 2023 with a cascade of digital & social accomplishment

Ooredoo Kuwait, the prime tech and telecommunications company, wraps up a year of continuous success in 2023. In this comprehensive report, the company highlights major achievements across its operations, spanning technology upgrades, partnerships, and customer-centric campaigns. Additionally, Ooredoo underscores its positive impact on the community through its extensive corporate social responsibility initiatives. The report also includes a concise overview of Ooredoo’s financial performance until the end of September.Strong Financial PerformanceCompared to the same period last year, Ooredoo Kuwait maintained robust financial performance, experiencing a 5% growth in revenues, reaching 185.0 million Kuwaiti dinars by September 2023.The company also witnessed a commendable 13% increase in income, amounting to 59.9 million Kuwaiti dinars. Notably, Ooredoo’s customer base grew to 2.9 million within nine months, showcasing a 5% increase.Customer Trust and Operational Teamwork Drive SuccessThe achievements of Ooredoo Kuwait in 2023 can be primarily credited to the pivotal role played by the company's dedicated customer base. At the heart of Ooredoo Kuwait's success is an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company highlights the significance of customers choosing Ooredoo Kuwait as their preferred telecommunications provider, emphasizing its dedication to enhancing the overall customer experience as the driving force behind its commitment to excellence.In acknowledging the indispensable contribution of Ooredoo's workforce, the accomplishment wouldn't have been possible without the employees' steadfast dedication and hard work throughout the year. Their collective efforts and their consistent pursuit of innovation have been pivotal in delivering high-quality services to Ooredoo’s valued customers.Digital technology upgrades and continued achievementsIn this context, the efforts made by the company in the field of digitization, did not stop at improving digital services and products but went beyond to integrate with government and service-oriented digital platforms, aiming to enhance the quality of individuals' lives and facilitate them.In response to the rapid developments in the digital landscape and in line with its strategic directions, Ooredoo invested in comprehensive platforms powered by artificial intelligence in 2023. The goal is to provide integrated solutions and services all in one place. This investment comes to facilitate the monitoring of development stages, security, and operational aspects of programs and their life cycles.It is noteworthy to mention that the Ooredoo App stands out as the most widely used App by customers and ranks among the top ten free applications in Kuwait, reaffirming its user-friendly interface and seamless functionality.Additionally, the Nojoom Rewards program, recognized as one of the most utilized loyalty programs in Kuwait and the region, has received numerous awards this year.Developing Smart Cities in Alignment with Kuwait Vision 2035In this context, Ooredoo has launched smart city solutions using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. These solutions include technologies developed after intensive studies and research, with the most significant implementations seen in Souq Al-Mubarakiya, given its strategic importance as a hub to promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly urban environment.The latest customized solutions for corporate customers in the business sector were unveiled through the successful implementation of Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology within the Ooredoo network. This move clearly reflects the company's pioneering role in adopting the latest technologies, raising communication standards, and providing innovative services at exceptional levels.It is a significant addition to Ooredoo's diverse portfolio of IoT communication solutions. With this extensive portfolio, the company's customers have the capability to leverage NB-IoT technology in various fields.This modern technology comes with multiple and wide-ranging benefits aimed at enhancing and empowering the Internet of Things (IoT). It stands out for its efficiency in providing cost-effective communication and low energy consumption, making it easy to operate across a variety of devices and applications.This prominent step is of great importance to Ooredoo's customers, contributing to benefits across various industries and sectors. It also plays an effective role in enhancing the overall environment and providing an additional advantage to the local community. By adhering to the highest global standards in safety and security through NB-IoT technology, Ooredoo customers can benefit from stronger and more secure connections for their IoT devices, whether in their smart homes, personal devices, or asset monitoring.Global PartnershipsOoredoo is dedicated to the development of smart solutions, and, in line with this commitment, it has made the strategic decision to broaden its global partnerships. Notably, the company has entered into a partnership with Amazon Web Services this year, marking a significant step towards enhancing the digital transformation landscape.The past year has been marked by a noteworthy achievement for Ooredoo, characterized by the establishment of pivotal partnerships and exclusive agency agreements with leading manufacturers of smart devices and accessories. Throughout 2023, Ooredoo Kuwait collaborated with industry giants Samsung, Apple, and Huawei to introduce the latest cutting-edge devices to its customers, providing them with competitive and distinctive packages to elevate their overall experience.These collaborations were aimed at providing Ooredoo customers with access to top-tier smart and digital solutions.World-class products and services, with outstanding promotionsIn the current year, the company has successfully achieved its strategic objectives, marked by a notable increase in customer demand. The transformation experienced by Ooredoo goes beyond technological advancements; it encompasses the broadening of the company's service portfolio and the introduction of promotional offers tailored to meet the diverse needs of all customer segments and their distinct lifestyles.Positioned as "the companion brand of your lifestyle," Ooredoo has significantly expanded its most extensive rewards program in Kuwait, known as "Nojoom." This expansion involves enhancing and diversifying its partnerships across various sectors, including collaborations with top-tier brands and service providers. Such initiatives are deemed as an added value to the overall customer experience, reinforcing the credibility of the company's slogan, "We Upgrade your world."Social, Environmental, and Corporate Sustainability PromiseOoredoo Group has collaborated with telecommunications companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to enhance the concept of sustainability in the region. The company launched a tangible initiative to exchange information and initiate a transformative journey to support sustainability in the telecommunications sector in those countries. The memorandum of understanding was signed during the Global Mobile Congress 2022, with the participation of seven telecommunications companies in the GCC, highlighting regional integration and a shared commitment to reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices in the telecommunications sector.Ooredoo Group topped the sustainability list in the Middle East, among the top 100 companies for Forbes Middle East, reflecting its excellence in its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The list showcases leading companies adopting sustainable practices throughout the region, with evaluations based on various criteria, such as positive environmental impact and commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance principles.In the technology and communications sector, Ooredoo Group secured the fourth position, reaffirming its position among the top 5 companies achieving tangible accomplishments in the field of sustainability. In line with its leading role in realizing the vision of Kuwait New 2035, Ooredoo continued to adopt best sustainability practices throughout 2023, focusing on environmental, social, and corporate governance principles. In addition to its structural sustainability commitment, the company emphasized its transition to solar-powered transmission stations in selected areas in Kuwait, contributing to reducing harmful emissions through the use of renewable energy.In line with the New Kuwait Vision 2035, Ooredoo remains steadfast in its promise of leading a sustainable telecom future. By adopting the best sustainability practices within every aspect and principle of its business, Ooredoo has been able to deliver on its environmental, social, and corporate sustainability promises for 2023. Fully Integrated Social Responsibility ProgramAligned with its societal commitment as an integral part of its business model, Ooredoo consistently delivered a positive impact on the community through a strategic array of initiatives and community engagements aimed at diverse segments.Nationalization Program: In harmony with the national vision and its outlined agenda, Ooredoo distinguishes itself as a frontrunner among companies actively contributing to the increase in the national workforce percentage. The company has executed a spectrum of initiatives to foster the growth and employment of local talent. These encompass diverse programs, including support for national initiatives and projects, scholarships, and community care initiatives.Empowering Youth and Supporting Young TalentIn terms of community involvement, Ooredoo has overseen and sponsored a series of impactful events throughout the year. Among these events is the ceremony honoring outstanding students in several Kuwaiti schools, showcasing Ooredoo's commitment to providing boundless support to the promising youth in Kuwait. The company has also sought to enhance cooperation with Kuwaiti universities, focusing on guiding and educating young people in the field of technology and communications.The company has organized educational and informative conferences, such as the Kuwait Technical College Conference (Ktech 2023) and the Second Kuwait Digital Transformation Conference, reflecting its commitment to providing rich and useful experiences for the youth.To strengthen ties with the promising youth, Ooredoo collaborated with Kuwait University to highlight young talents, provide necessary support, and offer diverse job opportunities in various fields.With a focus on playing a vital role in developing a highly skilled Kuwaiti workforce, the company initiated the "O-Academy" training program tailored for young individuals in the telecommunications and technology sector. This program encompasses various instructional workshops, lectures, and hands-on practical experiences.Creating a Balanced Work Environment and Fostering Inclusive OpportunitiesOoredoo has implemented a range of internal initiatives with the aim of improving communication, reinforcing connections among employees, and building stronger ties with customers. Notably, one such initiative involves the development of employees' skills in sign language communication. Additionally, Ooredoo has forged collaborations with organizations responsible for individuals with special needs, working towards their seamless integration into the workforce as valuable and equal contributors. It's worth highlighting that the company's commitment extends to supporting Ooredoo employees within branches, particularly in roles related to customer service for individuals with special needs.Employee Development:In the ever-evolving landscape of the telecommunications and technology industry, the imperative of enhancing workforce skills became increasingly apparent. Ooredoo, recognizing this need, was steadfast in its commitment to equip its employees with the essential educational tools and training programs necessary for their professional advancement. The company stood out for its robust investment in cultivating young national leaders, providing a spectrum of opportunities encompassing support, career progression, individual development plans, management and leadership development programs, as well as mentorship and guidance initiatives. These concerted efforts underscored Ooredoo's dedication to nurturing and retaining its top talents in this dynamic industry.Inclusivity and Empowering Women:Ooredoo is actively working to support and empower women within its organizational structure, striving to achieve equal opportunities for everyone and bolstering young leadership in the fields of technology and communications.Awards and Accolades:With a strong focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and cutting-edge digital technology, Ooredoo Kuwait marks the end of the year 2023 by garnering a series of prestigious awards and accolades, which adds to its record list of remarkable achievements. Ooredoo’s 2023 trophy case now includes:Best Loyalty and Rewards Program in the Middle East for “Nojoom”Lead Award: 'Outstanding 5G Industry Partnership' AwardAsian Telecom Awards for Best ApplicationAsian Telecom Awards for Best Website in KuwaitBronze Stevie Award Best Application of the YearGold Stevie Award for Innovation in Information on the WebsiteSilver Stevie Award for Innovation in Information in the Mobile AppGold Stevie Award for Creative GrowthRecognized among Top 5 Sustainability Leaders in the Technology and Telecom by Forbes Middle East's Inaugural Sustainable 100 ListFurthermore, as a testament to its commitment to social responsibility, Ooredoo has utilized its tower to reflect and actively participate in the ongoing events in the country, seamlessly integrating the company into the fabric of society.As we look ahead, Ooredoo Kuwait remains steadfast in its mission to empower Kuwait's future through innovative, customer-centric, and socially responsible initiatives. The year 2023 has been a testament to Ooredoo's commitment to being more than a telecom provider, but a catalyst for positive change in the lives of individuals and the broader community.

Emirates Stallions Group Closes 2023 with 60% Stake Acquisition in AFKAR

Emirates Stallions Group (ADX:ESG), the Global investment, engineering, and construction solutions company and a subsidiary of International Holding Company (IHC), has announced today the acquisition of a 60% stake in AFKAR Financial & Property Investments, an Abu Dhabi-based company with diversified interests across the UAE. This significant move marks ESG’s robust expansion in the real estate and retail sector, further solidifying its position as a leading global investment powerhouse in the region.AFKAR has been active in various sectors including commercial enterprise investment, institution and management, companies’ representation, real estate enterprise investment and development, and the retail trade of household and office furniture and interior decoration materials. The company flagship brands, 2XL Home and OC Home, have strengthened their market presence with new showrooms and a strategic expansion plan, reflecting their commitment to quality and customer-centric approach.Kayed Khorma, CEO of Emirates Stallions Group, said: "Through this strategic acquisition, we are fortifying and diversifying our Group's portfolio, with the aim of expediting the development of our business plan for the upcoming year. Our focus is on delivering a higher Return on Investment (ROI) and continuing to add value to our investors."AFKAR has demonstrated remarkable growth with a 13% increase in assets and a 10% rise in revenue during the past 3 years, underpinned by a workforce of over 600 employees. This acquisition underlines ESG’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio in the real estate and retail sectors, recognizing AFKAR’s significant market presence and growth trajectory in key regional markets."ESG remains committed to investing in high-growth sectors and diversifying its business verticals throughout 2024. That's our strategic vision." Khorma added.The acquisition is a strategic move by ESG to invest in high-growth sectors, contributing significantly to the UAE’s economic diversification efforts. AFKAR’s extensive portfolio, including key showrooms in prime locations like Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Mall, Mega Mall and The Galleria - Al Maryah Island, complements ESG’s existing holdings and positions the group for further expansion. Complementing this strategic growth, the company has recently developed a new warehouse in Sharjah and is in the process of constructing an additional 2XL showroom in the vibrant Al Barsha area of Dubai.2XL Home, a distinguished retail brand in the UAE, is celebrated for its luxurious home furniture offerings, showcased across nine branches in the UAE. The Emirati brand features a series of beautifully crafted contemporary collections, inspired by classic French interiors, that align perfectly with a modern home setting. Complementing this, OC Home stands as a beacon of excellence in the furniture retail space, specializing in high-quality and stylish home furnishings that cater to discerning tastes and contemporary lifestyles.This partnership is expected to create a formidable presence in the UAE’s real estate and retail landscape, offering innovative solutions and enhancing customer experiences. With ESG’s diversified portfolio in Investment, Construction, and Real Estate sectors, and a track record of delivering exceptional products and services across more than 20 countries, this collaboration is set to redefine market dynamics and establish new industry benchmarks.

Apparel Group’s loyalty program Club Apparel offers 5x rewards to customers

Apparel Group's loyalty program, Club Apparel, is set to enhance the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) experience with a spectacular offer. From December 29th to 31st, Club Apparel members will have the exclusive opportunity to earn five times the usual reward points on their purchases across a diverse array of participating brands.The campaign, aligning with the Dubai Shopping Festival’s spirit, includes over 36 distinguished brands such as Aeropostale, Aldo, Aldo Accessories, Ardene, ACO, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Birkenstock, BBZ, Call it Spring, Calvin Klein, Charles & Keith, Crocs, Dune London, F5, Forest Essentials, Havaianas, Hema, Herschel, Hush Puppies, Inglot, La Vie en Rose, Lakeland, LC Waikiki, Levi’s, Moreschi, Naturalizer, New Yorker, Nine west, R&B, R&B Kids, Rituals, Skechers, Steve Madden, The Children’s Place, Tommy Hilfiger, TOMS.Neeraj Teckchandani, CEO of Apparel Group, said "Our engagement in the Dubai Shopping Festival aligns perfectly with the government's vision of economic growth and retail innovation. By participating in DSF, Club Apparel is not just providing an exceptional shopping experience but also contributing to the broader economic landscape of Dubai. This is part of our continued commitment to drive retail excellence and offer outstanding value to our customers, supporting Dubai's mission to remain at the forefront of the global retail industry."The DSF, in partnership with the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, is a key event in transforming Dubai into a dynamic hub of shopping and entertainment. It significantly boosts the region's retail and tourism industries by offering unique experiences and exclusive rewards, thus reinforcing Dubai's position as a top global destination for shopping and leisure.Club Apparel's participation in the Dubai Shopping Festival is part of a larger strategy to offer more value and a better shopping experience to its members. The campaign is open to all Club Apparel members, including those who join during the festival period.

Accenture cooperates with e&'s Responsible Sourcing Initiative in MENA

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has been selected as the strategic partner for e&'s responsible sourcing initiative that aims to embed sustainability into the procurement function and align with its net zero targets and sustainability commitments.Accenture will play a crucial role in advancing e&'s responsible sourcing strategy by developing a three-year roadmap and a robust supplier engagement framework designed to embed sustainability principles across e&'s entire supply chain. This accelerates e&’s journey to achieve a reduction of emissions for all scopes and aligns with the UAE’s sustainability goals. Accenture will also work with e& to define the value proposition for investing in responsible sourcing and shape e&’s future technology architecture with sustainability embedded at the core, not bolted on.Saeed Al Zarooni, Group Chief Procurement Officer at e&, said, “This collaboration with Accenture represents a significant milestone in our dedication to responsible sourcing and sustainability. This strategic relationship will play a crucial role in reshaping our procurement function and driving positive change throughout our supply chain.”“By fostering innovation, resilience, and sustainability, we intend to set new industry standards and inspire others to join us on this transformational journey towards a greener, more sustainable future for the telecom and technology industries in the Middle East,” added Al Zarooni.The initiative is set to benefit a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including ecosystem partners. Its objectives encompass upskilling talent to meet evolving industry demands on sustainability, stimulating innovation, strengthening supplier collaboration with a focus on growth, advocating circular economy principles, amplifying sustainable value creation that supports local economies and demonstrating dedication to preserving natural and biological diversity.Angelo Lorusso, managing director and Accenture's client account lead for e&, said: "Accenture is committed to embedding sustainability into everything we do and everyone we work with, and responsible procurement is an essential element in every company's sustainability approach. The long-term value that e& aims for across its stakeholders will serve as a model to others seeking to generate value and impact. The digital foundation we will create together will streamline processes, improve business decisions and embed sustainability across e&’s value chain and all emission boundaries.”

Soom Lite launches corporate wellness talks promoting health

Soom Lite, the UAE's first vegan GLP1 fruit drink and winner of an international award, is taking a proactive step towards preventive healthcare by introducing a series of corporate wellness talks for companies keen to promote a healthy lifestyle for employees as diabetes awareness takes centre stage this month. These talks are offered free by Soom Lite with the aim to raise awareness about sugar spikes, diabetes, and mindful food consumption.In a move to actively contribute to preventive healthcare, the team behind Soom Lite is launching corporate wellness events and programs to reflect their commitment to foster health-conscious communities. Soom Lite, the UAE's first vegan GLP1 fruit drink, had a recent debut in Dubai, offering a unique solution to curb unhealthy snacking and enhance the flavor of daily meals and was sold out within three weeks.Soom Lite is the result of collaboration between the UAE's International Beverage and Filling Industries (IBFI), one of the UAE's largest beverage manufacturers, and a team of doctors and scientists from Imperial College London and Oxford in the UK. This innovative vegan beverage promises to revolutionize the way people consume their daily meals.Last year, the team behind Soom Lite was honored with the prestigious InnovateUK Award, setting high expectations for its performance. Even before its official launch, Soom Lite had already piqued the interest of wellness enthusiasts worldwide as a vegan, low-calorie beverage with a distinctive edge.Soom Lite is a reduced-sugar fruit juice infused with an EFSA-backed Japanese plant fiber known for its remarkable ability to curb sugar spikes when consumed with meals. Each bottle of Soom Lite contains only around 20 calories and is available in three delectable flavors: orange, guava, and multi-fruit. Manufactured entirely in the UAE, Soom Lite proudly carries the prestigious Emirates Quality Mark and the Made in UAE logo, affirming its adherence to the highest standards of quality and excellence.When consumed alongside a meal, Soom Lite's Japanese plant fiber plays a vital role in stimulating the natural release of the GLP-1 hormone from the stomach. This process reduces and delays sugar absorption from digestion, effectively curbing the sugar spike typically observed in the bloodstream after eating or drinking. Such sugar spikes, known as prandial glycaemia, are strongly linked to the risks of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.Many individuals are unaware that modern food consumption often leads to blood sugar spikes after meals, causing fatigue and discomfort. Plant fiber is known to counteract the impact of unhealthy sugar spikes, which is why salads and vegetables are considered healthy additions to meals.Soom Lite stands out by containing the most viscous plant fiber naturally found on earth, sourced from a Japanese plant. This unique characteristic enables it to curb and stabilize rapid sugar spikes more effectively than other plant fibers. For those focused on beauty and anti-aging, reducing sugar spikes after eating is key, as recognized by the World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine. As it can be consumed up to six times a day, consumers have flexibility to manage their food choices while enjoying a delicious, low-calorie vegan beverage.Poised to make a significant impact in the realm of preventive healthcare, Soom Lite offers a practical solution to combat sugar spikes and promote better health and wellness as synthetic versions of GLP-1 hormone, with all the attendant side effects of synthetic hormones, are the active ingredients in slimming/anti-diabetes drugs like ozempic and mounjaro.

Fawry & Simple Touch Partner to Elevate Digital Payments in MENA's Dining Scene

 In a move towards reshaping the future of fintech and digital payments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) restaurant industry, "Fawry," the leading digital banking and payments technology company, proudly announces its strategic partnership with "Simple Touch," a prominent player specializing in cutting-edge business management software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for the food and beverage sector across the region.The objective of this collaboration is to elevate Simple Touch's restaurant management systems by integrating the latest innovative financial technologies provided by Fawry within the MENA region. Speaking on the significance of this alliance, Mohamed Kamel, Head of Acceptance Business Development and Billers Relationship Management at Fawry, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "We are delighted about this fruitful collaboration with Simple Touch, aiming to revolutionize the restaurant sector by infusing innovative technology into their extensive customer base across the MENA region”.Kamel expressed Fawry's pride in its proven track record in digital payment solutions, emphasizing the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the food and beverage industry through this strategic partnership. He added, "Our goal is to provide an integrated and innovative solution that caters to the needs of companies in this sector, ultimately enhancing their efficiency and elevating the overall customer experience”.Hady Samir, co-founder and head of the commercial sector at Simple Touch, echoed Kamel's sentiments, expressing pride in the partnership with Fawry as a significant opportunity to strengthen their presence and expand their business innovatively across the region. Hady stated, "This collaboration marks a milestone in combining our expertise in developing business management software in the food and beverage industry with Fawry's innovative technologies in the realm of fintech and digital payments”.Hady Samir highlighted the cooperation's goal of delivering cutting-edge solutions in the regional restaurant sector, clarifying its potential to improve performance and efficiency across the industry. The agreement is poised to empower food and beverage business owners, facilitating advanced technological solutions that streamline financial operations and digital payments for restaurant customers throughout the MENA region.This strategic alliance unfolds within the broader context of ongoing development in the food and beverage sector in the MENA region, aiming to align with evolving industry needs. The collaboration is anticipated to be a catalyst for the advancement of digital payment systems within the food and beverage sector across the region, paving the way for further extensive cooperation in the future.

Weber Shandwick on leveraging AI, enhancing visibility, and influencer collab

As part of our continuous effort to spotlight perspectives from prominent PR firms in the Middle East regarding their outlook and forecast for the year 2024, Adgully brings you an exclusive interview with Weber Shandwick UAE. Head of Digital, David Willett, and Manager of Media & Influencer Relations, Ola Zaidan, share their insights on the evolving roles of social media and marketing influencers in the contemporary era. Excerpts: With the growing importance of digital channels and social media, how is your PR agency planning to leverage new communication technologies and platforms by 2024?As a global agency, we’ve already invested in a number of generative AI tools to support and elevate content creation. A great example is our campaign for Ewaa which deployed AI to proactively and visually reach potential victims of human trafficking. For us, the tools have played a big role in both strategic ideation and producing media assets for campaigns in a smarter and more efficient manner. We’re looking to expand our understanding and usage of the tools across the agency, even beyond the specialist digital and creative departments as they can help us articulate our comms strategies and campaigns more efficiently. What strategies are in place to enhance client visibility and reputation management in the evolving digital landscape of 2024?We’ve seen over the course of the past year and with the continued rise of social media platforms, that the nature of social creative has changed – personality has never been more critical in brand content. For us, this means leveraging the power of strategists and creators and looking at longer term partnerships to engage social audiences. FMCG brands are, of course, slightly further ahead on the curve to this end, but more corporate channels are growing wiser to the power of personality – try Spanish renewable energy company Iberdrola on TikTok for instance. With the rise of influencer marketing, how is your PR agency incorporating influencer partnerships into your communication strategies by 2024?When it comes to considering influencer marketing as part of a comms strategy, and developing influencer campaigns, our approach involves a thorough analysis of a client's goals and KPIs, allowing us to define the metrics of success. Through strategic insights and planning, we identify the target audience, and then map these with suitable influencers whose profiles resonate with the brand persona, and would have the best chance to succeed at delivering the performance we’re aiming to achieve. Additionally, we leverage technology tools for social listening, influencer profiling, and vetting to ensure a successful influencer selection that can benefit the brand, the campaign, and the audience.What metrics do you prioritize to measure the impact of influencer collaborations on brand perception and audience engagement in 2024?It really depends on the goal of the collaboration. The aim might be wider reach and general awareness, or building deeper connections through specific engagements. We rely on a comprehensive set of metrics to measure the desired impact of influencer collaborations, in line with the goals we are focused on achieving. Metrics like reach, engagement rate, sentiment analysis, and conversion, can indicate a campaign's effectiveness, whether it was to enhance brand perception, to create meaningful interactions with a specific audience, or to deliver a call to action.

Brand TD by Travel Daily Media joins forces with Continuum Media

Brand TD by Travel Daily Media (Singapore) has announced a strategic marketing alliance with Dubai-based firm Continuum Media. This partnership aims to offer new opportunities for travel companies looking to enhance their global brand presence, particularly in the Middle East. Advertisers can leverage Brand TD's experience, contacts, and innovative solutions to connect with the B2B world of travel agents and consumers.Continuum Media brings valuable knowledge and expertise in the Dubai and Middle East market, making them an ideal partner for this venture. Their local insights and network connections are expected to help brands navigate Middle Eastern and global markets seamlessly, maximizing return on investment.Gary Marshall, CEO of Brand TD by Travel Daily Media, expresses excitement about the collaboration, anticipating accelerated brand growth and the ability to offer tailored advertising solutions to businesses in the Middle East. The partnership is expected to have a positive impact on serving travel, airline, and hotel partners in the region.Hana Khan, Sales Head at Continuum Media, describes the partnership as the beginning of a new era in the MENA region. The collaboration aims to bring together Continuum's media prowess and Travel Daily's expansive reach to shape travel industry narratives, unlocking potential for innovation and growth in the Middle East region.Both companies highlight that the partnership seeks to redefine how travel industry narratives are shaped, connecting professionals and unlocking potential for innovation and growth in the Middle East region.

Dubai's new era in FMCG: DET and P&G's pioneering partnership

The Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has signed a landmark partnership with multinational consumer goods corporation The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) which will see the entities work together to contribute towards Dubai’s economic growth in areas including SME development in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, Emirati talent training programmes, vocational learning, and sustainability with the aim to forge closer ties with the private sector to take part in Dubai’s economic growth enablement journey, among others. This strategic partnership, capitalizing on the unique strengths and knowledge of each partner, will serve as a model for public-private catalyst initiatives, not only fostering economic growth and innovation in key sectors but also exemplifying Dubai's approach to collaborations between government and private sectors.The partnership was formalised in a ceremony at the P&G Innovation Centre in Dubai, attended by Omar Channawi, CEO of P&G Middle East, Pakistan, and Global Entrepreneurial Markets, and Hadi Badri, CEO of the Dubai Economic Development Corporation (DEDC), along with other esteemed dignitaries.Hadi Badri, CEO of the Dubai Economic Development Corporation (DEDC), said: “In alignment with the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), this partnership builds on the vision of our leadership and our proven development strategy to engage with leading private sector entities to deepen sector expertise and spearhead economic growth. The agreement with P&G will not only give Dubai’s vast ecosystem of small and medium-sized enterprises access to industry leading knowledge, technical expertise and mentorship opportunities but also enable the wider talent ecosystem through targeted skills development initiatives and vocational training curriculum. With Dubai's FMCG space poised for vibrant expansion and the city's active promotion of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, there are abundant opportunities for home grown businesses and talent to contribute to the sustainable development of the fast-growing FMCG sector. This industry alliance represents a commitment to shared success, harnessing our unique strengths to create a brighter and more impactful future for all stakeholders involved.”Omar Channawi, CEO – Procter & Gamble Middle East, Pakistan, and Global Entrepreneurial Markets, said: “P&G brands serve five billion people around the world, through a focused portfolio of products in 10 categories. It is our mission to strengthen our contribution to local economies through collaboration with regulators & retailers. We are honoured to take our partnership with DET forward to maintain dialogue and further emphasize our commitment to drive innovation in the UAE and better serve our customers and consumers. We look forward to advancing our efforts with our ecosystem partners to pool resources, new technologies, reach and knowledge enabling our growing future in the Middle East region.”The following are examples of some of the areas covered by the strategic collaboration between DET and P&G:Stimulating Dubai-based SMEs and Enabling Innovation in FMCG Value ChainThe agreement will see both entities come together to enable capacity building programmes to aid Dubai’s small and medium-sized enterprises across the FMCG value chain including technical toolkits focusing on operational excellence, digital and supply chain transformation, and leadership development. The programmes will leverage P&G’s extensive global innovation-based resources, incorporating real-world business use-cases, mentorship sessions and workshops with global and regional industry experts to accelerate the industry growth.Talent Training ProgrammesDET and P&G will develop talent training programmes aimed at enhancing technical skills of Emiratis employed in, or aspiring for, careers in manufacturing operations, supply chain management and data analytics, contributing to a skilled and competitive workforce.Vocational Learning CurriculumCollaborating with Dubai-based educational institutions, the partners will establish a vocational learning curriculum designed to equip talents for careers in the private sector, primarily within FMCG businesses.Circular Economy and SustainabilityThe partners will also jointly promote Dubai’s circular economy and sustainability initiatives within the FMCG sector, as part of a wider strategic collaborative efforts on an industry level, to align with the UAE’s and P&G’s global environmental goals. P&G is committed to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 across its operations and supply chain, spanning from raw material to retail. The company has implemented a comprehensive Climate Transition Action Plan that addresses lifecycle emissions of its products and packaging across supply chain, operations, consumer use of products and product end of life.

Community Jameel Saudi concludes the 2nd “Social Media Lab” training event

 Recognizing the pivotal role of social media in marketing, sales growth, and branding, Community Jameel Saudi organized it’s the Social Media Lab event for the second consecutive year in Jeddah. Hosted at the Nafisa Shams Company headquarters in Jeddah, the event brought together over 200 participants, including entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketing professionals, and influencers.This initiative aligns with Community Jameel Saudi’s vision of fostering social, economic, technological, and environmental prosperity in the Kingdom. It reflects the organization's commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, by assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge for their advancement. The event comes in line with the objectives outlined in the Kingdom's Vision 2030, aiming to boost the contribution of SMEs to the national economy, drive the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and facilitate the growth of the digital economy.The Social Media Lab was designed for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. It offers a comprehensive program with four tracks to support the realization of their project goals and aspirations. The first track was the Diagnosis Clinic track, involving one-on-one consultations with experts covering brand identity, marketing plans, content creation, advertising campaigns, and effective management of social media tools.Next in line was the Skills Laboratory track, which offered workshops to the participants, conducted by trainers and digital marketing experts. Upon successful completion of these workshops, participants received accredited certificates from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. Subsequently, the Awareness Clinic track comprised two panel discussions focusing on influencer marketing and content creation. Finally, the Engagement Zone brought together entrepreneurs, attendees, marketing agencies, participating freelancers, and alumni of Community Jameel Saudi's entrepreneurship programs. This interactive space encouraged networking and the exchange of experiences, services, and insights.Speaking about the event, Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar, General Manager of Entrepreneurship and Social Initiatives at Community Jameel Saudi, said: “We are pleased to successfully host Social Media Lab for the second year in a row. The event provided a unique opportunity to stay abreast of the latest digital marketing tools, and contributes to the development of youth skills in line with the needs of the Saudi labor market. This initiative comes in line with the broader economic development efforts and the goals set forth in Vision 2030, which seeks to empower entrepreneurs and diversify sources of income for the national economy."Ms. Balqees Basalamah, the event’s director, said: “Social media tools are no longer a luxury in the business world, but rather an essential element for any marketing department. It is a powerful tool to empower entrepreneurs and startup. We hope that this training program will contribute to guiding entrepreneurs in establishing their brand identity and boosting their sales.”A participant in the training camp shared their perspective, stating, "The event provided us with a wonderful opportunity, covering various aspects of using social media for entrepreneurs. On behalf of my fellow participants, I extend my sincere thanks to Community Jameel Saudi for organizing such initiatives that support entrepreneurs in their endeavors."Community Jameel Saudi foundation consistently organizes activities and initiatives aimed at supporting entrepreneurs throughout the year. These include competitions, training programs, and networking events. The foundation also plans to launch several programs in the coming months that are poised to bring about a transformative leap in the Saudi entrepreneurship landscape.

Ahmed bin Mohammed chairs meeting of Dubai Media Council

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Media Council, has approved the new strategy and action plan for Dubai Media (formerly known as Dubai Media Incorporated) at a meeting of the Council held at the Dubai Design District. The action plan includes a detailed timeline for the strategy’s implementation.Aligned with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to enhance the media’s role as a partner in the nation’s development journey, the strategy seeks to advance the Council’s objective to foster greater creativity in the sector and broaden strategic partnerships to bolster Dubai’s position as a hub for talent in the industry.Key objectives of the strategy include doubling the media sector's contribution to Dubai's GDP, attracting more foreign direct investment, enhancing intellectual property in local media, nurturing media competencies and talent, and raising the participation of nationals in the sector. Additionally, the Council emphasised the need to expand strategic partnerships by facilitating greater contributions from private sector companies, which in turn will support the broader development of the industry within Dubai.Sheikh Ahmed said: “Guided by the vision and directives of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, we continue to work to raise the creative potential of Dubai’s media sector, ensuring it produces high-quality content and keeps pace with the rapid global changes shaping the industry.”His Highness emphasised the need for further initiatives to consolidate Dubai’s status as a leading global media hub. He highlighted the importance of an environment that nurtures creativity, encourages collaboration and boosts productivity. Additionally, forging strategic partnerships to attract investments is crucial for strengthening the media economy and reinforcing Dubai's role as a hub for developing and empowering industry talent, he added.His Highness urged the Council to intensify efforts to develop new initiatives and programmes that raise the capabilities of national talent to contribute to the sector's development. He noted that initiatives like the Mohammed Bin Rashid Scholarship for Emirati Media Students play a crucial role in nurturing future media professionals.Her Excellency Mona Al Marri, Vice Chairperson and Managing Director of the Dubai Media Council, said that Dubai Media’s new strategy encompasses 21 projects that will be tracked through 117 key indicators. Key goals of the strategy include upskilling media talent, forging new partnerships, attracting foreign investments in the sector, continued development of cutting-edge infrastructure, and adoption of the latest technologies. The new strategy for Dubai Media will also factor in legislative aspects to keep pace with the changes shaping the sector. Other core focuses of the strategy include the comprehensive review of all content produced by Dubai Media and the development of e-games, she added.“Guided by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Dubai Media Council is actively working to accelerate the implementation of the new Dubai Media strategy.Employing an innovative approach that resonates with the city's rapid development as a hub for creativity and innovation, we seek to raise Dubai’s media competitiveness while maintaining its local character,” HE Al Marri said.The meeting also looked at new approaches to enhance the Mohammed Bin Rashid Scholarship for Emirati Media Students, which provides full coverage of school fees. The discussions touched on optimising the scholarship to provide internship opportunities for outstanding students and expanding the pool of its partners to expand internship and training prospects. Furthermore, the meeting discussed the objectives of the Dubai Film And TV Commission.The meeting was attended by Board Members of the Dubai Media Council including His Excellency Malek Sultan Al Malek, Abdullah Humaid Belhoul, Younis Abdulaziz Al Nasser, Issam Kazim, Mohammed Al Mulla and Amal bin Shabib. The meeting was also attended by Her Excellency Nehal Badri, Secretary General of the Council.

INDEX Media spearheads talent support to fulfill the national agenda

INDEX Media persists in its effective empowerment of young talents from diverse backgrounds within the United Arab Emirates. This commitment is exemplified through the launch of an initiative that extends its embrace and support across all realms of art. The initiative, open and accessible to all within the territory of the United Arab Emirates, serves as a testament to INDEX Media's dedication to nurturing and encouraging the success of young talents. This endeavor not only amplifies their involvement in the creative landscape but also showcases the rich cultural and human side of the Emirates, characterized by lots of energies and innovative ideas.Annually, the United Arab Emirates attracts numerous talents in art, singing, and entertainment from across the globe. Aligned with its national strategy, there is a concerted effort to encourage and retain talents in key sectors, fostering an environment that positions the UAE among the world's leaders in global talent competitiveness indicators. This involves the development of an integrated governance framework, ensuring the availability of skills and talents crucial for supporting the UAE's aspirations. Which automatically will bolster the country's presence in diverse specialized scientific fields as part of its strategic preparations for the forthcoming 50 years.This initiative is geared towards advancing, supporting, nurturing, and guiding young talent on a global scale. Through comprehensive backing, training, encouragement, and continuous follow-up, the initiative endeavors to have a positive impact on the art and entertainment landscape of the UAE. Its ultimate goal is to elevate the country's standing among distinguished nations in the artistic production sector.The United Arab Emirates government is undertaking significant initiatives to empower its youth and forge a path towards a brighter future by recognizing and harnessing their talents. Grounded in meticulous planning, timely execution, and the allocation of appropriate human resources, these efforts underscore a commitment to strategic development.Emirati Vocal Sensation Abdullah Al Shamsi Takes Center Stage at International Concerts:Renowned artist Abdullah Al Shamsi, a talent nurtured by "INDEX Media Talent," has graced numerous prestigious international events indifferent emirates in the UAE. Notable appearances include the grand opening of the Dubai Airshow, and the opening of acclaimed artists such as "Maroon 5." Additionally, Al Shamsi participated in the Cop 28 ceremony, joining stars and talents from the Arab world. Achieving stardom, the Emirati artist has expanded his reach by securing partnerships with various international brands, where he serves as their official voice and media representative. In the past year alone, Abdullah Al-Shamsi mesmerized audiences with over 40 live performances and played a key role in seven global advertising campaigns.The invaluable wealth of the nation lies in its youth:In alignment with the visionary perspective of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, who regards young people as the dynamic driving force and boundless treasure propelling the development of the UAE, positioning them at the forefront of global prominence in scientific, economic, and technical realms. Echoing the aspirations of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Sara Al Madani, Chief Executive Officer of INDEX Media, underscores the great value of the youth in UAE society across all levels stating: "Today, our youth stand as proud exemplars of achievement, creativity, and multi-faceted talent across diverse fields. Empowering them and fostering their seamless integration into sectors aligned with their expertise is both our duty and commitment. We place our confidence in the significant roles played by our young Emirati talents, acknowledging their responsibility to spearhead development and innovation hitherto unseen in the Emirates. The competence and superiority demonstrated by our youth on global stages across various disciplines serve as a testament to their exceptional capabilities and contributions."This initiative endeavors to draw and cultivate budding artistic talents, accentuating their creativity across various disciplines. It seeks to provide a platform for young talents to showcase their work in painting, singing, cooking, musical composition, playing instruments, inspiration, and motor performance. Through collaborations with specialized institutions and participation in both national and international events, the initiative aims to forge meaningful partnerships. The ultimate goal is to establish interactive platforms that not only enhance the talents of young artists but also enable them to bring their skills to the forefront, where they are valued and contribute to the nation's development.

Bayanat AI, Yahsat to merge, creating AI-powered space tech company

Bayanat AI PLC (“Bayanat”) and Al Yah Satellite Communications Company P.J.S.C. (“Yahsat”) have jointly announced their intention to merge, following the unanimous recommendation by their respective Board of Directors. The merged entity, named Space42, is set to become the MENA region's first AI-powered space technology company with global potential.The proposed merger aims to leverage the complementary strengths of Bayanat and Yahsat, creating a vertically integrated organization with enhanced financial stability, AI-powered technological capabilities, and a diversified product portfolio. The combined entity will be optimally positioned to seize regional and international opportunities in geospatial and mobility solutions, satellite communications, and business intelligence.Key Highlights of the Merger:Name and Branding: The merged entity will be known as Space42 post-merger.Leadership Team: Upon completion of the merger in the second half of 2024, His Excellency Mansoor Al Mansoori will assume the role of Chairman, Dr Bakheet Al Katheeri as Vice Chairman, and Karim Michel Sabbagh as Managing Director of Space42.Board of Directors: The proposed Board of Directors will include prominent figures such as His Excellency Tareq Al Hosani, Her Excellency Maryam Eid Al Mheiri, Ismail Abdulla, and Kiril Evtimov.Executive Experience: The leadership team brings a wealth of experience from various sectors, including telecommunications, energy, technology, and global space industry.Global Potential: The merger aims to capitalize on significant revenue synergies, economies of scale, and innovation, positioning Space42 for transformative technologies and profitable growth.His Excellency Mansoor Al Mansoori, Chairman of Space42, expressed excitement about the prospect of uniting two leading home-grown companies to create a global AI-powered space technology company. Karim Michel Sabbagh, Managing Director of Space42, emphasized the transformative potential of the merger, creating an AI-powered platform with a substantial impact on societies and economies.The new board and management team will officially assume their roles when the merger becomes effective in the second half of 2024. In the meantime, Hasan Ahmed Alhosani and Ali Hashem Al Hashemi will continue to lead Bayanat and Yahsat, respectively.

Fintech Saudi signs MoU with Kyndryl to become a partner in the King

Fintech Saudi and Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world’s largest IT infrastructure services company, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to help accelerate the adoption of advanced innovation among Saudi Arabia’s home-grown and locally based entrepreneurs and startups in the financial technology (fintech) industry. The collaboration is part of Fintechs Enablement Program (Makken), an initiative by Fintech Saudi and supported by Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) and the Capital Market Authority. It is aimed at helping fintech entrepreneurs and startups go to market faster and more efficiently. The program closely aligns with the Kingdom’s fintech strategy, which is part of the pillars of the Financial Sector Development Program, that supports the strategic objective of “Saudi Vision 2030”. Makken is a verb in Arabic that means “to enable” or “to empower.”Launched in April 2018 by SAMA in collaboration with the Capital Market Authority, Fintech Saudi serves as a catalyst for the Kingdom’s fintech industry development. It aims to transform Saudi Arabia into an innovative fintech hub, facilitate infrastructure, capabilities and talent development, and provide support to entrepreneurs and startups throughout their developmental stages. According to SAMA’s annual fintech report, the number of fintech companies operating in Saudi Arabia has increased by approximately 300% since 2021, generating a total revenue of SR2.8 billion ($746.4 million) in 2022.Under the MoU, Kyndryl aims to support fintech entrepreneurs and startups by providing a secure, fully managed, cloud-based incubation platform so that startups can focus on developing prototypes, use cases, and products and services prior to seeking funding. Throughout the incubation period, Kyndryl will provide technical support and additional resources to help transform ideas into viable, real-world technological innovations.Additionally, Fintech Saudi and Kyndryl will co-host hands-on seminars, events, and workshops aimed at nurturing knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and the promotion of modernization within the FinTech community."We are proud to be chosen as an enablement partner for Saudi Arabia’s fintech entrepreneurs and startups and have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the financial services sector in Saudi Arabia," said Andreas Beck, Vice President and Managing Director, Kyndryl Middle East and Africa. "Through the collaborative efforts of both organizations leveraging their strengths and resources, we are well-positioned to facilitate the development of innovative value propositions across the financial services value chain, addressing customer needs."In the presence of the leadership team from both organizations, the MoU was signed by Nizar Al-Haider, Director at Fintech Saudi and Andreas Beck, Vice President and Managing Director, Kyndryl Middle East and Africa.

Commercial Bank of Dubai and Arabian Gulf Mechanical Centre L.L.C join forces

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), a prominent United Arab Emirates (UAE) national bank, is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with Arabian Gulf Mechanical Centre L.L.C (AGMC), the official BMW Group importer for Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, to establish Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at designated branches across Dubai. CBD is continuously working to find solutions that contribute towards its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.Electric vehicle owners often encounter the challenge of limited charging infrastructure, which inhibits their mobility and leads to range anxiety. The CBD AGMC partnership directly alleviates this concern, making CBD branches now a convenient option for them.Othman Ibrahim Bin Hendi, Chief Sustainability and Customer Officer at CBD, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative. “As the bank that is backing the nation's ambition, we are proud to offer electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for use by our customers during their visit to the bank. This initiative reflects CBD’s commitment in providing sustainable solutions that contribute to reducing emissions and aligns with the UAE’s efforts to achieve net zero by 2050.”Bin Hendi further emphasized, “CBD recognises that the global focus on sustainability is increasingly growing. Hosting COP28 this year demonstrates the UAE’s dedication to addressing environmental challenges and finding solutions for a greener and brighter future. As the world transitions to sustainable mobility, we appreciate AGMC's support in shaping an environmentally conscious transportation future for the UAE.”Ayhan Olcer, Managing Director of Albatha Automotive Group LLC, said, “At AGMC, our commitment to sustainable mobility is integral to our ethos. Our strategic partnership with Commercial Bank of Dubai reflects our dedication to fostering an environmentally friendly transportation ecosystem and facilitating the transition to sustainable mobility solutions.By expanding the EV charging infrastructure, we aim to address the crucial challenge of accessibility faced by EV owners, contribute towards the UAE’s sustainability goals, and advance BMW’s own net-zero commitments by making the global shift towards greener transportation alternatives.”CBD has committed to supporting impactful and purpose-driven changes since establishing its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. Recent sustainability achievements at the bank include the issuance of its inaugural USD 500m Green Bond in June 2023, and the signing of the UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) in October 2023.

Du signs strategic MoU with Versa Networks

du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Versa Networks, the global leader in AI/ML-powered Unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), to enhance and expand du’s integrated network-security portfolio.Karim Benkirane, Chief Commercial Officer at du said: "Through our strategic partnership with Versa Networks, du is reinforcing its commitment to empowering enterprises in the UAE to embark on successful digital transformations. By delivering Unified SASE services, we aim to provide businesses with secure, reliable, and simplified network access while ensuring consistent and uniform security policies. Together, du and Versa Networks are poised to address the complex network and access challenges faced by enterprises and the public sector, contributing to their digital transformation journey."du and Versa Networks will embark on building a powerful partnership to deliver Unified SASE services to help accelerate the digital transformation of enterprise customers across the UAE. Versa Unified SASE securely and reliably connects home workers, branch workers and users to applications with consistent and uniform security policies across the entire network, while decreasing latency, reducing complexity, and enhancing visibility with a single pane of glass.“du is a leader in the UAE's telecommunications landscape with a proven track record of delivering high-quality managed services to customers across the region, and Versa Networks is thrilled to develop this strategic alliance with them,” said Hector Avalos, EMEA MSP VP. “du’s technical and business expertise, commitment to innovation and service excellence make them an ideal partner to expand our global footprint.”Both du and Versa Networks aspire to be active contributors to the digital transformation journey of enterprises and public sector in the UAE. Our combined strengths in managed services, networking, security, and cloud solutions will provide mutual customers with more comprehensive and powerful ways to address and resolve even their most complex secure network and access challenges.

From Aisle to Door: the top 2023 fun facts about online grocery love in the UAE

The evolution of online grocery shopping has meant no more hunting for parking spots, navigating crowded aisles, or waiting in line at the checkout. Instead people order from their sofa, kitchen or from behind their desk, and talabat has released the latest data from talabat Mart showing online grocery shopping trends across the region, one digital cart at a time.From unveiling the most monumental orders of 2023 and lightning-fast order preparation time, to highlighting the most popular products and categories, talabat takes a look at the rise of groceries in the UAE from across the year.Throning the Titan: Biggest Order of 2023!What's better than a grocery spree? A record-breaking one! In the UAE, the biggest order of 2023 was placed on Wednesday August 2nd. With 438 items placed in a single order, this was not just a grocery run, but an entry into the talabat Mart Hall of Fame!Loyal Legion: Most Orders by a Single CustomerLoyal shoppers are always cherished! In the UAE, one customer placed a whopping 595 individual orders in 2023.From Aisle to Cart: The Most Loved BrandsConsumer preferences are ever-evolving and they are as diverse as they come. In the UAE, Mai Dubai, Al Ain and Almarai emerged as the champions.Popular Preferences: The Most Wanted CategoriesNo matter what time of day, no matter what’s on the menu, fruits and vegetables emerged as the indisputable favourites, with over 12M units sold. This trend reflects a growing preference for healthier choices among individuals.Rush Hour Revelry: The Peak Order TimeOrders pour in around the clock, but talabat Mart’s peak hour is the hour of truth. At 7pm, the platform transforms into a bustling marketplace, breathing life into the virtual shopping world.Super lightning-Fast Shopping: The Picking TimeHow fast are talabat Mart pickers? Fast. Perhaps not Usain Bolt fast, but fast! With an astonishing average picking time of under 2 minutes for the UAE, the team redefines efficiency, ensuring that orders are assembled in the blink of an eye.With an expanding network of 33 local stores in the UAE, talabat is the grocery haven for shoppers, bringing the grocery store to customers’ doorsteps, all while championing local businesses into the digital era.talabat mart in the regionFeaturing an inventory of 7,000+ products on average from 100+ stores across eight markets, talabat Mart's interface promises 24/7 grocery shopping with deliveries in under 20 minutes. With steadily increasing assortments, stores and orders, talabat mart is always evolving - and has in fact seen a 65% improvement in terms of fully stocking items that customers need on a daily basis, compared to last year!Behind the scenes of all these stats are strategically located delivery-only-stores that help hard working teams, pickers and riders deliver orders fast and efficiently, as well as optimised tech that allows for inventory accuracy, helping speedy pickers prep orders in just a few minutes! Additionally, the quality of fresh produce has improved drastically, thanks to dedicated food quality and safety teams conducting regular inspections of all items, including fresh produce such as meats, vegetables, fruits and more when receiving stock, as well as before handing orders to riders in order to maintain consistency in quality.The secret recipe to talabat Mart's success lies in its commitment to wanting to understand customers and improve technology to meet customers' ever-evolving needs. The mission is straightforward: utilise optimised technology and local resources to deliver an exceptional and personalised shopping experience that keeps pace with the dynamic everyday lives of the community. talabat Mart isn't just providing a service; it's actively shaping the future of online grocery shopping, one order at a time.

UAE brand Al Islami soars to top-ranking halal food brands globally

Al Islami Foods, a UAE pioneer in the halal and wholesome food products sector, concludes the year on a high note, securing a coveted position among the Top 5 Halal Products Companies in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). This significant achievement comes as a result of the brand's commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest halal standards.The debut ranking published by the leading financial insights platform, Salaam Gateway, in partnership with DinarStandard, presented a list of the top 30 halal products companies based in OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) member countries. The OIC markets represent the majority of the $1.595-trillion halal food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics consumer market.Al Islami Foods came in 5th in the overall OIC ranking while topping the regional halal food brands ranking, which underscores the company's notable contributions to the halal industry, showcasing its strategic prowess and market dominance within the OIC region.Expressing his delight, Zubair Ahmad, the Marketing and International Sales Director of Al Islami Foods, stated, “Being ranked among the Top 5 Halal Products Companies within the OIC is a testament to our relentless dedication to delivering premium halal products. At Al Islami Foods, the essence of 'Real Halal' is not just a label; it is ingrained in our existence. It defines every facet of our operation, from sourcing the ingredients and processing techniques to our interaction with our suppliers, consumers and partners.”He added, “Consumers can rest assured that all Al Islami products are aligned with Islamic laws and guidelines. In addition, we have established sustainable facilities that ensure the continual production and supply of Halal products across the globe. This underscores our dedication to providing not just products but a way of life that is nourishing and healthy.”A leader in Halal Foods for five decades, Al Islami Foods is an Emirati brand with an unrivalled global presence that embodies the principles of quality and innovation. The brand has been recognised as one of the top halal brands by industry-leading research firm IMARC Group and was also awarded the prestigious title of iHalal Brand of the Year in 2021. secures Silver award at Insurance Times Awards 2023

Insurance Premiums, Claims, and Risk are still widely reported across the insurance supply chain using spreadsheets around the world. The award recognizes the outstanding back-office automation capabilities of distriBind, from bordereaux spreadsheet ingestion, to reconciliation, error fixing & management by exception, to exporting and 3rd party integrations, complemented with AI for data forecasting. Major clients include Liberty Speciality Markets, Bridgehaven and Coral Insurance.Insurance Times is a London-based media partner for general insurance news, assembling 132K followers on LinkedIn alone.Their online analysis is widely regarded as the best in the sector, publishing interviews, webinars, briefings, and in-depth reports on Insurance, + 5 different newsletters, including daily and breaking news, stories of the day. The Insurance Times Awards has been celebrated for 25 consecutive is a Delegated Authority data exchange platform that removes error, cost and delays caused by manual bordereaux, managing the full life cycle of risks, premiums and claims data.distriBind’s solution helps Insurers meet immediate challenges & longer term goals. Insurance stakeholders through distriBind can access realtime data and insights from sale to claim, instead of spending 45 minutes manually pre-processing spreadsheets, now reduced to zero. In terms of reporting, the platform produces regulatory reports automatically by enabling insurers to identify compliance issues faster and ensuring data visibility.Vesuvio Labs is a CTO-as-a-service partner and Venture Studio for Insurance and Fintech businesses. The team at Vesuvio Labs comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, supporting businesses with strategy, product development, GTM and growth, co-creating sustainable and impactful businesses that thrive in the ever-evolving market.distriBind was co-founded in 2018 by Dave Connors together with Vesuvio Labs’ founder, Kristian Feldborg. Vesuvio Labs remains the strategic Technology Partner of distriBind, given the in-house expertise in Backoffice domains and Insurance orchestration best practices.Kristian Feldborg is widely regarded as an influential figure in London’s Tech ecosystem. With a proven track record of building successful banking, private equity, and insurance solutions throughout his career, he has earned a reputation as a leading expert in the tech field. Worth mentioning Kristian’s role as the architect behind in 2009, today a KYC unicorn, powering Bank of China, CIBC, Santander, and Natixis, to name a few.In 2017, Kristian Feldborg embarked on a new venture of his own, Vesuvio Labs.Dave Connors, distriBind’s Founder, has experienced bordereaux problems firsthand over 20+ years, focused on Delegated Authority and Reinsurance industry, UK, US and International Insurance markets.

Abdul Latif Jameel launched Jameel Motorsport

As part of its continuous commitment to broaden its business horizons and bolster its contribution to Vision 2030 Abdul Latif Jameel unveiled a significant milestone, introducing "Jameel Motorsport". The establishment of Jameel Motorsport marks a strategic leap in the company's 26-year journey dedicated to fostering the growth of motorsports. This initiative underscores Abdul Latif Jameel's enduring dedication to the development and expansion of its role in the dynamic motorsports’ landscape.Jameel Motorsport will merge Abdul Latif Jameel's diverse experiences and initiatives in the field under one unified entity. This includes a sustained involvement in sporting events like the Saudi Toyota Championship and Rally Jameel, as well as a longstanding commitment to nurturing emerging talents—a journey that commenced with the sponsorship of Captain Abdullah Bakhashab in 1997.By establishing Jameel Motorsport, Abdul Latif Jameel reaffirms its dedication to advancing social and economic development through sports. The company is committed to playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of motorsport both within the Kingdom and on a global scale. This commitment extends to providing support for high-profile sporting events and actively engaging in the discovery and cultivation of promising young talents.A recent testament to this commitment is the launch of the GR Saudi Driving School in collaboration with the Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation (SAMF). This initiative led to the formation of the "GR Saudi" team, which showcased remarkable achievements in the current season of the Saudi Toyota Championship. Now integrated into Jameel Motorsport's initiatives, this development underscores the company's ongoing efforts to foster talent and contribute significantly to the motorsport landscape.In the upcoming months, the Rally Jameel, organized under the Jameel Motorsport umbrella, is set to hold its third edition with a groundbreaking inclusion—welcoming women participants from all over the world. The event has garnered a record number of applications, showcasing the remarkable enthusiasm and determination of women from across the globe to partake in this rally. This milestone also underscores the Kingdom's steadfast commitment to fostering and encouraging women's active participation in the sports arena.On this occasion, Hassan Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel said, "We take immense pride in our role within the collective and unwavering endeavors of diverse public and private entities in the Kingdom, resulting in noteworthy accomplishments in the realm of sports. Having actively participated in 26 competitions spanning six different motorsport disciplines, the launch of Jameel Motorsport marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey. Building upon our rich experiences, our aim is to consolidate and elevate the cumulative efforts of the past. The achievements we celebrate today are largely attributable to the genuine support extended by various stakeholders. I particularly acknowledge our fruitful collaboration with the Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation, under the leadership of His Excellency His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al Abdullah Al Faisal, Chairman of the Federation’s Board of Directors. This partnership has been instrumental in our accomplishments and exemplifies the strength of collaboration in advancing the motorsport landscape."The realm of motorsport events offers extraordinary prospects for both young men and women. With the introduction of Jameel Motorsport, Abdul Latif Jameel is directing its endeavors towards cultivating the field and nurturing talent. This involves collaborative efforts with existing partners and the establishment of new partnerships, all geared towards shaping the future of motorsport not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also on a global scale.Currently, Saudi Arabia enjoys a leading position on the motorsport events calendar, benefiting from huge investments in sports, infrastructure, events and tourism. It has succeeded in attracting large numbers of fans of motor sports and racing, as well as boat sports and gaming, which is evident from the level of participants and applicants in the events held over the past few years. In light of this success, the launch of Jameel Motorsport comes as a prominent platform to enhance Saudi energies and talents in these fields. It aims to direct and enhance Abdul Latif Jameel’s efforts in developing the capabilities and skills of Saudi talent to enable future generations to achieve their latent abilities and hold the highest positions in national and international forums in line with Vision 2030.